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I couldn’t believe it … I was finally going to be able to have sex with my niece. She is so gorgeous and sexy. She is everything I could want. Young, thin, tall, beautiful, full pubic busy, sexy … WOW.

I leaned forward and touched the tip of my tongue to her super wet pubic bush and then the tender small lips of her pussy. There was a white liquid oozing out between her swollen, but small lips. She smelled like sex. Sex and perfume! My cock was hard and swollen in anticipation of the feast I was about to partake. Slowly and with great thought, I ran my tongue over her lips and then touched the tip of my tongue to the fluid leaking out of her pussy. It tasted tart but sweet at the same time. It was somewhat gooey but at the same time, liquid and loose. My cock was throbbing and I felt it leaking.

I slowly inserted my tongue in her pussy … fucking it with my tongue. I reached up and ran my fingers over her tight, hard tummy and up to her tiny little tits. I gently squeezed her nipples between my fingers and she let out a moan. Her pussy got wetter and she lifted her legs and put them over my shoulders. “Oh, uncle Rich … fuck me with your tongue … I want to cum in your mouth” she exclaimed in a tone of total lust and depravity. I couldn’t help but think I was having sex with my niece. I had thought about her for so many years, and here I was … fucking her with my tongue. Shortly I was going to stick my dick in her and fuck her.

“Oh no you don’t uncle sissy boy!” shouted my sister in law, Arlene. She rammed a strap-on up my ass in one hard shove.

“Gnaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I screamed. Lauren pissed on my face. “You don’t actually think you were going to enjoy the flesh of your niece any way you wished, did you” she mocked.

She fucked the hell out of my asshole. Lauren pissed and pissed in my face and reached up and pulled my face hard into her crotch. Her mother was fucking me in the ass and she was smothering me with her wet, hot crotch.

I was still in heaven. I was being assfucked by my sister in law and my niece’s pussy was still in my face. I was licking her and she was moaning. Her beautiful young hairy pussy was making my face sticky and I couldn’t believe my fortune.

My sister in law withdrew the cock from my ass and I was yanked away from my niece. “That’s it for now, sissyboy uncle.” said Mistress Jenna. “In fact, that’s it … get dressed and go home.”

My god, it was over. I didn’t want it to be over. “Get dressed in your sister in laws soiled panties, and get out.” We are done with you. Go jerk your disgusting cock when you get home or whatever you do with that thing. All I know is, this is over and you are to leave.”

I was so disappointed. I couldn’t believe it. Everyone left the room and I was there … alone. Unhappily, I pulled a pair of my sister in laws soiled panties on, got dressed and left. As I left the house, I saw no one. I drove home and no one was home either. I felt alone. It was a bad feeling.

My wife got home that evening and told me she was tired and took a bath. She got in bed and went to sleep. I was relieved she didn’t want to have sex, because I didn’t want to have plain sex anymore. I had jerked off when I got home, so it was better this way, I suppose.

The next four weeks were boring. I went to work every day and lived my normal life. I wore the soiled panties every day as I was instructed. I had no visits at my office from my sister in law or my niece. Days came and went and nothing! I was so disappointed. I was so dejected. What had happened? Why was this ending like this?

My panties had gotten very soiled. I was instructed to wear them daily and not to launder them. I was told to masturbate in them, pee in them … do everything but not to launder them or not wear them. They had gotten quite smelly. If I was sitting at my desk, I could smell the odor emanating from them. I decided to wear a pair of pink latex panties over top of them. That wouldn’t violate the rule. Arlene’s panties were always to be next to my skin. I found wearing these on top was exciting because I would sweat and they would get wet and slimy inside. I could slide my ass over my chair and it would slide the panties over my clittie and make it hard. I could do that and cum in them without even touching myself. An added benefit was that I could cum and not worry about a wet spot on my pants. I amused myself every day, but really missed Mistress Arlene and Mistress Lauren. I missed all the Domme’s and I really missed their subbies. I needed to suck a cock. I needed to have my ass fucked. I needed to be dominated. What was I to do?

