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A Surprise Performer


64 Unsure

(All characters, this story is fictional and over 18)

This story is my first attempt at a longer, bolder fantasy.

I hope you enjoy.

First, a bit of history about myself. I’m a sixty-year-old white male. Six feet tall, 205 pounds, not overweight but not in perfect shape either. Salt and pepper hair, no beard. Still, I think I look pretty good for a man of my years, when I want to. I was married during college, and we spent 35 years together before we mutually decided to go our separate ways. So, I’ve been own my own just about ten years. My sex life has always been straight vanilla, nothing different from what was expected to be normal.

Even after the divorce, several one-night stands. Different town, different woman, same straight sex.

I travel for work, I’m an insurance claims adjuster for a major company, my particular specialty is big rig wrecks. Dealing with trucks and truck drivers, you hear the stories of truck stop hook-ups, rest area quickie blow jobs. I never paid attention to those stories. Didn’t care what the driver did in his or her free time, only if it affected the cause of the accident.

On one occasion, it did come into play. A wreck happened that caused one person to be injured and block traffic on a major interstate for hours. I was sent to investigate the cause.

Being based in Jacksonville, Florida, I got in my car and headed up I-95 to South Carolina. Just a few hours away, it seemed to rain the whole trip.

After I got there and talked to the highway patrol, I was told the driver was ticketed with too fast for conditions. The wet road from the rain, and the speed into the turn, shifted his cargo, causing the accident. That was the official report. After talking to the driver and the boy in the hospital, this is what I think really happened.

A driver hauling a load of coiled steel down Interstate 20 through South Carolina picked up a hitch-hiker, a 20 something boy, really. He was driving and had the kid giving him a blowjob when he was about to cum, he lost control of the rig and rolled the truck and trailer over a sharp curve. The steel coils came loose and blocked both sides of the interstate for hours.

The kid was bounced around the cab of the truck and suffered a minor concussion, spending one night in the hospital.

Of course, the driver denied all of this. Saying he was just giving the kid a ride to the nearest town, no stuff going on in the cab while driving.

After taking his story, I followed up with the boy at the hospital. He was so nervous, he spilled everything.

My insurance company insured the cargo, not the driver’s rig or other incidental issues. As long as the steel coils got picked up and no damage to them occurred, what caused the accident wasn’t my concern. I never really understood the connection between two guys having sex together, but some truck drivers have a weakness for having gay sex while driving.

Not my place to judge, just file it away in the back of my mind with all the gay and other sex stories I’ve heard over the years in the truck driving industry. From lot lizards, to pickle parks, and of course, the rest stop pick-ups.

It was a cold, wet Saturday night in Columbia, South Carolina, and I’ve still a report to write, and I sure didn’t want to drive all the way back to Jacksonville tonight.

As I was leaving the hospital, I asked one of the nurses where would be a good place to spend the night? She directed me a few blocks away in an area of town called the Vista.

As I checked out the Vista I saw several nice hotels, restaurants and bars within a few blocks of each other.

I spend many nights in hotels, some nice, others not so nice. Tonight I decided to stay at a nice one. I checked in and checked out the room. Nice double bed, good size TV, comfortable surroundings. After a shower, and a change of clothes, I decided to say fuck it to writing the report, watching TV and going to bed. I wanted to check out a couple of the bars near-by. The rain had let up a bit at that point, so I didn’t think to take my umbrella, thinking it was ending.

It was around 8 in the evening when I entered the first club next door to my hotel. It was a fancy restaurant and not a bar, so not right now. The next two on the block, the music was so loud I heard it from the outside. No go again.

I saw a neon Budweiser sign in the window of a place towards the end of the block and across the street from me, and headed in that direction.

As I started to cross the street, the sky opened up and began dumping some of the hardest rain all day. I was wrong about the storm ending.

I broke into a run and made my way inside, still I was soaked.

As I entered the place, there was a young man sitting behind a desk asking me for my ID and membership konya escort card.

“Membership?” I asked

“Yes, sir, this is a private club. Only members and their guest are allowed inside.” He informed me.

“Oh. Sorry, I didn’t know. I’m from out of town and your Budweiser sign looked like just what I needed till the bottom fell out. If you don’t mind, I stay over here for a moment to let the rain ease of a little before leaving?” I said, needing a warm place to wait the storm out.

