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A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 39

By Leslie Jones

[This story features significant disciplining and involves bodily functions. If you find this bothers you, please read no further. All characters are over 18. My thanks to Susan Greenway for her kind permission to use one of her characters.]


Kate returned to her room imbued with good feelings emanating from her romp with WO3 Kathryn and CPT Elaine. This, on top of her earlier adventure when she tried out the new punishment dorks with her boss, LTC Rachel, had put her in a whirl of emotions, all powerful and positive.

She recalled when she had turned 18 and her stepmom Jan had gradually recognized Kate’s dominant tendencies and placed her in charge of the family members, all of whom were older than she was. Kate remembered too how she had been quite daring in disapproving her older siblings’ permission slips to return to college until they satisfied her conditions.

Then Jan helped her apply to go into the Correctional Service by receiving a direct commission and SSGs Denise and Linda had helped her make it through the testing program. Now she was their boss, well their assistant boss or deputy boss because LTC Rachel was in charge of the retraining unit. But Kate was a First Lieutenant and a commissioned officer, so even though the two sergeants were older and far more experienced, she oversaw them.

It felt amazing and awesome at times. She had had to discipline the two and somehow managed to do that without favoring them or frosting them. She stripped down in her room to take a shower and when she took down her favorite, blue-patterned panties that she had worn that whole day, she saw how wet the crotch still was from her dripping after she put them back on after the bed fun with Kathryn and Elaine.

She told herself that either she might wash them out herself because she didn’t want to go to the officers’ laundry service with them or even the self-service washing machines and dryers that were provided for the bachelor quarters residents.

As she fell into bed after her exertions that day, she tried to digest all that she had learned about Annette and Eleanor, and Eleanor’s not really shameful past, and Elaine’s experience in running a tough re-education camp for men, and how Kathryn, probably through her purchasing work, seemed to knew everything that had happened and was going on.

She hadn’t given marriage much thought because she had been so career-focused for the past year or more. But she was 20 and either she would meet the right man, which was not all that likely in her workplace, or perhaps the right woman. Would she want a wife or want to be one?

She looked at herself in the nude before donning her p.j.’s. She was happy with her slim curvy figure, her 34Bs, and her cute little landing strip she had left above her pussy. She thought back to her family’s tradition of incestual sex, into which she had been inaugurated on her 18th birthday by her father and brother. Then she started considering the experience that day with Rachel, Kathryn, and Elaine.

The women appealed more to her now. She also knew that while it was dangerous to get close with women in the service, that kind of marriage might be good for her in the Women’s Republic. These three women were older than she was, of course. She didn’t want to be subservient to any of them, although LTC Rachel was already her boss, so she had accepted that because she was desirable to work for.

* * *

The next day, CPT Elaine stopped by Kate’s nicely furnished office. She complemented Kate on how well she had done in the service and smiled when Kate responded by saying how much she still had to learn.

“Don’t lose your edge,” Elaine advised, “because you have spunk and character and can do well so long as you watch who you get into bed with. Rumors float through the service all the time, and even I pick them up out in the boonies where I run a camp that no one wants to be assigned to–whether as a correctional officer or a retrainee.”

Kate decided to seek her advice about how to deal with the two country girls in the current retraining class, who seemed destined for trouble.

Elaine laughed, but then assumed a serious look and told Kate that they would respect her if she dealt with them straight out when they messed up.

“Don’t waste your time lecturing them or even scolding them,” she said. “They are probably impervious to all that. Just tell them that you had warned them about screwing up and since they had apparently not bothered to follow what you said, they were going to find out what the service had in store for their sort of noncoms.”

Later that morning, SSG Linda brought PFCs Lara and Karen into 1LT Kate’s office.

“These two, as you are aware, Lieutenant,” Linda began, “have been getting into trouble steadily here. It appears that MSG Wendy is considering whether they deserve to stay in the program or get cashiered right now.”

Kate looked at the two, who were probably bursa eskort about the same age as she was.

“Is this what you two want?” she asked. “You two were sent here because you messed up. So now that you’re here at the last chance stop, you still can’t get your acts straightened out.”

PFC Lara raised her hand. Kate motioned to her to say what she wanted.

“1LT,” Lara began, “I’ve actually been in the service for almost two years. No one has bothered to help me plan out what I want to accomplish and how to go about it. That’s what I feel I need.”

