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Susan opened her front door and fought her way in with a large number of shopping bags, at 47 she was an attractive divorced mother of two children in their late teens. She placed the bags on the floor of the hallway, kicked off her heels and flexed her nylon encased toes. She loved her heels but seriously doubted that they were designed by a woman. Collecting up the bags, she went into the kitchen to unload.

After packing away an inordinate amount of food for three people she grabbed an armful of toiletries and a couple of packets of new tights and went upstairs to her bedroom to put them away.

As she approached her bedroom door she could hear noises coming from inside, puzzled and a little concerned she crept silently towards the doorway. Looking through the partially open door she was horrified to see Sam, her 19 year old son, lying on her bed dressed in a pair of her tights and nothing else. She couldn’t help but notice how large her sons erection was, producing an impressive nylon tent in the tights. He was masturbating through the tights and had another pair of her tights on his face, sucking the crotch into his mouth.

“oooohhh mum you taste sooooo good,” his muffled voice said through the nylon “That’s it, suck me hard you dirty slut!”

Susan stood in complete shock, mortified that her son was masturbating in her underwear and clearly fantasising about her. What horrified her more that the event she was witnessing was the moist patch appearing in her knickers, she was actually finding the whole scene erotic.

My god, she thought to herself, I’m as depraved as him.

It had been a very long time since she had felt the touch of another man and in recent years she had even become disinterested in her toys or masturbating when alone. Yet as she watched her son grip and jerk his impressive tool she became more erotically charged than she ever felt possible.

Swallowing hard and deciding that she couldn’t just walk away from this, she silently pushed the door open and walked in, placing the toiletries on her dressing table and causing Sam to become aware of her presence.

“Holy fuck!” he screamed as he tried to cover himself, “Oh god, oh god, oh god!” was all he could muster.

Susan looked over at the terrified young man huddling on the bed and gave him a reassuring smile before walking over and sitting next to him.

Oh god, thought Sam, She’s going to give me the “it’s ok chat” and that “it’ll be our little secret”. Sam closed his eyes, wishing a hole to open up and swallow him.

Susan looked at her shaking hands and then at Sam who was still trying to conceal his softening erection.

“How long have you been wearing my tights,” she asked.

“Errm I’m not sure,” Sam replied, “maybe a couple of years.”

“Do you wear your sisters as well?” Susan stared into his eyes, looking for a flinch to indicate he was lying.

Sam looked at floor, unable to face sarıyer escort her “Yes.” He replied weakly.

“Do you fantasise about her in the same way too?” Susan asked pointedly.

Sam looked up from floor in a jolt and stared at her, oh god she heard me, his face flushed a deeper red and all he could do was nod slowly.

Susan began to feel sorry for Sam, he was clearly mortified at being caught out and his sexual perversions now completely unveiled to his mother, so she sought to reassure him.

“I’ll let you into a little secret,” she placed a hand on one of his nylon covered thighs and began stroking gently before leaning forward and whispering into his ear “At first I was disgusted with you, then with me because I found that I was really turned on watching you.”

Sam looked at his mother in her eyes, unable to speak, her words rattling through his brain as she leaned closer and gently kissed him on the lips. Sam remained still, paralysed and unable to believe what was happening. Susan glanced down and saw his erection growing again, she noted that he clearly took after his father and smiled to herself. She began to kiss him again, his mouth opening slightly this time, accepting her tongue as she probed inside his mouth, her hand moving up his thigh and onto the nylon encased hardness. She massaged the tip through the nylon before gripping it firmly and jerking it back on forth.

She pulls her lips away and looks him in the eyes “I believe you were fantasising about me sucking you!”

Susan plunges her face into Sam’s lap, gripping his bulging tool and taking him in her mouth as Sam sucks in a deep breath. Susan is beyond sensitive now, hungrily devouring her son through the sensuous material as Sam grabs her head and screams out “god no!” as he pulses inside his mothers mouth and she feels the salty warm semen flood through the tights and fill her mouth. Sam’s bulge begins to soften as Susan gently cleans the sticky mess with her tongue before pulling the tights down over his softening member and taking him into her mouth to clean him properly.

Sam’s breathing slowly returned to normal as his mother stroked his flaccid tool, she leaned towards him, whispering into his ear;

“I see you enjoyed that, hope that he wakes up soon as I’m not finished yet, I believe that I am a dirty slut?”

Sam looked away again, still embarrassed by the predicament he had been caught in and Susan was clearly enjoying the wind up.

Susan lay back on the bed and pulled her skirt up over her waist to reveal her sheer tan tights covering a pair of lacy white knickers.

“Come on then!” She ordered, “I believe you like the taste of my crotch!”

Sam obediently moved in between her legs and gently kissed her inner thigh, moving upwards towards her warm mound hi began to probe gently through the tights and knickers, forcing esenyurt escort the moist material into her accepting hole.

