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Sipping her second glass of wine, Karen still could only think of the sound of the futon banging in her head. Knowing what the kids were doing and rather than being upset about all the stigmas and taboos attached to it, she felt herself sexually aroused more than any time in her life.

The image of Ryan fucking Janet played over and over in her head. The movies on Ryan’s computer with the young girls and boys kept intermingling with what she expected to see if she had gone downstairs and caught them.

“You seem a thousand miles, anything wrong?” Jackie asked.

Karen was shocked back to reality by the question from her friend of over twenty years. “I’m fine.” Karen said unconvincingly.

“C’mon, get it out.” Jackie says.

Karen thinks about all the times this conversation has been reversed over the years. She listened to all of Jackie’s stories about relationships and the pain that comes with breaking up. Maybe, this time she can listen to me, Karen tells herself.

“Sex, all I think about is sex. I am so horny; I even watch videos on Ryan’s computer and fantasize about being in the videos with all those young guys. I haven’t been laid since Jack died and masturbation is getting old. Normally, it’s supposed be the mother who catches the son jerking off but it might just happen the other way around, the way I feel.” Karen says.

Jackie isn’t surprised; five years of celibacy would drive her crazy too. The fact Karen looks at porn did surprise her, a different side she did not know existed before. They have this in common too, interesting, Kathy thinks.

I’m not surprised Hun, you’ve ignored that part of you’re life for so long, it just caught up to you all at once.” Jackie says.

“I think me and Ryan are taking turns getting off on his computer, he even left his sleeved sex toy he uses to jerk himself off with right out in the open. I am just so horny.” Karen exclaims.

Jackie takes it all in, ignoring the part about Ryan’s sex toy-for now. “You ever wonder what Susan really does for a living?” She asks.

“I thought she was in computers.” Karen replies.

“She’s in computers all right, I’m surprised you haven’t seen her in one of Ryan’s movies. ” Jackie says.

“You’re kidding; she looks so shy and reserved. A lot like Janet, how did she ever get into it?” Karen asks.

“She was tired of men and horny like you are, she read an ad in one of the college newspapers looking for models 18-30 so she called. She loves it, all the guys are young college kids and she chooses who she wants to be with. She told me that they fuck like rabbits and she just can’t get enough of it. No relationship headaches or abuse, just sex. If you want, I could have her call you about it.” Jackie tells her.

“Are you serious?” Karen asks.

“Why not, I’m thinking about it. You might even catch Ryan jerking off to pictures of you.” Jackie said.

Karen didn’t say anything but that thought brought shivers to her. She knew what happened the other night probably made him go jerk off after seeing her drop the remote.

“It’s getting late, think we better get going.” Karen said. Avoiding the question of doing sex videos with college kids.

Karen pulled into the driveway and she still had that ache between her legs, Worse now since thinking of what Jackie brought up. She could not believe how excited she still was and it has been hours that she has been in this state. Just the thought of Ryan fucking Janet was driving her wild with desire. Closing her eyes, she imagined what she might have seen betsobet yeni giriş if she had gone down stairs this morning. Just like the videos, she thought.

Watching the porno’s on Ryan’s computer, the young girls and boys fucking drives her crazy each time she watches them. Now, she pictures herself with all kinds of young guys and thinking how many times they would cum inside her. Watching those young girls spread themselves wide open as their young pussies are stretched apart just excites her so much. She thinks of taking their place with the gorgeous boys, who remind her of Ryan.

Women are not supposed to like porn, yet what is wrong with erotic images as long as the models are over eighteen, she tells herself. In her mind, she has accepted and endorsed erotica as a healthy outlet for adults. Even Jackie and Susan are into it, two sisters doing porn together, that could be exciting.

But they aren’t thinking of seducing their teenage son, like she is. The past two weeks for her has escalated, she feels aroused by the thought of seducing Ryan constantly. . He must know she is watching his movies; he left his sleeved masturbator right out in the open, when she picked it up the thick white semen oozed into her hands. He knew what he was doing. All she can think about now is his cock shooting its creamy load into the green sex toy. She longs to wrap her lips around his cock and suck him dry. Next time she will let the cum slide down her throat from his sex toy.

