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Big Tits

It was my first day of horse back riding lessons. I was so excited. I had ridden horses when I was a young girl but that quickly stopped after I fell off of the horse and broke my arm. Now it is 30 years later and I never lost my love for horses and everything about them.

A month previous, I saw the advertisement on-line for private horseback riding lessons. It was located on a private estate in the mountains and the rates were very reasonable. I guess they accommodated for the fact that they were in a remote area and it would be a hardship to commute there. The pictures on-line were breath taking. It was a ranch with a classic red barn and log cabin style stables for the horses. The lush green hills and grassy fields were beautiful. The riding trails were superb looking too. One of them looked like it went to a great waterfall. The picture had people on horses near the waterfall and others in the water swimming. I became very excited.

It seemed perfect. I was finally in a place in my career where I didn’t have to work 7 days a week and now I was officially starting up a hobby.

My husband has always had a fetish for boots and riding outfits, so he was excited to help me pick out the outfit. I agreed to let him make the final decision and he picked out some very nice outfits but they were tighter than I wanted. Since they were very comfortable, I eventually agreed. On the night we purchased the outfits, I modeled them for my husband at home.

“Try that one on love,” he said.

I wiggled into a tight riding pants that was tan colored. Then I put the long black leather boots on followed by the tight top which exposed my upper cleavage.

“That’s it baby, spin around” he said, “Niiiiiice.” He stared at my legs, ass, tits, and nipples like he was seeing them for the first time.

I changed in and out of the outfits and my husband ended up masturbating while watching me in his favorite lounge chair. Sometimes he would tell me to slow down or to turn to a certain angle. I couldn’t help but giggle about all the little details he requested.

Now, while wearing the long black leather boots, tight tan colored riding pants, and no top, I got down on my knees in front of him and watched him close up as he touched himself. His cock was engorged with his veins and his head was swollen like a large knob. He had a specific technique that he obviously mastered while growing up. I gently kissed his rod and breathed heavily on it. It was almost as if I was worshiping it. Then I slowly licked it. I licked it up and down and swirled my tongue around the crown. He squirmed in his chair as I managed to send electric shocks throughout his body.

“Oh yes, Baby. That’s it. I’m gonna cum now.” he said in a raspy voice while panting and becoming sweaty. His eyes got that glassy look and a I knew that was it.

I never let him come in my mouth, since it tastes awful, but I let him come on my face. He likes that. That stupid porn. It gives people weird ideas. Who would enjoy cum on their face. It’s humiliating.

I closed my eyes and I was surprised at how much cum he produced. It was as if the fetish made things more intense for him. My face got drenched with his cum like I never experienced with him. All that warm sticky stuff made it hard to open my eyes. I looked up at his face and smiled broadly as a large strand of cum stretched between my lips.

“Oh my God, Sweety, what the hell was that?” I said.

While huffing and puffing he said “I know. I have no idea how that happened. I have never made that much before.”

My husband attributes his riding outfit and boot fetish to growing up looking at magazines and an old movie when someone spanks a beautiful blond in a riding outfit. I think it is weird how fetishes are born. Something happens during an unpredictably impressionable time in someones life and then the rest is history.

I called the facility and a man named Smith answered. He had a warm soothing voice and a hint of a southern drawl.

“Yes , Ma’am. We have you confirmed for a lesson with me next Saturday at 9am. Please make sure you have your ridin’ outfit and most importantly the helmet. OK Darlin’?”

“I can’t wait,” I responded. I felt like a little kid before my first real horse back riding lesson.

I told everyone at work about my new adventure.

The single girls in the office joked that I would meet a real cowboy and get swept off my feet.

One of the married girls named Miriam privately shared with me how she had an affair with her horse trainer for a few years before she broke it off. She said it was a very passionate affair and her training time was interlaced with intense erotic quickies around the facility. She said it was the best sex she ever had and her husband never found out. She warned me to be careful and how some of the ranch hands can be sexually aggressive and to watch my back.