Kate reflected on her answer. She thought about Elaine’s situation.

“I’ll tell you what I’m thinking of doing,” she stated. “I want you two to buckle down and make it through this class. You’re both tough so stop being stupid. Then, however, I’m thinking that you would benefit from spending some time working for CPT Elaine, who has been here this week on business. She runs what I know people say the least desirably located retraining camp, out in the northwest region, far from any major locale. But you two are country girls, so you will likely do well out there, under her tutelage and with the opportunity to clean up your reputations.”

Other correctional officers sent for retraining would not feel pleased at being sent out to the boondocks. But Lara and Karen were not the type to flourish in the capital where they now were going through retraining.

Karen responded first. “1LT,” she said, “Ma’am, the other women in our class would regard this kind of assignment as a demotion, but for me, I agree that it would be right for me, and maybe Lara, but she has to speak for herself. We can help each other get through this class and also when we get out there. And even we have heard about how respected CPT Elaine is.”

SSG Linda was impressed with 1LT Kate’s suggestion. She hadn’t given this idea much thought, in fact she hadn’t thought of it at all. Now she felt even better about Kate’s ability to perform in her new position as deputy chief. She realized she didn’t need to say anything. These women would decide more readily without her intervention, or Denise’s, for that matter.

“Are you in on this, PFC Lara?” Kate asked her directly.

Lara screwed up her face, looked sharply at Karen, and then smiled, “Sure, Ma’am, is I never would have thought about this possibility. But I for one would probably do better in a new location and you’re right, the two of us are not suited to be in spots like this one, with all due respect.”

“Good,” Kate said firmly. “You two get with this program and do what SSGs Linda and Denise and everyone else tells you and make it through here with a good sendoff and you’ll be sent to CPT Elaine’s camp.”

She stood, and the two SSGs and PFCs all stood quickly, saluted 1LT Kate and stepped smartly from her office.

Kate realized that Elaine would not have left the unit or headquarters yet, so she called SSG Denise back and asked her to find CPT Elaine and ask her to stop back at her office.

Denise grinned and said, “I’d be wondering how we could get through to those two. Thank you, Lieutenant.”

“Let’s keep our fingers crossed,” Kate answered pleasantly. “I think this could work but I have to be prepared in case it doesn’t, too.”

CPT Elaine turned up about twenty minutes later. Kate related what she had discussed with the two retrainees and asked Elaine if she thought this made sense. She didn’t ask if Elaine would be happy with it, because this was an organizational decision and they both knew that the objective was the best outcome for the service. Having the two cashiered was not such a result.

CPT Elaine smiled, “You seem to have a nice way of figuring these kinds of situations out, Lieutenant. Normally, I would regard this kind of assignment as a punishment as I have no illusions of how my camp is regarded in the service. But from what you say, this would be a kind of homecoming for these two girls. I’m game.”

Then she looked 1LT Kate in the eye and said calmly, “I’m staying another night to finish up some work I have to complete here before I go back to the camp. Could we plan to have dinner tonight?”

“I’d be happy to arrange that,” Kate responded cheerily.

* * *

Kate alerted 1SG Wendy that CPT Elaine had let her know that she was likely to be sending what she regarded as a hard case to the unit, a SSG Robin Jenkins.

“She must have told you just before she issued the order sending Jenkins to us,” Wendy responded. “She’s due to arrive late tomorrow.”

“That’s cool because CPT Elaine will be gone by then,” 1LT Kate answered.

“Jenkins must be bad news if Elaine lost patience with her,” Wendy suggested. “Elaine is very capable of dealing with problem children.”

“Well,” Kate replied, “she intimated that Jenkins might be our first candidate for the box.”

“Wow,” Wendy exclaimed, “she must be a real badass.”

“I guess we’ll see what she’s like tomorrow,” Kate grinned.

Later that bursa escort day, Kate met CPT Elaine at the officers’ mess. Elaine was in a happy mood because she had gotten all she wanted and needed from WO3 Kathryn.

“I didn’t realize that your SSG Jenkins was due to arrive her so soon,” Kate noted.

“I decided to send her when I realized that your unit now has the box,” Elaine declared.

