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This story is about pee. Peeing on, in, and all around three people who have come to enjoy it fully. If this subject disturbs you, I suggest that you find another story to read. If it excites you and you are an adventurous sort, then please read on, and add a comment at the end.

It never ever occurred to me that it could be fun, or sensuous, or sexy. It was only something nasty, dirty, and stinky. Why would anyone want to piss on someone, or be pissed on? That’s what I was thinking when I ran across a water sports section on a porn website. Of course there was more than just pissing in the pics, plenty of cock sucking, pussy licking and sperm swallowing, so it kept my deviant mind’s attention long enough for me to read a blurb at the bottom, about how urine is actually 99.9% sterile unless a person has some kind of liver or kidney infection. “Hmmmm, really?” I thought. “What about the smell?” Reading further, I discovered (if indeed I believed what was posted) that the smell is mostly from the protein that’s in the urine rapidly decaying. Diluting it by rinsing away with plain water is sufficient to halt that. “Makes sense to me, after all, that’s all we rinse it down with in the toilet.”

I didn’t give it much more thought. That is, until I met Sheila. Ah, Sheila. Sexy, sultry Sheila. To me, her name and her demeanor likened her to a raven haired beauty, but she was blonde, a gorgeous Swedish blonde.

I met her at my 20 year high school reunion. She was, of all things, the date of my graduating class’s prom QUEEN. Go figure! Her long blonde hair was a perfect match to startlingly blue eyes, the color that people pay to get via contact lenses. Those eyes alone were enough to captivate even the most jaded man (or woman). High cheekbones along with a straight, almost Grecian nose rounded out this woman’s stark beauty. I was thinking that she was put together with all the best parts of many ethnic backgrounds, and when she spoke her accent tipped me off to her nationality. Her English was perfect, although tinted with a slightly Swedish ‘color’. That along with her natural grace and beauty painted a stunning figure.

I think Sandy, our former prom queen, noticed me checking Sheila out. Sandy and I had been ‘just friends’ in school, sharing our homeroom throughout the four years of high school. We never dated, but spent some time together in study groups. I would never have suspected in a million years that she would wind up on the other side of the fence, but I was about to find out. When she noticed me eyeing her girlfriend, she walked over, took my hand and led me over to her.

“Rick, this is my girlfriend Sheila” she started. “We’re a couple, if you know what I mean” she smiled. Struggling to keep the incredulity from my face and voice, I took her proffered hand and lightly kissed it.

“Pleased to meet you Sheila” was all I could get out without stammering, our eyes meeting as she smiled down at me. Yep, she smiled down at me. She was about my height, but her stiletto heels put her eyes a good three inches above mine. There was a glimmer in there, she knew that I was working to hold my reaction at bay, and she was enjoying it.

“It is nice to meet you as well” came her perfect English reply. “Sandy hasn’t introduced me to many of her old friends, you must be someone special.”

“I don’t know about that, but I’m honored to be one of the few” I returned. “We had some good times together in classes.”

“Well maybe now that we’re together here, we can all have more good times” she offered.

I glanced over at Sandy and replied that I would really enjoy that. Sandy’s face remained expressionless, but at least there was no dismay in her eyes.

Those two ladies made quite a couple. Sandy was about two inches shorter than Sheila, but looked even smaller because she had elected to wear a lower heel. Her body hadn’t changed much in twenty years, at least not that I could see. I couldn’t help thinking that I would love to see it with a lot less clothing. Shoulder length light brown hair encompassed her pretty face, while her green eyes and full lips invited you in for a closer look. She was very pretty, and it was sometimes difficult not to stare at her, drinking in those lovely features. She must have been used to it though, never making me feel like I was invading her space with my appreciation.

As the evening wore on I renewed old acquaintances and enjoyed memories of the past, as would be expected at a twenty year reunion, but I kept gravitating back to Sheila and Sandy. Much to my delight, I noticed the blonde haired beauty eyeing me every now and then as well. I had the feeling that she was interested in me, and I surely was in her.

“Hmmm” I thought to myself, “maybe she goes both ways and is out for adventure. I wonder how I can get her away from Sandy for a few hours.”

