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Big Tits

Part 22

Just after nine, I pulled up on the drive and went into the house. Mum was sitting drinking coffee, dressed in a robe. Her hair was wet and I guessed she’d showered already.

I gave her a kiss on the lips and she pulled my head towards her, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

“Hello baby boy,” she cooed, “Mummy’s missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, mum,” I replied, trying not to give away a hint of what I knew she’d been doing. “What did you do last night?”

“Oh, not much darling — had dinner, relaxed and had a bit of sexy fun.”

“What sort of sexy fun?” I inquired, wondering whether she’d spill the beans. “Have I missed out on something?”

“Just a relaxing bath and some toying with myself,” she replied with a wink.

I probed a bit further hoping for something exciting, “Did you cum then, mum?…. Tell me you did.”

“Just a few times, baby.”

Well, I thought, she hadn’t lied but she wasn’t giving much away but I left it at that — I had other plans for a naughty girl later on.

We kissed some more and I went up for a shower in mum’s ensuite. She’d made the bed already and there was no underwear laying around, I guessed she was keeping her liaison a secret from me.

I enjoyed a long hot shower and emerged naked into the bedroom. Mum was laid on the bed, dressed in just a pair of white panties, looking seductive as ever with her pert breasts looking invitingly at me.

As I approached the bed, still dripping wet, mum pulled her panties aside revealing her magnificent pink slit, “You know what mummy needs, baby,” she ordered. “Lick your mother’s bunny and don’t stop until she’s cum.”

Hoping I might at least taste some of Alan’s juice, I brought my face to her beautiful vagina and gently kissed over her pubis. She let out a small gasp as I traced a line of kisses along her juicy slit, causing it to open like a flower in bloom.

Mum purred loudly as I tongued her bottom and worked my way across her cunt hole, dipping my tongue in on the way, and stopping at her clitty. Sucking hard on the glorious bud, mum gripped my head and pushed her vagina closer to my face.

Pinching her nipples added to her pleasure and she writhed and groaned like a woman possessed.

“Oh, Mikey baby, I needed you last night, I’m so desperate to cum… it for mummy, darling.”

I did just as I was asked, lapping from her honey pot like a kid in a sweetshop as she gyrated her pelvis onto my face, “Tongue me darling, I’m close……do it baby boy.”

Mum’s requests were so seductive, my cock was rock hard and I could have cum too just from the friction of the sheets.

As she came, mum shrieked her usual commentary, “Ooooh baby boy, I’m cumming darling, I’m cumming all for you baby…..mummy’s cunt is all yours today, Mikey.”

As her orgasm subsided, I pulled my tongue away, got onto my knees and jerked my cum into her mouth with a satisfied groan. Mum delighted in swallowing my load, leaning forward to kiss me and share the taste on her tongue.

There was something very erotic about tasting my own sperm on my mother’s mouth as well as her vagina.

We laid together on the bed in a loving embrace, caressing each other gently.

The impromptu oral quickie had felt very satisfying, and I was sorry when mum got up and announced she had things to do and encouraged me to spend time on my French project.

She told me if I was a good boy, we’d have a nice evening together later on. We kissed and I watched her get dressed. While all I wanted to do was take her back to bed for some full-on daytime lovemaking, I reconciled myself to thoughts of what I had planned for that evening.

Mum headed off shopping and I went to my room in an attempt to work on my project. It didn’t take me long to down my pen and go on a panty hunt. I headed for the laundry basket and there was the prize — mum’s panties from the night before. I grabbed them and headed back to lay on my bed.

With my cock in my hand, hardening by the second, I unravelled the silky garment and brought the spunky gusset to my face. The smell and taste of mum’s panties was as intoxicating as ever and in no time I was losing myself in thoughts of how they’d got so messy.

In seconds, I was cumming to the virtual sight of mum’s lover poking her senseless, while she held her panties clear of her hole. That would keep me going to the main event, I thought, cleaning myself up and putting my trousers back on.

Mum came back after lunch, packed away the shopping and brought me up a snack. As she stood alongside me asking about my project, I couldn’t resist sneaking my hand up her dress, slipping my finger inside her panties and teasing her arsehole.

“Oh Mikey, you are such a naughty boy…..I thought we were saving this until later?” mum half protested.

“We can do it later too, mum,” I suggested, already sporting an erection.

As mum didn’t pull away, I continued to probe her anus, teasing her vagina with my other fingers to collect lubricant. Her pussy was delightfully wet and bahis siteleri I had no problem collecting sufficient love honey to help my finger slide beyond her sphincter.

