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(Everyone in this story is 18 and older. If you do not like Trans, Gay sex, anal, or other crazy stuff, then I suggest you find a different story.)

Eden was actually very excited despite what she was about to do. She glanced at her flawless ebony body in the mirror before donning the uniform she had been provided from The Company. The thin black cocktail dress barely covered her thick, juicy ass and her round 36DD-cups barely fit inside the top. She stepped each of her little feet into the four-inch black stilettos and straightened herself. She liked the way the heels made her legs look even more toned. She tied her jet-black hair into the required ponytail and let it fall to her mid-back. She applied the dark eyeliner and the black eyeshadow along with the mascara. Finally, she applied the gothic black lipstick and gave herself a kiss in the mirror. She hoped her master would be impressed that she followed his every demand to a tee, including not wearing any underwear.

Eden sat in her car contemplating on how great this new change of lifestyle was going to be. Soon, she would be tortured and some would say raped by someone she had never met before. However, when that training was over, that same person would teach her to become a Trainer, herself. They would become a team for the rest of their lives. She certainly hoped that she was paired with a good-looking man. She was actually nervous that she would get paired with a pig of a man and that she would hate being tied to forever. With some trepidation, Eden put the address of The Company into her GPS and slowly backed out of her driveway.

It only took about ten minutes to get to the big stone mansion on the city’s north side. A latex-clad woman opened the door for her and took the keys to her car. She walked up to the door, where two men awaited. She approached and her heart was beating faster and faster.

“Name?” said one of the men holding a clipboard.

“Eden.” She said a little meekly. The man smiled and checked the list.

“Let’s see. Eden, Eden, Eden…here we are. Okay, your Master is Micah Snow. Please follow the attendant to your Master, once entering. You will have one hour alone with your Master before being presented to The Company. Good luck.” The man said and never looked at her again. The other man opened the door for her and she slowly walked inside.

A young woman smiled at her and took Eden’s hand, pulling her along the corridor. She was several inches taller than Eden and she had a nice body on her thin frame.

“So, you are going to become a Trainer?”

“Yes. I hope it will be worth giving myself over for the next month.” Eden said cautiously.

“Who is your master?” the girl asked.

“Micah Snow.” Eden replied.

“Well, you just may be the luckiest woman here.” The girl replied with a wide smile.

“Do you know him?” Eden asked.

“Very well. He is my Master, of course.” She said with a giggle. Eden was shocked.


“He has been my Master for over 5 years now.” The girl said stopping in front of a thick wooden door.

“Here we are. My name is Trinity, by the way. I will see you in the Meeting Hall in about an hour.” The young girl said with a smile. “Good luck.”


Micah Snow watched the young woman enter and was surprised. She was very short at maybe five foot tall, made a little taller with the stilettos. It wasn’t her height that had surprised him, but the fact that she was black. He had never trained a black slave and the irony was not lost on him. She was absolutely stunning, though. Had he known she was black he would not have bothered with the goth makeup. It did make her look sexier, though.

He watched through the two-way mirror as she checked herself out. She pushed her very large breasts up and turned to see herself in profile and jutted her big, juicy ass out making the dress ride up and expose the bottom of her jiggly butt cheeks. Micah felt his cock begin to stir thinking about that ass. So very shortly, he would have his cock buried withing the tight confines of the ebony goddesses’ asshole.

He didn’t want to waste any time. He entered through the same door she had entered and she smiled at him flirtatiously. He didn’t smile back. He was watching her face and saw the surprise on her soft features.

Eden’s heart leapt to her throat as her Master entered the room. To her genuine, shock he was absolutely gorgeous. Short brown hair on a youthful face. She could tell, even though he was wearing a very expensive-looking suit, that he was in very good shape. He was just under six foot tall and she guessed he was about her age of 25. She had smiled at him and when he didn’t smile back, she became nervous.

“Hello, Eden.” Eden’s body trembled at the sound of his voice. It was deep and commanding, but the tremors it had caused in her body had her mind reeling. He sounded ağrı escort like an angel and a demon at the same time.

“Hello, Master.” She replied looking to the floor. She really had no idea what she was doing, but she thought avoiding eye contact would be the right thing to do. Micah smiled at the young black woman. She apparently thought she was doing the right thing.

As he stepped closer to her, he could smell her rose-scented soap and he inhaled deeply. She smelled intoxicating. He would have to restrain himself.