“I hope we can get her reoriented so that won’t be required,” Kate said with concern.

“You can try,” Elaine said quietly, “but even your pros like 1SG Wendy and MSG Belinda will have trouble reading her. I know I have.”

“Let me ask you another question,” Kate asked. “Just how has she been such bad news?”

“She badmouths all authority,” Elaine replied. “She is both tough on most of the men assigned to her but then she picks one or two in her platoon to take to bed with her every night.”

Kate found herself enjoying the company of CPT Elaine as they had a pleasant conversation over the nice uncomplicated meals at the BOQ.

“I was hoping you might want to stay over another night,” Kate proffered. “We did have such a pleasant evening last night. I’m sure we can arrange for your room to be extended.”

Elaine gave the invite some thought, smiled at Kate, and said she would stay.

“Why don’t you have your stuff sent up to your room? I’ll go to the desk with you and make sure they get your room straight.”

They settled their bill and Kate accompanied Elaine to the front desk. The arrangements for her to keep her room were completed easily, as the desk officer knew Elaine well from her regular visits.

“Thanks,” Elaine told the officer. “You do always take such good care of me.”

The officer smiled at her and quietly added, “You’re one of the staff’s favorites, Captain. We all feel that you make our day a little nicer.”

“Thanks again,” Elaine replied. Then she walked to the elevator with Kate.

Kate invited Elaine into her room. She had spent some time decorating it without overdoing things.

“I’ve really been impressed with you, sweetie,” Elaine told her as they both sat down next to each other on the bed. “Let me go make sure my things were brought up to the room and I’ll stop back real soon.” She gave Kate a wide smile.

Kate made sure that the ice bucket was full and checked that she had a full bottle of gin and some tonic on hand.

When Elaine returned, she had changed into casuals: a nice navy blouse and khaki shorts with trainers.

“Let me help you get out of that uniform,” Elaine volunteered, “which, I might add, suits you quite dramatically.”

“Why thank you,” Kate grinned, as she felt Elaine’s hands unbuttoning her jacket and then her uniform blouse and tie. Now down to her white bra, she then felt Elaine unzip her skirt and slide it down and off, as Kate kicked off her black shoes.

In her bra and patterned panties, Kate leaned forward and capably lifted Elaine’s navy top right up and over her head. This disclosed the older officer’s firm support bra. Kate then unzipped Elaine’s shorts and had them down and off, so that Elaine’s white panties shined forth.

Kate proceeded to slide them down Elaine’s sturdy legs as Elaine did the same with Kate’s lighter undies. Now each unhooked and removed her bra. Kate’s 34Bs were perky and firm, while Elaine’s were larger but not sagging, with brown wide areolas and nice full nipples.

Kate opened the covers on her large bed and welcomed Elaine to join her under them. Once there, Elaine began to caress Kate’s breasts and then ran her fingers down her front to tickle her on her landing strip and gently tease her inner labia.

Then Kate responded by moving her frame so she could get her head down by Elaine’s luxuriant bush and extend her tongue to lave the large vulval lips and tickle Elaine’s now stiff clit.

Elaine felt herself becoming highly aroused. She didn’t get as much chance to enjoy female companionship out at her remotely located camp and she had little interest in men, certainly not in the men sent to her camp. As commandant, she couldn’t easily get into relationships with her cadre, so despite her enjoying her work, she was deprived of what she now was receiving from 1LT Kate.

Kate whispered that she had a set of the new dorks but wanted Elaine to try the B anal one if she’d like. Elaine grinned and said Kate seemed to recognize that Elaine loved anal insertions.

So, Kate helped her lean back and lift her legs to expose everything between her legs in what seemed much like the diaper position used for disciplining.

“You look so delightfully naughty in that position,” Kate complimented her, as she gazed at Elaine’s large-lipped vulva and deeply recessed star-like anal rosette. Then she grasped the B dork and lubed it gently before placing it at Elaine’s anal opening and slowly slipping it inside.

Elaine felt the thicker plug enter her back channel and was turned on immediately. She asked Kate to move bursa escort bayan it in and out and push it in farther each time and as Kate complied with her request, Kate leaned up and began kissing Elaine’s labia and insinuating her tongue into Elaine’s aroused puffy vestibule and then into her vaginal vault.

