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This is my first story ever written so please help me with feedback. I write this for myself and hope others can enjoy it too. The works are completely fictional with real life inspiration in some areas.


Friday morning I woke up to the sound of bird chatter and a ray of sunlight piercing our bedroom. First morning without any alarms and I couldn’t care less what time it was, I felt completely refreshed. Turning over I see my beautiful 27 year old girlfriend Rebecca sleeping, her red hair laid on her white pillow and her mouth slightly open. I looked down and saw her pink nipples, and slightly big areolas completely exposed in the sunlight. She usually got very warm while sleeping and tossed off her covers almost every night, not that I complained!

My morning wood started to rise higher as I watched her chest move up and down from her breathing, and I couldn’t resist anymore. I slowly straddled over her, lightly caressing my fingers over her arms. My lips moved slowly on her belly, tracing down to her flower patterned panties. Her body was not the skinniest, but the bit of fat she had she put on well, keeping a flat stomach while keeping her breasts a nice C cup and wide hips.

As my lips teased her thighs I heard her moan and slightly lick her lips. She still had her eyes closed and I kept going. She smelled great between her legs, her pussy looked incredibly inviting behind the fabric.

“Mmm fuck Mark…” She continued to moan.

I had been waiting for this for so long, our first day off from work. The last few weeks had been horrible for the both of us, long hours, stress, and so many dry nights. I couldn’t even remember when we had sex last, which I guess is the reason my boxers were almost as wet as she looked from my precum. My hardon was almost painful!

My tongue licked the outside of her panties, as I knew she loved being teased above the fabric, and even here I could taste her juices. She let out a moan and lifted her arms towards my head as I felt her squeeze my hair, pushing my head forcibly into her pussy. God I loved when she was dominant and showed what she wanted, I knew this long dry spell had her incredibly horny.

She opened her eyes and looked at me with an immense thirst, I could see a drop of saliva build from her lower lip. Then her eyes changed, and I felt her grip on my hair loosen. She looked horrified.

“What?” I asked, confused.

She sat up quickly and pushed my head to the side.

“We’re late!” She screamed as she looked at her clock on her arm. She jumped out of bed and ran towards the bathroom. Leaving me alone, with a rock hard cock dripping, and a sour feeling. I looked out the 7th floor window, seeing a neighbor on his balcony looking in my direction. He held a cup of coffee and was wearing a morning robe, as he smiled and shook his head. Fuck him! I thought and shut the blinds.

I had completely forgotten our trip! Me and Rebecca had a great group of friends, Ross, Greg, Sam and Jennifer. The 6 of us always tried to make plans when we had vacation and tried to plan our free days together, which meant this time it had to have been the first day of our vacation days. Even though I was really bummed by my blue balls this morning, I quickly got over it thinking of our weekend ahead. We had found a small cottage on Airbnb in northern Sweden, which was located right next to a lake, and had a good hiking trail nearby. It even had a sauna!

We prepared quickly and packed the last of our things and sure enough, we were late, as we got a call from Sam while Rebecca had hopped in the shower.

“Hey Mark, I’m right outside, you two ready?”

“Actually we overslept, Rebecca is in the shower, and I haven’t gone yet… We’re all packed though.” I thought for a minute.

“Don’t worry man, I’ll come up and chill and let you prepare.” He said and hung up.

Sam always was the best friend you could ever have, he was incredibly nice and everyone loved him. Walking with him in town was almost a chore, as he often stopped and chatted with people, making it very hard to actually arrive somewhere.

I decided to not have my shower and just prepare some sandwiches for our breakfast that we could eat on the way. And as Sam knocked on the apartment door I opened and let him in.

“Actually, if you’re not too bothered I’d love to see your new guitar.” He said as he walked in.

“Good point, I need to pack it. I totally would’ve forgotten.” I said moving towards the bedroom.

Sam was a very good drummer, and actually had a few bands that he got concerts with. I just played as a hobby but I was looking forward to playing some songs with Sam during the weekend. He was very athletic, slightly olive black skin as he was adopted from south america. His curly hair matched great with his constant smile and he was wearing a gray t-shirt and shorts.

“Wow, it looks really amazing! I can’t wait, I brought my cajon so we could jam.” He said with such enthusiasm which made me really sincan escort bayan happy. He sat down in our armchair in the bedroom, which sat just to the right of the door in the corner as I sat on the bed, and I started playing a bit on the acoustic guitar. The sound really was nice and as I played the final chord I noticed the sound of the shower had stopped.

