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It’s unusually warm for a November night, and quiet, deep in a wooded area near your house. The moon is presenting everything in a silvery glow, accented by pinpoint stars. I’ve laid down a soft blanket between a couple of trees, expecting my new lover. I don’t have to wait long, soon you’re making your way through the dim trees, softly whispering my name. I whisper back to let you know exactly where I am, and then there we are, embracing, kissing, holding each other, feeling the warmth of incredible passion that will soon be released.

We step back, holding hands, and I am happy to see that you’re wearing a thin soft dress…and nothing else. I step close to you again and begin kissing and nibbling lightly on your ear, down your neck, and along your shoulder. One of the straps of your dress slips down, then the other. The air has a perfect warm-cool temperature, and you feel only the slightest chill, mostly from excitement, when your light dress finally slips down your body. Admiring the sexy nude woman before me, I drop to my knees and begin kissing your body, taking your breasts into my hands and mouth, and then I find your hard nipples. My playful bites and sucking sends shivers through your body, and as I begin to caress between your legs with one hand I can feel how wet and ready you already are.

After only a few minutes you can’t take any more. You have to taste me too. I drop back onto the blanket and we giggle like goofy lovers as we both struggle to get my shirt and jeans and underwear off. Before long we are both naked on the blanket, and we pause to kiss and hold each other for a moment, listening to the quiet night. You can feel my stiff erection pressed firmly against your thigh, and you want to see what it looks like in the moonlight. You ease yourself down along my body, planting warm moist kisses along my neck, my chest, my stomach…until you feel my cock graze along your cheek, the tip already leaking its natural fluids in anticipation of what’s to come.

With eager and natural care you take my cock in your hands, thrilled and fascinated with how big it is, and how incredibly hard. You begin by just lightly licking the fluid from my tip, teasing me around the head, letting my salty essence glisten on your lips, and you grin sinfully with the gasps and moans I’m making from the “torture.” But tonight we are too eager to take our time, and your teasing is quickly changed to generous pleasing as you finally take my throbbing kurtköy bayan escortlar cock deep into your mouth. Up and down you bathe the shaft and head with your saliva, caressing it with your talented tongue, timing the motion of your head with your hands as they stroke the base of my shaft and lightly massage my balls.

You hear me moaning your name and how incredibly good it feels. I can so easily let myself go inside your mouth, my balls are begging for release. But as heavenly as it feels I know I must hold out for something more, something infinitely better. I run my fingers through your soft hair, selfishly relishing your mouth on my cock for only a few minutes more…but then I carefully urge you to lift up and off me. You smile at me and lick your lips, ready for the next phase of the night.

I get up on my knees and ease you back onto the blanket. For a moment I pause and can only stare at the beautifully toned goddess before me, your soft hair fanned out, your naked breasts heaving slowly up and down with her deep breaths of anticipation…how can I be so lucky? As I lower myself down, you open your legs to me, eager for us to join our bodies. But I have something else in mind first, and now it is my turn to begin kissing your lips, then work my way down your chin, your slender neck, your breasts, a detour down along your side, licking lightly down your ribs…directly for your hips. Before you know it my mouth is poised over your sexy wet pussy. You can feel my warm breath along your moist lips. It is my turn to “torture” a little, however, and for several minutes I begin kissing and licking around your pussy, just above it, along your inner thighs, back and forth, up and down, and you squirm and wiggle your hips under me, desperately eager for more, and you even say it aloud, your voice begging quietly, “More, baby, more!”

Your begging is rewarded as I finally plunge my mouth directly against your pussy, and I probe hungrily with my tongue, licking your most sensitive core, teasing and nibbling your clit. It doesn’t take long for you to spasm into a series of quick pleasing orgasms. You bring your hands to my head and urge me to lick and suck more, more…and it’s as if time has stopped temporarily while you openly and thoroughly enjoy this most intimate of acts, amazed that this sexy stranger between your legs can think only of how much it pleases you and how happy he is kurtköy escort to do it…

But again, we are only putting off the inevitable, and I lift my head to listen to you when you begin moaning, “Inside me, baby…I need you inside me now….”

