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It had been a week since Julia and Trevor had been together sexually, and mother and son were getting anxious. The timing had never worked right, and either Julia’s husband, or daughter, were always home at the same time she and her son were. All they had been able to give each other, was lustful glances, and Julia leaving her dirty, smelly panties under her sons pillow, which he did enjoy quite a lot.

Hank’s family invited them to spend the weekend at their beach house, which the family always loved, but Julia thought it would be the perfect opportunity for her and her son Trevor to finally be alone. When the family was at the dinner table, Julia told her husband Hank that she wasn’t feeling good, and was going to skip out on the family trip. She then gave a quick wink to Trevor, who immediately picked up on her plan. He wasted no time speaking up, and letting his dad know he wasn’t going to make it either.

“Hey dad, I’m not feeling too good either. I’m going to stay home too.”

Hank’s dad looked back and forth between the two of them.

“Oh no. You two got the flu or something?”

Julia didn’t miss a beat.

“I sure feel that way, and if Trevor has the flu too, it’s best we both stay home.”

Hank didn’t look disappointed, and agreed they should stay home. They all finished dinner and went to bed.

Early the following morning, Hank and his daughter Amy, left to go to his father’s beach house. Trevor woke up around 9AM, and could smell coffee. His mother was having her morning brew in the kitchen, and he quickly made his way there, wearing only his boxers. As he walked in, he saw his mother at the small, round breakfast table, sipping her coffee, and reading a beauty magazine. Trevor moved his eyes down to her perfect feet. She had painted her toenails red, and Trevor’s cock was already stirring. As his eyes made there way up, his mouth watered seeing her beautiful, thin, legs crossed. His mother was beyond sexy. His eyes reached the top of her breasts, which were visible through the top of her light purple robe, she loved wearing so much. After a moment, Julia realized Trevor was standing there.

“Oh hey baby boy. Rise and shine. You feeling any better?”

Julia winked.

Trevor smiled at her.

“I sure do mom. I feel better than ever.”

Trevor bakırköy escort walked up to his sitting mother, and before she could say anything else, Trevor grabbed her arms and pulled her up to a standing position. Julia was startled.

“Whoa, Trevor, what are you doing?!”

Trevor didn’t say anything. He pulled open her robe, and pushed it over her shoulder’s so it fell to the ground. Julia was completely naked. It was a surprise she was going to have for Trevor, but her son got to his gift before she planned. Trevor looked his sexy mother up and down, and pulled her in tight, his arms on her hips. Mother and son began o kiss passionately, their tongues dancing together. Both of them were thinking what a great kisser the other one was. Both were kissing like lovers, who where desperate to consume each other.

After a few minutes of their tongues intertwining, Trevor lifted his mother by her hips, and sat her on the table top. This startled Julia, but it also excited her. Trevor began circling his tongue around her nipples. Julia moaned, as her nipples were always sensitive, and she loved having them touched and licked. She instinctually put her right hand behind his head as he sucked on one of her nipples. She began thinking about when she used to nurse him, and the thought made her pussy even wetter than it already was.

Trevor licked and sucked feverishly, almost as if he was trying to get milk out of his mother’s breasts. He was moaning as well, enjoying his mother’s nipples in his mouth. He couldn’t get enough. He then felt his mother’s hands moving down his abs, towards his boxers. He stopped sucking her breasts just long enough to say one thing.

“I love you mom.”

Julia’s whole body got much warmer hearing her son saying that. She was his mother, so of course he loved her, but she was hoping he meant that he was in love with her. The thought was so wrong, and she knew it, but her heart knew what she wanted. Her hands had made there way to the top of her son’s boxers. She couldn’t see her hands since her son was still hungrily devouring her nipples, but she was able to slip her thumbs under, and pull down his boxers just enough that they fell down. Once that was done, she took his erect cock in her right hand, and began stroking his monster. She beşiktaş escort could feel all the veins, up and down his shaft. Her son had the perfect cock, and it was all hers.

Trevor’s cock began to pulse as his mother’s hand stroked it expertly. He moved his mouth from her nipples up to her mouth, and began kissing her again. Julia grabbed his chin and pulled his face away for a moment.