Miriam mentioned on one occasion when a ranch hand cornered her in the barn when they were alone and became sexually aggressive with her. He pinned her against the wall and he told her he istanbul escort knew about her affair with the trainer and that he would tell everyone about it, in which case she would “get a divorce and the trainer would lose his job”. He blackmailed her into giving him a blow job in the barn, and by the time they finished that, he conned her into letting him fuck her. He covered her mouth so she couldn’t scream and ordered her to take off her top and pants. He had her keep her panties on for some reason.

“He was like a wild animal,” Miriam said, “and I felt so guilty because I came three times with him inside of me. I just couldn’t help it. It was amazing. While I was still wearing my panties, he placed me on the hay and laid on top of me. Then he roughly entered me. Next he took me really hard with his large penis and he insisted on me having an orgasm before he did. After my first orgasm, which I tried to avoid, I quickly came again unexpectedly. It was totally intense. He was relentless and he just kept powerfully thrusting away into me. He insisted on me keeping my eyes open and looking into his eyes the whole time. I just gave up at that point and enjoyed the ride. I have never felt anything like that since. He had so much control over his orgasm. It was amazing. He lasted forever.” Now whispering, she said, ” I felt too guilty since I enjoyed it so much, so I didn’t report it. I always had a rape fantasy. Doesn’t everyone? ” Miriam asked.

I noticed that her nipples were now poking through her blouse.

“Ahhhh….no,” I told her. “Why was she telling me these things” I kept telling myself.

“That was my last day there and I never went back.” Miriam told me while whispering. She now has secret fantasies about making love to her trainer and the ranch hand at the same time.

“Charming. Too much information,” I thought.

She was teary eyed by the time she finished the story and I was surprised since she was conservative, quiet, and the type that goes to church every Sunday. I guess we are all human. The most repressed are sometimes the most wild and uninhibited.

“Of course I won’t tell anyone about our conversation,” I reassured her.

Still, it excited me about the possibility of experiencing some raw sexual energy. I developed brief fantasies about what the trainer would look like, and how the ranch hands would be lusting after me with each step I took. I imagined what it would look like as I bounced on the horse in my tight outfit with my nipples pointing through the shirt and my hips and thighs jolting on the horse’s back with each gallop.

On the night before my lesson, I made love to my husband and I sat on top of him and bounced on him until he was spent. I usually don’t like that position since it goes deeper and bangs against my cervix, but for some reason that night it felt fine. He wanted me to “ride him”, so I did. Ride’m cowboy.

On the morning of the lesson I took a long bath. I grabbed the water spraying handle and directed it on and off of my clitoris a few times. It felt really good but I wanted more so I made the spray stream come out harder. I was now squatting in the tub repeatedly passing over my sensitive area, over and over again. The temperature oscillated between cold and hot. I noticed some swelling and redness. While taking deep breaths, I gently squatted up and down which somehow always does the trick and provides me with an intense orgasm. Today was no exception as I gasped for air as my pelvic area jolted back and forth quickly and strongly as I bounced in my squatting position.

“Oh God” I yelled as I came. I relaxed for 15 minutes and eventually dozed off in the tub.

I began to dream….

I dried myself and sniffed my panties and bra. I have a habit of smelling my panties and bra to make sure that they are clean before putting them on. Then I put on my G-string white panties. Next I put on my tan pants and black boots and beige tight top. I put my hair in a pony tail and then I spun in front of the mirror with a big smile on my face.

“Today was the big day.” I told myself.

I listened to the country radio station to set the mood and I was reminded at how corny country music can be sometimes. I sang a long to some of the songs and the commute didn’t feel 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The directions were perfect and I got there on time. The entrance was well marked and the lush green landscape and oak trees were like a post card. The road curved around a bend and you could see the ranch and it looked pristine from the hill top. I drove down and it looked just like the pictures on-line. The man at the gate directed me to the office and Smith was at the counter.

He looked up with a big handsome smile and said “Miss Annette, I presume”.

“How did you know?” I asked.

“Well, it is 12 noon and Annette has a 12 noon lesson. Purty smart huh?” Smith joked.

“Of course” I said nervously. I often get nervous in new places with new people.

Smith was about 40 years old and tall and well built. avcılar escort He had piercing blue eyes and a chiseled jaw line. He looked like a retired athletic body builder type. You could tell he was very strong. He reeked of masculinity. He made me lose my breath looking at him.

