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Ben Quinn pulled his work truck up to the old cottage near the end of Fish Hatchery Road, and after the burly plumber killed the engine he looked out to the weathered home he was called to service, guessing that the aging place was a lot like its owner. Glancing at his retired father’s ledger, in which he had kept meticulous records over the years, he saw a little smiley face sticker next to the homeowner’s name, one Eleanor Case, and the sticker was underlined.

That made Ben Quinn Jr. smile, this little code his old man had used in case Mom ever checked out the ledger. Mom had done so, of course, and while she might not have known the exact meanings of the codes she figured enough out, much like she had figured out the man himself she had been married to since she was a teen. Dad was a hard working, lovable yet insatiable man who was not proud of his inability to be all that faithful to the woman he loved, but he made little effort to restrain himself. The fact that he was the husband of a very understanding woman who loved him as well was what kept them together and allowed them to retire and retreat to Florida, where he may or may not have changed his ways.

Now the plumbing business belonged to his son, and as Ben Jr. looked at the underlined sticker he chuckled because in his case, the acorn hadn’t fallen far from the tree. The woman with the leaky basement pipe, Mrs. Case, had earned the sticker because she was a customer that paid promptly, and as for the underlining? That meant that the lady was very, very appreciative of the work Ben Quinn Sr. performed and was not shy about showing her appreciation.

There were close to a dozen such women in the book, but many had moved or passed away. This was only the second customer with an underlined sticker Ben Jr. had serviced since taking over, but that first customer, Audrey Wilkins, had certainly proven Dad’s ledger ratings accurate because after Jr. had replaced her hot water heater, she had given him a nice gratuity of a personal nature.

So as Ben carried his tool box up to the porch he saw the woman at the door who was smiling and holding the screen door open for him. Not bad, Ben mused as he exchanged greetings and stepped inside. Maybe close to 65, but that was fine by the 22 year old plumber because he preferred the more mature women anyway, finding them much more willing to please, and while the petite lady was not a ravishing beauty she had sort of a Mrs. Brady look about her that the genial worker liked.

“You know, I had heard that your Daddy had retired, so when I saw the pipe leaking I didn’t know what I would do,” the little lady explained as she led the plumber down the cellar steps. “But then I heard that his boy had taken over the business. Good thing too because we don’t have many fellas in this area that do work like plumbing and electric anymore. Not that you can trust.”

“Dad always said that there’s just enough plumbing work around here to keep our heads barely above water,” Ben replied as he looked around the basement that was not finished but somewhat neat, moving over to the pipe with a plastic bucket under the drip at the connection.

“It’s still a one man operation?”

“Yes ma’am,” Ben responded.

“Seems like a lot of work but I figure a big strong fellow like you can handle it,” Mrs. Case opined while Ben reached up to check out the source of the problem, and as she sat on the basement steps she made an observation while looking at the husky man’s biceps which were testing the strength of the fabric of the shirt sleeves. “My word, your Daddy was a muscular man but I think you might be even more so. Gracious!”

“I doubt that and even if I agreed I would never have had the nerve to tell him,” Ben replied while looking over at the lady sitting on the steps, and when he did he stifled a smile when he saw how Mrs. Case had earned her smiley face sticker.

Eleanor Case was dressed much like any older housewife would be, the rather drab house dress not designed to flaunt whatever features she might have under the loose fitting garment, but it was the way Mrs. Case was sitting that had gotten the young man’s attention. She was seated on the second step but had her feet planted on the step just below it.

Mrs. Case’s house dress had slid upwards, the hem halfway up her thighs, and while that may not have been intentional, the way that she had her thighs opened up wide left no doubt as to her intentions. This gave Ben the chance to see most of her legs that he thought were not bad at all, but then he looked further up and noted that she wasn’t wearing panties. Due to the rather dim lighting he couldn’t tell whether what he was looking at way up the dress was a shadow or a lot of dark brown hair but in any event he didn’t mind because he liked a hairy pussy.

Just like Pop, Ben Jr. mused to himself because the old man liked that too, and just like his father would have done he looked up Mrs. Case’s dress without making much of an effort to hide where his gaze went. casino şirketleri It would have been rude otherwise, he concluded because she not only wasn’t hiding it but was making every attempt to present herself. This made the repair go slower but his time was his own and he didn’t charge by the hour for calls like this.