Susan lay back and closed her eyes, resting her hands on Sam’s head and pulling him gently into her, it had been a very long time since she had enjoyed the pleasure of a tongue, Sam’s father was very lax in that department but Sam seemed to take to it very well. Sam began to kiss down her thighs, her calves and to her feet, still slightly moist from wearing heels all day. Sam buried his face in her warm soles, tasting and inhaling her warm musky scent before gently kissing and sucking her toes.

Susan had never experienced this before, nor given much thought towards it, but in the moment she was overcome with pleasure and began writhing on the bed, moaning as her orgasm began to approach.

Sensing that his mother was close, Sam plunged his face firmly into her crotch and began to force his tongue in deeper and harder through the material, Susan screamed out to rip open her tights which he gleefully did before pulling her knickers to one side and pushing his tongue in deep. She tasted every bit as good as he imagined and he held his face firmly against her crotch and licked her firmly, deeply and faster.

Susan’s moans became screams, she gripped his head and held him against her crotch as her hips bucked and her orgasm pulsed through her body. Sam was blissfully unaware of what was about to happen as his mothers orgasm exploded, her juices flooding into his mouth which surprised him but he gratefully accepted, swallowing all she could produce as her body slowly returned to normal and she lay still, breathless with pleasure.

Sam looked up from between Susan’s legs and grinned proudly, she smiled down at him as he moved up towards her and began to gently kiss her. Susan was pleased to feel his bulge against her as he began to kiss her neck.

“have you done that before?” She whispered, thinking of the lucky lady.

“No,” he replied, “I’m a virgin.”

Susan was shocked, she had always assumed that her son was sexually active, he was good looking, confident and very athletic.

“Fuck me baby,” she whispered into his ear, “let me be your first.”

Sam didn’t need to be told twice, he fumbled down for his exposed erection and positioned it in between his mothers legs. Susan reached down and helped guide him into position as he slid his huge shaft deep inside her. Susan took a deep breath as he began to slowly work himself in and out.

Susan wrapped her legs around him and lay back as Sam began to pump her harder and faster, her slippery hole providing little resistance even to his large appendage.

“Wait,” Susan said and gestured Sam to withdraw, “sit on the edge of the bed.”

Sam did as he was told and Susan slipped her hands around his neck and lowered herself on him. Sam felt his mother slide onto him and wrap avrupa yakası escort her legs around his waist pulling her towards him more firmly.

“Now stand up baby,” she whispered into his ear.

Sam’s powerful legs and arms easily supported Susan’s small frame as he stood up off the bed, Susan held him tight around the neck and began to move up and down on his shaft.

Pushed her up against the wall and began thrusting harder and harder into Susan’s soaking hole.

“Cum inside me please baby!” she screamed.

Sam could hardly feel any sensation now as Susan’s juices had all but removed any friction.

“I can’t,” he whispered breathlessly into her ear, “I can’t feel anything anymore,”

“Let me down,” she replied and Sam eased himself out of her moist hole and lowered gently to the floor.

Susan walked to the bed and knelt on all fours, beckoning Sam behind her.

“Rip open my tights further and fuck my ass!” she demanded.

Sam stared for a second before complying with his mothers orders.

“Should I be gentle?” He asked.

“A little bit please,” she smiled back at him “your cock looks slippery enough anyway.”

Sam positioned himself behind his mother and ripped her tights open before ripping the lace knickers exposing her tight hole.

“Spit in there first and moisten with your finger please baby,” Susan said

Sam spat into the crack and moistened the entrance to her tight hole with his finger, pushing the finger in a little more each time as Susan began to push her buttocks towards him.

“Hurry, fuck me now before Hannah comes home!”

Sensing the urgency, Sam pushed the tip of his penis into her tight anus and began to gently fuck her.

“More please!” she begged, “get it all in there!”

Sam slid his shaft deep inside, his balls rested against his mother buttocks as he ensured he was as deep as he could go. Susan gripped the pillow and buried her face in deep to muffle the painful screams, now she remembered why she didn’t do anal! Sam began to thrust slowly into her tight hole, the sensation was amazing and he could feel his orgasm beginning to grow. Faster and harder he pumped her, his balls slapping against her buttocks with each hard thrust. Susan began to push back towards him, the pain subsiding and the sensation beginning to arouse her some more.

“Fuck me hard baby, cum inside me, fuck your dirty slut!” Screamed Susan as she gripped the pillow and forced herself back onto every thrust.

Sam gripped her hips as his actions became more frantic, moaning in time with his mother as they became a single being, thrusting and pumping against each other until, almost simultaneously, the both screamed and climaxed together, Sam’s offering filling Susan’s tight hole and running down her thighs as he continued fucking her whilst his orgasm passed.

Sam withdrew his sticky, softening member and lay breathlessly on the bed next to his mother as she rolled onto her back. They both lay still, recovering their breathing and staring up at the ceiling.

“What the fuck is going on here!!” screamed a female voice.

Sam and Susan’s eyes darted in panic to the door where Hannah was standing, eyes burning and in total shock…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32