That white robe, she thinks of it and quivers with excitement. Trimming it twice already to shorten it, walking around the house with only the lowest button keeping it closed. Bending over to pick up the remote, right in front of Ryan, letting him see her naked pussy and then the bulge in his sweat pants. She feels herself on the verge of cumming right there.

Walking through the door, she is greeted by the site of the kids sitting at the table-playing scrabble. Karen immediately notices that Janet is literally naked from the waist down except for the short T-shirt she is wearing. She cannot take her eyes off those shapely long legs. Karen feels herself throbbing just standing there.

She does not know that Ryan told his sister everything about the last few weeks, especially the white robe and the porno movies. Both kids decide it’s their turn to tease her, a thought that drives both of them wild.

“Hi guys.” Karen says.

“Hi Mom.” They say together.

“Who’s winning?” Karen asks.

“He is and I think he’s cheating.” Janet says.

Karen notices the thigh high leggings folded neatly on the table; she cannot believe what is happening.All three of them can feel the sexual tension. Both women can feel how wet they have become. Karen thought she was excited before she walked in, but now it is beyond what she has ever experienced. Maybe Ryan has told his sister, she thinks to herself about the last few weeks. Does it really matter anymore?

“What are the leggings for?” Karen asks.

“He wants me to pose for him, making believe he’s a photographer for one of those websites he joined. The first game he won, I have to pose with the leggings and if I lose this game, which seems likely, I have to do the pose that’s on his computer now.” Janet says.

“Ry, what kind of pictures is on those websites?” Karen asks teasingly.

“Naughty ones.” Janet interrupts her brother before he can answer.

“She said she would do it.” Ryan answers.

“What’s the website that you’re making your sister become a model betsobet güvenilirmi for?” Karen asks him.

“Spear My Pussy, all the girls are about Jan’s age.” Ryan says.

Karen cannot believe how Ryan so easily said the words, Spare My Pussy, right in front of her without hesitation. These two are up to something, she thinks to herself.

“Girls at school do it all the time; there are so many ads in the local papers looking for young models. I always thought it would be so exciting to try it.” Janet says softly.

Karen is just in awe what she is hearing, it is like she and the kids are on the same wavelength. Did they just hear the conversation she and Jackie just had? The throbbing between her legs acts as though it controls her completely. She can feel where this is all going and the thought of it is intoxicating. The two glasses of wine remove all her inhibitions.

“I can see why girls might like doing it, I think it’s called making love to the camera. For a girl to spread wide open, knowing all you young guys, like you, are looking at them and then jerking off into their sleeved sex toys. I can understand doing it. I wouldn’t mind doing it myself either.” Karen says.

Ryan feels as though his cock is about to explode as he listened to his mother so calmly describe girls spreading wide open for guys to jerk off to. His heart races that she even mentions his sex toy. His sweat pants strain keeping his cock enclosed.

Janet squirms in her seat; she can feel the fluid pooling on the chair. The short T-shirt offering no help holding back the sticky fluid leaking out of her. She swears she can even smell the musky aroma, something both Karen and Ryan notice too.

Karen watches with amusement how both of them react to her talking about girls with their legs spread wide open. She has to admit though that the thought of posing nude has always turned her on, Jackie just happen to touch an idea she always fantasized about anyway.

Janet senses immediately what just happened and decides to push even further than her mother has. “He says the girl on the computer looks like me, maybe it does but all you see is her ass wide open while riding this cute guy. But, I guess if he thinks my ass looks like that, I’ll take it”

Ryan grasps what his sister just did and decides to go to push even more, “She thinks her ass and legs are too thin, she’s built just like you. The other night when you dropped the remote, you two look like sisters. Mom, you’re ass and legs are hot.” Ryan says.

“That’s all he’s been talking about, what a nice ass you have. Maybe that’s you’re picture on the computer.” Janet says.

“Well, let’s go take a look and see.” Karen says.

