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I was working as a security guard in Alaska at a place called Denali National Park, with a property management company during the summer months. In Alaska, the warmest time of the year is May through September. Short as it is, it can get fairly warm. Usually when people come to Alaska to work, they try to bring their girlfriend or boyfriend with them. Most though, come up as singles looking for someone to spend the summer with.(Which was the case with me.) A month had already gone by before I finally met the woman with which I would spend my summer. And I didn’t even realize it until later on that fateful day.

It was unusually hot that morning in June. The weatherman is calling for temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s, so I decide to wear my short sleeve, “polyester,” hot as hell shirt, rather than my hotter than hell long sleeve one. The cotton t-shirt and underwear did nothing for the heat because of the polyester pants. My assignments for the day included taking one of the people from an area that we called “The Vault,” around to the different properties to collect and distribute monies for the day. Since it was Wednesday, I expected to be taking an older gentleman named Rick, but as things have a tendency to do, things changed on me at the last minute. When the “Vault” people came out of the building, it was the supervisor Kathy, and a new hire wearing a cute sundress, by the name of Susan.

Susan is a heavy set, but not obese woman that stands 5’3,” with shoulder length blonde hair, hazel eyes, exquisite 38DD breasts, and an ass that won’t quit, all set in alabaster skin. Some have mistaken her sexuality by saying that she looks a little “butch,” but that didn’t bother me in the least. I politely said “hello” to Kathy, and inquired about the lady with her. “This is Susan.” was her short reply. I said hello to her as well, and introduced myself. Being as much of a gentleman as I could, I opened the door for both Kathy and Susan through most of the route, minor chit-chat occupying most of our time. Susan made mention that she had been here before, so I dispensed with the regular speech about the park and it’s denizens. “I’m not worried about the animals in the park.” said Susan. “Oh?” I said. “Then which ones are you worried about?” With a cat got the mouse grin she replied, “The ones that come out on payday.”

“That’s what David’s here for Susan.” said Kathy. “To make sure that we stay safe.”

“Hmmmm.” Susan said, as if to no one else but her companion. “I’ve always wanted my own ‘Whipping Boy.'”

“Careful, I might actually enjoy that. I haven’t had any attention lately and talking like this might get me excited.” was my final retort. The rest of the trip was spent with Kathy going on about what has changed since the last time Susan was here. Our last stop brought to a close the “Morning Run” and back at the building the held “The Vault.” I escort the ladies inside, and bid that they have a good day. I then went back to my regular morning routine of safety checks, unlocking rooms of employees who forgot their keys, filling out and following up on last nights reports.

Lunchtime couldn’t have come soon enough for me, because I had skipped breakfast that morning. I got my tray and the days lunch “special” and sat down at the nearest table I could find. A few minutes later, Susan and Kathy walk into the dining hall. Kathy is saying something about one of the waitresses at another property that I patrol. I ask them if they would like to join me. Kathy politely said no, and Susan (thankfully) said, “Why not. You didn’t bite me this morning, so I don’t see any problem now.” When she made it back to my table, I had almost finished my lunch. sarıyer escort I apologized for this, and informed her that I only have a limited time before I usually get interrupted. She laughed and said that she understood. We talked for a bit longer, then just like clockwork, I got a call on the radio from human resources about a fired employee raising a ruckus. I quickly said my good byes, and went to see what was the matter.

The workday for me ends by 3pm. But Susan works until 5:30. I meet her again as I fill my cup with soda in the dining hall. “Hello again.” I say as cheerfully as I could. (The fired employee had taken awhile to convince to leave.) “You look beat.” she said. “Yeah, it took more out of me mentally than physically today. You got any aspirin?” she told me she did, but that it’s in her purse back in the office. When she returns, I ask for a few of the little white pills that would soon take away the nasty headache that I am experiencing. Susan asked if I will be alright. I said “Yes, in about 45 minutes.” She said that she had to get back to the office and turned to go. I stopped her by asking, “How about a movie tonight? I’ve got my own TV-VCR and movie collection.” She paused for a moment then said, “Can you bring it to my place? I’m in dorm 304.” I said “I could.”

“It’s a date then. I’ll bring the beer.” she said as she walked away.

