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Copyright 2021 Charlie Flemming

Mindy walked into the living room and saw her 19-year-old son, Ted, sitting there depressed. Carol, her 18-year-old daughter sat next to him as they both watched TV.

Mindy was a MILF and she knew it. She would often go on dates with an assortment of men and women though she never brought them home because she didn’t want her children to know what a slut she secretly was. She had sexy brown hair and stayed in shape with daily jogs with her son and daughter. Carol was blonde and had breasts as large as her mother’s even though she was shorter and that made her boobs look a lot bigger on her.

“What’s wrong Ted?” Mindy asked as she sat in between her children on the couch.

“Nothing.” Ted moaned, obviously upset about something.

“Please Ted,” Carol said, rolling her eyes at her brother, “anyone can tell something is bothering you.” She turned the TV off, “Come on Ted, you’re my big brother and I love you. I don’t want you to be sad.” She reached over her mother to grip Ted’s leg, comfortingly.

“Oh,” Ted sighed, he blushed and it was obvious to both his mother and sister that he didn’t want to tell them. But he went on, “No one wants to be my girlfriend. I just don’t know what to do about it.”

“It’s okay, sweetie.” Mindy said to her son, she put an arm around his shoulders, “I’m sure you just haven’t found the right girl yet.”

Ted sighed again, “Maybe…”

Carol bit her lip and Mindy could tell that she had something to say about the matter, “Is there something you know that Ted doesn’t, Caroline?” She said sternly, hoping that it would be enough to get her daughter to spill the beans.

“Well…” Carol said, biting her lip again before continuing, “Truthfully, there’s been a rumor going around school.”

Mindy cocked an eyebrow, “Oh, what?”

Carol took a breath and looked at her brother, “I didn’t start it…”

“Just what is it?” Ted said.

Carol blushed and turned her head away from her family before saying, “Okay, it’s that you’re hung like a moose and it’d be impossible to fit your cock into anyone’s pussy. They’ve been saying you’re a freak.” She turned to her brother, “I’m sorry…” She said meekly.

Mindy was taken aback by that, “What? How would anyone know that?” She saw how embarrassed her son was too.

“The guys have to take showers together at the gym…” Carol pointed out.

“Well, we’ll see about that. Take your pants off, Ted.” Mindy said. Truthfully she was curious just how hung her son was, “I’m sure there’s no way your as big as they say.”

“What? Mom, I-” Ted started to say.

“Son,” Mindy said to Ted to shut him up, “If we don’t see it we can’t know if there’s a way to help. Maybe you are so large that no pussy can hold you.” She felt her pussy pulse at the thought of a cock so large. She was something of a size queen, though she had convinced herself at that moment that this was purely for her son’s benefit.

Ted groaned but stood up and let his pants fall. Mindy gasped at the side of her son’s flaccid penis, even soft it was larger than any man she’d ever been with, “Holy fuck!” She exclaimed and before she knew what she was doing she was fondling her son’s cock with one hand and balls with the other. “Holy shit! You are hung like a moose!” As she said this Ted’s cock was getting harder in her hands.

Ted sighed sadly, even though his MILF mom was jerking him off, “I guess I’ll never get a girlfriend…”

“Don’t worry son,” Mindy said as she got on the floor on her knees in front of Ted, “we’ll help you, won’t we Carol?” She looked at her daughter.

Carol has been staring at her mother with her mouth open in shock and horniness as her brother’s humongous dick was brought to full hardness. Carol had been with a few men, but none with a cock as big as her brothers. But she had a decision to make and her pussy made it for her, “Yeah, I’ll help! çankaya escort What do you need me to do, Ted?” She asked excitedly, ready to rip her clothes off right then and there so she could fuck her own sibling’s brains out.

“Uh, I, uh,” Ted, no sexual experience to speak of up to that point, didn’t know quite what was happening to him. All he knew was that his mother was making his cock feel better with just her hands than it’d ever felt before. The pleasure was flowing throughout his whole body and he was loving it.

“Get down on the floor with me, sweetie,” Mindy said to her adult daughter as Carol joined her mother on the floor in their living room. Carol’s hands joined her mother’s on Ted’s amazingly huge cock.

“Jesus, I can’t get my hands around it,” Carol said as her mouth and pussy watered.

“Mmm,” Mindy moaned, “Let’s suck him off together!” She said excitedly.

Ted laid back on the couch as his sister and mother both got completely naked and kneeled over his knees as they started licking and sucking his shaft on either side of him. Carol was running her tongue from one end of his dick to the other while his mother sucked and kissed his cock with a motherly affection that no one else could muster. She then sucked his dickhead into her mouth and started swallowing his cock a bit at a time. Carol switched to sucking on her brother’s balls while their mother sucked his cock down her throat.

