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The following story is true. The names of Yana and Irina have not been changed because they are not innocent. My name has been changed. I’m not exactly innocent either, but call it poetic license.

I have been living and working in Russia for some 6 years. During this time I have had sex with probably hundreds of young Russian girls. I love fucking Russian girls… well, okay, I love fucking any girls but when in Rome…. Or Russia…. You get the idea. But this narrative concerns one particular evening not so long ago. Yana and Irina. They are sisters. Real, 100% sisters.

I met Yana almost five years ago. Early 20’s, tall, blonde(sic), slender, great breasts, and beautiful, with a “slavic” look to her features. Normally, the girls I was seeing were cute, most with nice young, thin, hard bodies, but Yana was more than cute, she was gorgeous.

And that was just the beginning, as they say. Because, as I found out that night, Yana loves sex.

She loved having her pussy eaten, her clit licked, her nipples played with…. She loved sucking my cock and swallowing the cum. She stayed the whole night with me that first time we met during which we fucked several times. She came and came and came… the juices pouring from her like an open tap, her pale white body blushing deep red in waves with her shaking body.

Yana loves sex.

After that first time, I saw her fairly often, While she had a normal job at a local bank. I always gave her money. She needed it, as many in that part of Russia do the because of the low pay and high prices for the modern western lifestyle. She also occasionally needed money for school or when she was subsequently between jobs.

Yana was also bi-sexual. On one memorable evening several years ago, we had “seduced” her best friend who was initially resistant to the idea but most of a bottle of wine later, was naked in my bed, Yana’s head between her thighs driving her to orgasm after orgasm.

That evening has fed my fantasies ever since. I can still close my eyes and see them both facing each other, my cock between them as the kissed deeply and explored each other’s pussy’s with the fingers….. Pausing only to play and suck my cock until I could hold off no longer and exploded in Yana’s talented mouth.

Did I mention Yana likes sex?

There was a long period in recent years when we met only rarely. I was involved emotionally with someone and so was she. She actually got married during this period but we never lost contact.

But more than anything else, Yana needed sex. She seems to love my cock, bless her. She had married an older guy (40’s.. okay, much younger than me) and I suppose she loved him in her own way but did not like the infrequent sex they have or his, apparently, diminutive cock.

She was most desperate for sex during the last few months of her pregnancy when I heard from her for the first time in a quite a while.

She looked beautiful when she came in my door, big and glowing as only a pregnant woman can. Her already large breasts had grown huge with the pregnancy. She lamented to me later that she had not had sex for many months and her husband, even with his little cock, did not seem to want her in her “condition”.

Oh but I did. It had been many, many years since I had sex with a pregnant woman. After helping her off with her coat, I held her from behind, nibbling on her neck which always drove her crazy.

As big and awkward as she was, she damn near raped me, not that I was resisting. With hardly another word, she dragged me to the bedroom. Sitting awkwardly on the bed, she yanked open my belt, pulled my jeans down, and began sucking my already hard cock, glistening with pre-cum from the moment I had first seen her at my door.

Fucking was not real easy in her condition, we finally ended up in a spoon position, as I slowly and gently fucked her from behind as she played with her clit. Yana was never shy about playing with herself. She always made sure she came as many times as she could when we were together even it meant taking things into her own hands.

And so it was that evening to the point I was growing mildly concerned we were going to be joined by a new born as she shuddered to climax after climax. But those thoughts were lost as I came hard inside her…

Oh yes, Yana likes sex.

We resumed our meetings as soon she had recovered from the birth of her baby son. Sometimes there were tearful meetings about her husband running off on holiday without her and the baby or some similar marital problem. But the meetings always ended up with us fucking and sucking up a storm, her husband long forgotten. It was not uncommon, during those next few months for me to end up covered in the too sweet milk of her swollen. nursing breasts…

And so it has been for the last year or so. Yana’s friend had left town but I was always asking her about setting something up with another woman again. But life with the husband and baby limiting her social opportunities, she had not been able to bahis firmaları find or even think of another woman for us.

Then, about three months ago, I received a rather strange text message from her on my phone.

