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I awoke the next morning, the thunderstorm had passed and sunshine was now streaming through the window. I found myself snuggled with Marie in a spoon position, her back to me with my morning erection pressed firmly against her ass and a hand holding her breast. I turned to the clock to get the time: a little after 7 a.m. Marie felt me stir and turned slowly to face me.

“Morning,” she whispered and tenderly kissed my lips.

“Morning to you too.” I replied. “I thought for a moment that I must still be dreaming, holding a beautiful woman in my arms, but, if I’m still dreaming, I don’t ever want to wake up.”

Marie smiled and kissed me again, her eyes tearing up a little. We held each other for a few minutes, enjoying the closeness. Nature was soon calling us, so we both decided to get up and visit our own bathrooms. Marie got out of my bed and picked up her nightshirt off the floor. She flung it over her shoulder as she walked towards the door. I couldn’t help but stare at her swaying ass as she walked away. Marie peeked over her shoulder and caught me staring.

“Haven’t you had enough?” she laughed.

“Never!” I replied. “Some guys like tits or legs, but, I’m an ass man, and you have one of the nicest I have ever seen!”

Marie laughed and gave her rump a little shake. “Why don’t you meet me in 10 minutes in the master bathroom. We can take a shower together, conserve a little water?”

I agreed without hesitation.

I went to my own bathroom to freshen up a bit. After brushing my teeth and shaving, I looked at myself in the mirror. Well, you’re no longer a virgin, I thought to myself, and it was your own sister who initiated you. I grinned like a fool at my reflection and then headed for the shower and my sister.

The master bath was in our parents room. They had a rather large shower, plenty of room for 2 people to share. I heard the water running as I entered the room. I saw through the glass shower doors that Marie was already started without me. I opened the shower door and just stood there for a minute, enjoying the view. Marie was facing away from me, her hair hanging down her back, slick against her skin. The water glistened against her tan back and ran down to her untanned ass. The white of her butt contrasting nicely against her tan legs and back. Marie turned around to face me.

“Are you just gonna stand there all day or get in?” She asked.

“Just enjoying the view,” I replied, “I’m coming.”

“Well hurry up, it’s getting cold,” Marie said, looking down at her now erect nipples.

I laughed and got in and closed the door. I gathered up the soap and started to lather Marie up, covering her whole body with suds. I paid lotusbet güvenilirmi extra attention to her tits, and her pussy and ass. I took the detachable shower head and rinsed her off, noticing that Marie really seemed to like the feel of water pulsating against her pussy. I made doubly sure her tits were rinsed off by check them with my tongue, taking her nipples into my mouth. Marie grabbed some shaving cream and proceeded to lather up her legs for shaving. I never thought a girl shaving her legs would be so erotic! After her legs, Marie applied some lather to her pubic mound.

“Gotta get the bikini area too!” she said.

Marie had just a strip of hair above her pussy, and she removed all the stubble around it and then carefully shaved around her pussy lips. When she was done, Marie smiled at me and held out the shaving cream and razor.

“There’s one more spot that I need to get, but I can’t reach it or see it. Can you help me?”

I took the can and razor as Marie turned away from me and bent forward at the waist, her legs spread wide apart and her hands pressed firmly against the wall.

“Spread my butt cheeks and lather me up real good. I’m thinking about buying a thong bikini so I can get an even tan on my ass. Don’t want any stray hairs showing!”

I got on my knees and sprayed some shaving cream in my hand. I spread the cream down her crevice, and slowly and carefully shaved her clean. I rinsed her off, and, not being able to resist, pressed my face in her crack and slowly licked her form her clit to her asshole. Marie shuddered, and I noticed that when my tongue made contact with her asshole, she pressed back a little and the tip of my tongue made a brief entrance into her ass.

Marie straightened back up and pulled me to my feet. She grabbed the soap and gave me a thorough cleaning. I moaned a little when her soapy fingers pumped my cock and was a little surprised to feel a slick finger worm it’s way into my ass.

We got out of the shower and dried each other off. Marie knelt to dry my legs, and I felt her warm breath on my dick. I got rock hard immediately, and Marie gave the head a quick kiss.

“I think he’s ready to play a little more,” Marie said, grasping my hard cock.

She pulled me by the cock and led me to our parents bed.

“You want to do it here?” I asked her.

“Why not, it’ll just make it that much more nastier!” Marie replied, pushing me down on the bed.