“Would you like a cup of coffee or something Ben?” Mrs. Case asked, and after he declined with thanks she said, “I probably shouldn’t be down here bothering you like this because I’m sure you have a busy day in front of you.”

“No ma’am, you’re the only customer scheduled this morning and unless my phone rings you’ll be my one and only until I stop by the laundromat.”

“Then I don’t feel bad,” the older woman said as she squirmed on the step and made the dress ride up a bit higher. “It gets lonely out here all by myself.”

“Aren’t you married Mrs. Case?”

“Legally yes, I suppose but Henry? He only stops by to get his mail and pay the bills,” Mrs. Case explained. “He pretty much traded me in for a younger model.”

“That’s a shame.”

“No loss as far as I’m concerned. The kids are grown and gone and besides, he couldn’t really cut it as a husband in some areas if you know what I mean,” Mrs. Case sighed. “Not his fault, he claimed. As he often reminded me, nobody wants a 62 year old woman.”

“62?” Ben answered with an appropriate level of shock.

“Why, do I look older?” she quipped.

“No ma’am. I figure you for early or mid 50’s tops.”

“Sweet boy. One thing you can do though to make me feel less old is to stop calling me ma’am.”

“Okay. Sorry Mrs. Case.”

“That might be even worse,” the elderly woman laughed. “How about Eleanor?”

“Okay Eleanor,” Ben grinned in return and as he spoke he thought he could smell the disgruntled wife’s pussy and determined that it wasn’t a shadow down there but hair, a darker shade than the light brown on her head and what seemed to be a generous amount.

Eventually despite the distractions Ben finished the rather simple repair and after he put his tools back in the case he followed Mrs. Case up the stairs, all the way complaining that she wished he had taken his time, and as they got up to the kitchen he set down his receipt pad and looked at his hands.

“Mind if I wash my paws?” he kidded and after she pointed him down the hall he scrubbed up in the sink, noting a little drip in the faucet that he decided he would fix for her, and after he rinsed off he turned around for the towel, only to discover that he wasn’t alone.

“Here, let me help.” Mrs. Case purred as she held his hands through the towel and gently dried them. “That’s the least I can do. Mmm… you have rather soft hands, especially for someone who does the kind of work you do.”

“I try to keep them from getting like my Dad’s, with calluses and stuff, but I’m sure it will happen to me too,” Ben replied, enjoying the sensation of having her dry his hands.

“Yes, your father did have what they used to call working man’s hands,” Mrs. Case noted and then quickly added, “as I recall that is.”

Ben nodded as he realized she knew damn well how rough his old man’s hands were because they had likely explored every inch of her petite body. Eventually Mrs. Case finished drying but then set the towel aside and checked her work with her own hands, smiling and then moving them up his burly forearms.

“You’ve got arms like Popeye, just like your father,” she mused aloud as her tiny fingers slid up towards his elbow. “Hairy too. Lord how I love a hairy man. Nothing better than big hairy fellow.”

“A little too big,” Ben opined as the older woman ran her hands up and down the front of his green work shirt.

“Not from where I stand,” Eleanor countered while looking up shyly before unbuttoning the top buttons, and as she opened the shirt up she sighed as she looked at his partially bared chest. “Hairy all over too.”

“Feel free to remind me that I’m acting like a crazy old lady,” Mrs. Case remarked as she used her tiny fingers to rake through the reddish-brown mat of curls.

“If that happens I’ll let you know,” Ben responded ass his shirt opened wide. “Just that I’m kind of sweaty though.”

“I remember that smell,” Eleanor said as she leaned into the plumber and inhaled him. “Been a while though. You smell like a man and I love it.”

Ben cooperated with her getting his shirt off of him and as she cooed while first squeezing his biceps and then kneading his man boobs he suggested that they might find someplace a little more comfortable. The petite senior smiled at that and then grabbed him by the hand and led him around the corner where a king sized unmade bed filled the room.

Once they were both in the bedroom Eleanor Case wasted no time in shrugging off the loose fitting house dress and stepping out of it. She had been completely naked underneath and now stood nervously in front of the plumber while his eyes surveyed the woman.

“Please don’t look too casino firmaları closely,” Eleanor kidded with a shaky voice.

“Why not? Ben replied as he looked at the extremely petite lady, her pale body trim and almost girl-like except for her breasts which hung down to her waist.