Communicating with Yana was always exciting as my Russian skills are limited and Yana’s little bit of English was strictly oral (now are we surprised?). But with the help of my computer and dictionary, I was able to piece together the following message:

“Do you want to meet with my sister and me?”

I had only met Irina on one occasion some two years earlier. She could not be called beautiful or maybe even cute. But she had only recently turned 18 at the time and she flat turned me on. She had the same full soft lips as Yana but was a shorter, dark haired version of her older sister. But she also had a great body, breasts well formed on her smaller, hard bodied frame.

Yana had been very insistent I was to stay away from her sister because of her age and.. well… because it was her sister. On that occasion, we left her sister drinking my wine while Yana went about satiating herself on my cock in my bedroom.

But the memory of that great young hard body, quickly rushed through me head.

“Of course!” I replied.

“She needs money.” Yana texted back to me.

“Not a problem.” I replied. My ex-pat life style afforded me the ability to taste the world, so to speak.

“She needs much money.”

I was suddenly growing a little concerned…. I usually “helped” Yana with $50-$100 when we met, with more on the rare occasions when her needs required it. Yana had long been my friend, not my whore, and I took care of her. But…

“How much?” I answered.

There was a long pause before the message appeared on my phone.

“20,000 rubles.” I was stunned… This is something like $800 which is way out of my comfort range, at least for sex with “friends”.

“Yana! Too much! Maybe for many meetings, okay?”

“No… only one meeting… “

Now it was my turn to for a long silence. The debate between my two heads was being won by the one on my shoulders. And then I received the following message:

“Sister sex is very rare.”

Suddenly I was a little dizzy as the blood rapidly drained out of my brain and into my cock. Thoughts like “well, I guess I could skip a few beers in the next few months… or years” were suddenly bouncing in my anemic gray matter.

“Okay.” I found myself keying in..

We arranged to meet the following evening even as I re-translated the last “Sister sex is very rare” message a few more times to make sure I had read it right.

I began justifying it all to myself with the various conditions I was going to impose on this.. “I better actually fuck her” and “She and Yana better have some kind of sex” and probably a bunch more but as time went on my cock just got harder and harder until by the time the next evening rolled around, the money I had managed to collect ceased to have any meaning at all.

As usual, when Yana arrived at my apartment building, I buzzed her up and was waiting in my open doorway as first she and then Irina stepped off the elevator.

I almost moaned with delight as they walked up to me. They were both smiling as the came into the apartment. I gave Yana our usual deep kiss after helping her off with her coast. I then turned to grab Irina’s coat and as I did, she gave me a big smile and kissed me too; her tongue probing my mouth, her lips full and soft on my own. This was starting off well.

I followed them into my kitchen and poured them each some wine. Irina looked a little thinner then I had remembered, but the thin, tight top clearly displayed her full bra-less tits, her nipples already poking through.

We spent the next half hour drinking and laughing as I became more and more familiar with Irina. Kissing her, feeling her breasts and ass through her clothes, even as I did the same with Yana.

Then I had Irina in my arms, kissing her deeply, my hand under her blouse and feeling her bare young, firm breasts for the first time. Irina was moaning now, a little too loudly for me to believe, but my cock was screaming loudly in my ear as well.

I glanced at Yana, who nodded her head toward the bedroom.

Leaving Yana in the kitchen, we moved to the mood lit bedroom where we began undressing each other.

She was a true vision as I took in her lovely young body. Her breasts were smaller than Yana’s but much firmer with hard nipples that I quickly sucked into my mouth.

I turned her around so she was standing before the wall length mirror than ran next to my bed. That mirror captured the first of many amazing images which will remain fresh in my mind for many years to come.

I watched her eyes follow my hands as they explored her body, thin and hard. Her pussy was shaved smooth and my fingers began playing gently against her clit. Her legs spread almost involuntarily, as I probed more deeply into her sex my cock pressing hard against kaçak iddaa her ass.

She began to moan again loudly. Almost to silence her, I spun her around and picked her up in my arms, my tongue deep in her mouth. She wrapped her legs around me as I held her there; her pussy moving back and forth against my cock.