Once Mindy got her mouth to her son’s pelvis, his cock down to her stomach it felt like. She started bobbing obscenely on his cock, loving every second of the feeling of his cock entering and exiting her mouth and throat. She was in cock heaven at that instant and wanted to get fucked soon. Her pussy was screaming at her for it.

“I want to fuck him!” Carol squealed then before her mother could get her son’s cock fully out of her mouth, it was as if she read her mother’s mind. She practically pushed her mother off her brother’s dick as she straddled him. Her pussy was already engulfing her brother’s cock before anyone could say anything different.

“HOLY SHIT YOU ARE SO FUCKING TIGHT!” Ted shouted as he put his hands on his sister’s chest and squeezed her tits and nipples while Carol started bouncing on him like a wanton slut.

“NO, YOU” RE JUST SO FUCKING BIG! THIS COCK IS AMAZING! OOOOOHHHHFFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK!” Carol shouted as she had a huge orgasm on her brother’s amazing dick.

“Mmm,” Mindy moaned as she masturbated on the couch next to her son and daughter as she watched them fuck, “That looks amazing. I can’t wait until I get a turn on that dick!”

Carol fell off her brother’s cock, reasonably spent. Ted’s cock, however, was still rock hard, “How about right now, Mom?” She suggested, “Ted seems ready to go again.”

Ted watched, completely mystified, as his mother got over him, her pussy lined up with his cock, and she lowered herself onto him, “Fuck! You’re a big boy, aren’t you son!?” She said as she felt her son’s hard shaft fill her up completely in one fell swoop.

“Oh yeah, Mom!” Ted said excitedly as his mother started riding his hard cock, “You’re almost as tight as Carol!”

“Mmm,” Mindy moaned as she roughly ground her hips against her son’s pelvis as she felt his dick from every section of her soaking wet pussy, “Do you like Mommy’s cunt son?” She asked feeling devilishly naughty at calling herself “Mommy.”

“It feels like heaven, Mom!” He shouted as he suddenly grabbed his mother by the breasts and they changed positions so that he was on top now. Ted began roughly fucking his mother as she started crying out in pleasure as she felt her son fill her up completely over and over again.

Carol had recovered on the couch beside her. “Fuck, you two make me so horny!” she moaned as she sat on her mom’s face, “Mmm, Mom, eat my pussy while Ted licks my asshole!” She moaned as escort çankaya some of Ted’s messy creampie leaked into Mindy’s mouth.

Mindy didn’t know why her daughter’s pussy tasted so good before she remembered that it was full of her brother’s sperm. Mindy loved the taste of cum, whether from a man or a woman, but both mixed together were simply the best in her own mind. She licked and sucked all the spunk out of her daughter’s pussy while her son roughly fucked her on the couch.

“Lick your asshole?” Ted said dumbly as he fucked his mother’s pussy with his huge cock while he stared at his sister’s puckered brown star, “Is that normal?”

Carol scoffed as she angrily glanced over her shoulder and back at her brother, “You’re fucking both your sister and mother, Ted! None of this is normal! Now fucking toss your sister’s salad, motherfucker!” She ordered as she came on her mother’s face and in her mouth.

Ted shrugged as he continued thrusting his hips, “Okay!” he said excitedly. This was all new to him and he was willing to do anything at that particular moment. He leaned forward, gripping both his sister’s soft buttcheeks in each hand and leaning forward as he spread them so his tongue could reach her puckered hole. He licked, the taste wasn’t good, but it wasn’t that bad either, and it was all worth it by the sounds his sister stared to make as he did so.

Ted felt his mother cumming, along with heard by the sounds she made despite still having a mouth full of her daughter’s cunt, and the feeling of her pussy gripping and pulsating as she came around his thick cock was too much for him and he soon filled her pussy full of his cum just like he had done with his sister moments before.

After everyone had another cum, they all collapsed on the couch in each other’s arms.

“Wow, son,” Mindy moaned, contently, “I never had sex like that before. Oh my God, it was amazing!” She purred as she snuggled up on her son’s chest.

“Did that help with your depression?” Carol asked, acting like that was the whole reason they did any of it.

“Mmm, yeah.” Ted said with his nude mother in sister in each of his arms, “I certainly feel a lot better now.”

“Well, if you feel sad ever again just let us know.” Carol said.

“Yeah,” Mindy agreed with her daughter, “If you ever need some cheering up, let me or your sister know and we’ll do what we can to help you get out of your blues.” to pontificate her point, she gripped Ted’s cock with one hand and balls with another, but his dick was soft and stayed that way after cumming so quickly together, to Mindy’s disappointment.

“Wow, anytime?” Ted asked, feeling like the luckiest man in the world right then.

“Absolutely any time at all,” Mindy said, giving his cock a quick squeeze before standing up and gathering her clothes on the floor, “now come on, we should get cleaned up.

