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I pulled up to my sister’s house in a hurry. I was already running late, and if we were gonna get to our older sister’s wedding on time, we needed to book it. I parked my truck by the lawn next to the mailbox and honked the horn forcefully. We needed to go right now.

60 seconds goes by and she doesn’t come out. I honk again. She comes bursting out of front door holding overstuffed bags and tumbling down the front porch steps. Her roommate closes the front door behind before they can say goodbye to one another. I was initially surprised at what my sister was wearing: super short jean shorts, sneakers, and a white band logo T-shirt. I was surprised at first, but then it occurred to me that its 100+ fucking degrees outside and I myself was wearing cargo shorts and a tank top. I guess we have similar minds.

Some background: I’m 20, she’s 19. Our parents divorced a few years ago and I decided to stay with my mom until I get a well-enough paying job to support myself. Not long after she graduated high school, my sister moved in with her friend (and her friend’s boyfriend) because her and our mom fought too much. We don’t see each other as often now, which is kind of disappointing because we’ve always gotten along swimmingly, but it’s for the better to keep my mom from going nuts.

My sister looked different today than when I saw her most days. Her brown hair seemed to be more blackish now, and it was down when it’s usually in a ponytail. She also wasn’t wearing any make-up, another rare occurrence. She kind of had a punk rock/kind of teenage rebel look going on, but without having to try too hard; a little bit weird since she wasn’t that kind of person at all, but it worked for her. One of the dirty truths about growing up is that I always thought my sister was pretty attractive, even if I didn’t want to admit it. This a problem I think a lot of opposite sex siblings have, and it didn’t help that she was only a year younger than me. My other sister, whose wedding we were going to, was pretty attractive too, but she had 11 years on me and was already out of the house by the time I was a teenager, so she wasn’t around much. It was sometimes weird for me when my sister wore a super skimpy bikini in the pool, or I would catch her walking from the bathroom to her room in just a short towel and I’d catch a quick glimpse at the bottom of her buttcheeks, but really, I never thought anything of it. We’re a pretty conservative family and that kind of thing is bound to happen, so we just deal with it. I’m sure she caught some glances of me in my boxers too from time to time, so whatever.

I told my sister as soon as she got in the car and put her bags down that we didn’t have time for dilly dallying. The wedding was a considerable amount of distance away and we didn’t have time to fuck around. We started on our way immediately.

As per usual, most of the ride consisted of casual banter – catching up, gossip, and other nonsense. It was always easy for us to joke around together growing up and this was no different. It was a good time.

It occurred to the both of us that neither of us were dressed accordingly. “Are you gonna get dressed when you get there too?”, she asked.

“Of course”, I replied. “There’s no way I’m wearing that suit for this long of a drive in this sweltering heat”. I pointed to my tux, which was in a duffle bag in the back seat.

She seemed to agree.

“I hear ya there. Speaking of which, can we turn the air on in here? I’m starting to sweat like crazy.”

I regretfully informed her that my AC was broken. She was as angry I was. We were just gonna have to deal with the heat.

I rolled down the windows, but it didn’t do much. The sun was absolutely brutal. I guess we should be used to it having lived in Arizona for a number of years, but this was like a new kind of hot. I began to feel some sweat roll down my back myself.

We simply dealt with the heat as the trip went on, trying to keep normal conversations despite the fact that, after a while, we both began to look like we just got out the shower. Eventually I couldn’t deal with it anymore and took my shirt off at the first opportunity. I’m a pretty average bodied guy, but I admittedly have some extra pounds (my sister is much thinner than I, but she’s no twig). I didn’t that help that much with the heat, but it helped a little bit. I sighed with relief and some air brushed my torso.

My sister retaliated. “This heat is fucking unbearable. It won’t be weird if I take my shirt off too, will it? I’m dying.”

I thought about it for a moment. I guess it wouldn’t be all that weird seeing as I’ve seen her in a bathing suit before, but a bra is a different thing. But truly, I didn’t want her to suffer the heat any longer. “I guess not. Go ahead.”, I answered.

“Are you sure it won’t be weird?”

“I don’t see why it would. I mean, I’ve seen you a bathing suit before so it’s not like it’s a big mystery what’s under there, right?”