“Aaah, Mikey, what are you doing to mummy?” she gasped. “You know mummy can’t resist her bottom being fingered.”

“Do you want me to stop then, mum?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Don’t you dare stop now, baby boy…..not until you’ve cum,” mum replied urgently.

Continuing to finger fuck mum’s anus, I asked, “Where shall I cum then, mum?”

Lifting her dress and sitting on my lap, mum left me in no doubt, “You know where to cum, baby, you know exactly where to cum.”

Mum lifted her bottom for me to pull her panties aside and I pulled out my erect cock, spreading saliva on the tip before pushing it against her sphincter. She pushed the tight hole against me and slowly I entered her anus.

I felt her body stiffen as the initial pain of entry made her wince. Once inside though, she was purring as her bottom pushed back and forth to be impaled by my cock.

“Oh my god, Mikey. I do so love anal sex with you…..Fuck your mother’s bottom hole baby, cum in it darling,” she cooed as the pleasure took hold.

With my hands on her hips, rocking her back and forth, mum was gasping obscenities, “Fuck my arsehole baby, fuck mummy’s rectum…..pinch mummy’s clitty baby boy.”

What a taboo situation, I thought as I ramrodded mum’s puckered hole, diving my hand into her panties to stimulate her bud. This was a sex paradise — my cock in her bottom and my hand on her cunt.

“Oh Mikey, baby, mummy can’t stop…..incest sex isn’t right but it’s too enjoyable to stop doing……fuck me forever darling……cum in my arsehole.”

I pumped hard as mum spoke and quickly lost control of my willpower, “Sorry mum, I’ve peaked too early……I’m cumming mum, I’m squirting inside you mummy.”

“Cum baby, cum inside mummy’s bottom…..I want to feel you squirting your love deep into me baby boy,” she squealed.

I didn’t need telling twice and took a deep breath as my sperm rushed out of me and into her.

As my cock finished its spasms, mum sat forward, pulled apart her cheeks and displayed her sphincter, “I’m keeping my son’s love inside me for as long as possible, baby…..I just love its warmth in my taboo hole,” she purred.

My cock was now limp after it’s foray into forbidden territory and as I got my breath back, I leant forward to kiss mum’s neck, attention she loved and I loved giving, “Quite simply, Cathy, you are the sexiest woman imaginable and my absolute dream lover…..all I want to do is pleasure you.”

“And you’re my dream lover too, Mikey. I’m having the best sex I’ve ever experienced and wanting to do things I’ve never done, baby…..just keep doing what you’re doing baby boy,” she whispered back to me.

After a couple more minutes of kissing, mum pulled got up, leaving me with a parting view of my sperm bubbling from her sphincter as she pull her panties back over her bottom and left the room, smiling.

As mum spent the remainder of the afternoon busying herself in the kitchen, I spent my time contemplating the evening to come. Obviously, I was going to fuck her sensless but the prelude would be a teaseathon to end all teaseathons!

I wondered whether she would spill the beans on the previous night’s tryst or whether I might have to tease it out of her?

I wondered whether it was me who’d morally bankrupted my mother or whether she was a latent whore in waiting, and I was the catalyst?

An extra marital dalliance, with someone unrelated, was not an uncommon experience and, whilst not an ideal form of behaviour, whether or not it was immoral was a matter of opinion and circumstance.

On the other hand, a mother corrupting her son into an incestuous relationship was surely moral bankruptcy? The same moral bankruptcy of which I too was guilty.

That said, I was old enough to know my own mind and the fact that my mother might be a dirty whore was more of a delight to me than a cause to stop what we were doing on the grounds of immorality. Hypocrite or not, I wasn’t going to stop fucking my mother, filling her with live sperm, any time soon.

Not only did I want to fuck her, I wanted to share her with her lover — both as a patent voyeur and in a threesome.

My thought pattern was disturbed by mum appearing at my door, naked, saying, “I’m going for a bath now baby, see you in a while darling.” Winking seductively, she left the room as I told her how much I was looking forward to it.

While mum was bathing, I retrieved the bondage kit and brought it to her bedroom. Assembling it beneath the mattress, I hid the four cuffs under the corners of the valance. I wanted this to be a surprise!

Mum’s Quantas eye mask was at the ready as was my sister’s junior riding crop and mum’s rubber toy. The stage was set for an evening with a twist, I thought.

I showered, dressed and laid on the bed awaiting mum’s return from the bath. She tossed me her towel and asked me not canlı bahis siteleri to look while she got dressed. I was in for a nice surprise and was happy to be kept in suspense.

With mum dressed, we headed downstairs for dinner washed down with a bottle of wine. She looked fabulous in a black dress with a tantalisingly red pair of stockings underneath.

