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I have been having a fantasy the last few months of my husband giving me oral orgasms after he has cum inside me. I brought it up a couple times, but could tell it really wasn’t something he was into. Frustration mounted, because while I really wanted to experience this, I didn’t want to force him into it. I began watching videos where the man cleaning up his own mess was part of it, and my self-inflicted orgasms were extremely intense. I finally accepted that watching porn would be the closest I would get to my fantasy. That is, until tonight.

Neither of us worked late tonight, and as a rare treat, we didn’t have to get up early tomorrow either. Knowing we had time to spend with each other, and, of course, on each other, we both spent an hour or so (separately) in the tub, trimming, shaving and bathing in preparation for the night’s festivities. He took his before dinner, I took mine after. When I emerged naked from the steaming bathroom, he was already in bed, naked and waiting for me.

Having already chosen the porn video I wanted us to watch together, I crawled in next to him. As the video, titled “Eating my own cream pie” began to play, so did his fingers. They danced over my nipples and areola, slowing bringing them to a peak with gentle, firm strokes. My eyes drifted closed as I concentrated on his touch and the video faded to the background. After a few minutes, his fingers drifted over to my other breast, repeating their strokes. My nipples were hard and aching for more, but he had other plans.

Burrowing under the blankets, his mouth skimmed lightly over my belly as he settled between my spread thighs. Bracing an arm under my bum for support, he slid the other up to cup my breast and resume playing with the nipple. I didn’t think bakırköy escort it could get harder, but I brushed my own fingers over the peak and groaned with desire. Soon after, I felt a light fluttering sensation on my lower lips. He ran his tongue over them, adding some of his saliva to the evidence of my arousal. As his fingers continued to work my nipple, his tongue dipped between my lips, seeking the sensitive button of my clit.

I let out a low moan and opened my eyes to see the woman in the video bouncing on a hard rigid cock, causing me to thrust my hips off the bed. Deciding the stimulation was too much, I closed my eyes again to focus on my husband’s ministrations. While his tongue flickered over my sensitive clit and his hand continued to tug at my nipple, I let my hand slide down to cup my other breast. Lacking any direct attention, the nipple was soft and flat. I began gliding my fingers across the areola, mimicking my husband’s touch at the beginning of the night, and felt the peak respond quickly. Before long, both of my nipples were standing at attention, rigid and aching pleasantly.

My husband favors quick, light strokes when his face is buried between my thighs, and most of the time, this feels very good. Tonight, however, I wanted him to take his time. “Slow down” I moaned quietly. I felt his touch change from a rapid flickering to a gently lapping as he slowed his strokes over my button. As I settled into the new motion, my moans became louder and deeper. Taking his hints from these, my husband began slipping his tongue down my slit, slowly licking his way to the hidden entrance of my pussy. He began alternating between thrusting his tongue slowly inside me and licking his way back up to my clit, beşiktaş escort where he would give it a couple more flicks before moving back down. All the while, our hands never stilled on my breast, and my nipples were begging for more attention.

My hips began thrusting to meet his mouth as my orgasm built. My mouth dropped open and as I sucked in a deep breath, I felt the imminent explosion. Just as I started to climb to the peak, however, the sensations stopped. His mouth moved away and his hands slid to plant on the bed next to my hips. I groaned my disappointment, still panting, and my glazed eyes opened to protest. Before I could get a word out, however, his mouth closed over mine. I could taste myself on his lips, his tongue. I could feel my juices on his mustache and goatee, where they had soaked his face. Still incredibly turned on and wet, it didn’t take much for his cock to slide inside me.

Normally, he takes his time, thrusting inside me only a little bit more with each push. But tonight, he was in a hurry. That’s ok- so was I. His first thrust filled me completely and I could feel how hard and turned on he was when his cock pulsed inside me. His mouth remained on mine. His lips spread mine, and he thrust his tongue into my mouth in the same rhythm his cock was entering me. Feeling like I was being filled with two throbbing hard-ons turned me on even more, and I could feel additional wetness seeping out of me onto the bed.

My husband’s rigid, raging tool continued to pump into me, and before long, I felt my orgasm building again. My hips rocked to meet his thrusts, and my arms stayed locked around him, holding his mouth to mine. He began thrusting more quickly, bottoming out in my cunt with each beylikdüzü escort movement. He began moaning into my mouth, and I knew that his orgasm was not far behind. Wanting to come together, I clamped my thighs around him and began thrusting more quickly into him. With a final groan, he thrust deep inside, just before my peak was reached, and I knew he was coming. I wasn’t quite there yet, and whimpered into his mouth. I tried to keep thrusting, but I knew that I wasn’t going to get there. Disappointed but trying to hide it, I let my head fall back to the pillow.

My husband, who I thought was oblivious to my thoughts, pulled out of me, much more quickly than normal. Still trying to cover my disappointment, I didn’t move. He did, however. He slid back down my body and settled between my thighs. Knowing where this was going, but not quite believing it, I didn’t move until his tongue touched me again.

Knowing that he had just filled me with his seed, I was shocked the instant he touched me. The shock didn’t last long though- only a few seconds later, I was exploding. The orgasm that had almost peaked twice ripped out of me when I felt the combination of his tongue on my clit and his fluid dripping down my puckered anal entrance. Unable to hold back, I grabbed his head and held him tight to my aching pussy as I came, and came again, and again. The waves crashed over me, and my breathing came to a standstill while the orgasm kept coming. Finally, when I had nothing left, my hand fell away from his head, and my body melted into the mattress. Dazed, I felt him rest his head against my thigh, then turn his face and plant a kiss before he stood up and went into the bathroom. I was still blissed out a few minutes later when he returned and kissed my lips again. I remember mumbling a “thank you” and an “I love you”, but not much else directly after. I know only this- the real thing is SO MUCH better than the fantasy, and the fact that it is not going to be a frequent occurrence will make it that much more special when it finally does.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32