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First, for those of you who don’t know me, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Tanya, I’m 26 years old, and I recently started going to the gym to keep myself fit. It wasn’t that I was looking bad, but my tummy was just a bit rounder than usual and I wanted it to be flat because summer was coming up, and I planned to look gorgeous in the new two-piece bathing suit I had just bought. With my long legs, firm ass, dark, shoulder length hair and curvy hips – I’d drive the boys wild if I could lose five pounds.

Well, I got a membership to Ballys and started going early in the morning before work. Often, there would be just a few others there and I’d often have the gym all to myself. I worked up quite a sweat on the treadmill and lifting the leg press, so I soon learned to dress down. I got into the habit of going to the gym in very, short nylon shorts and a tank top. I usually dress rather conservatively, but I figured I’d live a little because there usually wasn’t anyone around at the gym in the early morning.

One morning, I was running a little bit late and there were more people at the gym than usual. I noticed several of the men looking at my ass as I walked on the treadmill. I blushed, but decided to give them a show, bending over to hold the front of the treadmill and letting my short shorts ride far up my ass. I was sure they could see my pink cotton panties peeking out from underneath my shorts, and built up enough bravery to turn my head back slowly.

But the guys were not the only ones looking. A slim, dark beauty – I assumed she was Indian – with long, flowing black hair and wearing tight, black pants and a cotton T was on an exercise bike behind me and obviously staring right at my backside. She was licking her lips and we briefly made eye contact and I felt a tingle go through me. I had a hard time understanding what I was feeling, as I’d never been so turned on by a foreign woman before. Up until that point, I had always strictly slept with men or white, professional women who I interacted with in the workplace.

But the way she was staring at me … as if she were undressing me with her eyes. Well, it was even more intense than how the young men were looking at me, and suddenly, I knew I had to have this fine, Indian beauty. Yes, I would make her mine, I thought – and I gripped the bar to the treadmill tighter, flexing my leg muscles and waving my fine, firm ass at the woman.

The young men – there were three of them – were also staring at me, and apparently became too flustered by my antics, because soon they left, hiding the bulges in their pants. That left me alone with the Indian beauty, and I got off the treadmill and onto bursa escort an exercise bike opposite her, so we were facing each other.

We both biked in silence, but we were looking at each other. Looking and liking what we saw in the other. The attraction was electric and my pussy began to flutter. Yes, I was sweating, but that was not the only thing making me wet. I looked into the eyes of my smaller counterpart – she looked so delicate, and her eyes were deep and dark. I licked my lips, and she licked hers. I saw her nipples poking through her T-shirt and smiled. Yes, I would have her, I thought.

I rode the bike hard, breathing heavily and making soft, raspy noises. “Huh … uggghh … uhggggg,” I panted, pedaling the bike hard. The girl across from me did the same, responding to my guttural pants with longing sounds all of her own … her eyes glazed over as she rode that bike across from me, shifting her ass on the seat – almost as if she were riding herself to orgasm.

I could take no more … I got up … pulled up my short shorts even further up my ass, so the material was almost riding up into my crack … turned my back to my gorgeous friend, and bent over. I pretended to tie my shoe, but really, I just wanted her to see how wet she had made me. Then, I stood up, walked past her to the girls locker room, but made sure to look back – inviting her to come along with my eyes.

In the locker room, I went to the showers. By that time, it was past 9 a.m. and nearly everyone had left the gym to go to work. I took off my sneakers, and then my shorts, then sat on a bench and took of my pink panties. Then, I walked into the showering room, which was lined with nozzles. No one else was in there, so I turned on the nozzle and basked in a hot stream of water that came down. All the while, I was thinking of the Indian beauty who was riding across from me, hoping that she would also come in for a shower.

And I got my wish. I heard the door to the locker room creak open and about five minutes later, just after I’d gotten my hair nice and wet, she came across the corner completely naked. She crept inside, seemingly nervous, but that just made her more beautiful. And then, she went to the wall opposite me and turned on another nozzle and began kneading her hands through her dark, black hair.

Here we were, in the same showering room, both of us naked, wet and wanting the other – I knew that was the case. And yet still, neither one of us had said a word to the other. We were both nervous, and it was awkward because we did not know the other, but I knew that she wanted me as much as I wanted her. And if it was not already obvious, it became very clear when escort bayan she began soaping her breasts and looking at me with lust as I ran my fingers through my own dark hair.

