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I glance up at you as you walk through the door. You are wearing the suit and tie you are required to wear to work every day. I love that suit. Secretly, I think you love it, too, even if you complain about it. One would think it would get old, seeing you wear the same thing every single day, but it never gets old for me. You see, that suit is like a switch for me. Turning me on, making me want you.

We both like it when you come home from work. Sometimes I wait to get you worked up, sometimes I don’t. Today, I let my imagination run wild, so as you walk through the door and your eyes light upon me, you see that I’m already naked. I smile at you slyly as I saunter up to you, asking you how your day went. Your eyes begin to twinkle. Even if you have had a bad day, you leave it all behind for me. I like to think I even make your day a little bit better. Your lips twitch, holding back a grin, and you start to tell me about your day, pausing a moment as my hands go straight for your tie, pulling you closer so that I can place a kiss upon your lips.

Inhaling, I can smell the woody fragrance of your cologne that I picked out for you last Christmas. It, too, is only an added bonus to your appeal. That scent drives me on to pull you closer, kiss you harder. Our lips still touching, I take your bottom lip in between my teeth, looking into your eyes with a challenging glint. Releasing your lip slowly, I begin to trail little kisses up your jawline to your ear, taking your earlobe into my mouth, sucking on it lightly, letting loose of it with a ‘pop.’ In a sultry whisper, I tell you that I have been ready for you for hours.

I hear you take in a sharp intake of breath at my declaration as I start to undo the knot in your tie, sliding it off and throwing it onto the nearest chair. Slipping the jacket off of your shoulders, escort ataşehir hearing it hit the floor. It never takes long for us to go beyond caring where your clothes go. Unbuttoning your shirt, kissing your neck, gently flicking my tongue out to taste and tickle your skin. My hands eager to touch, caress, and stroke your warm body.

The second my hands touch your chest, it is like lighting a match and throwing it on the fire. You cup my face roughly in your hands and begin to force me back against the wall, hitting it with enough force to nearly knock the breath out of me. I’ve made you hungry for me. It is in the way your lips claim my own savagely, your breaths hot and erratic. The way your tongue slides against mine, owning it. The way your lips suck at my bottom lip, slowing to move on to my neck, the stubble on your chin scratching and tickling the sensitive skin there.

Your hands are suddenly in my hair, pulling my head back so that you have better access to my neck, licking, biting, sucking. I gasp and scratch my nails down your chest, spurring you on to get rougher. Your hands move from my hair down my shoulders and arms to my wrists, taking both and bringing them up over my head, holding me there. Your chest crushing me, my breasts aching but loving the force caused by passion. Our kisses are getting harder, hotter, wilder. Your knee comes up between my legs, pressing into the vee, igniting my own fuse. I let out a moan.

You release my hands, and I instantly tug at your pants, impatiently unhooking the belt and unfastening the buttons and zipper. Meanwhile, we are both kissing hard and hungrily, breaths heavy and gasping. Hearing your pants drop to the floor, you hurriedly jerk your boxers down, freeing my favorite appendage. I feel the hardened length of you brushing up against the front kadıköy escort bayan of my thigh, making the ache within me deepen. It is hot, hard, and I swear I can feel it throbbing.

You release me long enough to step back and spin me around, bending me over. Your hand reaching around my front and rubbing my clit as you grind your hard cock between my ass cheeks, your other hand wrapping around my hair. I cannot help but moan loudly and press myself into your hand. Your fingers slide up and down my wet slit, back up to my clit and pinch down hard. At the moment I cry out, you dip two fingers inside of me to feel my walls clamping down in the midst of my orgasm. Then you release me and rub my ass with your wet fingers, pressing your thumb into my little rosebud as your cock slides slowly into my pussy.

Groaning, I press my ass back into you, causing your thumb to go deeper into my ass. My body is trembling from the sudden orgasm still rippling through my body. I know you want to fuck me hard and fast, but you always told me that I needed to cum for you at least twice before you even thought about cumming. But right now, oh GOD, right now, I just want you to fuck me hard and rough, using my body, bruising it even. I hear you chuckle and tell me to be patient.

However, you take your time. Long, deep strokes, in and out, my pussy clenching tightly each time you thrust in, hugging your length, feeling every glorious inch of you. Your thumb going in deeper, lightly pumping in and out, the sensation making my mind go fuzzy with desire. Harder, deeper, your thrusts hitting me where I need it most. I push against the wall, trying to keep myself upright, my hair falling around my face, veiling it. I can feel my second orgasm about to peak when you slap my ass hard, the sound ringing in the room.

I escort bostancı gasp out something vulgar and you laugh, slapping my ass again and then you start thrusting into my pussy harder, faster, almost brutal. Your thumb slips out of my ass and you grip my hips hard and pound into me, over and over, the sound of your balls slapping my pussy like music to my ears. I can also hear your grunts and gasps, telling me how beautiful I am, how naughty I am, how much you love being inside of me. I whimper, my knees starting to feel weak when you stop and pull out.

I inexplicably feel suddenly bereft and abandoned until you push your cock into my ass. Excruciatingly slow, I want to curse in frustration. However, once we are both acclimated to your thick cock in my tight ass, you withdraw to the tip and then ram your cock deep inside of me. I scream and beg, pushing myself onto you, feeling my orgasm peak. It rips through my body, wave-after-mind-blowing-wave, and then I feel you tense. Hands gripping my hips so hard, I know there will be bruising later on, your groans of unadulterated pleasure. You let out a yell, and I feel your cock swell and then feel hot ropes of cum coating the inside of my ass.

After a minute or two, your hands soften and run up my sides softly, taking my breasts in hand and lightly kneading them as you stand me up. You brush the hair off of my neck and kiss along the nape, whispering sweet nothings in my ear. You press your hard body against mine, holding me close. You’re still inside of me, and it is a wonderful feeling. It never ceases to amaze me how much I love the feel of you, every conceivable inch of you, within me, against me.

A soft sigh escapes my lips as you trail yours over my shoulders and back up my neck. I close my eyes and lean into you, the back of my head resting against your chest, your lips grazing my cheek. The thing is…you could be wearing anything, not just a suit, and I’d still want you. The way you hold me, kiss me, lavish attention on me…THAT is what makes me crave you.

But damn. You sure do look good in a suit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32