“I’ll have to ask my manager if that’s ok.” He said as he turned and walked through the curtain separating the entrance from the rest of the bar.

“Sure thing.” I responded, to his back.

After a few minutes, the young man returned, taking his position back behind the desk, followed by a more mature gentleman.

This man was a couple of inches taller than me, and I’m 6 feet, a few years younger than me, salt and pepper hair and beard, close cut on both. All over a very well-groomed man.

“I’m the manager, Todd, what seems to be the problem?” he asked, looking directly at me.

“Todd, My name is Wayne. I’m just visiting Columbia for the night and I got caught out in the rain.” I started to explain.

“I just wanted a nice place to have a drink and relax a bit. I understand that this is a private club, and if you will allow me to wait out the hard rain, I’ll buy a membership. Just please don’t send me back out in that mess right now.” I almost pleaded,

“May I see your ID, please?”

As I reached for my wallet, I caught Todd giving me the once over, checking out how I was dressed. Good thing I wore nice slacks and tailored shirt.

I handed it to him. He read it, and handed it back to me.

“Mind if I ask what you do for a living?” Todd inquired.

“Accident investigator for over the road tractor trailers.” I said trying to make myself sound more important than I was. Todd paused for a moment, glancing between my ID and me.

I slowly began to think I was going back out into the storm. Then a bolt of lightning flashed outside. I flinched at the thunder.

“This is a very discrete club, Wayne. Only select people are offered a membership. Mind if I ask you a few questions?” Todd asked.

“Sure thing.” I replied.

“Are you married?” Came the first question.

“No, divorced for ten years.” I answered.

“Are you on social media? You know, Facebook and such.” He asked.

“Why would you want to know that?” I quizzed back.

“If you want to stay dry tonight, I suggest you just answer.” He said back in a stronger tone of voice.

“Ok, I do have a Facebook page, but I don’t use it. The ex used it to post stuff about us. I never understood the whole thing. It seems like a waste of time to me.” I answered quickly.

“You appear to be in fair shape. A little overweight, but overall nice looking. Are you in good health?” Todd asked.

“Well, thanks, I think. I don’t know why you want to know this, but yes, I passed my last physical with a clean bill of health 2 months ago.” I stated almost proudly.

Todd just looked at me.

“Finally, are you open-minded, and adventurous, not easily shocked?” He asked.

“I like to think so. I don’t judge people, the way it seems you’re judging me.” I snapped back.

Todd just smiled.

“I see no reason why we cannot accommodate you, memberships to the club are not for sale they are offered by invitation only, but guest are allowed in after I meet them.

I know what a claim’s adjuster is. No need to boast with me, I can tell just by looking at you what you are.” He replied with a slight smile on his face.

“Ricky, sign Wayne in as my guest for tonight. I’ll see how boastful he is after he walks thru the curtain.”

“Yes, sir”.

I found myself watching Todd as he opened the curtain for me and ushered me inside. What an arrogant asshole. I thought to myself.

“Thank you, Todd.” I said, looking at him as I walked past.

“By the way, I asked those questions because we are a private club, we are a discrete club, we are a gay club, and we keep it that way. Are you ok with that?” Todd said, not asking, but stating a fact.

I walked in the club and my eyes caught nothing but men.

Ah shit, I picked a gay club. How the fuck did I not know that. I thought they were all sleazy dumps from the stories I’ve heard from drivers. This was an extremely elegant establishment. With all my preconceived notions of a gay club being shot down at that moment, I began to wonder just what else I had wrong.

Not getting any pussy in here tonight, might as well enjoy a cold drink and wait out the storm. I think I can handle sitting at a bar with just guys. Hell, almost like every other dew-drop-inn I’ve been to over the years, more guys that girls. Just here, no girls at all.

As Todd walked me over to the bar, I took a seat and ordered a whiskey and a beer. He sat beside me.

“Tell me the truth, Wayne, you’re konya escort bayan straight, right.” He asked.

My drink order arrived, I grabbed the whiskey shot it down, and followed that with a swig of beer.

“Oh, yeah. All my life. What gave me away?” I managed to reply.

