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Everything that follows is true, but names have been changed for privacy.

One of my “secret” desires has always been for anal sex. Or, at least, to try it. My husband, however, had told me, early in our relationship, that he wasn’t turned on by the idea at all, and even though I immediately thought, “Yeah, right … Sure, buddy!” – I forced myself to put it out of my mind as something we’d ever do together…


My name is Erica. My husband, Alex, and I are only in our early thirties, but have been married for a decade already. For reference, we both grew up in very religious households, part of the 90’s “purity culture” – and as a result had some very “vanilla” ideas about what sex in marriage was supposed to look like. Funny enough, though, neither of us were virgins when we married, having been with others before we met, and together many times, despite having decided that we would abstain. We’d try to be “good”, but knowing we weren’t supposed to fuck just made it so hot, we couldn’t help ourselves. I remember one incident in particular, when we were making out in our underwear, grinding against each other… I suggested we remove the underwear so we could continue grinding, with no barrier between us, just wanting to feel myself sliding against his skin. But, my pussy was so wet and swollen at that point, that as soon as we began moving against each other again, his hard, thick cock slipped right in. We both gasped in surprise, but it felt so good, we couldn’t stop, and we proceeded to fuck each other, hard. I loved the way he grabbed hold of my ass as he plowed into me; with his mouth against my ear, telling me that now that he was in, he was going to keep giving it to me, and that he wouldn’t stop, no matter what, until I took every last drop of his cum. So fucking hot. I’m a stickler for dirty talk (and I also get off on feeling like I’m not in control, but that’s a story for another time).

Still, later, after marriage, and the kids that followed, the excitement had worn off, and things had become predictable and stale. I think this happened because, pendik escort despite our mutual love of sex, we didn’t really communicate our deepest desires and fantasies. Early on, we were still tied into our religious community, and I think we both felt a lot of guilt over some of the things that we were turned on by, and just by being so sexual in general, so we repressed them and never shared them with each other. We even bought into the notion that porn was always “wrong” and harmful, so we never discussed that as something we could enjoy together, or alone.

But a few years in, I discovered Alex’s secret porn stash on our shared computer, and that’s when everything changed.

I was really shocked, angry and hurt, at first. I was hurt by the secrecy of it, and I felt betrayed. But the porn itself didn’t bother me, I realized. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that all of the women in the videos and images that my husband had saved, had bodies similar to my own. I’ve always had large, full breasts, but after three kids, I was now an H-cup, with wide hips and a round bum, but had managed to retain my small waist and – somehow – a fair amount of my breasts’ perkiness, despite their large size. I’ve always found the female form to be extremely sexy, and I’m not kidding when I say I have been turned on at times by the sight of my own, naked reflection. So, as I sat in there in shock at the porn on the computer, watching as a woman with big, natural tits was being gang-banged and (apparently) really enjoying it, I realized I was furiously rubbing my own now-wet pussy through my yoga pants. And then I was cumming, as I imagined myself in her place, fully exposed and surrounded by strangers who were taking turns lustfully using my body.

I confronted Alex that night, with what I had found. I watched his expression change from one of horror and embarrassment, to one of confusion, as I removed my own clothing, got comfortable on the bed, pulled out my rabbit vibrator, and asked him to show me some of his favorite porn. This was new territory for us, after many years together, and maltepe escort it renewed our sense of excitement for sex with each other. We also began to discuss, in great detail, some of the fantasies we’d never shared with each other. I still did not mention anal sex though, as I assumed that one would be off the table, having been so clearly vetoed before. But it remained fuel for my solo sex sessions.

You see, when I was a teen, I experimented a bit sexually with a male friend. We never went so far as to have full-on intercourse, but we used our hands and our mouths on each other a lot. The first time I ever got a full Brazilian wax, when I was 18, I showed it to him, in the living room of his parents’ house (they were at work), and he proceeded to excitedly go down on me – but this time he did something new. Something that I’ve never, ever forgotten, because it felt so incredibly good and “taboo” to me, given my strict religious upbringing. He didn’t just lick my pussy… He moved his tongue further down and began to lick my asshole, too, as he fingered me. The sensation was something akin to a fire in my belly, and all I could think was that I wanted more. SO much more. I remember putting my hands on my own ass and trying to spread my cheeks as far as possible, to allow him better access. I had a really good, deep orgasm from the stimulation. We never did more than that, but from that point on, when masturbating, I’d rub my ass with a wet finger and imagine a tongue there. Eventually, when I moved out of my parents’ house and into an apartment with girlfriends, I purchased a small, silicone butt plug that I would slowly insert as I used a vibrator on my clit. I loved it. One of my “raunchy” go-to fantasies was of being double-penetrated, whether it be by a dude and a dildo, two dudes, a dude and a chick wearing a strap-on, etc… Whatever I felt in the mood for. But to this day, I’ve never experienced anything bigger than that small butt plug in there.

However, I think that’s all (finally) about to change!

Why, you ask?

Well, last night, during a fun make-out kartal escort session with my husband, I remembered a hot “amateur” porn video I’d seen, recently, of a curvy lady with massive boobs, using a wand vibrator as she crouched on one of those dildos with the suction cup base. However, she had the dildo in her ass, rather than her pussy, and was clearly enjoying herself, as it wasn’t long until she was cumming so hard that you could visibly see both her pussy and asshole contracting. It was super hot, and I had the idea to show the video to my husband, to see how he would respond.

He LOVED it.

I was stroking him as the video started to play, and when he realized what was happening – that it was anal masturbation – and saw her visible orgasm, he began to buck his hips against my hand, and I knew I had him. I felt my pussy throb and gush as I realized he really did like the idea of anal, just as much as I did. He told me how hot it was that she was doing that, and how much he loved that I was into it and wanted to watch that video with him.

I pressed replay on the video, then climbed onto him, but facing away, and began to ride him, reverse cowgirl-style, as I told him in detail about my fantasies of being double-penetrated. As I talked, I felt him use some of my pussy juice and start to massage my anus with his finger, so I excitedly pressed back against him until his finger was buried inside. It felt amazing, and I pounded him with my big, round ass as I came, hard, which in turn caused him to erupt, right after. As he came, he firmly slapped my ass with his free hand and told me he loved what a dirty girl his wife is, then groaned so loudly that I’m positive our neighbor heard it. I’ve never heard him be so vocal during an orgasm, which is how I knew this was a particularly good one.

We lay together afterward, him spooning me as he continued to gently rub my asshole and whisper to me how sexy I was and how much he enjoyed the way I rode him.

Then, he said the words I’ve waited all this time to hear:

“Do you think you’d do that for me, sometime? Lower your asshole onto my cock and ride me, like she did in the video?”

I nodded eagerly, and gasped as his finger slipped into my ass again. I felt his hot breath against my ear as he groaned, and my pussy gushed as I came again.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32