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My wife had decided her career was more important than her marriage. She had moved to the city and was living in a shared house with some other girls. We still saw each other at weekends but it was clear where I stood on her priority list. Besides which, I was fairly certain that she’d been fucking a guy at her work.

My wife was Russian and her name Irina. We had befriended another woman in our village called Natalia. She had been divorced for about a year and was quite lonely even though she had a teenage daughter. We had all got to know each other well.

One Thursday evening I was sat in my flat alone and the phone rang. It was Natalia. She wanted to speak to Irina but I told her our situation which surprised her as we hadn’t seen her for a few weeks. She pretty quickly suggested that we could always keep each other company. I was a bit shocked and didn’t really offer a positive reply but afterwards I started to think about it seriously. She was petite and sexy with wavy, shoulder length, light brown hair and a very nice body. She was in her early thirties, similar to me. I actually really liked and fancied her. I think Irina had also told her a lot about our love life and she was intrigued.

I did see Irina at the weekend. I stayed at her shared house and it was a turn on listening to the other girls moaning loudly as their boyfriends fucked them in their rooms. I had sex with Irina once but there was no real spark.

After the weekend I started to think more and more about Natalia and instinctively gave her a ring. She answered after a couple of rings. I was a little nervous as I knew there would be no turning back. “I think you’re right. We should be keeping each other company,” I said.

“Why don’t you come round this afternoon? We’d have the place all to ourselves.” She replied, half giggling.

I showered and put on my jeans and a tight T-shirt and within half an hour I was knocking on Natalia’s door.

She opened the door. “Hi. Wow, you look amazing!” I said. She really had dressed up for me. She had a very short black skirt on showing off her cute, pale skinned legs. It was accompanied by a tight white blouse with no bra, her pert little breasts jutting proudly against tuzla bayan escort the fabric. She smiled and looked deeply into my eyes and if previously in doubt, I knew exactly what she wanted now.

She walked into the kitchen and I followed. I could see she’d already drunk most of a glass of wine. “What would you like, something to drink?” She asked seductively.

“What I want isn’t a drink,” I replied, caressing her tightly clad waist as she stood by the sink looking at the window. I pressed myself against her back. She started moaning gently as my hands explored the secret folds of her body. I kissed the side of her neck tenderly, then more passionately. She turned her face to me and our lips met. Within seconds our tongues were swirling around each other and then exploring the wet, warm mouths into which they were thrust. My rampant erection pressed hard against her as I lifted her short skirt up around her waist baring her sweet thighs. My closeness to her held her skirt up and she ground her arse back onto my stiff cock. My hands were free to explore again so I fondled her firm breasts. The nipples were wonderfully pert and pushed against my hands. One of her hands held the back of my head as we snogged passionately and the other reached for my cock. I unbuttoned her blouse and felt the real hot flesh of her titties.

Soon I moved my hands down to her peachy bum and fondled the tender flesh. She wore a pair of skimpy white panties and her legs were spread well enough to afford me a glimpse of the pussy I now so desperately wanted. The panties were no longer capable of covering Natalia’s aroused sex. I could see some straggling light brown hairs and some swollen labia. Her hands were both behind her now as she skilfully unbuckled my belt and undid my flies. My left hand still fondled her left breast and I pushed my right hand up inside her knickers. She was moaning heavily now as I stroked the full length of her secret haven. I knew she hadn’t had sex for more than a year and a half and I shouldn’t have been surprised at her wetness. She manoeuvred my jeans and boxer shorts down and I watched as she wrapped her petite handed around my 7 inch cock and gently wanked tuzla olgun escort me. I slipped 2 fingers up inside her gaping wet cunt. “Oh Natalia. You’re so fucking wet,” I exclaimed.

“It’s all for you. I’ve been waiting so long for you. Just fuck me right here and right now,” she gasped, spreading her legs even wider and pushing her head down onto the sink. I guided my cock past her knicker gussett into her sweet juicy gash and slipped into her hot vagina. She cried out loudly as I thrust in balls deep. I held her waist and fucked her with long strokes gradually quickening the pace. Her noisy moaning was relentless as I made love to her. She thrust herself back wantonly onto me and I knew she wanted shagging really hard now so I fucked her as hard as I could. She started to tense and I thought she was going to cum but she was holding herself back and slipped off me. “Come to my bedroom.” She said

We hurriedly went to her room. She took her skirt off and sat on the bed. I’d wrestled my trousers, boxer shorts and socks off and I was so horny that my cock was like a slightly curling rod of steel. Her eyes were transfixed on it and I realised that it was the first time she’d seen it. “Oh, you’ve got such a beautiful hard cock. Come here. I need it in my mouth,” she said in her sexy Russian accent. She took me in her hand again gently masturbating me and her wet hot tongue felt good on my hairy balls and then along my shaft and then around my throbbing glans. I was slick with her juices. Then she rolled my foreskin right back, gripping the base of my shaft and looking up into my eyes took me in her mouth. She sucked my cock like no woman ever had, like a woman who couldn’t remember the last time she’d had a cock in her mouth. I pulled her blouse off and looked down at her naked body as she gave me head. I took my T-shirt off.

“Get on your back babe. I’m gonna fuck you,” I told her.

I moved between her spread thighs and we snogged like horny teenagers again. She gasped hard as my cock slid back up her pussy. My hands were all over her thighs and bum as I fucked her. She caressed my back and bum. Soon we weren’t kissing and she threw her head back uncontrolledly tuzla otele gelen escort as I simply fucked her. This time she started to tense and her breathing became even deeper and she squealed loudly as she started to orgasm. I continued to fuck her at the same pace as she clamped her twat tightly around my cock. She seemed to orgasm for about 15 seconds before it gradually subsided and her shaking relaxed. She was deeply out of breath as I pulled out. She quickly wrapped her little hand around my cock and wanked me as she saw I was close and I’ve never cum as heavily in my life. The first 2 jets shot onto her sexy face and some into her lovely wavy hair and the rest coated her breasts and belly. She wanked me for every drop and the semen dripped into her thick pubic bush and down onto her gaping cunt lips.

Natalia continued to stroke my spunk coated cock. “Come here darling. It’s still hard,” she wondered. Normally, once I’ve cum with Irina, she’s finished with my cock but Natalia’s continued attention and my extreme arousal meant I never fell below three quarters hardness. She licked the creamy spunk off wantonly, sucking and licking my balls and cock. I licked down her body. I kneaded her swollen breasts, massaging my plentiful love juice into them and licked her belly, lapping up more salty spunk, running my tongue down into her hairy pubis and down over her cunt. Her legs were spread wide and I stroked the width of my tongue along her sweet well fucked pussy. I sucked and licked her engorged lips. The taste and feel of her sex had me fully erect and my cock slipped back into her warm mouth. I wrapped my arms around her lower back and pulled her up on top of me into my favourite position.

I caressed her are cheeks and teasingly ran my tongue along her milky white thighs as she sucked my cock harder and harder. I held her open and dipped my tongue into her sweet hole, licking her as deeply as I could. We were feasting on each other for half an hour, our levels of arousal almost becoming intolerable when she took me out of her mouth, span round, took me in her hand and straddled me, guiding my 7 inch cock back into her cunt. She pressed her hands into my chest as I fondled first her arse cheeks and then her swinging breasts. She rode my stiff cock harder and harder until she tensed and came hard again, her love juices coating my cock and balls as I noisily came deep inside her.

She collapsed onto me and we kissed lovingly and stroked each other’s bodies until I eventually softened and slipped out of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32