I move myself up along your body and give you a long passionate kiss. As our tongues intertwine you can taste yourself on me. I then whisper, “Okay, baby…here we go….”

I position myself between your open legs, and as I lower myself closer you reach out and grasp me cock in your hands, eager to guide me inside yourself. When the tip of my cock connects with the entrance to your pussy we both pause, locking eyes, acknowledging the moment and the magic. And seeing a slight nod from you I begin to push in, slowly, slowly…deeper…deeper, out a little, then in again, deeper and deeper each time…until finally, incredibly, you have absorbed the entire length of my long hard cock fully into your body. I cringe and groan with pleasure at how unbelievably tight and warm you are inside. I have to hold it there, fully in you, fully inside, so I can get used to you, catch my breath, maintain control. You patiently wait with me, your slender fingers tracing light random patterns along my back and hips and thighs.

After a few minutes I know I can move again, and I slowly withdraw, then plunge in again, out and in…a nice steady pattern, but we both know it won’t stay steady for long. Soon you begin moving your hips up in perfect time to my downward thrusts, thrusts which become faster, harder, firmer. With your sweet pussy already so incredibly stimulated by my mouth it doesn’t take long for you to feel the familiar glow begin to form from deep within your loins. You lift your legs and widen them, hoping to somehow get another bit of length of my cock in you. “Deeper,” you beg. “Harder.” And I grant your wish, slamming myself into you now, pounding away. You slam your hips up as I slam mine down, and the very earth itself seems to tremble with the most intense lovemaking either of us has ever experienced.

I know there is no way I can last much longer, but I am thrilled and turned on even more when I begin to hear your breathing change, and those wonderful noises coming from your throat as you feel your orgasm build and build, steadily, powerfully. You can sense it in me too. Incredibly you can feel the head of my cock swell even more than you thought possible. kurtköy escort bayanlar And in response your pussy clenches down even tighter. Through it all we keep pounding, keep thrusting, keep fucking. And together we each build up to a climax for the record books.

It hits you first, suddenly, massively. Your whole body contracts, your breath catches, your pussy spasms, and you lock your legs around my naked body on top of you and dig your fingers into my back. The quiet night is suddenly torn open as you forget where you are and cry out with your desperate orgasm, tears streaming down your face.

This is all I need, all I can take, and with one last powerful penetrating thrust I lock my cock as deep into your pussy as nature will allow, and then some. And as I groan like a beast I feel my balls tighten and my cock spasm as I cum deeply inside you. It seems to go on for minutes, and you feel repeated pulsing jets of hot semen pouring into your body, my essence flowing through you, sustaining your own powerful orgasm.

We remain locked like this for several moments, our orgasms subsiding, my cock still inside you, our bodies trembling, hearts hammering in then naked chests that are pressed together. Above us the moon drifts in the sky, the sound of leaves flutter quietly in a brief breeze that cools the moisture from our glistening skin. Eventually, reluctantly, knowing the night must come to an end, we begin to move apart. I lift slowly off of you, pausing here and there to kiss you lightly. We both gasp with a strange disappointment when my softening cock slips out of you, out from where it was so perfectly comfortable.

I begin to reach for my shirt, but you gently stop me. Without any more words, you guide me back down onto the blanket. I obey and lay back, looking up at you. In the dim light I can just make out your smile of pure satisfaction as you slowly pull your dress back on, all the while gazing down at me, admiring the man who made you cum so hard just a few minutes ago. You want to remember me like this, nude, sexy, smelling like you. When your dress is on you kneel down and kiss me one last time for the night. When we break you put your lips to my ear and whisper, “Until next time.” And with that, you whisk yourself away into the night. Smiling, proud and still glowing from our passion, I lay back and let myself doze, a satisfied man.

Some moments later you slip yourself back into your own home and back into your own bed. As your husband snores unsuspectingly, you grin into your pillow and realize that you have just had the most incredible night of your life, and you will be reminded of it throughout the wee hours of the morning as you shift your legs slightly and feel our combined fluids leaking slowly from between your legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32