Deciding to start by dancing with Sandy, I mingled my way over in their direction. When I noticed a lull in their conversation, I asked Sandy if she’d like to dance. She accepted with a smile, and as we walked toward the dance bahis siteleri floor, she reached out and put her hand in mine. I was a bit surprised, but took her hand and led her to the floor. We enjoyed a fast dance together, her body writhing sexily to a classic rock song, and I found myself getting a little hot under the collar, not to mention firmer below the belt. I had to be careful not to show as I became more and more turned on by her sexy moves.

I thought I was in the clear when the song ended, but the band immediately segued to a slow number, and before I could retreat she took my hand and pulled our bodies together, smiling up into my eyes as she pushed closer to me.

“I can feel that you liked my dancing Rick” she observed.

“Um, I sure did Sandy. I’m enjoying this one too, as you can tell. It’s hard, err, difficult to stop that reaction when such a beautiful lady dances so sensuously and so close to me.”

“Don’t worry Rick, I won’t tell anyone” she smiled. I’m flattered that I got that positive reaction from you.”

“But I thought…”

“Shhhh, don’t worry about it” she whispered in my ear. “We are a couple, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t like men too. Sheila is interested in you, and I have been for a long time, even back in high school.”

My erection was now totally out of control, and I could see the delight in Sandy’s eyes as she pressed her pelvis against it. She knew that her words were bringing about their desired effect.

I was wondering if I was interpreting those words correctly when she confirmed it for me.

“Remember when Sheila said that we may be able to have more fun together? Well, she meant the three of us. What do you think, are you up for it?”

“I sure am right now girl; I may have to pole vault back to the tables!” I returned.

“I’ll try to keep from embarrassing you Rick. Walk close behind me and not too many people will see the tent” she grinned, enjoying my discomfort good naturedly.

“I have to warn you” Sandy spoke as we made our way back towards Sheila. “We’re a kinky couple, with some deviant ideas. Once we get started you may be shocked by some of our little quirks.”

“Not a problem by me” I returned, gulping a bit. I couldn’t help thinking that they may be into whips and chains. I’m not much into that stuff, but was willing to take a chance with these two beauties. How many opportunities would a man like me have to bed two lovely nymphs at the same time, and without even having to court them?

“I may have a shocking idea or two as well” I grinned mischievously.

The reunion was winding down, and the three of us were eager to begin the second stage of the party. We bid our farewells to old friends and headed for the exit. I told the girls that I wanted to stop at the restroom before we left, but Sheila would have none of that.

“Save it for when we get to our place, it’s not far” she insisted.

“Okay sexy lady, you’re really eager, eh?” I said as we walked out the door, a beautiful woman on both of my arms. I was hoping some of my friends would see us heading out for our adventure, but wouldn’t you know it, no one was near the exit. I figured it was really better that way; it’s not becoming to fuck and tell.

True to her word, the hotel was quite close. The girls had come by cab, so we all piled into the front seat of my pickup and made the short trip to a very nice hotel. You know the type, posh carpets, giant chandeliers, bell hops, and the works. I could see that these women weren’t hurting for cash. “Sure hope no one pinches me awake from this dream” I thought to myself.

There was no danger of that though, for I was wide awake. I became even more awake when we got to their room. Sheila wasted no time doffing her clothing, kicking her shoes off as she entered, and nearly ripped the buttons from her blouse as she shed it and her skirt almost simultaneously. She smiled at me and approached, turning when she was near enough for me to reach.

“Would you like to do the honors?” she asked sexily. I would, and I did, reaching for the bra clasp that she was referring to and deftly unsnapping it. I was proud of myself for not fumbling with it, keeping my outward appearance as nonchalant as I could while my inner self was shaking like the last leaf on a tree in a stiff autumn breeze.

As she moved her arms forward to allow the garment to fall from her shoulders, I took the initiative and reached for the newly freed mounds of flesh, massaging them both to rub away the elastic lines created by the bra. Moans of appreciation told me that what I was doing was welcomed, and even louder moans told me she loved me tweaking her swelling nipples.

I’d nearly forgotten about Sandy, having been enthralled with the beauty in front of me, but her movement caught my eye as she slid the door to the Jacuzzi room aside and turned the system on. The low hum of the pumps harmonized with Sheila’s moans as I gently kissed the back of her neck, inhaling her scent; her slightly sweaty perfumed aroma intoxicating me. I gently nibbled canlı bahis siteleri on her neck while my left hand slid down her body, heading inexorably toward the elastic of her panties. Resisting the urge to plunge directly in to cup her moistening womanhood, I slid the elastic aside just a bit, lightly brushing the outside of her lingerie with the palm of my hand. That quick brush hinted that her mound was completely bare.

