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Big Dicks

I met a young man Daniel almost three years ago. He told me a story I found hard to believe. He assured me it was true. Since then I know it to be, I have met almost the entire family. Daniel put me in touch with others he learned of over the years, don’t know how, I asked he didn’t say.

I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are true for the most part. Still they are not biographies, artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

The stories are somewhat long, most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short, I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, or any personal friend or relative.

This is the third chapter based on David’s life.

A Welders Tale

By now I was in my late thirties, the last eight or so years I had been working close to home. I was involved with Chad and Blair growing up during that time, even still what did I really know about them. I had met their friends but probably could not name more than one or two by seeing them. Chad was the competitive one, athletically playing on several teams but was never the star. In school he was a B average or better in most subjects, in the shop he was hard working and gifted. He always seemed to have a girlfriend but never seemed to be overly committed. He could be stubborn, we butted heads a few times, but I respected him for it. I enjoyed having him around and yet encouraged him to experience all facets of life. Quiet as he was at most times he had great sense of humor and was hard to piss off. Chad could be engaging when needed, was independent but not aloof. He had his faults as we all do but overall he was a great young man, I was proud to have him as my son.

Blair was different in many ways, athletic but never competitive, she seemed to just enjoy the sport. In school she was a straight A student, it came easy for her, rarely did she study, if she did it was to help Chad. Blair seemed to have boyfriends, but never for long. Robin would tell me she would have a new boyfriend, several weeks later I would meet the young man. Some I was not happy with most seemed nice enough, then the next thing I knew he was out of the picture and a new one was found. The pattern seemed to go on continuously during high school and the beginning of college.

Where Chad was stubborn Blair was accommodating, if there was a disagreement she would rarely argue about it, instead she would agree with you. Then she would do what she wanted to do anyway knowing she would be forgiven eventually. Chad would tell me how she had me wrapped around her little finger, Robin would tease me also, they were right. I couldn’t help it, ever since Robin and I married, Blair has all but clung to me. Maybe it reminded me of my childhood and how I longed for my parents.

If I was ever in that special chair and if she was home I could rely on her showing up and slipping in beside me. When she was younger and her bed time was earlier I would try to get her to go up to her room but she would eventually end up back with me. Robin finally convinced me to just let her stay, happy to just be there she would fall asleep. When I was ready to call it a night I would carry her up to bed, kissing her goodnight. Even as a teenager we repeated this ritual one or two nights a week. Several months after the drama about Blair being my daughter ended I noticed Chad would wait for me to place Blair in her bed and close her door before he would turn out his lights. I never gave it a second thought then, but I do now, did he know then? I am not sure if it was me he did not trust or her?

I believe it was after Blair graduated high school, I was getting ready for bed. I had just finished my shower and entered the bedroom that Robin was waiting for me. With just a silk robe as a cover she stood before me.

“I have a present from Blair for you!” Robin teased.

“From Blair?” Robin could sense my confusion.

“Yes dear, she picked out something special just for you!” Robin led me on.

Dropping her robe she stood naked in front of me, it took but seconds for me to see what I am sure she was talking about. On either side of her nipples were small gold balls. Robin had her nipples pierced!

“You like?” She could not contain her excitement as she moved closer to me. “No touching for a few days but after that they are all yours!”

I bent down to kiss her moving my hands slowly up to the bottom of her tits, I wanted to squeeze them so bad but knew better. Robin almost seemed disappointed when I didn’t but did not complain when I gripped her ass and mashed her pussy hard against my cock.

“What’s the occasion?” I whispered.

“She wanted a tattoo, but I suggested she wait awhile, they are so permanent. Then she suggested the piercings but could not siirt escort find anyone to go with her. So I went and we got matching jewelry.”

“Blair has her nipples pierced too?” I was stunned. My little girl was walking around with pierced nipples?????

“Yes, she offered to let you see them” Robin teased me.

“Robin she is our daughter!” I protested.