Eleanor’s breasts weren’t full, the milky white tubes that once stood up proudly but now with age had surrendered to time and gravity. Self consciously Mrs. Case crossed her arms over her chest, however if her young friend minded he didn’t show it and told her so.

“Put your arms down Eleanor,” Ben instructed as he watched the dusty rose hued nipples swell while the large areolas that covered the ends of the tubes got pebbly. “I love them, and you are one sexy lady.”

The plumber could see the tension visibly leave the senior and then she took the couple of steps over to him, almost jumping into his arms while she smothered him with kisses that had the enthusiasm of a teenager. Down his neck and shoulders, the woman ducked down to Ben’s chest, sucking on the nipples through the fur and kneading them passionately before raising his right arm and burying her face in his bushy armpit, kissing and licking and nibbling before leaning back and blushing.

“You’re a nasty little girl, aren’t you?” Ben grinned.

“I can be as nasty as you want me to be,” Mrs. Case responded as she lowered her hand and felt around the plumber’s work pants, and when she found what she was looking for she squeezed and gasped.

“Omigod! You aren’t even hard yet, honey,” she exclaimed as she clutched at the somewhat flaccid bulge.

“Will be in a second but first…” Ben told her as he moved her back to the bed.

“I know I’m little but – I’m tougher than I look,” Eleanor said when the backs of her legs it the mattress. “So if you like it a little rough…”

“Oh yeah?” Ben laughed, playfully grabbing a fistful of her hair and pulling her head back. “That’s good to know.”

Resisting the urge to throw the frail woman onto the bed, instead he eased Eleanor onto the bed where she sat perched on the edge and brushed the plumber’s hands from his belt and took over.

“I like to unwrap my presents,” she explained as her tiny weathered fingers undid the belt, and as she lowered his trousers and helped him out of them her eyes were on the bulge in the boxers shorts.

“Mmm,” Eleanor purred as she ran her hand over the lump, squeezing him through the fabric and even nibbling a little before pulling the shorts down, and when she fully exposed the semi-turgid organ she let out a little gasp at the size of his thick manhood. “You didn’t get cheated did you?”

Ben smiled as Mrs. Case took his cock in hand and brought it to her lips, first kissing the plum-sized head and then licking the opening before taking the knob in her mouth. While not outrageously large, Ben’s cock was certainly above average in length and especially in thickness, but Eleanor’s mouth opened wide to accommodate him, her lips sliding up and down about halfway a few times before he eased her away and moved her onto her back.

Ben parted her thighs while kneeling down on the carpet. Her pubic hair grew in a wide triangle and well up between her legs but had thinned a bit so that he could see her plump vulva through the bush. The smell of her sex was strong enough to send a chill down the plumber’s spine, and after he coaxed her legs up over his broad shoulders he raked his nails through the brown thicket.

“Ah! Somebody besides me is excited,” Ben snickered as he felt her wetness which had oozed out and coated the opening, proving the idea that women dried up as they aged wasn’t always true, and then he lowered his face into the fold.

“Mercy,” the abandoned woman gasped as the plumber’s tongue danced inside her, and Mrs. Case chanted it like a mantra while her legs rested on Ben Jr.’s broad shoulders after a brief flurry of kicking in the air. Her slender body shivered occasionally as the young man brought her near climax, but just as she was getting close he stopped and helped the divorcee slide further back on the bedding.

“Mercy,” she whispered again as she saw the plumber’s penis waving at her, now fully engorged with a string of semen leaking from the swollen head as he knelt between her spread thighs.

“Do you really want mercy, Eleanor?” Ben cracked as his fist ran up and down the thick 7″ organ, enjoying the look on her face as he slowly stroked himself.

“No,” she whispered. “No mercy, just be gentle at first because…”

Mrs. Case may have been trying to say that it had been a long time but her words caught in her throat, coming out as sort of a gargle as he arched her upper torso off the bedding with her head, clawing at the sheets.

Ben Quinn could tell that it had been a while for the lady because although he had primer her and made her wet, her pussy was a tight as a virgin. After he sank all the way in he waited for her to catch her breath before slowly extracting himself güvenilir casino almost all the way.

“Oh honey,” Mrs. Case wheezed as the plumber began to pick up the tempo, the sloshing sounds of her pussy loud in the room as the senior clawed at her spongy teats. “Faster. Harder!”