I put down the guitar and just noticed something shove my shoulder pushing me down onto the bed. Rebecca had walked into the bedroom, obviously not noticing Sam sitting in the corner behind her as she wasn’t wearing a thing. She had pushed me down and I saw her tits completely exposed as she bent over me and let her wet hair drip on my shirt. Bending over her ass and pussy must have been fully exposed to Sam as I looked in his direction and noticed he looked straight at her behind, eyes wide.

“Rebecca, uum…” I started, looking at Sam who got a noticeable boner in his shorts.

“No, Sam isn’t here yet, I want to finish our morning with your cock deep inside me.” She teased as I heard her finger slip into her pussy. Her pussy sounded more wet than I’ve ever heard her before.

“Sam is… here.” I said weakly.

She stopped for a second, turned around and looked where I was looking.

“AAAAAH!” She shrieked and ran out of the room.

A few minutes passed without Sam and me exchanging any words, I just packed the guitar and we prepared the sandwiches. Then the bathroom door opened and Rebecca had a towel wrapped around her as she dashed towards the bedroom, her face red. Just as she had dressed Sam being the gentleman he is, apologized profusely to me.

“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have come up, I knew it was both of your first days off.”

“It’s okay” I heard Rebecca say as she emerged, dressed in a very cute black and white summer dress. “Let’s just leave, alright? We have a long car ride ahead of us.”

I noticed Rebecca was hiding a smile behind her red face, and I knew she really gets off on the thought of showing off her body. But we hadn’t actually done any of the sort, just discussed it. That’s why we sometimes left the blinds open during the night, well that and the beautiful morning sun.

Around 30 minutes later we picked up Jennifer at her place. She was already out on the side of the road waiting.

“What the hell took you so long?” She said angrily as she smiled, clearly not mad, just friendly teasing us.

She was wearing really short jeans, which fit her ass great. She had really big thighs that almost no man could resist taking a look at, I bet it came from her upbringing as a horse girl. Her shirt was cut leaving her belly button exposed showing off her fit belly and I could see her bra strap that supposed her very small tits. She has blonde hair that looks really nice in the hot weather.

Our car finally had everyone we planned to take and we set off. In the car ride we chatted about Sams’ recent breakup. He had been together with a girl for years and now they had decided to break up, just a month ago. This left me and Rebecca the only one in a relationship in our friend group. Jennifer hadn’t had a serious boyfriend that I knew of. I only heard of her having one night stands while studying a few years back. Our two other friends Ross and Greg were both single too, Ross coming off a long distance relationship a few months back. I’d heard he had a date recently but hadn’t had the time to talk about it yet with him.

Many hours later we finally arrived at the place. A beautiful cottage in the middle of nowhere, and the lake was right next to a small nearby building that I assumed was the sauna. A bit ways off into the lake was a raft, probably held there by an anchor. Ross and Greg were sitting outside around a cold grill and had already opened a few beers by the looks of it.

“Finally!” Greg said with open arms, smiling broadly.

Greg is quite skinny but has started working out last year, and now I noticed he had some muscle definition in his tattooed arms. He wears his hair slick back and a nice summer shirt with shorts. Ross on the other hand is what you would call a nerd, not fat by any means, he keeps his body in decent shape. But he has big glasses, short cut hair, and is quite tall and skinny. He, as every other guy was wearing shorts, but he sported a tank top which was unusual for him.

“I honestly need to take a shower, I didn’t have any time for it this morning.” I said to the group.

“Let’s all take a swim!” Jennifer said, carrying her bags into the house. “We can change here Rebecca!” She screamed looking into the cottage, noticing a room with a door.

Looking inside there was a small living room area mixed with kitchen, and two rooms, one closed as the girls had gone inside.

“Oh yeah, I bet there’s an outhouse.” I said, as the guys started changing in the other room.

Coming back from the outhouse the boys had already changed and were chatting outside, I walked into the cottage and entered the now empty room. I started eryaman escort to get changed when I heard voices, and I was about to announce to the girls I could hear them when I heard my name, and fell silent.

“Mark just sat there speechless?” I heard Jennifer’s voice, she sounded excited and was whispering intensely.