I slowly rubbed my hands up and down her outer thighs, moving one up to massage a panty encased buttock, while my other moved to her inner thigh. The heat there set me on fire; it was all I could do to control the urge to yank her panties off and plunge my fingers deep inside her moist womanhood. I could feel the dampness as well as the heat there, and I desperately wanted to taste and smell her; to explore her sex with fingers and tongue.

Like Sheila, Sandy was wasting no time. She shed her outer garments and came to the two of us, reaching a hand out to caress her girlfriend’s skin with the back of her hands. I reached over and unsnapped her bra as deftly as I had Sheila’s, beaming to myself for the one handed feat. At the same time I gave in to my urge, and plunged my hand into the blonde’s panties, removing all doubt about her pussy being bare. Smooth as a baby’s behind! She moaned loudly as I felt her moistened folds, slipping a finger up and down her already slick slit. Just as quickly as I had slid my hand inside her panties, I removed it and brought my hand toward my nose. Sandy intercepted it though, greedily inhaling the blonde’s scent and licking her juices from my fingers.

Becoming less patient all the time, I dropped to my knees before the gorgeous blonde and hooked the top of her panties, sliding them down and off of her silky smooth body. She lifted her feet to allow me to toss them away, and I was left staring at the object of my desire.

I brushed my lips slowly up her legs, but not as slowly as I’d gone before, my need to smell and taste her charms nearly preventing me from teasing her much more. I needed to inhale her as much as she wanted me to. Never the less, I was able (barely) to control my desire for a while longer, kissing and nibbling up and down her delicately perfumed thighs and then down to her knees. She rewarded me with a series of moans and shivers, mumbling something in her native Swedish that I could not understand. I didn’t need to understand her language in order to know what she wanted though.

Finally I kissed my way back up her inner thighs, and higher yet, to her smoothly shaved mound. Parting her delicate pussy lips with my fingers, I slid the tip of my tongue up along the outside of her labia, hearing more moans as I did my best to work her into a frenzy. I teased her lips some more, then lightly brushed the flat of my tongue across her clit, and she let go a muffled cry. I couldn’t hold back any longer, and plunged my tongue deep inside of her moist womanhood, inhaling her heady scent as I enjoyed her delicious nectar. A squeal of excitement escaped her lips, and something else escaped from her pussy. I detected a saltier taste than that of her passion, but just a little.

“Did she leak out a little pee just then?” I thought to myself. I was sure that she hadn’t cum yet, as I had barely touched her, only slightly brushing her prominent clit with my nose. I didn’t worry about it though, I simply dug in further, grasping both buttocks and pulling her harder onto my hungry mouth. I was rewarded with another groan and a little more liquid, and while I puzzled over this phenomenon, I wasn’t going to stop any time soon. I savored her delights for a few more moments then stood to remove my own restricting clothing.

That brief move made me lose my ‘place’. Sandy was there in a heartbeat, covering Sheila’s pussy with her own mouth, grasping her buttocks with her own hands, and getting much more of a reward than I had. Sheila’s pussy was squirting profusely now, all over her lover’s face and breasts. I knew then that it was pee that I had tasted, and she was letting go with wild abandon in her girlfriend’s mouth and down her body!

“Wow” I thought to myself. “This lady has really lost control!”

It was then that I noticed that Sheila was standing on a layer of towels, and that there was plastic sheeting beneath that. That fact drove home that this wasn’t an unusual thing for these girls. They’d planned this before ever inviting me to their hotel room. What a lucky guy I was to have been chosen by these two sexy kinky vixens!

“Your turn lover,” Sheila encouraged, looking me directly in the eye. “Sandy would love for you to shower her with your golden nectar.”

I wasted no time standing in front of her, but try though I may, no pee was forthcoming. My rigid cock wouldn’t let the flow go. I groaned my displeasure, but Sheila just smiled and knelt before me, circling the purple head of my tumescent shaft with her lively tongue and gently squeezing my full balls.

“Sheila will get rid of that pesky hardon for you Hun, then you can give both of canlı bahis us a shower!” Sandy grinned mischievously.