When she had her back turned toward me, and was holding her head under the nozzle on the opposite side of the wall, I crept over to her. I was then just inches from her and had not said a word. But taking a bar of soap, and standing right behind her … I reached down my hand and began slowly soaping her firm, ripe ass.

God, her ass was beautiful. So exotic … firm and the color of brown sugar. I slowly soaped each cheek and she moaned. “mmmmm …. So nice to meet you,” she cooed. “My name is Sandita.”

I pressed myself against her backside. I was taller than her, so my breasts were pressing against her shoulder and I let my hand slip between the cheeks of her ass, with no pretext of soaping her cheeks anymore. I took one of her earlobes in my mouth, sucked it gently and cooed, “My name is Tanya … but you can call me mistress if you prefer.”

“Mmmm … Mistress Tanya …” she rasped. “What you are doing to me feels so good.”

I spread her legs and she put her palms against the wall, bracing herself. I whispered in her ear, “You look very lovely and I am going to make you feel soooo good. “

She moaned in response, and I gave her small, wet ass a spank before rubbing the lips of her pussy. She was very wet, and it wasn’t just from the shower. Then, I knelt down, so I was on my knees and I began servicing my lovely soul mate, who called to me with her beautiful eyes and let me know that she wanted this moment.

My tongue went across the outside of her lips. She braced the wall and cried out. I let my tongue lap at her gently, tasting her sweet juices. Slowly, ever so slowly, I let my mouth move over the head of her clit, making it respond to my ministrations. She had such a lovely pussy, and it was mine.

I turned her around and ate her out from the front and she held my head and cooed in delight. “Oh mistress Tanya … yes … YES! … teach me, show me … make me yours PLEASE!”

I buried my head in her pussy and held her ass, squeezing her cheeks. Darting my tongue in and out of her pussy, I made her cum over and over … She was in heaven. I loved giving her so much pleasure.

“Play with your tits for me,” I commanded.

She licked her lips, moaned and then let her hands play with her nipples. She then firmly took her breasts and began massaging them. Her mouth was stretched out in delight as I continued eating her. I then stuck out my whole tongue and began to lick her entire pussy slowly, up and down … up and down.

I was surprised when she pulled bursa escort me up. Without saying a word, she kissed me on the mouth. That was our first mouth-to-mouth kiss, and it was lovely. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. She let her hands travel to my waist. And then, she showed that she was more assertive than I had thought, as she pressed me against the wall into the position I just had her in and quickly dropped to her knees.

She ran her hands over my trimmed pussy. I keep just a tuft of hair at the top and keep the lips shaved clean and she smiled in approval. With the water still spraying over us, each of us wet, hot and steaming, she kissed my inner thighs and then turned me around, so my ass was sticking out.

She placed her hands on my ass and massaged the cheeks. “This is what I wanted, Mistress Tanya,” she cooed.

And then, before I even realized what she was doing, she pulled my cheeks apart and buried her head into my ass, licking my asshole!

“Oh my god!” I grunted. And I was in heaven. Never had I had a woman do this to me, and I had never even asked it. And here was Sandita, who I had just met, bending down of her own accord and cleaning the folds of my ass with her tongue.

I reached back and ran my hands through her hair and held her head in place. She buried her tongue in deeper, penetrating my ass. Then, she turned me around again, so my thighs were over her face. I was shaking and crying out.

She bent down still further and then she gave me what I wanted – her tongue right on my clit. I shook in delight. “Oh Sandita! Yes … make your mistress cum!”

She rolled my clit in her mouth and darted her tongue inside me. It felt so wonderful. I came about three times on her face. She kept her lips locked over my pussy and kept cooing and humming. Such a lovely mouth. I looked down at her and it was the most beautiful sight in the world seeing this slender, Indian temptress servicing my pussy like an insatiable slut.

Finally, I collapsed onto the floor, unable to keep myself on my feet anymore. Sandita folder herself into my arms, and I held her as though she were a child needing my protection. We lay there exhausted on the tile floor, hot water still burgeoning over us. She sucked at my breast, and I squeezed them as she alternated between one breast to the other.

“Did I do good mistress?” she asked, letting her hand run down to my flat tummy.

“Yes … yes you did … it’s time I bring you home and give you your reward,” I said, thinking of the big, strap-on cock I keep in my bedside drawer.

“Oh Tanya,” Sandita moaned. “I’d love that … take me home and make me yours.”

I held her in my arms, sighed and let her suckle at my breast, thinking how lucky I was to have met Sandita. Then, I took her hand, we got dressed and made our way to the parking lot, where my car was parked. I took her home with me, and have been seeing her ever since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32