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This story is part of a series, please start reading chapter one before going through this if you are new to it!

Welcome to chapter six of A Sibling Survival Story, sit back and enjoy!

Remember, your choice matters in the end, so be sure to give a vote to your preferred outcome!


“So, you ready to go to that location? It’s still early but the sun is shining bright as always.” Asked Ben to his sister as he flipped the backpack onto his back.

Kaitlin nodded to him. “One-hundred percent… I don’t know why but I got the feeling that this clue will get us off the island.”

Ben looked at her and smiled. “Female intuition huh? Say, how about we make a bet. If it’s another piece of paper you are gonna have to give me a massage.” He suggested with a smug grin.

“Well… Why not! And… What kind of massage has my cute little brother in mind?” She asked seductively, followed by a giggle.

“I doubt that I have to tell you, with how things have been going between us in the last month.” He answered her before pulling her curvy body close to him. “I think my naughty older sister knows very well what kind of massage I have in mind.” He whispered close to her ear before kissing her on her lips.

Kaitlin moaned as she embraced her brother’s passionate kiss, kissing him back with just as much passion.

After a bit they ended the loving kiss and looked at each other. Ben then felt his sister’s soft hand wrapping itself around his, making it clear that she was ready to go.

“It has become kind of a tradition, holding hands whenever we go further onto the island.” He said to her as they walked outside, exiting their upgraded shack.

“It makes me feel save, and this way I will never lose you. It’s one of those silly things girls do when they are in love.” Responded Kaitlin with a slight blush on her face.

Ben chuckled and tightened his grip on her hand a little. “Let’s go Sis… Let’s see if our mysterious coordinates from our mysterious stalker(s) have anything of value.”

And so the siblings were on their way once more, traversing the island that they had become accustomed with in the past month.

The night before when they received the message had been a turning point for them, they both agreed that they have been on the island far too long now, and with a possible baby coming up they had to start taking action. Whether the information was solid or not, the mysterious onlooker(s) had never lied to them, so if this was a way to get off the island they had to grab it. They decided to get themselves some rest for the upcoming trip, a nice long sleep to keep their minds fresh so they would be ready in the morning. It was the first night that went by without passionate incestuous sex, although they did cuddle and sweet-talk each other before drifting away.

The trip itself was fairly normal for them at this point as they had to cross areas and parts of the jungle that they already had explored. A short climb here and a water stream crossing there, nothing exciting to say the least. After about fifty minutes they reached the location of the coordinates, it was a large open spot with outcrops of rocks and edges of jungle at the sides.

“Well this sure is something, what the hell are we looking for here? Don’t tell me that they expect us to dig, I’ve left our self-made shovel at the shack!” Said Ben as he and Kaitlin scanned the area for any sort of clue.

“How about we search over there at those rocks, it looks pretty sheltered so maybe they left something for us over there?” Suggested his sister.

At the rocks they let go of their intertwined hands and decided to do the regular thing, Kaitlin searched from the left side and Ben from the right, working towards the middle.

It didn’t talk long before Kaitlin, again, was the first one to find something. “Ben! Over here! We got ourselves another one of those famous boxes.” She yelled towards her brother.

Ben was at her side in a few seconds and looked as his sister picked up the box and placed it in front of them.

“She’s all yours Sis, maybe your sweet touch does something magic to it.” Said Ben with another goofy grin on his face.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Asked Kaitlin with a pouty face. She then sighed and opened up the lid of the box.

They remained silent for a while as they stared at the content of it before Ben broke the ice. “Sis… I think I have won myself a massage…” He said with a disappointing tone.

“Well… Guess that’s something to look forward to then…” She said before picking up a piece of paper that was inside of the box, sounding equally disappointed as her brother.


“Okay… Well, it’s better than a bunch of numbers I guess, we can actually make out what it means…” Said Ben as he watched onto the paper over his sister’s shoulders.