That evening, after showering, I pick out a couple of movies and carry them and my TV-VCR over to Susan’s dorm room. Susan is not there when I first arrive, so I decide to go to the dining hall to pick up some microwave popcorn. As I approach her room the second time, I notice that the curtains are drawn. I knock tentatively and she answers with, “Just a moment, I’m getting dressed.” and I wait until she opens the door. Wearing a pair of snug blue jeans that excellently displays her ass, plaid shirt with a t-shirt underneath that shows off her DD’s, she looks pleasant as I asked, “Popcorn?”

“Sure. You can set things up on the desk there.” she says. As I set up the unit, she talks about how her day went. I ask her if it may be a little hot to be wearing two shirts. “A little.” she said. And she decides to take off the plaid shirt.

When I finish setting up the TV, I ask if there is anything else that we might need for the evening. “Nothing I can think of.” she said. There isn’t that much in the way of furniture in the too small rooms that we are given, so I opt for scooting the chair over next to the bed so I don’t seem to forward. About half way through the first movie, Susan tells me that if I am uncomfortable, I can get on the bed with her. Not one to turn down an offer to lay next to a beautiful woman, I accept. As I adjust myself on the bed, I accidentally touch underneath her arm-pit, and she lets out a shriek that should have brought the security guard on duty running. “Sorry,” she said “it’s just that I’m extremely ticklish there.” I take mental note of that for later.

When I start the second movie, a romance, things get a little bit cozier. I turn onto my left side and put my arm over her waist, snuggling against her. She in turn put her arm around me to pull me closer. I decided to make my move at this point and hint at further events. On the screen before us, the actors are in an extremely “hot” love scene. “God, I’d like to be in his shoes right now!” I comment. “You could be if you keep that up.” she said, commenting on my hand which I had moved between her thighs and began to massage her there. As I look up to make another comment, she kisses me in a way that I will never forget. Passionate and long, we didn’t esenyurt escort break the kiss for a long time. When we did though, it was just long enough for me to ask, “May I make you to breakfast in the morning?” Her nod was all the assent that was needed.

I stand up first, then ask for her to stand. I take off her glasses and kiss her while unbuttoning her jeans. I reach behind her and put my hands inside her pants, grasping her buttocks for a moment before sliding the jeans down her healthy thighs. After helping her to step out of them, I hug and kiss her again, pressing her as close to me as possible. Reaching up I caress her face, and run my hands down her neck, over her breasts, and her abundant hips. Taking a hold of her shirt tail, I pull it over her head, exposing her DD’s. I cup one as I hold her and kiss it gently all over, then take the nipple into my mouth sucking and flicking it with my tongue until it stands to attention. She moans aloud and says, “It’s been so long since I’ve felt the touch of a man. I almost forgot what it was like.”

“You’ll never forget the way I’m going to make you feel tonight.” I reply.

I then reach for the waistband of her panties and pull them down. I kiss down along her stomach and just above her patch of finely trimmed pussy hair. While on my knees, I notice that she is already wet. I inhale her scent deeply, engraving the sweet musky smell on my brain and bury my face between her thighs. She places her hands behind my head and I grab hold of her ass again and push my tongue into the folds of her already moistened pussy. Her legs bent as she moans in ecstasy, and falls to the bed. I kiss my way up her legs, stopping to kiss on the inside of her thighs. She lets out a shrill cry as I make contact with her clit once more, sucking and flicking it with my tongue. It wasn’t until her fifth or sixth orgasm that I let her rest for a moment. I look at her from between her legs and say, “That’s only the beginning of the passion that you will feel tonight.”

“I hope so.” she replies.

I stand over her for a moment staring at the expression on her face. A look like a child that has experienced their first thrilling ride on a roller coaster. I get on the bed and lay down next to her, her breathing returning to normal. I caress all over her body, mapping out every contour with my finger tips, and taking mental note of her reaction wherever I touch. Getting over her now, I gently lay myself on her, letting her adjust to my weight. Reaching down, I lift one of her legs and I sit up on my knees. I reach down with my free hand and run my finger along her slit, wetting it with her abundant juices. She takes a sharp breath every time I make contact with her sensitive love button. I smile at her, and she smiles back as I place her leg on my shoulder to free my other hand. I spread her pussy lips open with my thumb and forefinger, and ask “Are you ready for this?”