“Yeah… I told you we haven’t had sex in quite some time, so I was really horny. I was completely nude bent over him.”

“And Sam right behind you?!”

“Yeah, I hadn’t heard he came in, I just assumed he would’ve waited outside if he had arrived.”

“That must’ve been so embarrassing.”

“That isn’t the end of it, I was so horny I talked really dirty to him, and put two fingers in me.”

I heard a loud gasp followed by giggling, wait giggling? Was Rebecca telling this story, not as an embarrassing story, but a funny one? Or was it even a hot one?

“Yeah I was so wet I felt a drop leave my fingers and hit the bed.” She continued.

“You naughty girl!” Jennifer answered. “What happened next?”

“Well that’s when I noticed, looking back, maybe I should’ve kept going.”


“I wouldn’t mind someone looking, and Sam definitely didn’t mind, I could see his hardon through his pants.”


“He seemed big… maybe I should’ve turned around and given him a show instead of Mark.” This made my cock twitch, I looked down and noticed a raging hardon.

I took my hand and put it around my cock, noticing just a few strokes would put me over the edge. Resisting the urge to furiously jerk I continued closer with my ear to the wall.

“You know, we’ve talked about this before…” Rebecca continued.

“That you love a bit of exhibitionism?” Jennifer giggled. “Can’t say that it doesn’t sound hot, but having men look at my ass in my bikini is good enough.”

I could hear from the sound of the snapping of bikini straps that they were almost done. I quickly hopped as quietly as I could into my pair of swim shorts, and walked out. ‘Lucky I didn’t close the door, they would’ve definitely heard and knew someone was in there.’ I thought as I exited, meeting the guys outside.

“What happened there?” Greg laughed looking down at my noticeable hardon. Before I could answer I heard voices behind me and turned. Jennifer was wearing a rather prudish bikini, covering most of her tits and ass. But her ass was so big we still got to see quite a bit of it. Rebecca had a white swimsuit on. Both smiled as they walked towards us and we all turned towards the water. Rebecca turned towards me and whispered.

“What have you so riled up? Your shorts are giving it all away, stud.” She looked up at me smiling. I looked down and indeed my hardon was still noticeable.

As we got to the water I could at least hide it underwater. We laughed and played around in the water and had a great swim.

“Let’s swim to the raft! Last one there makes the food!” Ross shouted and started swimming towards the open water.

All of us swam rapidly but I had been distracted by Rebecca’s now noticeable areolas that were showing through the white fabric. And started swimming a bit after everyone else. Of course I was the last to arrive at the raft and got a few laughs.

“You need to keep up!” Greg laughed as he jumped in right next to me.

Rebecca jumped up onto the raft, and fell on her belly leaving her bent over the edge as she struggled up. Her bathing suit was now fully wet and I noticed her pussy lips just barely showing through the fabric. I gulped and looked around, and noticed Sam was staring too… Fuck.

After jumping and having a great time on the raft, we all ended up lying and soaking in a bit of sun while chatting.

“Do we still have energy to go into the Sauna tonight and swim?” Jennifer asked everyone. She was the most energetic out of all of us and I bet she could even go for a hike before dinner.

“I’m up for it, we only have two nights here, we need to use the time we have!” Ross said.

“Yeah, and I really want to take my mind off things, being busy really helps.” Sam said. The group fell silent for a few seconds.

“Of course man, we’ll have the best time ever this weekend Sam.” Greg said.

“Yeah! I understand it must be hard but I’m so glad you’re here with us.” I chimed in.

Ross, Jennifer and Rebecca stayed silent, but I knew they felt the same. Sam smiled and sat up.

“I’m hungry, let’s get back.” He said and stood up.

“Already ahead of you!” Jennifer said, competitive as she is, and rolled off the raft.


We sat silent, we had just heard a loud ripping noise. Ross moved towards the water where she had gone in and pulled up out of the waters, Jennifers bikini bottoms completely ripped apart. It had gotten stuck in a nail as she rolled into the water, completely ripping it off.

She emerged from the waters, completely red, looking up at Ross holding her bikini bottoms.

“Oh fucking hell… My bikini!” She screamed.

“Don’t worry about etimesgut bayan escort it… Hey, stop staring!” Rebecca said to us guys, although the water wasn’t as clear so we hadn’t seen anything.

“You guys wait here we’ll go up first, okay?” She continued and jumped in.