Ted felt strange after fucking both his mother and sister in a threeway, but still, about an hour later he started feeling horny again…

He found his mother doing laundry in the basement, “Mom, I’m horn- I mean, um, I’m sad.” He said as she turned to him.

“Oh really?” Mindy said to her son, cocking an eyebrow, “Maybe we should take you to a therapist…”

“But Mom!” Ted whined as he was already undoing his pants and his huge erect cock popped out as he pulled it down, “I thought we agreed-“

“I said we would help you when you were depressed,” Mindy said sternly, though her eyes were glued to her son’s thick cock as she licked her lips, “I didn’t say we were going to be your personal sex slaves whenever you were feeling a little down!” She was feeling a bit angry that her son was putting her on the spot like this.

Ted opened his mouth but closed it again, this was actually making him feel bad and not just a lie to get more sex from his mother like when he çankaya escort bayan came in, “I’m sorry, I-” He started pulling his pants back up.

“Wait.” Mindy put an arm out and stopped her son from pulling his pants up by grabbing ahold of his dick, “We’ll take you to the therapist tomorrow. For now, there’s a temporary solution to relieving your, um, ‘sadness,'” and then she got down on her knees in front of her son and engulfed his dick halfway down her throat.

“Oh Mom, your mouth is the bomb!” He moaned as she sucked him like a horny slut.

She spat him out again, “I’m just making sure you’re rock hard before I let you fuck me again!” She explained and Mindy spun around as she stood up, she put her arms on the washing machine as she present her ass to her son, “Fuck your mother, Ted.” She said simply as she pulled up the bottom of her robe.

Ted didn’t need to be told twice but he was super surprised when his cock just slid right into his Mom, “Fuck Mom! How are you so fucking wet already!?” He asked with horny surprise.

“UGh!” Mindy moaned as her son entered her, “Because all I’ve been thinking about since you fucked me on the couch is how much I love your incredible cock!” She was cumming already as she admitted this to her kin, “Your my son and you have the most amazing cock in the universe! Just fuck your mother! Fuck her good!” She had to brace against the washing machine as Ted started fucking her hard and fast just like she asked, “HOLY SHIT! YOU ARE ROUGH! FUCK ME! ROUGHER! FASTER! HARDER! YOU’RE A FUCKING WILDEBEAST MOTHERFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKKEEEERRRR!!!!” Mindy was cumming her little heart out all over her son’s dick and balls and she was already being worked up to another orgasm, “FUCK ME ANYWHERE SON! I’M SORRY FOR NOT GIVING IN RIGHT AWAY! I’M A BAD MOMMY! DO YOU KNOW HOW TO PUNISH BAD MOMMIES, SON!?” She was cumming a third time as she practically screamed all that.

“No, what?” Ted asked like an idiot but he was in the middle of fucking the ever loving shit out of his mother’s pussy at that moment.

“BY FUCKING THEM! FUCK YOUR MOTHER’S PUSSY WHENEVER I’M BAD! IT’S THE ONLY WAY! IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO CURE YOUR DEPRESSION!” Mindy screamed even louder as her fourth orgasm in a row started.

“Holy shit, that’s so hot!” Carol moaned from the stairs and both mother and son glanced back to see her jilling off with both hands. She hadn’t put clothes on since they last fucked in the hopes that Ted would come look for her before their mother but she wasn’t disappointed that he went to Mom first. “Cum on her face, Ted!” She shouted.

“Can I!?” Ted asked excitedly, turning back to his mother.

“You better cover me!” Mindy shouted as she got off her son’s cock and on her knees in front of him.

Ted jerked his cock and started cumming in gallons, it seemed. A never-ending stream of sperm spurted from his squirting stick and smothered his slutty mother as she came a fifth time as soon as her son’s spunk touched her skin. It crashed along her chin and up her face, sending a streak across her lips and up her nose. The next hit her chest and glued her see-through robe to her tits while also creating a pool of her son’s cum in her cleavage.

Ted continued to paint his mother’s face and chest white with his cumming cock until he was spent. When he was, Mindy looked like she’d just been to three bukkakes in a row.

“Jesus Christ, Ted!” Carol shouted from the stairs, “Where the fuck did all that come from!?” She was absolutely excited by this fact.

“From my cock, obviously,” Ted said back confidently.

“Well,” Mindy stood up, “I need another shower,” she looked down at herself, “And not a cum shower this time.”

“I’ll join you,” Ted said excitedly as he got to his feet.

“Me too!” Carol said as she also stood up.

Mindy rolled her eyes, “I don’t know-“

“Mom, if you don’t behave, I have to punish you.” Ted said, “And I can only do that by fucking you!”

Mindy smirked, “Well, I’ll race you two to the shower then!” She ran up the stairs laughing after her daughter, leaving a trailing of sperm dripping off her body as she ran.

Ted smiled and chased after his mother and sister. He never felt depressed with those two around after that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32