“Ha, I knew it the minute I laid eyes on you. Sorry, dude, the shocked looked on your face when you walked thru the curtain really got me going.” He said with a chuckle.

“Look, don’t cause a scene, and you can still wait out the storm here, This first round is on me for having a little fun with you. I’ll let you know when the storm lets up, and you can quietly slip back to your hotel. I have to warn you, though. The minute you walked in, every man in the place noticed you as a straight man in a strange new world. So be polite, they are the members, and you are the one entering their turf. I have a few things to check out, but If you just relax, you might have a bit of fun before the night is over. I have a feeling this could be an exciting night for all of us.” Todd informed me before getting up and heading off.

“Sure thing, Todd. I’ll be cool, and thanks for letting me in.” I replied, quietly praying for the rain to end quickly.

I had another sip of my beer, and thought about just getting up and leaving, when I heard the thunder and the rain getting harder. Shit I was stuck.

As the evening wore on and a few more beers were drank, I began to relax just a little. A couple of gentlemen tried to approach me, I was polite as Todd asked and informed them I wasn’t there to hook up, just wait out the storm. Which it seemed had no intention of letting up.

As bar sitting and beer drinking works, soon I had to take a pee. I looked around before asking the bartender where it was.

“Just go through the beaded curtain, first door on the right, you better hurry though the red light is about to on. Todd asked me to warn you not to head back there after that.” The bartender informed me.

“Why?” I asked.

“It’s a member’s only private show we hold once a month, and no one is allowed past the beaded curtain if you not a performer or a member.” He informed me.

“I will hurry.” I stated as I got up and headed that way.

No red light on, I went through the curtain, found the restroom, did what was needed, washed up and returned to my bar stool.

As I exited the restroom, I looked down the hall and saw a leather padded door. Damn, just like in the old Bond movies, I thought to myself. Must be ‘M’s” office, or something special behind that door.

I returned to my bar stool, and a couple of minutes later, I noticed over half the room got up and headed back through the beads. The red light was on.

I watched as the men in the room disappeared behind the beads. The lights dimmed a bit in the bar.

Several staff members walked past me, with no shirts on and wearing leather chaps and tight leather thongs. Even Ricky, the young man who worked the desk, had on the same outfit. I noticed he had his nipples pierced.

I sat there and finished my beer, now I wondered just what was about to happen back there, and how it was just the right time for me to leave.

At that point, another whiskey was placed in front of me by the bartender.

“Oh, no, thanks, I was just about to leave.” I informed the bartender.

“I can’t let you do that, Wayne. Now that the red light is on, the front door is locked.” I heard Todd’s voice come from behind me.

I turned to see Todd standing behind me wearing a silk robe tied at the waist, but it was his chest hair that caught my eye through the open part of the robe. He was covered in it, salt and pepper, just like his beard and head. The silver glint of his nipple piercing caught my attention as well.

“Todd, What the fuck is going on.” I demanded.

He sat down next to me.

“Tommy, leave the bottle and go watch the door, it’s your turn to miss out tonight.” Todd directed the bartender.

“Yes, sir.” he replied.

“Drink the whiskey, Wayne.” He instructed me

“I don’t want a whiskey, I want to leave.” I countered.

“I didn’t ask if you wanted a whiskey, I TOLD YOU TO DRINK IT!”. He barked back at me

Looking very sternly at me, I picked up the whiskey and shot it back.

He poured another shot and slid it to me. I shot it back as well.

“Good boy.” He said.

Grabbing my head, he held me in place and kissed me.

My hands went out to my side in shock. Oh, My, God, another man is kissing me. What the fuck, his tongue is pushing its way into my mouth.

His arms went around me, pinning my arms back down to my side, pulling me off the bar stool closer to him. His strong arms holding me tight to him and his powerful kiss leaving me weak to resist him.

Did I just moan?? Oh, shit I did.

Hearing that, Todd broke the kiss and let me go.

My knees buckled, and I found myself on the bar floor in front of Todd, looking up at him.