It was all I could do to resist pushing my hand up her dress and teasing around her stocking tops. But resist I did and contented myself with a gentle squeeze of her bottom.

We ate, drank and chatted, with mum telling me how much she was looking forward to pudding – the after dinner bedroom surprise I’d promised her.

We cleared the dishes, finished our wine and headed upstairs to the bedroom.

I sat mum on the bed and kissed her deeply, our tongues dancing together playfully. Alternating between her mouth and her neck and shoulders, I teased her in the way she liked best. The sound of her enjoyment was very seductive — I had got to know which buttons to press and how to press them to unleash her desire.

Running my mouth seductively over mum’s skin, making her shiver, I imagined her pussy dribbling love honey into her panties. My cock was rock hard as I anticipated the taste of my mother’s vaginal cream.

As we caressed each other through our clothes, I unzipped mum’s dress and she lifted her bottom allowing me to pull it over her head.

Beneath, was a real sight for sore eyes!

Mum was dressed in a red and black Basque, with black suspender belt, red panties that hugged her mound and red stockings. She looked nothing short of fantastic and all I wanted was to take her to paradise and back.

With my mouth planted onto hers, I gently laid her down on the bed and kissed her seductively, all over.

As she purred with delight, I reached for the eye mask and she put it on without protest, “Oooh, Mikey, what naughty things have you got planned then”? she asked.

“Just relax mum, just lay back and enjoy,” I replied.

As quick as I could and before she knew what was happening, I cuffed mum’s hands and feet, trapping her in a starfish position.

“Mikey!” she exclaimed, “What are you doing baby, this is what they call bondage isn’t it!?”

“Shushhhh, Cathy,” I said. “Let me pleasure my naughty mummy.”

Reaching for the riding crop, I lightly teased her exposed flesh — shoulders, cleavage and the tops of her thighs — making her squirm and gasp in equal measures.

“Oh my god, baby boy….what are you doing to me…..this is so sensual.”

I said nothing as I continued to tease with the tip of the crop, extending its reach to the silky clad mound pouting towards me. Within the constraints of her bonds, mum was squirming into the bed as I traced the line of her slit

I could see this teasing was more arousing than I’d thought and had to release my cock from my shorts. I was now naked and kneeling astride mum’s torso.

Still teasing her bare fresh, I eased the top of her basque down to reveal her engorged teats. As I teased them with the tip of the crop, simultaneously allowing my throbbing glans to press against her panties, she squealed out, “Fuck me Mikey, I can’t wait baby.”

I was nowhere near finished my teasing and, saying nothing, I rocked my hips to allow my cock to trace her clitoris.

“Has mummy been a naughty girl?” I teased. “Has mummy had something inside her she shouldn’t have had?”

“Oh baby boy, mummy’s always a naughty girl…..whenever she has the chance,” she gasped. “Mummy needs to be naughty now baby…..fuck my bunny darling, fuck me baby, fuck it now…..pleeeease!”

“No mummy, not yet…..tell me what you did last night,” I continued, still teasing. “What did you do, mummy?”

Continuing to tease her nipples, mum was now in a state of heightened arousal. I could feel her vaginal wetness through her panties, making my cock slide easily over the silky material.

“For gods sake, Mikey…..this is such torment…..I need to be fucked, baby…..I need cock…..I’m desperate for it baby boy!” she exclaimed forcefully.

Ignoring her demands, I continued my questions, “Were you desperate for cock last night then? Did you need to be fucked senseless last night mummy?”

Mum didn’t answer but I could sense she was close to cumming as she shrieked, “Milk my bosoms, Mikey……suck on them like you did as a baby….milk me baby, milk my tits.”

By now I knew I’d be cumming if I kept teasing like this and bringing my mouth to her nipple, I sucked hard on the teat as mum thrashed on the bed.

“Oooh baby, I’m going to cum…..I’m going to cum wishing you were inside me, Mikey.”

With a couple more stabs of my cock against her panty clad clitoris, mum was tipped over the edge, “Ahh ahh ahh, baby…..mummy’s cumming, naughty mummy’s cumming baby.”

I delighted in the way her body shook as her climax took hold. It seemed to last forever as she gasped and trembled her pleasure.

When she’d finished, I released mum’s cuffs and turned her over, canlı bahis removing her panties, before quickly reattaching them.

“This is so very kinky, baby…..and I’ve just had the most wonderful cum…..What are you doing to me now?” she enquired quizzically.

“Don’t worry mum, just relax and enjoy,” I reassured. “Just relax and enjoy.”

