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Chapter 5: Memorial Day

Memorial Day is very memorable.

Lisa had talked to each of us over the last couple of weeks about inviting Kristy’s son Jeff and maybe one of his friends to our next get together. We all agreed to Jeff right away but there were some concerns about adding a friend. It was decided to get everyone together and discuss it. Finally we agreed to adding a friend, but only under specific conditions. He had to be from out of state and not have any connections to anyone in town.

Don told Jeff of the guidelines and he agreed saying he knew just the person to ask. Kristy and Don had a small dinner with Lisa and me so Jeff could bring Greg over for inspection. Greg didn’t know what it was about yet. He thought it was just a nice home cooked meal he was there for. Through the course of dinner we found out Greg was 21 and studying engineering like Jeff. He had a quick wit and a wonderful sense of humor to go along with his Adonis form and bright hazel eyes. He had transferred from another school the last semester to reduce tuition costs and didn’t know many people at school, but had hit it off with Jeff from the first time they met in a shared class.

We reported to the rest of the group that Greg had passed with flying colors and we thought he would be a very interesting addition to the group. The only thing that remained was finding out if Greg was interested. That was left up to Jeff.

Over time Jeff felt out Greg’s willingness to party with older women. He told Greg about seeing Beth and Lisa at a pool party in bikinis and how sexy they looked. “Yea, I bet that Lisa looks great in a bikini, I wouldn’t mind getting some of that. Don’t get mad Jeff but your mom looks pretty hot too. I’d like to see her in a bikini or less.”

Greg had taken the bait. He had become a semi regular dinner guest at their house and enjoyed the home cooking and family atmosphere. Kristy made it a point to wear clothing that kept his interest up, like tight sweaters and pants, form fitting dresses or a snug white blouse and skirt, all without a bra. When Don and Kristy invited Greg to go to the cabin with Jeff and them over Memorial Day for some out door fun and fishing, Greg jumped at the opportunity. The hook was set. Little did he suspect that he was the one getting reeled in.

Memorial Day Weekend was finally here. It had been five months since New Years but who’s counting? Not that we had been doing without sex all that time, quite the opposite. We all had active sex lives out side the group. Some of the couples had threesomes or foursomes with other people just not within our special group of eight, so we really looked forward to getting together again.

Everyone headed to the cabin on Friday the 29th. Al and I left early in the morning taking Al’s SUV to haul most of our stuff and get things set up before the others arrived. By the time we had the grill and eating canopy set up and the rest of the stuff carried into the cabin, Linda and Lisa pulled up in our car. Al said “Nice timing girls, you missed all the work.”

“That’s why we sent you two up here first. We’ll start cleaning up the cabin. Oh, Beth called and she and Jimmy should be here any minute.” They went to the cabin to do a little light cleaning, wash dishes and make up the beds and so forth. It was a nice cabin with a living room bostancı escort and kitchen in the center and a big bedroom and bath on each side, each with two beds. The couch folded out into a bed so we had sleeping arrangements for all ten of us. The front yard area sloped gently down to a little sandy beach and dock. Ours was the only cabin in the small secluded cove and there wasn’t another cabin or camp sight within a half mile. It was perfect with trees all around to block any prying eyes and the sun above.

We had set up the tables and canopy on the west side of the yard so the afternoon sun was blocked by the trees. We sat around the tables having a few beers till Don and Kristy arrived. They were bringing the food. They pulled up next to the cabin and the boys bailed out to check out the surroundings. As soon as the introductions were made and Greg had met everyone, Don put the boys to work unloading and storing the food while he joined us for a beer. Don said, “He doesn’t suspect a thing, how are we going to spring our trap on him?”

Al came up with a master plan, “Don why don’t you get the boys to go down to the dock and do some fishing after we eat and then we can set and bait the trap in the cabin.”

After dinner Don said “Boys why don’t you get the fishing gear and see if you can catch us some lunch for tomorrow?” There are supposed to be a lot of nice catfish in this lake and the best time to catch cats is after dark. Take a cooler with a few beers, you might get thirsty.” They hauled their tackle including a Colman lantern down to the dock and started fishing. The rest of us went inside. After cleaning up the girls all put on sexy nighties, nothing outrageous, just teddies and baby dolls with sheer cover ups. We even managed to keep a terry cloth rap-around on Beth, but if she didn’t keep her legs together you could get a peek at her bald beaver.

About ten o’clock the boys came up to the cabin. Greg was looking a little down, (no fish) but brightened up when they stepped inside and saw us all sitting and watching TV. Kristy said, “Well it’s about bed time why don’t you two get cleaned up and ready for bed.” Jeff had a good idea what was going on and headed to one bathroom while Greg used the other. Jeff popped out with his hair still wet wearing just a pair of boxers. A few minutes later Greg came out wearing a t-shirt and a pair of baggy sweat shorts. There was only one chair left on the right side opposite the couch. We sat and chatted about nothing in particular, but Beth was tormenting Greg. She was on the couch and made it a point to open her legs slightly every time she moved to pick up her drink or turned to talk to a different person. Twenty minutes of this and Greg had a noticeable bulge in his shorts. He kept squirming and shifting in his chair in an effort to hide his erection with minimal results.

By this time Beth had scooted down in the couch slightly so her wrap inched upwards. Every time she opened her thighs, Greg had an unobstructed view of her hairless snatch. Lisa just threw oil on the fire when she opened her gown and said, “Greg, are you okay, you look uncomfortable, can I get you anything?”

“No, I’m fine thank you, just kinda stiff from sitting on the dock fishing.”

“I can see that your stiff, how about a blowjob to take care of fatih escort that stiff?”

