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An hour later Lisa was in Kalie’s house. Kalie had called Prince on the way back and he promised to be there. They were all very excited. This was going to be a special Friday night.

When Lisa and Kalie walked in, prince was already home. The lights were dim and a whiff of aromatic oil in the air. Prince was on the couch of his Central London studio apartment. Lisa gasped a bit when she saw him. Prince was wearing a long Silk black robe, his briefs showing through only slightly. Lisa could see the package it held back and it looked big and juicy. His skin was smooth and bronze and he had the most charming smile she had ever seen.

“Welcome Lisa. Welcome to the den.” he said.

Prnce ran his eyes over Lisa. He liked what he saw. She was a petite 5 ft girl. Frizzy blonde hair. She was not skinny but very curvy. Her 36C full breasts were held back by a white top. She was wearing a dark blue patterned skirt.

In contrast Kalie was tall and slim. Kalie was atleast 5 ft 9″, a long legged woman. She was less top heavy than Lisa but had the proverbial bubble ass.

“I am so glad you agreed to join us Lisa. Kalie has been telling me so much about you.”

Lisa smiled and spluttered thanks. She was suddenly feeling very conscious. The rational part of her brain was screaming “What are you doing Lisa? You are here to fuck your best friend and her boyfriend?? You want to be their sex toy! What’s wrong with you??” At the same time she could not help herself. She wanted it. She wanted to be their fuck slave, their piece of meat, their slut. The 3 months of pent up frustration was boiling over. She wanted to feel ravaged and taken and fucked.

“She’s feeling very shy Prince,” Kalie said, “shall we make her feel a bit more comfortable?”

Lisa felt Kalie rub and grind behind her. Her body stiffened. She had never had a lesbian experience before and the thought of her friend Kalie, her best friend Kalie rubbing against her ass and grinding her crotch into her was just very strange.

What was even more strange is that she liked it. She felt herself pushing back just a bit, getting a better kaçak iddaa feel of the bump and grind. A hot flush coursed through her body. Prince was in front of her, his fingers lightly brushing against her face and hair.

Lisa breathing was heavy. Her eyes felt heavy, her body felt good. She felt Kalie’s hands snake up around her hips and cup her breast lightly. A light moan escaped her lips.

“You like that Lisa? You like the feel of Kalie’s hands all over your body?” Prince asked.

“Oh god yess.. I like it.” Lisa gasped. She pulled Prince closer and their lips met. It was the moment that the embankments broke.

Lisa kissed him deep and passionately. She was hungry for their touch. She felt all the shyness disappear. Her body was on fire.

The loud sounds of kissing and dry humping filled the room. Kalie was squeezing Lisa tits hard as she felt her friend kiss Prince like a wanton sex slut. She ran her hands down the front of her body and rubbed Lisa’s pussy with her fingers. It was soaking wet.

“Oh Prince.. she is wet like a slut. Her pussy is dripping with cunt juices.” She rubbed the fingers under his nose and over his lips. Prince groaned as the smell of Lisa’s cunt filled his senses.

“Oh fuck me guys. Fuck my cunt and asshole. Fuck me and make me your sex slave” Lisa growled. It was as if she was another person, overcome with lust.

Kalie and Prince smiled. This was going to be perfect.

Lisa felt her clothes torn off. Her tits tumbled out of her bra. She felt her panties torn and thrown in the room. Kalie and Prince were rubbing and groping and feeling her body and it felt like heaven.

She could feel Kalie kiss and nibble on her tits. She raised her hands above her head and arched her body forward. The musky smell of their naked bodies filling the room.

Her other nipple was in Prince’s mouth, sucked hard and lightly bitten. A ragged hiss escaped her lips “Oh yes! suck my boobs. Suck my milkjugs, oh god yesssss!”

She felt Kalie’s hands pushing her shoulder downwards. She went on her knees. Prince’ cock was less than an inch from her lips. kaçak bahis She opened her wet lips.

“Suck it Lisa. Suck that cock like you want it. Come on Prince. Give my horny friend a taste of your cock” Kalie grunted into Lisa’s ear. Lisa could feel Kalie kneeling behind her, her hands cupping and kneading her tits.