“I guess that’s true.”, she replied betist giriş as she lifted her shirt above her head and threw it down at her feet.

Of course, I said it wouldn’t be a big deal, but boy was I wrong. The green lace bra she was wearing was pushing her boobs up big time. They looked huge. If I had to guess, they were probably C cups, but in this bra they looked like DDs, and suddenly I was reminded of how attractive she really was. Even sitting down her stomach was perfectly flat, like all the lingerie models you see in magazines. Between that, her boobs, and the fact her hair was dripping wet, I have to admit I got little turned on. I’ve never quite felt that way about my sister before, but I guess it was just part of the situation.

I swear, the longer we drove the hotter it got. The temperature reader in my car said “98”, but I knew for a fact it was hotter than that. It had to be. Even with our shirts off we were still sweating like dogs. I took my socks and shoes off because I didn’t wanna have them start smelling, and my sister did the same.

The longer I looked at my sister with her shirt off, though, the more attractive she became. Every once in a while we would drive over a bump and she would put her hands on her boobs to stop them from bouncing too much. The first few times it happened we both laughed, but after a while I couldn’t stop looking over at her whenever I saw a bump coming. It just became so sexy.

Eventually we came to a red light underneath an overpass. There was a nice breeze when we stopped and we smiled and put our heads back to enjoy it. But of course, when we started up again, the heat came rushing back.

“Ugh. My boobs are starting to sweat.”, my sister complained.

There was a short silence. Should I say it?

“Take your bra off.”, I reluctantly replied.

She looked shocked. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah here, I’ll roll the windows up three thirds of the way so no one sees.” My windows were tinted. I rolled them up and tried to seem like I didn’t care about what was about to happen, but honestly I was beginning to get hard at the idea of seeing my sister’s tits. They looked so amazing in that bra and I couldn’t even begin to imagine what they’d look like in their full glory.

She looked around outside the car to make sure no one could see her, then over at me again. “Are you sure you won’t care?”

“It’s a hundred million degrees out. I’m probably gonna take my shorts off in a minute. Do what you gotta do, Sis”.

Without hesitation, my sister ripped her bra off and threw it to the floor with her shirt, and I almost couldn’t believe what I saw. Her boobs flopped out down onto her chest and I almost couldn’t contain myself. They were perfect. They were the ideal size for handfuls and the nipples were just the right shade of light pink. It didn’t really occur to me until I after stared at this pair of beautiful breasts for a few seconds that they were attached to my younger sister. To make it even better she really didn’t seem to care that I was eyeing them.

“Nice”, I said, attempting a sarcastic laugh.

“Absolutely nice. I feel so much cooler.”

She sighed with relief.

I continued driving with my sister totally topless next to me for another 25 minutes. She didn’t seem to think anything of it at all. We came to another light and she put her arms over her chest and made sure no one was looking in, but then she took them off when started moving again. It seemed she was comfortable showing her boobs to her brother, and only her brother, but then again, maybe it really just was the heat. Either way, I had a full erection in my shorts. I felt kind of guilty for getting a hard-on from looking at my sister, but she was just such a sight I couldn’t help it. The only downside was that I couldn’t take off my shorts now or else she’d see what I was packin’.

Soon she asked if I could find a truck stop cause she really had to pee. She was lucky there was one nearby. I pulled in and reminded her that we are still in a hurry and not to futz around and buy stuff. She quickly put her shirt back on without her bra and ran inside to pee. I was relieved for a minute because hopefully this would mean my raging boner would go away and I could finally take my shorts off. The heat hot had not let up one bit and my crotch was sweating so much that my groin was starting to itch.

Thankfully, my boner calmed down enough where I could take my shorts off and let some air blow over my lower parts. I even rolled the driver’s side window down a little bit more, but not all the way – I didn’t want any families walking by and seeing some weird guy in his boxers.

My sister came back after a few minutes. She rushed out to the car and her boobs bounced in her shirt as she ran towards the passenger side door. Gladly she didn’t fuss around like I assumed she would.