“You have one hour to ask me any questions you want. At the end of this hour, you will decide whether to continue onto your own training and the future of becoming a Trainer, or you will leave and we will never speak again.” Micah took the left side of the couch and watched the ebony princess join him on the right side, crossing her legs. She looked good enough to eat.

“What can be expected of me, Master?” Eden said locking eyes with him. He noticed for the first time that she had green eyes and it just added to the exotic look she carried. At the same time, Eden gasped realizing that her Master had violet eyes.

“From me over the next month, or from The Company in general?” Micah replied trying not to stare at her huge tits ready to bust free of their prison.

“Well, from you, for starters?” she said.

“If, after this hour, you decide to stay on for The Company we will walk into a party that will be going on all night. You and I will be presented to The Company, officially. Then we will make our way to our VIP booth. Once inside that booth, you will pull your dress up past your hips and you will use your gorgeous ass and let my cock slip into your asshole where you will stay, until I tell you otherwise.”

Eden’s eyes widened slightly. “So, you are going to fuck my ass?” she almost whispered.

“Absolutely, over and over again. Are you familiar with anal?” he asked in genuine curiosity.

“Not really, but I have always liked it when it has happened.” She replied truthfully.

“That is good to hear because from your unbelievable figure I have a feeling that I will be emptying my balls into your ass many, many times.” Eden felt her pussy begin to flow.

“Well, it has been a while since I have had something in my ass…” she trailed off.

“I can arrange to have that changed right now.” He said almost as a question. She slowly nodded. Micah pulled out a cell phone and texted something. Thirty seconds later, Trinity entered the room with a small case. She set it down on the couch and glanced at Micah. He held up one finger. Trinity instantly stripped out of her clothes revealing a tight, but sexy body on her thin frame. She fell to her knees and leaned forward placing her cheek on the ground and her arms outstretched, palms down on the ground, as well. Her ass jutted into the air at an inviting angle. Micah smiled.

Eden was in awe at Trinity’s movements. They were practiced and seemed to take no prompting. A simple index finger on the right hand and she was ready to be ass fucked by her Master. She watched as Micah held up a second finger and Trinity reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart revealing her winking little pink rosebud.

“Is this what will be expected of me?” Eden asked not even trying to lie to herself about Trinity’s positioning and what the future would bring was the sexiest thing she had ever seen.

“Yes. You will learn the positions if you choose to stay. Every one of my slaves learns the positions quickly.” He said matter-of-factly.

Eden watched with rapt attention as Micah stood up. He reached down and opened the small case. Eden’s eyes widened as she saw him remove a bottle of lube and a small butt plug. He turned back to Trinity and opened the lube and drizzled some up and down her asscrack. Eden could smell cherry in the air and realized the lubricant was flavored. With sure, quick movements he took the plug and pressed it into Trinity’s anus. Eden gasped as the butt plug simply slid all the way in until the base was the only thing sticking out. Trinity had never moved and she had never stopped spreading her ass cheeks.

“That will be expected of you, as well. You will be taught to take my cock in your ass at any time I wish it.” Trinity looked at Eden and smiled. Eden glanced at Micah briefly and saw that he was holding up one finger.

She hesitated, only briefly, before stripping out of her dress and assumed the position right next to Trinity. Micah was mesmerized as Eden’s big ass jutted out letting him have a good view of her cunt and asshole from behind. Eden watched Micah take out a second butt plug and the bottle of lube.

She watched as he held up a second finger and she reached back and gripped each ass cheek and spread apart her most secretive of places. She gasped as she felt the cold lube sprinkle across her anal hole. She gasped audibly as Micah began to twist and push into her anus with the plug. It took a few minutes ağrı escort bayan before, she too, had nothing but the base of the anal plug showing.

The distinct color difference between Trinity’s tiny pink butthole and Eden’s tiny black asshole was remarkable. Just thinking of watching his white cock penetrating her black anus, had Micah’s cock throbbing.

She had tried to relax as he slowly sodomized her with the toy. It had been a long time since anything resembling anal had happened to her and now, she remembered why she loved having a cock in her ass. The pain and pleasure was intoxicating and had her pussy freely flowing.

Micah saw the glistening precum on Eden’s labia and smiled. She loved having things in her ass which suited him just fine.

“The position you are in is called, “humble”” Micah said. It is my favorite of the positions.” Eden understood why. She was truly humbled as her most private of places was utterly exposed and ready and waiting to be used in any fashion her Master wanted.