There was no doubt that Sheila knew her way around a man’s cock and balls. She gently cupped my sac with a soft hand while swirling her tongue around and underneath the head of my engorged member. That magic tongue did a dance up and down the sensitive underside before she moved up to engulf most of my manhood deep into her warm and welcoming mouth. She didn’t withdraw for a breath right away, instead she kept me buried almost to the hilt in the back of her throat, and sucked in on my ecstatic rod. Her tongue was working magic at the same time, rubbing back and forth across the underside. When she finally did come up for air she grinned up at me.

“Don’t hold back lover, she smiled. I want to feel your cum splashing against the back of my throat. Sandy and I would love to share your milky white juice!”

I listened to her, but I did hold back for as long as I was able. This beauty was giving me the blowjob of a lifetime, and I wanted to make it last. She continued to caress my balls as she worked her head up and down the shaft, opening her throat more and more until I was indeed buried to the hilt. Keeping the fleshy member deep in her throat, she worked her tongue all around it. I grimaced with the effort to control the inevitable, but when Sandy moved behind me and slid a slippery finger up and down my ass crack, I knew I was going to lose it. When she pushed the tip of her finger into my ass, I was a goner!

“Yes girls, yes!” I moaned, writhing back toward Sandy, and then pushing forward into Sheila. The head of my cock expanded in her welcoming mouth, and the hot jizm began its journey from my balls to the back of her hungry throat.

“Suck me Sheila, taste my cum!” I cried out.

She did just that, timing her mouth’s suction with my first pulse of sperm, allowing it to shoot deep into her throat. Just as quickly, she pulled back a bit to get the next gob on her tongue, and then pulled her mouth away completely to aim the spurting organ towards Sandy’s face. Two hard spurts shot across her nose and chin, and into her open mouth and delighted tongue. I’d never seen such cum hungry women!

Time slowed to a crawl, it was as if I was cumming in slow motion. Sheila aimed my pulsing member first at her girlfriends face, and then at her own. I’m sure I’d never climaxed for this long before in my life, and I may never again. I’d been saving up for quite some time in anticipation of this class reunion. Of course I was hoping to get lucky, but this luck was nearly beyond belief.

I coated the girl’s faces and tongues with ropes of hot white semen, and they couldn’t get enough. Sheila milked my balls for what seemed like minutes more, but was more like a few seconds as she stroked the last vestiges of my seed through my cock. Sweat was pouring down my chest and face as she took my shrinking manhood back into her mouth, sucking and swallowing the last vestiges of my ejaculate.

Smiling up at me with her cum covered lips she asked. “Do you think you can give us some of that hot pee now?”

I was still panting, and my knees felt like rubber, but I straightened up and took my deflating cock in my hand, aiming it towards the pee thirsty ladies. I surely did have to go, having held back for longer than usual at the girl’s request. With no trouble at all my cock became a fire hose, spraying the ladies faces with hot urine. I could tell that they were delighted to get such a ‘treat’ as they giggled and smiled the entire time that I was ‘cleaning’ them off. I had rinsed most of my cum from Sheila’s face and began to work on Sandy when I finally ran out of ‘gas’. Sandy took my now softened cock in her mouth and sucked the last pulses from my bladder, assisting me as I flexed out the last throes of my relief. I have to say, that’s some kind of feeling having help finishing up like that. It was as close to a multiple orgasm as I’ve ever felt. I groaned in appreciation as she slurped my sensitive cock head deep into her mouth, sucking and tonguing me until I became weak in the knees.

Sheila was behind me, nibbling on my buttocks and licking my emptied balls as Sandy helped me finish up. It was all that I could do to remain standing, and the girls noticed my wobbly legs. Sheila stood up and gently pushed me down toward the wet towels, and then the three of us lay there together in the now cooled and sopping ‘bed’.

They weren’t done yet though, not by a long shot. Sandy still had a full bladder, and was about to share it with Sheila and me. She stood up and straddled my chest, reaching down to spread her delicious pussy lips. I looked up into her crotch and watched as the first small drops became a little flow, and then a torrent of hot golden nectar. Her aim was good; she hit me square in the chest with that liquid love. I was amazed at how hot it felt streaming down my body. Sheila moved under her and opened her mouth to catch some of the golden stream, and moved away to allow me to have a taste. I surprised myself by clamping my mouth on her still streaming pussy, sucking in the hot wet fluid and swallowing as I massaged her buttocks. Never in a million years would I have dreamed of doing that, but I’m amazed to say, it was delicious!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32