I watch the reaction on her face as I insert first one finger then another. The way she opens her mouth to breathe, the look in her eyes, the color of her skin as it blushes, and the movement of her hips as I move my fingers inside her. With my first two fingers deep within her, I use my thumb to massage her clit. I bend down and kiss her, and she says “When are you going to make love to me?” In response to her question I tell her, ” I thought I was.” Then she returns my kiss like it is the most precious thing that I have given her yet. Her breathing becomes more rapid now, signaling her impending orgasm. I move my fingers faster in response, but I don’t want her to cum like this. I raise up and slow my pace, removing my fingers avrupa yakası escort from her tight orifice. She whimpers at this, but I quiet her by placing my cock at the entrance to her pussy and push forward. I work my way into her slowly, enjoying the reaction from her and the tightness of her inner self. It’s like putting on a pair of almost too small gloves, not so tight as to cut off circulation but snug enough so you can feel every inch of material.

I gasp at the grip of her pussy, as if someone had taken a hold of me unexpectedly. Her copious fluids easing my penetration. She reaches up and puts her arms around my neck to pull me closer to her and runs one hand down my back to my ass. Grabbing a hold, she then pulls me toward her, impaling me completely inside her. “I didn’t realize that you were so big!” she exclaimed. I pause for a moment to let her get used to my size. I slowly pull back, savoring the sensation of being in such a loving grip. Her hips follow my movements, as if to keep me fully inside. “Fuck me David. Fuck me HARD!!” she begs. I comply, and thrust forward as hard as I dared. She cries out again as if a thousand people are touching her sensitive parts, pleasuring her all at the same time. My pace quickens at her unspoken request, thrusting mercilessly as she coats my inner thighs and the bed with her female fluids. She grabs my head and kisses me hard as she cums. Breaking the kiss, I ask her to turn over on her hands and knees. As she turns over I kiss every place that I can reach, her back, hips, neck and buttocks.

I get behind her now and I reach up to her shoulders. I bend over her and kiss her back while giving her a gentle massage. I continue the message down her back and to her hips and ass. I spread her ass cheeks apart and lick down the crack of her ass, stopping at her asshole. She reaches back and begins to play with her pussy and play with my dick as I lick her asshole, eliciting another moan from her. I go on, and I insert my tongue into her clean pink rosebud, and she gasps again as I continue to ream her. When she lets out a relaxed sigh, her ass opens up, as if to suck my face inside. I knew at that point that she was ready for what I had in mind. I lift my head from her ass and position myself behind her, pointing my still hard member at her pussy, I thrust furiously into her once more making her cum, this time more for lubrication than anything else. I pull out, and reposition my dick at the entrance to her ass. She looks back at me and says through panting breaths, “Yes David. Fuck my ass.” I watch as her ass relaxes and takes me easily inside, almost as if I were meant to fuck her there.

I almost lose my load as she uses her anal muscles to take hold of me, gripping me firmly. I take hold of her hips and begin to fuck her ass with slow and even strokes, moving faster and faster. “Oh God, YES!!” she exclaims as I pound into her hips, and my heavy balls slap against her pussy. “Cum for me baby, cum up my ass!!” She is lost in a world of passion and lust as she orgasms over and over again. I too am at the point of release as she reaches back and plays with my nut sack. As I feel her fingernails scrape across my scrotum, I grab her hips and pull her to me, my seed escaping my manhood. “I’m CUMMMMING!!” I exclaim. It seemed like I came for a good two minutes as I emptied myself into her, her sphincter relaxing and contracting as if to milk every last bit of cum from me. I drape myself across her back and hug her as my dick softens inside her. We both lay down now, our bodies drenched in sweat, and hold each other. I think I fell asleep first, because the next thing I knew it was morning.

I was still holding her in the early morning, her head resting on my shoulder. I kiss her forehead gently as she opens her eyes. “Good morning.” I say, as she kisses me passionately. “Let’s go get breakfast.” she says while yawning. “You stay here and rest. I’ll be right back.” I tell her. “I know the cook this morning. Breakfast is coming to you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32