Ben complied and in response the bed, which might have been around as long as it’s owner, creaked in protest. Soon he was driving Mrs. Case into the bedding hard enough to make the mattress bounce, and when all he could see were the whites of her eyes he knew she was about to come. If any of the neighbors were anywhere close, they heard her howling, and only when her body went limp did he stop.

“Oh Ben, that was so wonderful,” she exclaimed after he pulled out, but she froze when she saw that the young man’s weapon was not spent but looking much like it had before he put in her, just redder and angrier looking. “What…”

Ben gently turned the woman onto her side and went back at it, but after a minute he stopped and helped her to her knees on the bed with the plumber kneeling behind her. Ben could see their reflection in the dresser mirror, and he brought his hands around her and cupped the dangling hangers, kneading them roughly while nibbling her neck.

Soon he had her on all fours, and although the brown eye that was winking at him was tempting he brought his manhood up into the gaping pussy.

“Oh Mercy – feels even bigger this way!” she cried as the bed started creaking again, and Ben reached under and seized the banana boobs as they flew around below her.

The senior replaced her “mercy” chant with a grunt every time he pushed forward, his hairy chest now dripping wet and warm against he back as he stayed mounted on her. She came again, not as loudly or as strongly as she had before, and then Ben followed suit, spurting his seed deep inside of her. After he came he straightened up just as Mrs. Case’s arms gave out, and he rolled onto her side and stared at the ceiling.

In a bit Mrs. Case rolled onto her back, and after kissing the plumber on the cheek stretched her arms up and cupped the back of her neck with her hands. Ben looked over at her, her breasts all but disappearing with her on her back, and he suggested he probably should get going.

“You can stay if you like,” Eleanor Case suggested, and then looked at the way she was resting and frowned. “Sorry. I probably stink.”

“No Mrs. Case, you’re still as fresh as a daisy,” the plumber said as he inhaled the slightly floral scent that rose from the deep pocket of her armpit, even kissing the smooth, moist hollow.

“Oh Ben,” she giggled. “I’m glad I shaved.”

“Do you always shave if the plumber’s coming?” he chided, and she started to say something but stopped.

Instead, she rolled onto her kip and grabbed the lad’s flaccid member, squeezing and tugging the spongy log.

“You know, if you have time,” she suggested, but Ben said that she had probably drained him for the day.

“I have my ways, young man,” Mrs. Case explained. “Understand now, you have made me so sore I’ll be waddling for a week, but there is something I could do as a token of my appreciation for your work. Won’t take long either, honey. I’ve been told I’m good at it.”

Mrs. Case rolled off the side of the bed and grabbed something from the night table before climbing back on.

“Now you get on all fours young man,” she directed, and when Ben saw the tube of some kind of lubricant he started to say something but she stopped him, “No dear, this isn’t for me. Mercy, you’d really have a plumbing problem to fix if I ever let you have at my bottom at my age, although it is tempting. Now, on all fours with you.”

Mrs. Case emphasized her words with a playful pat on the rump, and as Ben got on his hands and knees she got behind him and told him to spread his legs.

“Little bit wider. That’s it,” she said approvingly, and as Eleanor admired the view she reached down with an oiled hand and grabbed the dangling scrotum, rolling the meaty orbs in her palm. “Mercy, you’ve got balls on you like a bull. Let’s see if if can coax some more spunk out of them.”

With that she let go of Ben’s balls and reached around them to grab his limp cock, pulling on it hard. The plumber sighed and started to relax but then he felt the lady’s face press into his butt crack, and then was followed by the feel of something wet and slippery against his anus.

“Mercy!” Ben called out with a stifled giggle, and she thought that was funny.

“You really want mercy?” she said, repeating their dialogue, and when he said no she told him to spread them wider. “You’re furry everywhere. I love it.”

Mrs. Case proved she loved his hairy ass by rimming him with enthusiasm while jerking him hard, even dipping her tongue inside the puckered ring a couple times, and he got hard in no time. Her fist milked the stiff cock, the slapping sounds and her feral snorting making it even better for the plumber.

“Cumming… AW!!” Ben cried out just before his cock spurted into the sheets, and the elderly lady’s hand and tongue didn’t stop until he went limp.

“I’ll go write you a check Ben,” Mrs. Case said, and with that he walked gingerly out of the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32