Another week went by and I was bored. I decided to go to the mall and see if I could look up the skirt of unsuspecting teenage girls. It was summer bahis şirketleri and girls were scantily clad most of the time. I loved the summer. I could go and hang out at the entrance to the mall and watch the young girls come in. The transition from hot outside to cool inside would invariably make their nipples hard. I loved to see hard nipples on young nubile bodies. I could stand there and pee a little in my latex covered nylon panties as I watched. Then I would follow them, which usually resulted to them going to the food court to hang out with their friends.

It was there that I would get the opportunities to observe them and watch for a panty peek. I got them quite a bit. Teenagers today are so uninhibited. They would sit and not really worry about their panties being seen. In fact, I think they enjoyed flashing old men like me and any others that may be watching. I got a lot of views of little panties under short skirts. I could rock myself gently on the chair and get off watching them. Most young girl today seem to shave their crotches. That is a major disappointment to me, but there were still some that I would see a nice bulge from their pubic mound in the panties. I would see stray hairs curling around the crotch of their little panties. This was enjoyable, but not anything as enjoyable as being dommed.

One girl caught me watching her and played the game. She reached down and rubbed the crotch of her panties. She played with herself for my enjoyment or torture. I noticed a wet spot form on her panties and I came in my panties. I wondered what she would do if she could see what I was wearing … that I had just cum in my panties. She was cute as a button and was getting off on me watching her spread legs. A friend came over to her table and that was the end of that. She glanced at me and winked. I was embarrassed. I should be, I was an old pervert in a mall, looking up the skirts of young girls and cumming in my panties. Think about it. I was a mess!

When I got home, my wife said that my sister in law had called and said her air conditioner wasn’t working. She told me to go and take a look at it. I tried to act disappointed that I had to go “there” again. I said, “If you really want me to, I will.” As I got ready to leave, I noticed a suitcase in the hallway. Our daughter had come home for Arizona. She was in college and decided to come home. It was summer and she had no classes, but she did have a job and lived there all year. She came down the stairs.

“Daddy, I missed you!” she said as she came over to hug me. She pressed her body against mine as she did and I got nervous that she would smell me or feel something. It was just my paranoia and all went well.

“I’m going over to Aunt Arlene’s house to look at her air conditioner, Lori. I will be home soon, I hope.”

“That’s fine dad, I’m going to go over there and see Lauren later anyway.”

See Lauren later, I thought. Hmmm … how could that be. Was she just going to show up unannounced? Thoughts went racing through my mind.

I got in the car and drove to Arlene’s house. When I got there, both Arlene and Lauren were on the porch. They glared at me and instructed me to get in the house.

“Strip right this minute … right where you are standing!” ordered Lauren I immediately pulled off my t-shirt and unbuckled my pants. I slid my shorts down my legs and stood there in my pink latex panties. You could see the white nylon panties beneath them.

“What’s with the rubber panties, sissboy?” asked Arlene

“Mistress, I was really beginning to smell, so I figured this would solve some of the odor problems.”

“Aren’t you a smart worthless sissboy!” exclaimed Arlene. She walked over and slipped her fingers under the waistband of the latex panties. “Holy shit, it’s soaking wet inside there” she said. She brought her wet fingers up to her nose and smelled them. ” Ewww .. it smells like piss and cum and god knows what. What have you been doing in them? she questioned.

“I’ve cum in them over and over again over the last several weeks. I’ve squirted piss in them as well. I’ve tried to keep myself amused in your absence, Mistress” I exclaimed proudly.

“Mommy, he is a sick bastard. What are we going to do with him?” Lauren exclaimed.

“I have some ideas, Lauren dear” Arlene said in a matter-of-factly tone. “Get your worthless body upstairs into my bedroom, immediately, sissyboy” ordered Arlene.

I quickly ran up the stairs. “Mistress Arlene, may I say something, please?” I asked

“If you must … what is it, pig?” she said in a disgusted voice.

“Well, Mistress … Lori said she was going to stop by to see Lauren today. What if she … ” I started to ask.

“Well, you will have a real problem then, won’t you … you worthless bahis firmaları fucking sissyboy girlieboy?” said Arlene in a demeaning tone

I got nervous and said nothing. Lauren entered the room and she was dressed in a Domme’s outfit of black rubber. She had a short black rubber skirt, black rubber top and very high heeled black patent leather shoes. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail.