“Ugh… This is bullshit! So now what, they expect us to wait over here, or over at the shack, or wherever?” Shouted Kaitlin annoyed as she stood istanbul escort up.

Ben looked around the area again and saw a nice spot that was covered by shadow. He gently took his sister’s hand, who accepted him right away. “Let’s sit over there for an hour or so Kait, who knows, maybe they have placed it here so that we would wait. We can always go back if nothing happens.”

Kaitlin sighed again but agreed with her brother’s suggestion. “Might as well do that… I hope my gut feeling from before is right though.” She responded to him before they walked to the secluded spot.

Ben sat down first and opened up his legs so Kaitlin could sit between them and cuddle up to him. When they were in position they held hands again, enjoying each other’s presence and touch as they waited.

“I really hope this isn’t some sort of cruel joke just to see if we are puppets enough to follow anything they provide us with.” Said Ben before placing a kiss on top of his sister’s head.

Kaitlin then leaned her head against his shoulder so she could look at him. “I doubt it… I mean, the clues they shared with us always had something of value… Whether it was vague or not, that’s beside the point. The only thing we can do for now is to hope…”

And so they sat there, waiting for something to happen. They talked about the birds and bees, what they would do if their baby was born, what name would they come up with for the baby, if it was going to be a boy or girl. The two of them were already planning out their future, no matter what would happen to them.

Suddenly Kaitlin told her brother to be quiet after a half hour or so of waiting and talking. Ben knew that if she acted like this that her hearing had picked up something.

“Something… Ben! Something is coming towards us!” She said excited as she jumped up from their sitting position.

“What!? Really?” Asked Ben as he too jumped up and took a stand beside his sister.

“It’s… It’s coming from behind those rock outcrops!” She said before both their heads turned towards the outcrops. A smile on both their face appeared as they spotted a small black figure rapidly coming closer to them.

Ben took his sister’s hand again and pulled her close to him. “Is that what I think it is Sis?” He asked.

Kaitlin looked up to him with a teary smile and nodded. “A helicopter! It’s coming for us; I just know it! See, my ‘female intuition’ is always right little brother!” She responded excited.

Ben started to laugh. “Very true, but I still am getting that massage of yours!”

The siblings held each other as the helicopter came closer and closer, they then took shelter at the rocks so it could land in the middle of the open area. As the helicopter landed they could see the person that was piloting it, it looked like a tall man in his late fifty’s, he had greying hair and was wearing a science-cy looking outfit.

“Stay close to me Kait.” Said Ben as they waited for the rotors to stop spinning and for the man to come out. “First we got to know who this dude is…”

Instead of coming out he opened a window and talked to them. “Benjamin and Kaitlin Collins, it’s good to see you two again after this long month! Please, get inside and let me take you two somewhere more appropriate!” He said.

Instead of accepting the invitation right away, both siblings remained where they were. Ben in front and his sister partly hidden behind him.

“Are you the one that directed this lab-rat show?” Asked Ben as he held Kaitlin close to him. “We want some answers first before we step into some stranger’s helicopter!”

The man shook his head. “Benjamin, I know all of this is sudden and confusing to the both of you but please, you two have to trust me! And yes, I am responsible for everything that happened here. You two completed your trial so to speak. Come with me and everything will become clear, there is a much safer place not far from here to discuss everything!” He answered.

Ben grumbled to himself before looking at his sister. Kaitlin slowly nodded her head. “I don’t think he is lying Ben… We should go with him and put an end to this adventure of ours, it’s time for us to get out of here.”

He returned his eyes onto the man and nodded to him. “Alright, we will come with you, we trust you to take us somewhere safe.”

“Good! You two take a seat in the back, we will be at our destination in about seven minutes.” Said the man before he started the helicopter up again.

Ben and Kaitlin slowly made their way to the helicopter and climbed in. Ben took a seat and waited for his sister to sit down. Instead of sitting down next to him she came up to him and sat on his lap, he noticed that she was shaking a bit, possibly from the sudden situation. So he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close to him, comforting her as much as possible.