Greg’s eyes looked like Little Orphan Anne’s and his jaw dropped as he darted his eyes from Beth’s pussy to Lisa’s deep cleavage. Lisa got up and walked over to him, dropping to her knees in front of him. The look on his face was priceless, he must have thought he was hallucinating as Lisa pulled at his shorts and stuffed her hand inside to grab his cock and bring it into the open. He was average length but above average in width.

Lisa gazed at his cock as she worked his shorts off. At the same time Beth crossed the room, dropping her wrap along the way. Beth stepped behind him and pulled his t-shirt over his head. As Lisa stroked him she called out over her shoulder, “Kristy, since you brought him, I think it’s only fair that you officially welcome him into the fold. Besides I know you’ve wanted to get your hands on him since that first dinner.”

Kristy shrugged off her robe, leaving her in a small red teddy, and crossed to the chair. “I’m going to enjoy this. Let’s get him on the floor.” With that the three girls dragged him out of the chair and onto the area rug in front of the TV (not that anyone was watching it by this point). Once on the floor, Kristy attacked his manhood, pumping the shaft and covering his velvety head with kisses.

Beth lowered herself onto his mouth. “Lick that pussy you big stud, lick me good and make me cum all over your face. Suck my clit while you finger me.”

Greg’s head was spinning, smelling Beth’s aroma. He let out a muffled groan as he licked her clit while at the same time having his dick sucked by Kristy. He was in sensory overload, but not so much that he couldn’t pull Kristy’s panties off as she bent over his side working his fat cock in and out of her mouth. Before he could cum Kristy straddled him and dropped down on him, taking him fully, in one hard plunge. She rode him like a rodeo cowboy, bucking up and down, side to side and forward and back till he gave a mighty thrust of his hips and pumped his cum deep into Kristy’s spasming cunt. He wasn’t licking Beth’s pussy any longer, just panting against it as he took the ride of his life from Kristy. Beth still managed a major orgasm just from the motion and watching her friend ride this bronco.

Everyone was naked by the time the girls finished with Greg, and stayed that way for the entire weekend, except for maybe an apron while cooking to protect from hot spatters and such. It turns out that Greg had a definite preference for oral sex, giving or receiving. The second afternoon I had just finished pounding Linda out on the beach when Greg walked up. He looked down at Linda’s bald pussy, with my cum seeping out and running down her ass crack. He just dove in and started liking her cunt clean, giving her three more climaxes before he finished.

Later that night Greg was locked in a 69 with Kristy, on top of him. He was ravaging her clit while he fucked her face. Don was once again leading Jeff over to his mother, this time behind her. Don it appears was getting into watching his son and wife together, even though Kristy had vowed that she would not fuck her son. At his father’s urging, Jeff got into position and eased his cock into the place of his origin. “You go boy, fuck that pussy, ram that cock into bağcılar escort your mother, and make her cum.” He was standing beside them stroking his cock as he watched the incest scene in front of him.

Kristy was in heaven getting fucked from both ends and her clit worked over at the same time. If she knew or suspected anything, it didn’t seem to matter to her at the moment. Kristy was having one continual earth shaking orgasm. Jeff was really into his mother and pounding away at her like a pile driver. When he reached the point of no return, he pulled way back for that final thrust, but he pulled back a bit too far and when he made his final lunge he slipped out of her cunt and across his mother’s pussy lips, straight into Greg’s mouth. Greg took the first shot or two then grabbed Jeff’s spurting cock and guided it back into Kristy’s pussy. That seemed to set Greg off and he filled Kristy’s mouth at the same time her son filled her womb. As the cum leaked out around Jeff’s cock Greg lapped it up swirling Jeff’s cum and his own saliva around Kristy’s engorged clit with his tongue making her entire body jerk and spasm uncontrollably.

Outside of the heavy breathing of the trio you could have heard a pin drop as we stood slack jawed at the scene. Greg just smiled from between Kristy’s thighs. It’s odd that we were all shocked by this but if it had been another woman laying under Kristy nobody would have given it a second thought. Another of life’s uneven views about sex, I suppose. I don’t know that Greg is bi but he certainly wasn’t opposed to cleaning a freshly fucked pussy. To be fair we all got at least a slight taste of cum nearly every time we kissed one of the girls or ate a pussy. Maybe Greg was just a cum-junky. After all, the thing with Jeff’s cock was an accident, and a slip on the tongue you might say.

As before, Lisa found a number of chances to spend some quality time with Jimmy’s big cock. She’s got a thing for longer dicks. On Sunday afternoon Lisa was in her element as she got a DP, with Jimmy filling her pussy and Jeff exploring her ass. “Give it to me. Fill me up with those big long cocks, pump that hot cum into me.” They worked out a good rhythm alternating strokes, one pushing in as the other was pulling out. Her cries of ecstasy were muffled by Al stuffing his cock between her lips and fucking her face. Three more minutes of this and suddenly it was like an exposition at a sperm bank. All three of the guys came within a few seconds of each other filling all three holes to over flowing. Lisa struggled to her feet with a satisfied glow about her. She had cum dripping from her chin, pussy and asshole as she staggered across the sand to rinse off in the cool lake water.

As the weekend came to a close we asked Greg if he was interested in our upcoming Fourth of July get together. He said, “I’d love to but I’m going back home at the end of the semester and don’t know if I’ll be able to afford to come back right away.” We planed to start the cycle over again on the Fourth and include Jeff when his schedule allowed but wouldn’t make special arrangements just to include him.

It’s been one hell of a year, and I would have never thought that Lisa and I would ever take part in anything as wild and exhilarating as we have since that innocent cookout last Fourth of July. Independence Day has taken on a new meaning as the two of us have broken down barriers and expanded our horizons far beyond anything we dreamed of in the first twenty years of marriage. We’ve had our own Sexual Revolution and freed ourselves from the Old World sexual restraints and love the new freedom.


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