“Baby, mommy needs you inside her so bad. Please give me your cock.”

Trevor’s mind was swimming in lust, but he knew what he craved more than anything at that moment. He quickly reached down behind his mother’s knees, and lifted her legs up, forcing her back onto the table.

Julia was startled once again, but knew what her son was doing, and couldn’t wait.

“My dirty boy is hungry, isn’t he?”

Trevor smiled at her, as he pulled a chair up. He scooted in, putting his mother’s legs on his shoulders, and put his face right up to her pussy. He took a big sniff in, getting the pungent smell of his mother’s pussy in his nose. Such a sexy smell he thought to himself.

“Mom, you haven’t showered in a couple days, have you?”

Julia lifted her head up just for a moment, smiled, winked, and put her head back down.

“What are you waiting for baby boy? Mommy has your breakfast ready.”

Trevor wasted no time diving in, and licking his mother’s pussy like a starving boy. Her pussy was being devoured from top to bottom. Julia particularly loved when he flicked her clit with his tongue. She had raised a master pussy eater, and eat he did. Trevor spent the next 20 minutes eating his mother out, with no end in sight. Julia had 4 orgasms, filling her sons mouth with her juices, and still he kept going. She loved it so much, but she was desperate for her son’s cock in her pussy. She tapped him on the shoulder, and Trevor looked up at her.

“Baby, mommy needs your cock so bad. Please, I need to feel you inside me.”

Trevor didn’t say a word. He puled his mothers ass even further to the edge of the table, and began gliding his cock head along his mother’s soaked pussy lips, rubbing her clit with it. Julia was in ecstasy, and near ready to cum, just from her son’s stimulation of her clit with his mushroom head. Julia lifted herself up, putting her hand behind beylikdüzü escort her son’s neck.

“Fuck mommy now!”

Trevor put 5 of his 10 thick inches into his mother, making her squeal. Each thrust, he increased the amount of his cock he was feeding her pussy. She began to cry in pleasure and lust. She had never experienced pleasure like this before, and it was making her emotional, as she didn’t think this level of it was possible. She looked at her son’s face as he looked down at his cock stretching her pussy lips, to accommodate his girth. He was in an animal state, fucking his mother with such abandon, he didn’t realize the tears coming down her face.

Julia pulled herself up further, and pulling Trevor down, so his mouth was on her neck. He began to suck and, bite, giving her hickeys. Julia bit down gently on her son’s shoulder, and her gaze fell upon their refrigerator. Her eyes focused on a magnet on the left side. It was a picture of her and Trevor when he was much younger. It was a very cute picture of them cheek to cheek. That sweet little boy, her little boy, had grown to a man, and was now fucking her like she never had before. Looking at the picture made her get closer to orgasm. She moved her head back and looked at her beautiful son’s face. She cupped his ass and began puling him in even harder than he was already fucking her.

“Cum inside mommy. Cum inside mommy. Cum inside mommy.”

Julia kept repeating it, and hearing it made Trevor get very close to orgasm.

“You want my cum inside you mommy? You want me to fill you with my warm cream?”

Julia was about to orgasm, and she wanted her son to cum at the same time.

“Come on baby, give mommy what she wants! Fill me baby! Fill mommy with your sweet cum! Nobody fucks me like you baby boy! Nobody ever has! Cum with me now! Oh Fucuuuuckkk!!!”

Julia’s body shook violently, as she had the most intense orgasm of her life. She couldn’t control her convulsions. Seeing his mother cumming on his cock, sent him over the edge, and Trevor’s cock pulsed, flooding his mother’s pussy walls with his son cum. Mother and son kissed deeply, as both their orgasms finally subsided. After a minute they broke their kiss. Julia didn’t say anything, but grabbed her son’s hand, and put it on her chest. Trevor could feel her heart beating incredibly fast. She held his hand there, and stared at his eyes. Trevor grabbed his mother’s hand and put it on his chest, so she could feel his heart beating the same way. They both understood that their hearts were not beating that fast from exertion. This was something much more special.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32