“That is what I said when she offered to show you. But she wants you to know the offer still stands!”

This was something I would never consider, how could the two of them even suggest it? Something was going on behind my back, I could sense it, it may be innocent enough but my guess is they were up to no good. I was not going to step into that trap, but I did pick up my wife and take her to the bed and let her ride my cock while I watched her pierced nipples bounce above me.

Rachel and Robin

I have brought you the highlights but for me as I look back every day with Robin was a highlight. Sparky and I have been friends for many years. He was instrumental in my career, and I with his private life. We trust each other with our lives. Even though the stories about Robin and Rachel I suspect are true, I never once saw them together. Except for a few intimate kisses I have no proof any of it is more than just an elaborate fantasy. Things like that just don’t happen when I am around. I do know that Rachel is Robin’s most trusted friend and I am sure there are few secrets between the two of them.

Sparky and Rachel have been very close for some time. He still keeps his own home but I have heard he spend most of his time at Rachel’s. Sparky is a private man, we do not talk about our personal life, but it is clear he feels deeply about Rachel, something I don’t think even he expected.

Robin came home from Rachel’s, it was later than she said she would be but nothing I was worried about.

“Sparky is leaving tomorrow, Rachel says he does not know how long he will be gone, maybe months. Do you know anything?”

“News to me, haven’t talked to him in a few days. You do realize that if I did know I still could not tell you?” I was a bit flip but not rude.

“Or you won’t?” Robin was not happy and was taking it out on me.

“Robin, we are not going to have this conversation. I told you I don’t know.” I was now getting testy

“Well it would be helpful if you found out!”

“Honey I work there I do not own the place. I understand you’re not happy right now but I am not the enemy!” I was exasperated! “Why don’t you go spend a few days with her?”

“You mean that?” She looked at me with a puzzled face.

“Sure why not, spend the week if you want!” I offered. “Robin, I can take care of myself for a few days. Besides it is not like you are going to the other side of the world!”

“Oh darling, you are such a good husband and friend.” Robin replied as she wrapped her arms around me for a kiss. “Tonight I will say a special thank you!”

That night Robin met me in the bedroom wearing nothing but a smile. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to bed. I laid her down covering her body with kisses, it always drives her wild. She was moaning from the moment of the first kiss. I worked my way to her pussy and sucked those magnificent lips in my mouth. Robin gripped my head pulling it up then pushing it back down as I dragged my mouth over her pussy lips. She gripped my head firmly.

“Oh David you do that so well but I need you inside me!” She moaned.

I looked up she winked at me. I moved up and started feeding her my cock. She groaned as I started expanding her cunt.

“That is something Rachel can’t do!” Robin teased me. I thrust my cock until our bodies mashed together. The thought of Rachel eating her almost made me cum. “

I fucked her slow and steady, then rolled over so she could set the pace. She loves me to play with her tits this way. With her new piercings healed I was more than happy to oblige her. Robin then kisses me playfully all the while fucking me senseless. Only after I filled her pussy did she lean over and rest on me. We both knew the night would not end without her favorite form of sex. I started to stir as we locked in a long sensual kiss. God I loved her kisses. My cock started to stir she rolled to the side of the bed and pulled something from the drawer. Lubing her ass then my cock she lowered herself on me. Robin groaned in pleasure then she showed me two shiny spheres.

“Open me!” She moaned.

I held her pussy lips open, Robin pushed the balls in her pussy. I could feel them stretch her out against my cock. She started fucking her ass on my cock. I could feel the balls vibrate in her pussy.

“You like?” She giggled.

“I like I moaned.” Robin smiled broadly.

“Then fuck me like you mean it!” She looked down as my cock stretched her asshole.

I pulled her to me and rolled her over, with her legs held up I faced her as I fucked her ass hard and fast. She must have cum escort siirt three times from the vibrations in her pussy before I filled her ass with my second load. Only after we both cleaned up and were embracing in bed did I speak.