I sat on the edge of the bed, my feet resting on the floor. Marie got on her knees between my legs and lowered her lips to my waiting dick. I could feel her cold, wet hair on my legs as her warm lips took me into her mouth. I groaned, lotusbet yeni giriş marveling at the contrast of the feelings. Marie moved her lips up and down my shaft, her tongue dancing all around the head in her mouth. She stopped with just the head in her mouth and looked up at me. Still staring into my eyes, she slowly lowered her mouth inch by inch, trying to get the whole thing in her mouth and down her throat. She made it down until there was just an inch left, not being able take anymore. Marie took my dick from her mouth and started to stroke it with her hand, slick with her saliva.

“Pull your legs up, I wanna do something really nasty to you!” Marie said, smiling wickedly.

I complied, pulling my legs up and bending them until my knees were at my chest. This position left me completely wide open for anything Marie wanted to do to me. I was a little apprehensive, but I trusted Marie wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. Marie licked my cock from the bottom of the shaft to the sensitive spot under the head, and then back down again. I felt her breath on my balls and then her tongue took over. Stroking my cock with her hand, she took first one and then the other ball into the warmth of her mouth. She rolled my balls around in her mouth like she was sucking on candy. It was almost too much to take, and I groaned with impending release. Marie released my balls, and I felt her tongue travel slowly down underneath my balls and toward my ass. I almost exploded when her tongue made contact with my ass. The feeling of her warm, wet tongue rimming my asshole while her hand pumped my cock was too much for me, and I could feel the cum rising out of my balls.

“I’m gonna cum!” I groaned.

Marie doubled her efforts, pumping my cock with her hand, and her tongue penetrated my ass. The feeling of her tongue wriggling in my ass set me off like a firecracker.

“Marie, I’m cumming!” I groaned, thrashing my hips up and down off the bed.

Marie pumped my cock hard, milking each jet of cum out of me. Her tongue left my ass and she took my balls back in her mouth, rolling then around with her tongue as I came. It must have taken a full minute for me to stop shooting cum out of my cock. As I recovered, Marie knelt up on the bed next to me, licking the cum off my stomach. She looked at me, and smacked her lips and grinned at me. She lowered her head to my cock and took it into her mouth to clean it off. While she was doing this, Marie moved around on the bed until her knees were straddling my head in a classic 69 position. I looked up to see her fabulous ass and pussy right above me. I reached up pulled her hips down to my face. I stuck my tongue out as she lotusbet giriş ground her pussy on my face. I tasted her juices starting to drip on my lips, as I took her clit into my mouth. Marie groaned and sat up straight. As I probed her cunt, I could feel my nose press against her asshole. I slowly licked her from her clit to her ass, and started to probe her puckered hole with my tongue, as she had done to me. I started to rub her clit with my thumb as I tongue fucked her ass; I could feel her juices become more plentiful, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she came on my face. I tongued my way back to her clit, and she moaned in disappointment at the feeling of her ass being abandoned. Her moans soon turned to whimpers of ecstasy however, when I slid a well lubed finger into the opening of her ass. I sucked her clit into my mouth as I probed a little deeper with my finger. When I thought she was comfortable, I started to slowly finger fuck her ass, still sucking on her clit.

“Yes, baby,” Marie moaned, “Keep that up and I’m going to cum all over your face real soon.”

I increased the speed of my finger in and out of her ass, and lashed her clit back and forth with my tongue, bringing her release closer. After about 30 seconds of this action, I felt her juices pour over my mouth.

“Oh God, I’m, cumming Ray! Keep that fucking finger in my ass!”

Marie ground her ass into my face while she came all over my face; I loved the feel of her juices covering my mouth and lips. Marie finally collapsed, falling forward so her face was by my feet. She slowly came down from her orgasmic high, her body shaking slightly. As she recovered, Marie crawled up and lay down by my side. We kissed passionately, caressing each other. We held each other for a while, feeling each others hearts’ beat.

“Well, I guess that’s another lesson learned,” Marie said. “I never thought I would like to have my ass played with like that, or, do that to my lover. But, I really enjoyed it, so I guess the morale is to explore with each new lover, find out what their likes and dislikes are.”

I was quite for a while, thinking about what we had down the last several hours.


“Yes baby?”

“We agreed that this was only going to be for one night, and that night is over now. What happens next?” I asked.

“Baby, let’s not worry about that now,” Marie replied, “We both know what we did is frowned upon in polite society, but, it’s not like were gonna get married or have kids together or anything like that. We’ll both meet other people eventually, but until then, let’s just take it day by day and enjoy ourselves, okay?”

I acknowledged my agreement by taking her in my arms and kissing her deeply. The sun was shining through the window, bathing our naked bodies in it’s warmth, and I was holding a beautiful woman in my arms.

Life was good.

Their night together was over, but is their story?

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32