I slowly carried her in that position around the side of the bed and carefully laid her down.

I stood up for a few seconds and drank in the scene spread out in front of me on the bed. Her eyes were half closed, looking at me. I hardly knew where to start, my hand playing gently with my cock smearing the glistening pre-cum over its head.

I leaned over and began kissing and licking and sucking her body from her breasts down to her pussy already moist and red.

I sank to my knees between her legs at the edge of the bed and I slowly began to tease her clit; first with soft, hot breaths and then the slightest touch of my tongue. Her moaning began to grow louder again as I gradually increased the pressure on her with my tongue and lips, tasting her cunt as it grew wetter and wetter….

Her sex tasted almost sweet as I began to eat her out more strongly. Her hips began bucking against my mouth, her hands gripping my head against her pussy. I opened my eyes and watched her squeezing her breast with one hand even as the other held my face tight against her pussy.

She began screaming as her body twisted and turned and shivered in orgasm. I was beginning to think the girl had seen one too many porn flicks or something. But before the evening was over, I became a believer that her screams of passion were real indeed. I sucked hard on her clit and she grabbed my head first pushing it away and then pulling it hard against her as she writhed and screamed yet again.

Finally she held my insistent tongue and mouth away from her sex as she quieted, panting hard for breath.

I began blowing softly against her pussy, now soaking wet down to her puckered ass, as her body slowly relaxed before me.

I slid up her body taking first one breast into my mouth and then the other until I at last lay against her. I pulled her to me and kissed her, sharing with her the taste of her own pussy. She kissed me passionately, moving her sweating body against me, my cock leaving trails of pre-cum against her hard abdomen.

I lay back, pulling her on top of me. She quickly got the idea and slid down my body until my cock was against her face, her tongue licking her soft full lips even as my cock probed for her mouth.

Her tongue explored my cock, licking the shaft until she, at last, took it into her mouth.

I thought her sister Yana could suck cock, but clearly Irina knew how to do it as well. I began to moan softly myself, my own body beginning to squirm under the incredible sensations her mouth was creating.

Grabbing the shaft with her hands, her head began to bob up and down on my cock, her incredible lips loudly sucking as she did so.

This was going way too fast and beginning to feel way too good. Some part of my brain was still functioning and it was definitely time to slow this whole thing down! Being an old guy, I pride myself on being able to forestall any orgasm on my own part and I wanted this evening to last as long as possible. But it was oh so difficult to resist just cuming hard in her mouth.

I reluctantly pulled her suctioning lips off my cock and brought her mouth up to mine and began kissing her deeply again.

At the same time, I was fumbling in my night stand for one of the condoms I kept there for just such occasions.

I placed the condom in her hand even as she ground her sex against my cock. She immediately understood my intent as she sat up on me and ripped the condom wrapper open with her teeth.

There must be a school somewhere in Russia which teaches girls how to put a condom on with just their mouths. Or maybe it was a trick she had learned from her accomplished older sister, but Irina clearly had learned her lessons. She placed the rolled condom in her mouth and using only her lips and tongue, unrolled the rubber onto my eager cock.

If there was ever a self serving reason for “safe sex” it must be the incredible sensations of having a condom unrolled on your cock in such an exquisite manner!

Sucking my cock up and down a few times just for good measure, Irina rose and guided my cock into herself.

As she slowly impaled herself onto me, her eyes closed and she moaned loudly again. Or maybe it was me moaning. Damn, she felt good.. I slid easily but slowly into her as her young pussy was gripping my cock, until I was finally fully into her.

She began to move back and forth on me, keeping me buried deep in her cunt, her clit hard against me.

I stared up at her and began playing roughly with her fine breasts… pinching her sweaty, stiff nipples. She grabbed my hands and squeezed them hard against her tits. I took the hint and began to strongly grab and pull on them. She moaned loudly kaçak bahis and threw her head back, eyes closed as she rocked harder and harder against me.

I caught the vision of her vision of her rocking violently on my cock in the mirror…. That almost did it for me. I closed my eyes before that vision made its way to my cock.