“Okay, let’s go.”, she said as she sat down and closed the door. She took her shirt back off and let her boobs fly free betist yeni giriş again. I didn’t blame her – the heat was absolutely killer. I could feel my boner begin to rise again, and was getting worried because I didn’t have pants on this time.

Understandably so, she noticed my pantlessness almost immediately,

She reacted. “You know what, that’s a good idea too. My ass has been sweating non-stop since we got on the parkway.” Before I could even say anything, she stood up in her seat and started unbuttoning her shorts. Once again seemingly without any hesitation, she pulled her shorts completely off, along with her underwear, which appeared to be a neon pink lace thong.

My eyes widened and I forced myself to turn my away and look at the road. Within seconds, my younger sister was completely naked right next me. She sat back down in the passengers seat with her legs spread open, letting her private area get some air. She was totally relieved and relaxed, and I could see everything. Her pussy was clean shaven with some stubble on the sides. Like her tits, it was perfect. The image of my younger sister sitting completely naked, and care-free next to me in my car was giving me urges I’ve never felt. I had become so horny.

I tried my best to continue driving without getting too distracted. The most fascinating thing was that she really didn’t seem to care a single ounce. She started up normal conversations – we talked about our grandmother, her friends, my friends, and some movies that we’d seen. All while her naked body was entirely on display for me too see. It was not something I ever expected from her, but I’d be lying I said it wasn’t contributing to my erection to see how much was comfortable with herself.

After a while, I couldn’t take it anymore. My balls and groins were sweating so bad I couldn’t sit still in my seat. I had to take the leap.

“Sis, my crotch area is sweating so bad, I can’t take it anymore. You don’t mind if I take my underwear off too, do you?”

“No, go ahead! I’m actually surprised you haven’t already. It’s still pretty hot in here even without clothes on, but at least you won’t sweat as much”.

With one hand I struggled to take my boxers off while driving safely, but eventually I got it. Once again, I kind of couldn’t believe the situation. My cock was completely out, in full view for my sister to see. I only had a half-erection, so I saw a little bit relieved, but mostly it felt fantastic to not be sweating my balls off anymore.

For many more miles, my sister and I sat totally nude with one another in my truck. For a while she got preoccupied with her phone and slouched back in her seat. This was a great opportunity for me to get a better view her amazing body. By now my cock was at full staff and the blood was pumping. My sister didn’t seem to notice, but my hard-on was pointing directly upwards, almost touching the steering wheel. There was nothing I could do to contain at this point, and in a way I didn’t care. Despite the fact the were both doing it to kill the heat, there was something freeing about being naked with my younger sibling. It was kind of fun.

The ride resumed normally as it did before. We started talking and fooling around, and she made a phone call to someone at one point. I did notice her glancing over at my cock whenever we went over bumps – her boobs jumped up and down on her chest and my cock flailed around from the turbulence. It was kind of funny, and we both chuckled at each other every time.

I was beginning to notice that we were coming close to our destination. The wedding was probably only 20 more miles or so away. I thought we’d better put our clothes back on soon, despite the killer heat we stripped down to get away from still blazing and showing no signs of retreat.

I was listening the music my sister was playing from her iPod and focusing on driving when suddenly I heard her calling out from my right. “You alright there, buddy?”

I was confused. “What do you mean?”

She scrunched up her face a little. “Your, uh…”.

She pointed to my dick.

I looked down and was completely embarrassed. Pre-cum had released itself from the tip of my cock and dripped down onto the driver’s seat in front of me. It was one thing for my sister to see my penis but I never thought she would see something like this. I don’t know how I didn’t notice.

“Oh my god, that’s disgusting! I’m so sorry.”, I cried out.

“No no, it’s fine. I understand it happens.”, my sister replied with a sarcastic smile on her face, trying to contain her giggles.

I grabbed my shirt from down by feet and started wiping the pre-cum away. It kind of hurt tugging on my dick with my polyester tank top but my sister didn’t need to see that. Luckily I did away with as much of it as I could. But my boner didn’t go away and I was honestly starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

To my dismay, more pre-cum made its way out no less than a minute later and I had betist güvenilirmi no idea what to do. I looked down at it and let out an aggravated sigh.

My sister glanced over at me. “Do you need help with that?”.