For her part, Elaine was enjoying the attentions of the shapely younger officer. For someone so young, Elaine thought, Kate was very very astute in making love to another woman. She decided to relax and enjoy herself for the night. And she felt even more comfortable because she had moved her bowels right before dinner so had no worries about anything interrupting Kate’s anal pleasuring.

“This is wonderful, Kate,” Elaine gushed. “That dork is just wider than a basic plug so that it cranks me nicely. Omigod,” she exclaimed, “I’m about to cum!”

Kate had been licking her pussy and now felt Elaine’s bucking and then felt the spray from Elaine’s orgasming vagina land on her face.

“I do tend to cum rather emphatically,” the captain offered with another smile.

After she had had time to come down, Elaine applied her oral talents to Kate’s cute little quim. Elaine lavished her tongue on Kate’s labia and teased her clit with the tip of her tongue. Kate was turned on rapidly and felt herself growing much warmer not only in her pussy but all over her excited frame.

Elaine fingered her in the rear and Kate’s nerve endings right inside her anal ring responded as the younger officer found herself speedily rising to a climax. When she exploded, Elaine felt a blast of liquid into her open mouth over Kate’s pussy. She realized that it wasn’t cum but a spray of Kate’s pee.

Kate realized she had released pee and started to apologize for the behavior.

“Don’t concern yourself, darling,” Elaine gasped, “I love the taste of your pee! It’s actually sweet!” She lapped up all the wetness inside Kate’s labia and then said, “I hope you still need to piss, because I want more!”

This was a bit new to Kate, who had spent a couple of nights in bed with Jan, her stepmom, but otherwise had spent her romantic interludes with guys she knew from high school and home.

Elaine stood up, with the dork still in her rectum, and picked up a bowl from Kate’s credenza.

“Here, you gorgeous girl, pee into the bowl for me,” Elaine said with affection as she helped Kate sit up and then squat over the bowl and finally release her urethral sphincter so that her pale-yellow pee streamed down into the bowl with a ping and then a bubbling sound.

Elaine loved seeing the young woman’s strong pee stream and let her fingers touch it and then she would lick those fingers.

Finally, Kate finished and was slightly embarrassed by her having first peed in Elaine’s face.

Elaine told her how absolutely sweet it was to see her pee so lovingly and picked up the bowl filled with Kate’s hot urine and began to sip it slowly. She held the bowl out for Kate to taste her own pee. Kate had never done this but thought there was never an easy first time, so she took a sip of the lightly flavored pee. It was salty but satisfying, she thought.

Elaine put the bowl over on the sink inside the ensuite bathroom and then moved back into the diaper position. Kate grasped the handle on the B dork and fucked Elaine in her bottom-hole with the dork, in and out several times.

“I love this, Kate,” Elaine admitted, “even if it is a bit thicker than I’ve had before. Can I ask if you’ve tried it?”

Grinning, Kate told her she had tried all the sizes.

“The biggest one, the D, is apparently bigger than most cocks, I’m told,” she said with a broad smile, “not that I’ve had any of those up there yet, dear.”

“These of course are intended for punishment,” Kate went on, “and the women, or men, if we ever have any here, are made to wear them for a couple of days so they are far less arousing under those conditions. If they still misbehave, we can increase the size. No one yet has needed more than this B, but we’ve only been using them for a short time now.”

Elaine and Kate held each other now in their arms, kissed, played with each other’s orifices some more, and soon went to sleep together.

When they woke up the next morning, Elaine told Kate that she needed to make an early departure to get back to her camp, so Kate hugged her and they kissed, and Elaine thanked Kate for her hospitality.

“I have been holding off,” Elaine now said, “letting you know about what you may find to be a ticklish situation. I’m also sending another of my problem children to your unit, immediately.”

“What makes this one so tricky?” Kate asked.

“She’s a commissioned officer and you probably know her,” Elaine responded. “She may have been in officers’ school with you–her name is 1LT Helene.”

“Yes,” Kate replied, “I did know her there. What’s she done?”

“It’s what she hasn’t done, Kate,” Elaine answered plainly. “She has been a total screw-off and it’s almost worse for me to have her than to leave the slot vacant. I hope you can turn her around or otherwise I’m going to write her up and start the process of getting rid of her which would likely lead to her being thrown out of the service.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32