I concentrated hard on ignoring the demands of my cock to explode into her. I had just about re-gained control when she began to scream again and was suddenly rocking hard against me in almost blurring speed.

Oh God, I wanted to cum…. And then, just as I was going to give up on restraint, my eyes gained focus behind Irina.

There stood her sister Yana, naked, her legs bent and open with one hand on her pussy, the other clutching a large breast as she stared at her sister fucking and screaming in the throes of yet another orgasm.

Yana likes sex.

And I suddenly found the resolve to fight back the cum begging to erupt from my cock.

Irina soon stopped moving and she collapsed on top of me, still unaware of her sister’s presence in the room. I slowly pulled my still rigid cock out of her now soaked and open sweet sex.

She lay against me, our sweat mingling as she caught her breath. She opened her eyes and looked sideway into the mirror and saw her sister moving onto the bed behind her. Her face opened in a big smile as she sat up and turned to Yana.

Now kneeling on the bed, Yana smiled at me and then back at Irina also kneeling and facing her sister.

“Ken!” she said, “Look!”

As if I could look anywhere else.

She reached out and pulling Irina’s face to hers. Their mouths opened and they began to passionately kiss each other.

I was dumbstruck. I remember thinking I would never again see something so erotic, I was wrong.

But for the moment, I was content to just stare at them, easily pulling the condom off my pre-cum slicked cock. I rubbed Irina’s sex juice from the base of my cock and balls and sucked its delicious musk off my fingers. as I stared at them still kissing and beginning to rub each other’s body.

They stopped kissing and turned to look at me, smiling broadly.

“Horosho? (Okay?)” Yana asked.

“Oh da, da, da, da!!!” I managed to reply.

Yana gave me a big smile and turned to kiss her sister again. If there was any reluctance on either’s part, it was not at all obvious to me.

Yana reached up and began playing with Irina’s young breasts with both hands as they kissed. Irina quickly reciprocated, fondling her sisters much larger and softer tits with their big prominent nipples. Her fingers quickly began gently pinching Yana’s nipples.

I would have been content to watch them kiss all night, but Yana suddenly cast her eyes down to my cock and fell onto it with her mouth, taking my cock in wholly with one swallow.

I had propped myself up on my elbows watching them kiss but Yana’s mouth on my cock caused me to collapse back onto the bed, with a deep moan escaping as her hot mouth literally sucked its way down my cock. Oh she was good.

I reached out to Irina who had sat back watching her sister. She crawled up and I took her in my arms kissing her soft, full lips.

I reached down and gently pulled Yana off my cock and up to me. I turned from Irina to Yana and kissed her deeply, my tongue moving in her mouth.

I turned again to Irina and pulled them both close to me until all three of our faces were inches apart. Again Yana kissed her sister.

We lay there taking turns kissing each other as our bodies writhed against each other, my twitching cock rubbing against them both in turn.

I slowly pulled Irina’s smaller body over me as I slide out from underneath her. She was now laying on top of Yana, their breasts pressing against each other as they explored each other’s mouths with their tongues and each others bodies with their hands.

I was pressed against them, my cock sliding between their sweaty bodies as I instinctively began pistoning my hips.

Yana’s head was still cradled in my arms, my other arm and hand moving over Irina’s back and ass, my fingers sliding down her ass crack into her cunt. My thumb began to gently press against Irina’s asshole, already lubricated with our sex, my fingers now playing freely in her pussy.

They were now beginning to undulate against each other as we resumed exchanging kisses amongst us.

I am not sure how long we played like this, but my cock was getting more and more anxious to be buried in something of someone’s.

I disengaged from the sisters as they rubbed themselves against each other. I rolled off the side and walked around the end of the bed until I was standing next to them, my rigid cock dripping with pre-cum and pointed at their mouths.

They took the hint, as Irina grabbed my cock and sucked on it. Yana quickly grabbed it away took a taste for herself.

I settled the debate by reaching into the open night stand drawer and handing another gold magnum condom wrapper to Yana.

Irina slid off her sister and lay there watching as Yana sat up and duplicated Irina’s technique in rubber use, placing it in her mouth and unrolling it down my cock with her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32