The helicopter then took off and before they knew it they were avcılar escort flying above the island where they were stuck on for the last month of their lives. Kaitlin turned her head and looked her brother in the eyes with a smile on her face, he smiled back at her and held her close. As the helicopter flew off they finally started to relax a bit. Maybe this time they would really be able to return to the world of the living.


Like the man said the helicopter ride took about seven minutes before they had reached their destination. It was another small island close to the one the siblings were on, up in the sky they could see that the island that they were on was surrounded by many more of these little islands.

“Okay we are here! There is a pretty strong wind blowing at the moment so hold on to yourselves as I’m going to land!” Said the man to them.

As the helicopter started to decent they could see that there was a big, futuristic looking house placed at the center of the island along with a pool, a colorful garden with a greenhouse and further down the coast a small dock with boats.

“Talk about having a dream island… Say, couldn’t you have dropped us on this island when you decided to screw up our vacation and take us away from our parents?!” Said Ben jokingly.

The man started to laugh. “What would be the point of that? You two have been brought here to find your true selves, not to enjoy a luxurious vacation!” He responded.

“Enough with the cryptic messages! When are you going to explain all of this anyway?” Asked Ben again, now slightly annoyed.

“In a bit Benjamin! And speaking of your parents… Take a closer look near the landing platform!”

Upon hearing his words both Ben and Kaitlin immediately turned their heads so they could see the outside again. As they got closer to the ground they could make out three different silhouettes, two very close to each other and one behind the pair.

“Oh my god… Mom…Dad!” Whimpered Kaitlin before she started to sob, tears streaming down her cheeks as she saw her parents coming closer and closer into view.

Ben gulped and watched in silence, his heart beating faster and faster as held onto his sister. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

As soon the helicopter came to a standstill, Kaitlin wriggled herself out of her brother’s grasp, threw open the helicopter’s side door, got out and ran off to her parents filled with emotions that now came all out at the same time. She flew into her mother’s arms, who was now also crying, and hugged her as if she never wanted to let go anymore. Her father joined her and her mother and held them close as the two of them sobbed and cried.

Ben just got out of the helicopter himself and stood frozen next to it in some sort of shocked state, he then felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Go on son, join your family…” Said the man, shaking him out of his silent gaze.

Slowly but surely he accelerated himself just as his sister did before him and joined the emotional family group hug, shedding tears himself.

The man slowly walked up to the other woman who was standing behind the group and took her hand.

“It always gets you every time, right darling?” He said to her as she pulled herself close to him.

She then wiped away at her teary eyes and spoke. “Always my dear… Always…”

The two of them then watched in silence as the Collins family were finally being reunited.


“Allow us to introduce ourselves properly, I’m Winston Garcey and this is my sister Marsha Garcey. We are the ones behind your ‘kidnapping’ and also the ones that guided and watched both of you as you opened up your true feelings to each other.” Said Winston as he explained to the siblings what was going on.

The siblings stayed silent for a while before Kaitlin spoke up. “So… That means you two are… you know, like us?”

“Correct.” Said Marsha, taking over from her brother. “We too are in, and have been, in an incestuous relationship for a very long time.”

“Alright… But what has that to do with everything we went through?” Asked Ben.

Winston sighed. “Before we come to that, let me tell you two a little bit more about us.”

Kaitlin and Ben looked at their parents, who gave them a confirming nod. They then adverted their attention back to Winston and Marsha.

“We both grew up in the ninety-sixties in a very religious town, both our parents were heavy believers and almost everything outside of their playbook was a sin. Me and Marsha had very limited interaction with others and basically only had each other. We were homeschooled, only went outside to attend church, you get the idea. Marsha had it worse as she had to stay indoors with our mother to do chores, I was a bit luckier that I had to help our father outside on our small farm field. Eventually we started to develop feelings for each other, and how can you blame us, being literally locked up for şirinevler escort a great part of our lives in the confinement of that small town and house. Our feelings became greater and greater and soon we were trying to get time alone with each other whenever possible, during chores we would secretly kiss, at night we would both sneak out of bed to make out in the barn which eventually led us to making love. It was risky, but it was all we had, each other.”