Lisa leaned forward. Prince gripped her hair in a bunch and slid the cock into her wet, hot mouth. Kalie gave a low animal guttural growl as her boyfriend’s cock slid into her friend’s mouth.

She tweaked Lisa’s nipples harder making Lisa moan with a cock in her mouth.

“Do you like that cock Lisa? That’s the cock that’s been fucking my cunt. Really fucking it till its dripping with my cunt juices. EAT THAT COCK. Lisa. Can you taste the last FUCK Prince and I had. He fucked me in the cunt and the ass and my tits. Can you taste my body on that cock you slut. EAT IT. Suck that COCK. Come on prince. Fuck my friend’s mouth like it was a slutty whore’s cunt. Fuck it till she gags.”

Kalie’s dirty talking turned Lisa on like never before. She loved the filthy talk. She started to bob her face on the cock eagerly. Prince started humping Lisa’s mouth harder. He felt her hands hold his ass cheeks and pull him in. He gripped her frizzy blonde hair in a bunch and RAMMED his cock in. Lisa’s body lurched as she choked and gagged.

“Oh yeah! I love that sound” Prince said. He pushed his cock in harder and then started to fuck her mouth really fast and deep. Lisa felt her head bobbing over the cock in a furious rhythm. She could feel his hips and balls slap against her chin.

“Oh yes fuck that mouth. Fuck it Prince. Make her spit and gag and choke over your cock. Lisa has not got cock for a long time. GIVE IT TO HER. Feed her your fuckstick.” Kalie screamed.

Lisa gagged hard and spit up on the cock. Prince pulled out with a wet and loud opo. His cock and ball were dripping with Lisa’s spit. Drool hung from her lips and chin. Kalie grabbed her face and kissed her deep, mixing and smearing and sharing the nasty mix of spit and precum. Their hands and tits rubbing it into their illegal bahis bodies.

Prince lay on the floor and slid under the two girls. He positioned himself just under he cunt of the two kissing girls. He slid two if his fingers deep inside Kalie’s pussy and thrust his face and tongue inside Lisa’s. He felt their bodies lurch up and then press down.

“Oh yes Finger fuck my cunt Prince. Fuck the shit out of my cunt as you lick Lisa’a pussy.” Kalie moaned.

Prince frigged her cunt harder, ramming the fingers in and swirling them around. He could feel the juices drip down his hand. Lisa’s cunt was leaking over his lips and mouth. It was wet and almost spurting cunt juice everytime he thrust his tongue in.

He spat hard on her cunt and sucked it up loudly making Lisa grunt out like an animal in heat.

“Oh god yes, spit on it Prince. Spit on that nasty wet cunt and LICK IT… make me cum Prince.. Make my slutty horny whore cunt leak juices…. Uuuuurrrnnnghghhhhh… oh god yes.. I am rubbing my nasty cunt on your face.. I am RUBBING it all over your face…. I am coating you in my piss drenched cum coated spit dripping cunt… GOOOODDDD Yes.. LICK it! EAT MY CUNTTTTT”

Prince felt Lisa press down on his face a stream of cunt juice spurt inside his mouth. At the same time Kalie was howling like a banshee as his fingers frigged her pussy. He could feel Kalie press down on his fingers and the wet juices drip away…. The girls had come all over him… In his mouth, on his fingers… all over his body…

He felt them move off. Kalie kissed his cum coated lips and licked his face. Lisa suckled on his sweaty nipples.

“Please….. fuck me…. Fuck me like a trash whore.. PLLLEAAAAASSSEEEE” Lisa begged.

“Lets make her our trailer trash slut Kalie… her cunt needs some serious pounding”, Prince rasped.

Kalie spat hard on Lisa’s face and mouth and rubbed it in. “You are going to get the romp of a lifetime LIssie… get ready for it.”


Well, do send in your ideas and feedback. I have some nasty stuff lined up with anal squirting milk play, spit, cum, sweat drenched, gag throat fucks, puking BJs, really filthy talking and hard body writhing fucking….. let me know scenarios and fetishes so that I can build it in…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32