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“Is this a dream,” I asked myself? In disbelief I turned my head on my pillow and began to admire every inch of her naked form starting at her head and drinking in every beautiful feature all the way to her shapely legs.

Unable to accept what my eyes were telling me I had to have more proof, “This isn’t a dream,” my mind answered unconvincingly still needing proof. My hand searched down my body searching for that proof. My heart skipped a beat as the evidence my fingers sought began to reveal itself. My neatly trimmed bush was stiff with dried pussy nectar that also clung tightly to the bald lips of my cunt.

“Daddy would shit if he could see his two girls naked in bed holding each other,” I thought as I lay there, “But he would have a stroke or worse if he knew he was partly responsible for helping awaken these feelings from deep inside me.”

Over the summer daddy asked me to share a dorm room with my younger sister, Barbara. We had never been anything alike. I was an average looking slightly overweight computer nerd working canlı bahis on my computer science degree and she was a beautiful high school cheerleader with her perfect body and her scholarship in athletics. Daddy even called her “Barbie” after the doll.

She was my sister, but even I was attracted to her. Over the years I had seen how the boys looked at her and I honestly couldn’t blame them. My senior year of high school I had tried to imagine what it would be like to fuck her; that is if I were a boy! But the images I saw were of Barbara and ME. I was so very frightened because I knew it was wrong to be sexually attracted to my sister.

I thought maybe I was just horny but I knew that couldn’t be true because I had fucked several guys and I enjoyed sex with them. I was confused and frightened by those images and for the past year had fought unsuccessfully to keep them from re-occurring.

I awoke in the middle of the night and could see Barbara seated in front of our computer with her back to me. I assumed she was in a chat room, but bahis siteleri as my vision cleared I could see she was looking at porn pictures of women! “Damn girl,” I asked, “Where’s all the guys?”

Barbara let out a muffled but audible scream and lowered her head to the keyboard. “How fucking long have you been watching,” she asked still facing the screen, “Or do I have to guess?” I couldn’t believe my eyes. She wasn’t at a porn site. She was looking at pictures of herself with another girl that were stored in the computer’s memory!

She slowly turned on the chair to face me as she pleaded, “Please try to understand Karen. I’ve kept this a secret from you for over a year because I couldn’t talk to you about it. I love you Karen. Please try to understand.”

I was speechless. I had fought the fears of being bi-sexual for over a year. And now I discover my sister, the girl who first awakened those desires in me, had a similar awakening all this time! But she hadn’t denied it!

“Come and sit on my bed,” I told her, “I want bahis şirketleri to tell you something that I think will make us both feel better.” As she got up from the computer I told her, “I won’t tell daddy your secret.”

“Oh daddy knows,” she said as she sat down on the edge of the bed, “He’s known since the end of last summer,” then added quite frankly, “But he told me not to tell you.”

“How did he know,” I asked in astonishment, “And why didn’t he want you to tell me?”

“Oh God this is hard! You promise you won’t hate me,” she begged? “Daddy caught my friend Cassandra and me…well you know…doing it on my bed,” she said, “you’ll hate me if I tell why daddy didn’t want you to know.”

“It’s okay baby. You’re my sister and I love you,” I said as I wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“We talked and he wasn’t mad or anything,” she said in an astonished tone, “Then he asked me when I knew so I told him…that I got turned on every time I…,” she took a deep breath and continued, “…every time I saw you showering or dressing and sometimes just sleeping. I couldn’t help it. I would get so wet wanting you…do you hate me now?”

It was a very special moment when I told her exactly how I felt. I wish we could tell daddy. Maybe some day we will find a way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32