I looked over at her, befuddled. She was leaning with her arm against the door window frame, and her head resting on her hand, staring over at me and my cock curiously.


“Do you need help with, ya know, getting that to go away? I can tell you’re uncomfortable.”

“Um, what do you mean? How?”

“Here, I’ll help you. Just keep your eyes on the road. I can make it go away no problem.”

She slid over to the left edge of her seat and suddenly grabbed my erect cock with her right hand. My stomach dropped and I couldn’t believe what was happening. A shiver went down my body as my sister’s warm palm grasped the outer rim of penis and started jerking it up and down. It felt so good but I knew we had just crossed over the taboo line. In a way I didn’t care because I hadn’t gotten any action in a while, and watching my sister jerk my cock filled me with feelings both bad and good.

“Are you sure you need to be doing that? That seems like a bit much.”, I inferred.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s fine, really. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable while you’re driving. Especially in this heat.”

She continued jerking me off and I have to say it felt wonderful. I didn’t even care about being taboo at this point, and it was going to be nice to cum at the hands of someone other than myself for once. My concern, though, was cumming all over my car. I have a tendency to shoot very far and that was not a mess I felt like cleaning up.

Suddenly, my sister took it one step farther. While trying my hardest to see past the colossal 18-wheeler in front of me, I felt something wet touch the side of my dick. I look down – it was her tongue. I didn’t think she would go that far, but she proved me wrong. In between jerks should would lick up and down all the sides of dick, and sometimes put the tip against her lips for few second, pushing the tip of her tongue against the hole. It was heaven, and I was getting ready to blow.

“Is it almost gone?”, she asked.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, almost there.” I felt it coming and my face started scrunching. “Be careful though. I don’t want it going all over the dashboard.”

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll make sure it won’t!”

I felt the climax rising and rising. As I grunted louder and louder, my sister showed me what she meant. Without a moments notification, she put her head down and placed her mouth completely around my bulging shaft. I was amazed. She wiggled her tongue around on it in her mouth and cupped my balls with her other hand. I was getting closer.

She moved her head up and down on my cock until it disappeared completely into her face. I told her to get ready. With one hand on my balls and her lips sealed shut around the top half of my dick, she jerked me off furiously until I reached the tipping point. Her hand was moving so fast it became a blur.

I yelled as I exploded buckets of jizz into in my sister’s mouth. She coughed, but she kept it all in. She kept stroking me until there was nothing left. Even after she took her head away and sat back up she jiggled it to make sure every little droplet made it way out. Some of the last teeney bits shot out onto my own legs.

My sister sat back in her seat. I looked over to see my cum sitting in her mouth, and dripping all around the edges of her lips. I silently offered her my shirt to clean herself up with, but she didn’t take it. She swallowed my cum and wiped the excess jizz off with her fingers, then sucked her fingers dry. I never knew this side of my sister existed.

“Wow, sis. Really honestly you didn’t have to do that.”

“No, it’s okay. You looked uncomfortable and I didn’t want anything to be awkward. It’s better now though, right?”

“Yes, much better”.

“Good! This heat is ridiculous and I didn’t want it to be made worse by you feeling embarrassed. I understand that kind of thing happens involuntarily, so don’t even worry about it.”

I sat in disbelief of what just happened. All these years my sister and I were so close, but I never imagined it coming to this. The most fascinating thing continued to be the fact that she acted like it was completely normal. Just a sibling doing an act of kindness for the other.

“Anyway,” I said, “we should probably put our clothes back on now. We’re gonna be there in a few minutes.”

My sister looked disappointed. “Oh my god, but it’s so hot.”

“I know, I know. I’m gonna get my AC fixed soon.”

“You better.”

I attempted to get dressed with one hand as we neared the place. My sister took out her cell phone and took a selfie before getting dressed. Her puffy, amazing tits were in full frame, and she stuck her tongue out and her put her middle finger on it. I couldn’t imagine what or who that could be for.

We got dressed, went to the wedding, and had a great day. My sister decided to catch a ride back with my aunt instead, because she wanted to see my cousins. I was kind of disappointed we wouldn’t be naked together again, but it wound up getting cold and raining that night anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32