She knows the game they are playing and she decides to just push the limits even more. One way or another, she knows Ryan is going to fuck her tonight and she wants to see him fuck Janet as well. She can feel Ryan’s eyes on her jeans as she turns around to go look at the picture. She has to admit that wearing tight jeans and showing off her ass, turns her on.

Ryan and Janet look at each other, is this a dream they think separately. Janet is glad to be off the soaking chair. The thought of what might happen tonight drives her and Ryan wild.

Karen looks at the image on the screen, a girl with her ass spread white open and a huge cock in her cunt. The white cum oozes out down the shaft she is impaled on. She can feel herself losing control with just the thought of having her pussy filled with Ryan’s cum while Janet takes betsobet giriş pictures. The whole thought is just too much for her.

“She does have a nice butt, it could be like your’s but I think mine is cute too. I think the only way we could tell for sure is if we duplicate the pose with some young guy who might like to volunteer, as long as he thinks he can handle two women one after the other.” Karen says.

Karen guides Ryan’s cock towards her throbbing cunt, she cannot even remember walking downstairs, all she can she feel is her pussy being penetrated. Her legs lift her up as she waits for the next stoke, she feels her pussy contract around Ryan’s cock each time he slides all the way into her.

“I can’t believe how you’re fucking me.” She moans.

Janet sits behind watching, it’s better than a movie, she thinks to herself. Slowly rubbing herself, she notices how Ryan’s cock is glistening from all the fluid from Karen’s cunt. She wonders if that is how she gets as wet as her mother does.

Karen cannot believe how alive she feels as she rides Ryan. He pulls her down, wraps his arms around her back and starts thrusting faster and faster. She moans as she rides his cock, letting its full length stretch her apart with each savage thrust. This cannot be happening, she tells herself.

Ryan just keeps his methodical assault on his mother’s pussy. Having fucked Janet three times this morning, he knows he can last, but can she. Wanting to go even further, he spreads her ass wide open and begins to rub her asshole. For Karen, a finger probing her asshole is just too much. She knows what she wants now, that cock to shoot its white cream into her ass.

“All you young guys like watching girls take it up the ass. Now you’re going to see what it feels like.” She says.

Straightening up, she lifts off Ryan and slowly eases her asshole down the waiting shaft. She feels her muscles contract as her asshole swallows the entire length inside her. She begins to slowly ride up and down, feeling each stroke deep inside her as it bottoms out.

Janet watches in amazement as her brother’s cock slides in and out of her mother’s asshole. She rubs her clit faster and faster as she can feel her own climax approaching.

“C’mon kid, shoot that white sticky goo deep into my ass. I know you jerk off to it, so shoot it inside me. I bet you haven’t fucked your sister’s tight little asshole. Would you like to spread her little ass and shoot in her too?” Karen moaned.

For Ryan, hearing his mother talk like that was just too much. He felt his thighs tighten and knew he was close. Karen quickened her pace as she saw it in his face.

“I’m cumming.” Ryan moaned.

“I want to feel that hot cum inside me, shoot it baby. Shoot it deep in my ass and then your sister can watch it drip out. Stretch my asshole Ry, give me a creampie in my ass.” Karen moans.

Ryan feels himself shooting into her ass, Karen closes her eyes as she feels the hot semen explode inside her. It has been too long, she thinks. I need this, she tells herself repeatedly.

“You’re a lucky kid, you’re going to have two women sucking and fucking your brains out.” Karen says to him.

Janet watches as the white semen starts to drips out of Karen’s ass and down Ryan’s cock. Just watching her mother’s asshole take each stroke makes her want to try it too. “I wonder what it feels like”, says softly.

Karen looks down at Ryan, just like his father, talk dirty to him and he’ll cum right away. To her complete surprise, Ryan pulls her towards him and then spreads her wide open.

“Hey Jan, take a picture now.” He says.

Karen straightens up and says, “What am I going to do with you two. Over there is a little sex kitten and now you’re a stud.”

“Actually, the question is, what are we going to do with you.” Janet says.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32