“You are full of surprises!” I teased. It was true, every time I think things may be getting a bit stale she comes up with some little thing to spice it up.

“You have no idea!” She teased back.

That Friday she prepared to go to Rachel’s.

“You are a good man David Nichol’s. I love you too.” Robin kissed me then walked to the car. “You need to remind Blair to stick to the deal!

“Blair? Isn’t she at college? Deal what deal, what is that all about?” I asked. I didn’t like the sound of this.

“She will be home in time for your show. Just make sure you tell her, she will understand. Till next week Sunday.” Robin slipped into the garage and drove off. Funny but I think she seemed happy to be going now.

Unbeknownst to me Blair was coming home for the weekend. I had missed her and Chad being around but mostly Blair. Don’t get me wrong Chad and I had a great relationship as father and son. With Blair I always felt she thought of me as more than just the man who raised her. There was this bond we had starting at a young age. She was so smart we could talk about almost any subject and expect the other to follow along. Even with Robin she seemed to have a closeness that was deeper than I would expect. From my perspective I liked the closeness we shared, her being away at school had a sobering effect on me.

She showed up that night and made dinner, we found something to talk about as we always did, it was good to have her home. That night she joined me in the big chair as I watched my investment show. It felt like old times with her here. When the time came I kissed the top of her head as I always did and went to bed. We spent the weekend together, she went to the hardware store with me, and I took her to the mall. When the kids were younger Robin and I always tried to find a day to spend with the kids one on one. It allowed us to focus just on them without distraction. I was finding today was one of those days that I wished would never end. Blair had become a young woman right before my eyes. I always knew a day like this would come, but today it seemed to hit me hard.

Blair is not what you would call beautiful, but like Robin very good looking. A great figure, long hair, deep brown eyes, and a great smile. She turned heads wherever we went, I even got a few nasty looks as she held my hand at the mall. I offered to take her to dinner, she accepted so we lived it up and went into the major town and went to her favorite seafood restaurant.

Sunday she went to see Robin and Rachel but refused to discuss what they did. Blair told me I sent Robin away and she was not a spy.

Monday dinner was waiting when I got home as well as every other night except Wednesday when I took her and Pete out. Peter worked for me a few years back on a project I did for the government. He and Blair had dated before, now it seems to be a bit more serious. He is a great worker, very smart, and very personable. He was the type of young man every mother wished her daughter would bring home. I liked him well enough, never had a cause to complain, somehow I just didn’t see him as Blair’s type.

Blair had taken some classes off for the week or did them online. A couple of days she went to school but drove back again that afternoon. Each night we would sit in the chair and watch my investment show, I would kiss her head and go to bed. Friday I decided to stay home from work, she had a test at school and was not sure when she would get home.

The week was just perfect, Blair and I bonded like we had at no other time in our life. I think we talked about everything and anything, except about Robin or Pete. I only realized this much later. Friday I moped around for a few hours in the shop but decided to have an early dinner and try to get some financial charts updated. I got a call from Robin asking me how I was holding up. I told her I missed her of course but having Blair around was a big help. She told me how Blair offered to come home and Robin thought it would be a good idea.

“Tell Blair to make sure she sticks to the deal, no more.” Robin said before she said goodbye. Her plan was to be home Sunday and she would see me then. “I love you David.”

“I love you Robin.” I said as we hung up.

Around seven Blair walked in the kitchen from the garage. I heard her close the overhead door.

“You’re home early!” I looked past her to see she was alone. I expected to see Pete with her. “What no Pete?”

“He is hanging out with the guy’s, someone’s twenty first birthday at work.” She explained.

I had heard the rumor before I left work the other day, I believe the event was planned for the topless bars in the nearby big city. I did not offer that information up however.

“I guess you’re siirt escort bayan stuck with me again!” Blair winked and laughed at me.

“Maybe I should call Pete and see if I can go with him?” I was kidding, but just.