“Wayne, escort konya after I left you earlier, I did a background check on you. I told you this was a very discrete club. When I asked you what you did for a living, you tried to inflate your job title. That set off a small tingle in me. Thinking you might have a hidden submissive side to you. Trying so hard to impress others is a sure sign of submission. I checked out you online history, your posted vacation pics, your wedding photos, and I even found out about your divorce.

I watched you all night. Sure, the storm might have brought you in to my club, but you had multiple opportunities to leave, but you chose to stay. So, I told Tommy to inform you about the red light, to gauge your reaction. You almost ran to the bathroom. I saw you peak down the hall at the padded door, both when you went in and when you came out. I knew we could have something special for tonight’s performance.” He explained.

“What makes you so sure of yourself, and that I would participate in your performance?” I spoke back.

“You are still on the floor in front of me.

Let me continue. I came to the conclusion that your life has been somewhat bland. I suspect, no, I KNOW you have never had any type of gay experience, but this will be so much more than just gay sex. Sure, I know technically it’s a homosexual encounter since it will be only men touching you, but the way you gave in, moaned and got into my kiss I think you might like to try. I know if you will give in and trust me, this will be the most eye-opening encounter you have ever had in your life.

I promise you, you will be safe, and I will be the one in control of the whole night.” He said as he began to stand and undo his robe in front of me. He reached into the pocket of the robe and pulled out a collar that had a chain attached to it. He let his robe fall to the floor and there he was standing in front of me. Naked, covered in hair from top to bottom. Sporting the biggest hard on I had ever seen pointed straight at me.

I gulped. Todd reached to the bar and handed me another shot of whiskey.

I took it and downed it fast.

I was still on the floor when he looked down at me staring at his dick.

He pulled it to the side and that’s when I saw the strap. Wrapped around his balls and cock.

“It’s called an Arab Strap. It keeps my cock hard and excited longer.

Now, Wayne, it’s time to make your decision. Are you willing to trust me to give you the most exciting night of your life? Or should I tell Tommy to unlock the door and send you on your way. If you chose that option, you can never come back.” Todd let loose of his cock as it snapped back in front of me. I was frozen. I surprised myself by asking.

“Just what do you want me to do?”

“Stand up, strip naked, I will put this collar around your neck. I will lead you down the hall. Before we go into the room, I will give you one more chance to change your mind, but after I put the blindfold on you, your in it for the night.” He said as he offered me his hand to help me stand.

I looked towards the door, and pondered my options. I looked back, at Todd standing naked in front of me.

I started to unbutton my shirt as I took his hand to stand.

“Good, Boy.” Todd said again.

I took off my shirt, unbuckled my belt, kicked off my shoes. Reaching down to undo my shoes, Todd smacked my ass.

“Good, Boy.” was all he was saying at that point.

When I took off my pants and underwear, I was standing just as naked as Todd, but he seemed to tower over me.

He walked up to me and placed the collar around my neck and snapped it on, giving the chain a small tug.

He stepped back to look me over. He reached down and gave my cock a squeeze. I was stunned by the fact that it was getting hard and had started leaking a bit of pre-cum out of it. He wiped it on his fingers.

“You really are getting excited about this.” He noted.

Bring his fingers to my mouth.

“Lick”. It was his first command.

I did. Mental note: I’ve never tasted my pre-cum.

“Good, Boy.” Todd turned and started towards the back, tugging on the chain.

As we passed the beaded curtain, I was looking down at my cock. It was getting harder by the step, and leaking a steady flow of pre-cum.

As we moved closer to the padded door, I saw Ricky standing outside the door waiting on us.

Todd handed the chain to Ricky and turned back to me. Squeezing my cock one more time. He brought his slick finger up to my mouth. No command, I just licked them clean.

Todd reached into a chest on the floor and stood up with a hood and a strap.

“Wayne, Last chance. I’m going to put this strap sound your waist. It has snaps on it, so when I attract the wrist cuffs to them, you will not be able to move your arms. After that, the hood goes one and the show starts. Ricky will lead you in when I call for you. No stopping after that. You will be a plaything for the rest of the night. I will be watching over you, nothing bad will happen, but I will test your limits. You will have to trust me. Is that clear?” Todd calmly informed me.

“Yes, Sir.” came my response. Sir, where the hell did that come from. Todd was younger than me, but he was definitely the man in charge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32