“Uncle sissyboy … you got to see a side of my last time that very few people ever see. I enjoy being a sub at times, but today … I feel very wicked” she said. “I can’t wait to put you through some intense times today.”

“I want you piss in those pink latex panties, right now … uncle sissyboy” demanded Lauren. “I want you to fill them with piss so that it streams down your legs. It’s going to be quite a while before you will be allowed to pee again.”

It’s funny how when you have to, it’s impossible to pee. I stood and I tried to relax and pee and I couldn’t. Finally after trying really hard, the flood gates opened and I pissed myself crazy. The pee streamed down my legs after escaping the crotch-band of my panties. Lauren kneeled in front of me and watched as my panties flooded.

“Feel good pantyboy?” Lauren giggled.

“Yes Mistress Lauren” I obediently replied.

“Good, then I want you to masturbate too. It’s going to be a long time before you will be allowed to cum. You know, I was at the mall and I saw you cum without touching yourself. Do that for me now” she demanded.

Wow, she was at the mall when I did that. Lauren brought me a chair.

“Let me see you rock and make yourself cum. You should have seen your face when you came in the mall. It was so obvious. You were so pathetic. I actually felt bad for you at that moment. I heard those girls talking afterwards and giggling that they made you cum in your pants. If only they had known you were wearing panties, you fetish freak!” Lauren continued.

I sat on the chair and rotated my pelvis. I could feel my clittie cock sliding around in the mixture of piss and re-liquefied ejaculate. It was a real slippery mess in my panties. Quite quickly my body went rigid and I came in the panties.

“Get those panties off, immediately” barked Arlene.

I obeyed and took them off. My pubic hair was wet with obvious gobs of semen.

“Take those nylon panties of mine, the ones all disgusting with piss and cum, and shove them in your mouth. I want you to suck them clean” Arlene ordered sternly.

I took them and pushed them into my mouth. I sucked the juice out of them and kept sucking. I didn’t mind the taste of my cum and piss. I didn’t mind putting panties that had covered Arlene’s pussy in my mouth. I rather enjoyed it.

“Mommy, he seems to be enjoying it way too much. Take them out, panty sissy uncle” barked Lauren.

I did as I was ordered, standing in front of the two of them with my shrinking limp clittie. Lauren and Arlene walked around me. Time and time again, they kept walking around me and looking at my naked body.

“Well, my pathetic brother in law, I think we will do something a little different today. You stole my panties for years. You want to wear feminine clothing, so let’s see if we can explore the tranny side of you. I think we will dress you as a total girl today. I always wanted another sister in law, so lets make my pathetic brother in law into my sister in law” she said in a sarcastic tone.

“Oh mommy” Lauren squealed. “My pussy is leaking in my panties thinking about making uncle sissyboy in to auntie panty girl. I’ve always wanted another aunt, so … oh my god … uncle Rich will become aunt rickiee.” Lauren said as she danced in place.

“Ok, sister in law, lets get into the bathroom and get you a nice bubble bath. A good girl can’t go around smelling like she bathed in piss and cum” Arlene quipped. “Get in there and get the bath set up. I want you to put bubble bath in there too. I want you to smell real sweet and sexy.” Arlene continued.

I ran the bath and the bubbled were thick and luxuriant. “Get in there and make yourself clean. Don’t dare linger and play with yourself. This isn’t about giving you a fantasy, this is about obeying me. You understand me, you pathetic fucking whimp of a panty wearing asshole?” Arlene said quite nastily.

I bathed rather quickly. I got out and dried myself off with a towel. Lauren walked in and attached a collar and leash to my neck and led me out of the bathroom.

“Auntie, I am going to dress you. I picked a cute little outfit that we bought with you in mind. I know you love seeing me in short denim skirts, so we bought you one. I know you love how I look in a tank top, so we bought you one too. You always admire my feet in flip flops … so we got you a pretty girlie pair kaçak bahis siteleri too. I know you’ll love the panties I picked for you. They are sheer and sexy. I’m so excited dressing you up. My panties are soaked. Look at my crotch. You see the wet spot? I also bought a long wig for you, so your hair will look like mine. I’m going to make you into me, aunt rickiee!” Lauren exclaimed.