“I don’t think you want to do that, I have plans for you!” Blair opened her purse showing me the cover of the newest action adventure movie just out. I missed it at the movies and was looking forward to seeing it. “Besides the tits in this house are better looking than the ones they will see tonight!” Blair teased obviously knowing where they were going.

“Robin asked me to remind you to “make sure you stick to the deal, no more” before she hung up. Robin said you would know what that means.” I was hoping to change the subject, from her statement.

“Let me go change, and then we can watch this so it will be over in time for our show.” Blair commented before she headed up the stairs.

I put the movie in the machine and was watching the previews when she came back down. I heard the popcorn in the microwave. I was in my chair, holding the remote when the lights dimmed. Blair came up from behind me, taking the remote she handed me a beer. I was surprised that instead of taking the favorite spot to lie on the couch she slipped in the chair with me. The bowl of popcorn was placed on my lap as I moved to make room for her.

Blair had changed, she was wearing one of her brother’s old white button down shirts. Robin knew this was my favorite attire, now Blair was wearing one. Blair’s breasts strained the lightweight material pulling lightly on the buttons. Her nipples not hard were prominent, the dark areola’s visible through the cloth, the piercings making an impression. Fortunately she wore full length sweats below, I could see the top elastic of some sort of panties. She has worn less before but never when we have sat together. We may have been close but it was always appropriate, in dress and in social graces. It has been a week without Robin here and this was torture.

It was all I could do not to stare, but I am a man, and as such I had to look. At times I think Blair wanted me to as she shifted letting the shirt gape open so her nipple was just out of sight. I was horny but confused. She never made any attempt to touch me other than to sit beside me and lean on my chest.

The movie was as good as advertised, the popcorn was gone my beer was gone. Blair offered me the last of hers as she snuggled deeper in the chair. The end of the movie was predictable, the hero lives for another day. We got up Blair put the empties away and returned the bowl for the popcorn back in the kitchen as I went to use the facilities. I checked the doors and windows before returning to my chair for the investment show.

Blair joined me but my guess is she was sleeping as her head was on my chest in a way that watching the TV was not likely. When the show was over I kissed the top of her head like I always do to say goodnight. Blair kissed my cheek then stood up stretching before she started walking away.

“Goodnight honey, thanks for spending the night with your old dad!” I responded. I stood letting the kinks in my body straighten out.

“Until later David.” Blair headed up the stairs. David, I thought to myself, kids these days have no respect for their elders. If I would have ever called my pare………., my grandparents by their first names, I would be dead! It had been many years since I last thought about Robin and her parents that way.

I dragged myself into the bathroom to brush my teeth and such. I wasn’t really tired. Thinking of Blair and he way she dressed, then Robin with Rachel had me wide awake. Going to bed was not an option, I headed back to the living room and turned on the late show just after it started. The room was dark except for the glow from the screen and the soft rays of the security light outside.

“Blair? Are you up?” I could hear the slightest of sounds and a shift in the shadows.

“I thought you might be here.” She whispered. “No don’t move, stay right there.”

It was more of a command than a request.

“Is there a problem?” I started to twist my head back as she approached. Blair took my head in both hands holding it forward from behind. Standing behind the chair she slipped them to my shoulders, starting to knead them.

“Promise me you will not move, I need to show you something!” Blair bent over my back as she whispered I could feel her breath on my neck.

“What are you talking about?” I was now totally confused.

“It’s part of the deal. Now do you promise?” She asked, her voice had a sultry tone. Deal what fucking deal I was thinking.

“David, promise me!” she persisted.

“Ok I promise.” Again with the David. I figure what the heck I was not going to sleep anyway.

“And you always keep your promises, right?”

“I said I promise……..” I could not get the rest out. Blair moved to the side her lips finding mine. The kiss was delicate but still not one that should be shared between daughter and father. When her lips moved her finger took its place. Stopping my protest.

“David?” She moved her finger

“Yes Blair?” I questioned.

“What is my name?” What the fuck I wondered? A kiss, her name, I felt uneasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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