The women swam up to the shore and we saw, even though quite far away, clearly Jennifers naked butt moving out of the water and into the cabin.

A few hours later I was cooking dinner over the grill and being the friend he was, Sam was helping me even though I had lost. The rest of the group sat closeby in the grass drinking beer and talking.

“I can’t believe my bikini got that destroyed.” She laughed and held up her ripped clothing, then tossed it to Ross.

“Lucky it wasn’t anything worse, that nail could’ve hurt you” He said inspecting the damage.

Greg grabbed the bikini. “Well, was this your only pair? What are we gonna do about the sauna now?”

Here in Sweden it isn’t uncommon to be fully nude in the sauna, but usually that is with family, and our friend group is quite prude and has always been in swimsuits when in a sauna.

“Yeah, I was really looking forward to it…” Jennifer said gloomily.

“Let’s just go nude.” Sam said.

I looked at him surprised, he usually wasn’t like this.

“I wouldn’t want you to be left out Jenn, and we’re all friends and have been forever, who cares right? Let’s enjoy ourselves and just all go in nude.”

The group was silent for a minute, and even though this suggestion wouldn’t have been accepted with the group before, the combination of Jennifer’s actual bikini being destroyed and Sam just having a big breakup, no one wanted to fight it.

“I agree.” Rebecca chimed in. “Most of you have already seen me nude already.”

This made Greg and Ross really confused and started to look around. They knew I had seen her nude, same with Jennifer, they scanned around and noticed they were the only ones completely oblivious to something, and locked their eyes with Sam. He had a hard time hiding a smile.

“Sure… ” Jennifer said, slightly uncertain. “I need more beer in that case.” And she opened another can.

After dinner we played some board games and chatted and drank. Everyone started to get quite tipsy, and everyone seemed very comfortable and happy. I took Rebecca with me to fire up the sauna.

“Are you really okay with this?” I asked as we were loading the fire with wood.

“Actually, I am more than okay with it.” She answered, giving a hot smile.

“You know how much I get turned on by the possibility of being seen naked, and this morning, it solidified it.” She leaned in close and started to whisper, looking deep with her green eyes into mine.

“When I pushed my finger inside me, and Sam saw me pleasure my pussy, I haven’t been able to think about anything else all day. He was in the armchair, he must’ve seen my tits hanging too right?” She put a hand over my chest, stroking slowly. I swallowed and felt my head start to sway.

“I wish I would’ve continued, I wish I would have pushed in…” she moved hand down, and pushed a finger along the outline of my crotch, as if she was fingering herself but on me.

“… and out, letting him see how I pleasure myself.” Her fingers moved and pressed against my sack, slightly uncomfortable as she pressed it like a pussy.

“Aaah… Yes, watch me Sam… Your eyes… Your eyes make me cum” Her finger now moving faster and faster on my crotch. She kept eye contact and after each sentence she left her mouth open, and I could see how much it was watering.

“Yess yes YESSS” She raised her voice, going faster and faster, and then, stopped.

I had been seconds away from spraying cum in my pants, but she denied me. She knew my body better than myself, and knew exactly how to push me.

“You want that too don’t you baby?” She looked more serious now than ever before, and I had never seen this side of her before.

“Yes…” I said weakly.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I want him to see you cum.”

“Doing what, baby?”

“I want him to see you cum fingering yourself, fully exposing your body to him!” I shouted out.

She knelt down, and pulled hard on my shorts grabbing my boxers with them. The flick of the pull pushed me over, I couldn’t hold back and my rock hard cock stood straight out. Nothing touched it but it didn’t matter, my cock released a spurt of cum on her face as she opened her mouth, trying to catch it. My cock twitched, longing for the release of orgasm, but it had been completely ruined. I tensed my cock and thighs trying to push mid air to finally feel the release, but it never came.

“Mmmm” She moaned as I looked down, her face had a small bit of sperm on her cheek and she had just licked up a bit with her tongue. It wasn’t nearly as covered as I could’ve if I had cum for real, and seeing her this hungry for it made so I never lost my horniness. I just wanted to continue, but she stood up.

She leaned in and kissed me, and I felt the taste of my own cum on her tongue as she showed it deep inside me. She grabbed my head and we made out, hard.

“Mmmm fmmhk…” I heard her moan as she continued to ravage my mouth. My hands trailed around and grabbed her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32