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Hello my name is Marcus and I work for the female reproduction assistance center. It sounds benign enough and for the most part it is. We here at the assistance center provide your standard OB/GYN assistance for single ladies as well as couples looking to start a family through traditional means that you would normally find at any other doctor’s office.

However, there is an alternative side to our assistance center, one that we normally do not advertise…scratch that, we never advertise. Only a very select clientele are even aware that something like this takes place. A very selective clientele with the ability to demonstrate extreme discretion, and I am about to share with you what the special service is. The assistance we provide is to ladies who have demonstrated extreme discretion is what we refer to as “natural insemination services”, or basically a lady pays the center a lot of money to become pregnant, the natural way, with one of our talented and attractive male “donors”…I am one such donor and I will tell you a story of one of my clients.

One client I had was a 19-year-old woman I will call Tatiana, married to a very old and very rich man who, quite honestly, could probably be old enough to be her grandfather. The little blue pill didn’t work for the poor guy and if it did, well he’d probably die of a heart attack. Basically a “he came and he went” case waiting to happen. She talked him into paying for our services and I am pretty sure he was completely oblivious as he tried to make a small “donation” to use to impregnate his wife. Although behind closed doors she wasn’t interested, but to be sure we did check and none of his little swimmers were even active anymore.

She went through the normal selection process. Make sure she wasn’t crazy, had a very clear understanding on what was going to take place and that she wouldn’t be able to obtain parental assistance from the donor. She declared in four forms of legal jargon that wasn’t an issue and signed away any hope. She went through a complete health check, standard blood pressure, respiration, etc. full ob/gyn work up and then when that was done, she went through selecting her “service provider”. No names are ever used, not even fake ones in case a real name slips out. She chose donor 141DA…me. We scheduled her servicing date for when she would be most fertile. As per protocol, her husband would not be attending the procedure.

On the day that her service was to be performed, she arrived on time and checked in. She was escorted to the “pre-service room” where she would be prepped. She disrobed, took a shower where two female staff members bathed every inch of her.

For her service she requested what we refer to as the “medical style service”. Basically, think of it as an OB/GYN visit but specifics vary. Specifically, she asked for the “VS, VL,, VIwICS” Or Vagina Shaved, Vaginal Licked, finished with Vaginal Insertion with Internal Cumshot”

She was allowed to wear whatever afyon escort lingerie she wished, with the understanding that it may need to be removed for the services she had asked for. After being prepped, the client elected not to wear any lingerie and only wore a typical cloth hospital gown.

She was brought into the services room wearing only the thin gown. Sat down in the OB/GYN exam chair. The client also elected to utilize our power restraint system for the full clinical effect.

The power restrain system is a series of metal bands that are placed on the client. They are placed at the wrists, the ankles, the thighs, the neck, and the waist. The female assistants then secured the bands to the power restraint machine, placed a secure blindfold that the client elected to have on during the whole process.

I enter the room and she is only wearing the gown. I then began to speak.

“Hello, I am 141DA. I am here to provide services for you in the agreed manner. Are you ready to begin?

“I am ready” she replied.

“That is good. Unfortunately, we cannot start just yet, as you have far too much clothing on. I will need to remove them.” I continued.

“Please do what you need to do. I am ready” she replied with nervous anticipation.

I then approached her and I placed my hand on her leg and then slid my hand up her thigh, and then I ran one finger up to her slit. In that instant she let out a slight, but ever so noticeable groan. Her pussy was very hairy. I then grabbed her gown and in one fast swoop I ripped it off her, exposing her now naked 19-year-old body.

Her body was tight, breasts firm with two studs, one in each nipple. Her belly button was pierced and she had a small tattoo down by her pussy…which made me laugh because her tattoo said “keep off the grass”.

I told her, “According to your tattoo, I am supposed to keep of the grass, but according to our contract I am going to have to mow this lawn. Are ok with that?

Her response, “Yes please. I grew out my landscape just for you.”

I then engaged the power restraints. Her body lifted up off the table and I placed the system into stage , which slowly and gently spread her legs apart. Once I had good access, I began the trimming. Inch by inch, she went from Chewbacca to a military buzz cut. I then finished by making everything smooth as a baby’s butt. Her pussy had what is described as a “outie”, meaning her inner vaginal lips were large and protruding…my favorite kind of client.

After giving her a nice haircut, I told her, “My landscaping services have been completed and you have a completely hair free vagina. I will now go to step


“Yes, please do” she whimpered.

Leaving her in the position that she was in, I pulled up a stool and I began to slowly lick her pussy. Her pussy was clean and tasted sweet, just like a 19-year-old’s pussy should be. Moment, by moment, afyon escort bayan she became more and more aroused, at first slight gasps followed my light moans, then by heavy moans. More and more, she was becoming more and more wet and then finally, I she let me know that she was about to orgasm…as she did, she tried to pull away from my tongue, but she couldn’t due to the restraints.