Kaitlin was strongly holding hands with her brother as they listened to their story.

“And on a fatal night our father found out about us, things went horribly wrong and we were kicked out of our house, out of our community and thrown into the unknown. I won’t go into full details but the things our parents said and wished to us were ripping us apart as we were being chased out of our town. Anyway, as you can see around you, things worked out for us in the long run, we survived so to say and we never let go of each other, we always stayed together no matter what happened.

It got us thinking. Was it really that wrong for a brother and sister to love each other in this way? Why can’t people just accept that humans can fall in love with someone that is close and dear to them, no matter what their backgrounds are. Are we hurting anybody with it? No. Has the world turned into a worse place because of us? No. So why can’t society accept that love is simply… Love? Society nowadays brands incest as a sin, something horribly vulgar and wrong. They brainwashed the younger generation into making it look like that they committed, or are committing a crime simply because they have feelings towards someone that is very close to them. Things like these rip relationships apart, two people drift away from each other because they are afraid to express themselves, to show the other how they truly feel… Something that happened to you, Benjamin and Kaitlin.”

Kaitlin and Ben looked each other in the eyes, remembering all the times they had fights and how they started to ignore each other, why their always close relationship had turned into a mess of emotions after Ben turned eighteen. Winston and Marsha were speaking the truth; they had been afraid to tell each other how they truly felt because they had been told that it was wrong.

Winston then continued. “So we decided that we wanted to help those that had troubles expressing their selves, to tell the one person they really loved how they truly felt. Our investments and work that we did gave us the opportunity to do so. We bought the land, all of these islands around this part of the sea and started our project, under the radar of course.

When two people are being separated from the outside world, away from communication and technology and only have each other to rely on they will eventually ‘find themselves’. Here is no one to blame them, no one to tell them what is right and wrong, no one to tell them what they can or can’t do. And that’s when two people that always have been close together, can tell each other what they always wanted to tell the other person. In your cases, to show each other that you love each other, not only as brother and sister but also as a couple, a couple that is in love.”

Ben and Kaitlin went silent again for a little bit as they tightly held onto each other. They then looked at their parents, who were also holding hands.

“So… How come that our parents… Know about all of this, about what you two do to help siblings like us?” Asked Kaitlin softly.

Both Winston and Marsha started to smile. “Isn’t it obvious by now sweetheart?” Said Marsha with a motherly tone. “Christine and Robert also have been on the very same island you and your brother have been, twenty-two long years ago.”

Both the siblings gasped out of shock and quickly adverted their eyes to their parents.

Christine and Robert were looking deep into each other eyes with smiles on their faces before they turned to their children.

“We always wanted to tell you about our true relationship eventually, I guess now is the perfect time to do so.” Said Robert quietly. “Ben… Kait… Your mother and I… We too are brother and sister, and we too went through a period of our lives where we had a difficult time to truly express ourselves to each other. Winston and Marsha gave us the chance to ‘find ourselves’ as well all those years ago.”

Christine continued speaking. “And when we saw how both of you grew up, how close you were and just how you two interacted with each other, we knew that you two were in love. But we started to deeply concern for both of you when Ben turned eighteen, you two were conflicted and each and every day you separated from each other just a tiny bit more, it was as Winston said, society made it look like a sin to both of you; brothers and sisters can’t love each other, not in that way.”

Robert took over from Christine as she started to cry softly. “So we contacted Winston and Marsha after all those years, knowing that they were the ones who could help, but most of all, help both of you to realize your true feelings and to express them. So truly, we are the real masterminds behind this whole happening, I hope both of you can forgive us if it did hurt you in any sort of way, but we did it because we love you and we want to see both of you happy for the rest of your lives.”

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