Lauren led me over to the bed. Laying on the bed was the entire outfit she had just described. Arlene was standing there shaking her head. “You are so pathetic, rickiee. What ever made you turn into such a pathetic wimp of a “man”? I can’t even use that term to describe you. You aren’t a man. You’re a freak. A pathetic, panty stealing, panty peeing, panty cumming, pedo freak scum bag.”

Lauren took the panties and held them by my feet. I lifted one foot and put it into the leg opening of the panties. The panties were very nice. Sheer pink nylon with a full back. My cock had shriveled to barely a clit sized protrusion.

“I thought this excites you, sissy. How come your clittie is not hard?” asked Lauren

“I’m nervous, Mistress Lauren. I don’t know … it’s just not hard.” I said in a pathetic tone.

“Figures, you’re so pathetic, you can’t even get hard when your fetish is being realized” snapped Arlene. “Oh well, I really don’t care if you get off on this or not” she continued.

Lauren had me put my other foot through the other leg opening in the panties and pulled them up into place. “I don’t have to tuck your clittie in, auntie rickiee because she is so cute and little” Lauren continued in a demeaning tone. “Your little titties are so small, you won’t need a bra, like I don’t either” exclaimed Lauren.

With that, she took the tank top and slid it over my head and into place. Lauren played with my nipples through the sheer tank top and made them get hard. “Look mommy. Look at auntie rickiee’s nipples poking through the tank top” she giggled.

“Step into the skirt auntie and let me pull it up into place” Lauren instructed. She then pulled it up and buttoned the button. I could see myself in the mirror. I had kept myself in shape and my stomach was toned and somewhat muscular. I looked pretty good, I had to admit to myself. My bare midriff was showing.

“Let’s get the wig on you” Lauren said.

She pulled the wig on and straightened it out. “Put those flip flops on now too. Maybe I will take you to the mall and let you flash some old pervert who gets off looking up girls skirts” teased Lauren.

I felt like a sick pervert. Hearing her talk to me that way. Looking at myself in the mirror. Wow … I was a sick perverted person. I felt my cock start to harden.

“Look Lauren, now that he is dressed and thinking about looking up skirts of young girls, he is getting hard” laughed Arlene. “Let’s get some makeup on him” Arlene continued.

They had me sit down and applied makeup on my face. They put on lipstick and eyeliner. They worked on my face for quite a while and had me turn around to look at the result.

I looked like a woman. They had put makeup on my face to conceal my beard. The eyeliner and lipstick was very pretty. I looked kinda slutty, which I am sure was their desired result.

“Stand up, uncle …er … auntie sissy” giggled Lauren. “Let’s go downstairs and see how you walk down the stairs. I want to take pictures of your panty showing as you try to walk down the stairs and try to look ladylike” Lauren continued.

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen with Lauren taking lots of pictures of me. She squatted down and took a picture up my skirt. I was enjoying this. My cock was hard in my panties and I was dressed like a total girl.

I walked into the den adjoining the kitchen and almost had a heart attack. Standing at the far corner of the room was my wife and my daughter. I stopped in my tracks. My heart stopped then started pounding. I looked at them and then back at Arlene and Lauren. Lauren was dressed as a Domme and so was Arlene. I was their female subbie and my wife and daughter were standing three feet away from me. I wanted to run away, but what good would it do? I had nothing to say. I don’t think I could have found my voice if I could think of anything to say.

After what seemed like hours, my wife said “You really are a perverted sick bastard, aren’t you?

My daughter stood there holding her hand over her mouth, shaking her head.

Lori then said, “Lauren … he has hair on his legs and his toenails are not painted. That cannot be allowed. Let’s shave his legs and paint his toenails.”

I wanted to die. I was standing with a hard cock in my panties, dressed like a girl in front of my 22 year old daughter and SHE was going to shave my legs and paint my toenails.

“I think that’s wonderful idea sweetie!” proclaimed my wife. “After that, I want a piece of him!” my wife continued

“Let’s go to the bathroom … what should I call him/her … oh my!” exclaimed Lori.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32