Smith went over the basics with me. My horse was named Caramel. Then we went on a tame ride around the facility. He introduced me to all of the staff along the way. The young ranch hand men were particularly interested in me and some of them seemed to watch me ride away longer than they should have. They were all handsome, and I didn’t know if it was my hormones or my vision that was letting me see things that way.

Smith took me to the waterfall and helped me dismount. He held my hand like a gentlemen to help me cross the creek a few times. I giggled and felt like I was on a date. His hands were rough and hard.

“Yup, he was a working man” I told myself.

We got back to the stables and I had to take care of the horse and put things away. I remembered some of the basics so I was able to actually help with some of the work involved. I had to resist the urge to give him a hug good bye when he left.

Smith had to leave for another lesson and I was left alone in that part of the ranch and stables. After a few hours of work and repetitive impacts from riding on my private and pelvic region, I have to admit I was becoming sexually aroused.

I was rushing to finish before the sun went down.

As I entered the stable door, I saw an odd picture. Out of the stall of the barn, something was protruding outward. It was a fully erect and magnificently engorged penis poking though the hole patiently waiting for something to happen.

I gasped as I realized that this is what was called a “glory hole”.

My husband Chad introduced me to the concept of a glory hole. He told me that it is when people use a divider wall with a hole in it to touch each other. It is a way to have anonymous, and no strings attached sexual contact. Chad told me about a story on Literotica where this husband arranges for some of their friends to go to a location and his wife gets to do a hand job and eventually some blow jobs. The wife didn’t know that she actually knew all the men but from her perspective it was anonymous. It was a dirty erotic tale that somehow turned me on too.

I didn’t think anyone was around, so I looked around and listened for any noises.

Nothing. Complete silence.

It was just me and this anonymous man in the barn all by ourselves.

“Who are you?” I asked.

No answer.

I waited a little.

“Hello. Who are you …..sir?” I asked again.

Again no answer.

He withdrew his penis and then poked it right through again.

“I’m going to scream” I said.


I could hear myself breathing.

My thoughts started to race. “Who was he? What did he want? Was he going to rape me? Do I want to touch it? Would anyone find out? Would he tell anyone?” I thought. I was getting light headed and sweaty thinking about it. My chest started to rise quicker and harder with each breath. I thought about the ranch hands and which man this was. I must have met him today, or not.

“Go away” I said firmly.

He stood his ground and not making a peep.

I stood there paralyzed for a while. I slowly walked over to it with the noise of crinkling hay under my feet. It was like I was being drawn there as a natural instinct. It seemed like the right thing to do. It seemed like rubbing the hard member until it started to spurt was the natural thing to do. Only that would complete the scene. The excitement was building as I got closer.

I heard his feet shift as I got closer. I noticed a faint throbbing and pulsating movement of his handsome shaft. My nipples hardened as I thought about what was happening. I was going to have anonymous sexual contact with a stranger. The thought excited me more than I expected. I have read stories about this happening. I never imagined it would happen to me. Oh, how excited I was becoming with each feeling and thought.

I finally got within arms reach of it and I started to reach out with my finger tip. My finger briefly touched the circumcised head and then I withdrew quickly. My eyes were bulging out of my head as I looked at it without blinking. Next I petted the head of his member gently as if my hand had a mind of it’s own. The pulsating throbbing of the shaft became more pronounced. I thought I heard him taking deeper breaths. He was hard as a rock and I thought that I had never seen a real penis that big before.

I got on my knees and whispered “Please don’t tell anyone”.

He didn’t answer me.

Now here I was on my knees with this stranger’s shaft right in front of my face. I slowly wrapped my right hand softly around the head and ever so slowly began to pump up and down. Pre-cum immediately began to trickle at the tip.

I was scared and excited and I felt naughty. I was going to break the rules for just this once şirinevler escort and experience what anonymous sex felt like with no strings attached. “Hell, I didn’t even know his name”.

I took a few deep breaths and looked side to side to make sure the coast was clear. I became nervous and felt myself wanting to giggle.

I gently blew my breath on his head while I moved my hand up and down his member. He pushed slightly in and out as if to say he wanted it harder and faster. I didn’t listen and rhythmically and slowly caressed him. I wanted him to know I was in control.