With her first orgasm completed, I removed my clothing all the while I was gently caressing her body. A slight scratching across her thighs, a gentle grasping of her butt and breasts.

I said, “before we continue, would you like to kiss the cock?”

“Yes, please…” she begged.

I then pushed the machine button and pressed stage

, which flipped her over to a facing downward position, sort of the position one would be if they were skydiving. From the floor a small platform rose up to support her torso. I gently guided her head and mouth towards my cock and pressed the head on her lips.

She recoiled slightly and then asked, “May my hands be free so I can give proper attention to the cock?”

I liked that, she asked so nicely. So, I responded, “Yes, I will put the wrists actuators into free movement mode.”

“Thank you, sir,” was her response.

With the wrist restraints in free mode, she grabbed my cock, and pulled me towards her so slightly and gently. First stroking my cock and then finally she pulled me into her mouth. Apparently, I was larger than what she is accustomed to as demonstrated by the gagging. After a good solid 5 minutes of some impressive cock sucking, I pulled away. As she was catching her breath, I told her that it was now time for the full procedure.

“Are you ready?” I asked

“Yes, I am.” Was her response.

I pushed the button stage
, which reengaged the wrist restraints and flipped her over on to her back. It also engaged the thigh and ankle restraints and spread her legs nice and wide open. She was extremely turned on as I could see her pussy juices glistening in the light. I lightly rubbed my shaft and head on her clitoris while spreading her lips open with my fingers. Then I grabbed her by her hips with one well aimed thrust, I entered her. She let out a surprised gasp followed by a scream.

“OH MY GOD!!” She exclaimed.

For a good ten minutes of thrusting, moaning, playing with her breasts, her clitoris, finally I felt that I was about to cum. With 5 hard thrusts, I came. With the last thrust, I buried my cock as far as I could go. With 5 – 8 good spurts, I emptied my seed into her pussy.

But that is not how this story ends, oh no. She was a special customer who requested (and paid for) a five-seeding session.

After I could catch my breath and compose myself, I told her that the first seeding session was completed. The next step was for me to insert a “IVSCD”, or a “Inter-Vaginal Seeding Containment Device”, which is escort afyon designed to keep most of my sperm inside of her. She said that she understood. I grabbed the IVSCD, pulled out my cock and inserted the device.

I then put on my robe and left the room. The two female staff members came in, disengaged the enhanced restraints and placed the client on the post seeding bed. Basically, a typical medical exam table with a wedge-shaped cushion to raise her waist into an elevated position so gravity would pull my seed toward her womb. The client was given a choice of various liquids like water and sport drinks to consume while waiting. Since it is a fact that orgasms help contract the vaginal muscles and move seed into the womb, the IVSCD is also a gentle vibrator that makes the clients cum.

On my side of things, I relaxed in a lounge area where I recuperated along with an activation switch to tell the female attendants that I was ready to go again.

After approximately 5 hours of marathon seedings, I was drained…mentally, emotionally, physically, to the point where my cock and balls actually hurt.

After my final thrust into the client, I withdrew from her quivering body. I put on my robe and then in my most official sounding voice, I told her the following.

“This completes your seeding appointment. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed your visit as it was great having you as our guest and I thank you for selecting me to be your provider.”

I continued, “You have a lovely figure, amazing butt, superb breasts, a beautiful and tight vagina, and an incredible sexual appetite. It would be an extreme pleasure to seed you again in the future, should you want or need to. I will even provide you a card that entitles you to one free seeding session with me. I will leave it with the staff at the front desk.”

I finished my statement, “The female staff members will come in and remove you from the restraint system and then bring you to a recovery room where you will be placed back on to an exam bed with the wedge and a female staff member. After 30 minutes in this position with the IVSCD inside you, you will be then escorted to a private, post-seeding service cleaning room where our female staff will remove the IVSCD, bathe you, assist you with your hair and make-up, and then assist you in getting dressed if you wish.”

Again, thank you and I hope you have a pleasant afternoon.”

She let out no reply as she seemed to be completely in post-intercourse bliss.

Approximately an hour later as I was leaving, I saw my client outside in the parking lot. Since the parking lot is joined to other businesses and because she was blindfolded during our session, she didn’t know who I was.

Did I see her again?

Yes, there were two more seeding sessions for her like the one I described until she was actually pregnant. That was two years ago and she now has a beautiful daughter and a rambunctious son, or so I am told.

To tell you the truth, she was even there being seeded by me when she had a slight baby bump, and slightly swelled breasts. She wrote me a note one time and left it at the front service counter in which she said I was the best lover she has ever had. I replied back to her that she would always be welcome with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32