Still sporting a rampant cock, I climbed off the bed and, without warning, lightly spanked mum’s bare bottom with the crop.

Hearing no reaction, I repeated the action but a little harder, asking, “Has Cathy been a naughty girl in the bedroom?”

Mum erupted, shouting out, “Harder, baby…..punish me……spank me harder.”

I was delighted at this reception as I feasted my eyes on the already reddening cheeks of her bottom.

As the crop made contact with her bare skin, mum winced, “You’re such a naughty boy, have you been spying on mummy again?”

I didn’t reply, I just continued the spanking, making mum beg to be punished, “Spank me harder baby, give mummy the punishment she deserves!”

Continuing the spanking, I reached for the laytex penis while mum writhed on the bed, pushing her cunt onto the sheet.

“You’re driving me insane for sex, baby boy…..please fuck me…..mummy needs you inside her, darling,” she panted urgently.

Again, I ignored her request and brought my fingers to her pink slit instead, opening the petals and rubbing the sticky mucus up over her clitty.

“Fuck me, Mikey, fuck me now son…..I need you baby…..I need fucking,” she pleaded. “Fill my bunny with your special love, darling.”

I was loving the thrill of the tease and mum’s desperation to be penetrated. I wasn’t finished yet, I still wanted to extract a confession as to the previous night’s indiscretion.

Grabbing the laytex penis, I teased it over her labia, gently opening her fuck hole and erotically teasing the nerves around the entrance into her sex kingdom.

“Push it up me baby, fuck me with the toy…..fuck my cunt…..fuck my naughty cunt….fuck mummy’s naughty cunt hole,” she cried out. “Mummy’s been a naughty girl with her cunt, baby.”

“Whose penis last went up Cathy’s cunt hole?” I demanded. “Whose sperm last squirted into this baby making hole then?”

“Oh baby, mummy’s been a naughty girl,” mum confessed. “Mummy’s sorry, baby, she’s been so naughty.”

Pushing the plastic phallus, vigorously, in and out and with mum panting I continued my salacious questioning, “Did you take a lover last night, Cathy….did you fornicate in your marital bed?….Did you have an unsheathed winky inside you?

“Fuck me while I tell you, baby,” she gasped. “Mummy needs a really naughty fuck, darling.”

My arousal was now complete and I quickly replaced the her laytex lover with the hardness of my own erection.

Mum winced momentarily as my manhood entered her vagina, “Ahhh, baby, that’s what mummy needs.”

“Tell me whose winky was last in this hole, mum, whose been inside you?” I questioned as my rhythm built. “Who fucked you last, mum?”

By this time mum was panting as I fucked her like there was no tomorrow. It was now her turn to tease me though.

“I can’t say, baby, what I did in bed last night is private.”

With that, I stopped my rhythm but left my cock inside, tantalising her with muscle jerks.

“Fuck me Mikey, don’t stop, baby,” she protested. “Keep fucking me, please baby boy…..fertilise me…..make me pregnant tonight baby.”

“Did you take a lover last night, mum, tell me?” I continued. “There was spunk in your knickers this morning.”

“Yes baby, ok, I fornicated with my lover last night…..I confess,” she said, adding a plea, “Now fuck me hard as a punishment.”

Resuming my pace, I got mum to admit all she’d done with Alan the previous night but held back on questioning her about the office sex incident I’d heard them mention. This was mutual masturbation fodder for another time.

As mum regaled me with the previous night’s sexfest, we fucked hard for a few minutes more before I could hold back no longer, letting my seed flood mum’s vagina in spectacular style.

“Oooh, mummy can feel your warm love flowing inside her baby, fertilise me Mikey…..send it to my eggs darling.”

She didn’t cum with me, instead begging to be licked clean.

Needing no further encouragement, I pushed my face into her vagina and with a finger on her clitty, I sucked her dry of our delicious love cocktail.

In mum’s state of arousal, it wasn’t long before she was cumming too, thrashing on the bed and crying out her commentary, “Ooooh, mummy’s cumming darling…..mummy’s baby boy is making her cum…..finger my button baby……lick the hole you came from…..pleasure your naughty mother…..Oooooh baby, ooooh I’m cumming beautiful boy.”

In my state of arousal, I was quick to regenerate and by the time mum had recovered from her climax, I was hard again and wanting to be sucked.

With mum still blindfolded, she turned her head to the side as I kissed her passionately before pushing my erection between her welcoming lips. She gobbled greedily, taking my length into the back of her throat. I fucked her mouth with gusto and within a couple of minutes, I was ejaculating another load against mum’s tonsils.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32