His pre-cum got on my hand and it added more friction which made it harder to pump him. I gathered up some saliva in my mouth and spat loudly into my hand a couple times and then returned to my business at hand. He moaned immediately as he felt the warm slippery saliva cover his shaft.

That was when I had an awful thought. I wanted to go down on him. I wanted to take his cock in my mouth and suck on it until he came. I wanted to make another man come and have his semen in my mouth. It has been so long since I did that. It excited me to think that I was now living a sexual fantasy that I never knew I had or wanted. I didn’t want my husbands semen in my mouth. I wanted a strangers semen in my mouth.

While still pumping him enthusiastically, I opened my mouth and leaned into him. I gently licked the tip and I could taste my saliva, his sweat, and his cum. It was a faint acidic full flavor. Next I took his head into my mouth as I pumped the shaft with my hand. His moaning got louder as I twirled my tongue around the rim of his head.

“Uhhhhh” he moaned softly.

Popping (from sucking) and slurping noises could be heard as I worked his head and shaft. I was giving him a hand job and a blow job at the same time.

“Ohhh….. God, Annette” he said loudly. “Please don’t stop,” the mystery man uttered.

I didn’t recognize the voice but I didn’t care. I could feel the adrenalin coursing through my veins as I broke a sweat pumping and sucking his meat. As if under a trance I lived in the moment and tried to give this unknown man an intense orgasm to remember me by. I wanted to be the best blow job he ever had. Sometimes I get competitive. I can now see how being a competitive overachiever can be of benefit to others.

He began grunting and making strange noises and I knew that was it.

Suddenly, an explosion of cum filled my mouth as I tried not to swallow. It dripped from the sides of my mouth onto the hay and dirt. He tasted differently from my husband.

“Not bad,” I thought. I spit it out onto the hay, but I couldn’t help swallowing a little bit.

I wiped my mouth and leaned back watching the cock hide behind the stall. I was over the top horny by this point and I didn’t know what to do. I heard him shifting his feet behind the stall and a zipper being pulled up. I started to feel ripped off and dirty when all of a sudden his hand came through he hole with his index and middle finger pointing outward to me.

“Come here so I can touch you” the voice said roughly and confidently as the waved me over with his two fingers.

I immediately looked side to side and confirmed that no one was around still. My heart was racing as I debated what to do.

“Please….let me…touch you” the man repeated in a whisper.

I unbuckled my riding pants and pushed my panties down to my upper thighs and I shuffled up to the stall wall. I then lowered my pants and panties to my knees and leaned into the fingers.

The large rough fingers rubbed my privates in a circular motion. I pushed into his fingers to cause more friction for myself. He responded by pushing harder and faster. My wetness added to the pleasure. His fingers pushed at my opening but due to to the position he couldn’t penetrate me with his fingers easily. He rubbed my clitoris as I pushed my self up against the stall wall. My face was now looking to the side and crunched up against the stall wall. I felt like I was doing something wrong but that excited me even more. Like a cat in heat I purred and thrust my pelvis into the strangers fingers wishing he could finger me to an orgasm before I died of anticipation. I wanted to climax so bad it hurt.

“Turn around angel” the stranger recommended.

“Turn around and stick it out toward me” he ordered roughly.

Without thinking I quickly pushed my pants further down and turned around and bent over. I closed my eyes and shuffled backward into his hands. His fingers first hit my rectum but then he immediately found my now completely wet hole and vigorously started to pump his fingers inside of me. Wet slurping noises could be heard.

“Ahhhhh…..Yeah…..Uhhhmmmm” I moaned softly.

As he pumped his fingers into me he strategically pushed down on my G-spot with the tip of his fingers. He withdrew his fingers and waited quietly.

“Where the hell are you” I asked. “Don’t you fucking stop now” I ordered as I pushed my ass back successfully into his fingers again in one fluid motion. It now felt fuller and I suspected he used another finger. Two, three, four, five fingers? I didn’t care anymore, as long as it felt good and it made me come really hard. He pumped harder as I felt a climax coming. I panted loudly and thrust my ass into him as hard and as fast as I could. He knew I was going to come and he masterfully helped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32