“You may rise, Eden and get dressed.” Micah said. Eden clumsily got to her feet, wobbling from the anal plug and the stilettos. She gingerly got her dress back on and sat back onto the couch watching the interaction between Trinity and her new Master. Trinity was eagerly watching her Master. Micah held up his right hand in a fist.

Eden watched as Trinity, in practiced movements, sat directly back onto her legs putting her palms flat on her thighs.

“This is my second favorite position.” Micah said stepping in front of Trinity’s face, his crotch level with her mouth. Without hesitating, Trinity reached up with her slender hands and began unbuckling his pants. Eden sat with rapt attention as Trinity worked the fly open and Eden couldn’t hide her surprise as Trinity pulled out a ten-inch throbbing cock.

Micah’s cock was the biggest, thickest and sexiest cock she had ever seen and the way it was standing at full salute, it looked menacing and hot. Trinity placed her palms back onto her thighs and took Micah’s enormous cockhead into her mouth and started sucking furiously. Eden watched Micah lean his head back obviously enjoying Trinity’s technique.

Micah glanced at Eden as she watched his massive cock be sucked by the pretty white girl.

“When you are in this position, your mouth is mine for the taking. You will not use your hands. Instead, you will suck my cock or I will fuck your mouth until I choose to stop. Oh fuck…” Micah gripped Trinity’s head and smiled as he came down her throat. Jet after jet of hot cum flooded her throat and Trinity swallowed it all like the slave-whore she was.

Without being told, Trinity put Micah’s still rock-hard cock back into his pants and buckled him back up. “The hour is almost up, Eden. Would you be willing to continue on and be my personal slut for a one-month period?” Micah asked.

“I agree to be your personal slut for one month and then you agree to train me to be like you.” Eden said.

“Great. Trinity will stay with us throughout the party. Get dressed. Let us introduce you to The Company.”

Micah offered Eden his hand and guided her out of the room. Eden was suddenly very nervous as she heard music getting louder and louder coming from the end of the hall where there were two solid oak doors.

“Go ahead and introduce us, Trinity.” Trinity went inside and Eden heard the music cut off and Trinity’s voice became loud.

“I now present Master Trainer Micah Snow and Trainer-in-training, Eden!”

Just before Eden was going to open the door Micah leaned in and whispered in her ear. “I am going to fuck your beautiful ass all night long, Eden. All fucking night.” With that he squeezed her ass giving it a playful smack right where the anal plug was keeping her anus stretched, ready and waiting.

Eden entered with her new Master and cheers arose. Eden was stunned. There were people everywhere and she realized it was basically a European night club. It had two floors and as she was led through the masses, she was surprised people were congratulating her and Micah. Micah’s mind was not on his friends as he led Eden to the back of the club.

Eden didn’t know what it was at first, when they stopped in front of a mirror. Suddenly it opened and Eden was shocked to see a room with three couches positioned against the other walls with a coffee table in the center. A bottle of champagne in an ice bucket sat on the table.

On the couches to the left and the right sat what Eden knew had to be slaves. Micah stopped in the middle of the room.

“Everyone this is Eden. Eden this is Tori.” He said. A mature woman of at least 40 stepped forward with an inviting smile. She was in terrific shape and her large breasts had not begun to sag yet and she had the thick womanly hips of a mother. Maybe she was. Her dirty blonde hair hung in waves to her breasts.

“Tori here, is a representative of my MILFs.” Micah said. The older woman smiled at escort ağrı her one last time and stepped back to take her seat on the couch.

“And this is Kara.” Kara was a sight. She was covered in tattoos. She even had a tattoo above her left eye. Half of her head was shaved and the other side was dark brown and hung at a sliced angle down to her neck. She had piercings everywhere, as well.

“Kara is a representative of my Punks.” Kara didn’t give off the same friendliness that Tori did, but she gave a slight nod of affection. Kara went back to her spot next to Tori.

“This gorgeous slave, is Ximena.” Eden widened her eyes as Ximena stood. Ximena was definitely six feet, at least. She was taller than Micah. She had a perfectly enhanced body. Huge fake tits and an ass that looked like it had the same injections as her lips had. She was pure sexual energy and Eden noted the predatory look she was receiving from the woman.

“Ximena is a representative of my Exotics.” Ximena stepped back and sat on the couch. Micah turned to the other couch. Eden was shocked to see a young man sitting there just looking at her with dumbfound eyes.

“This is Ty.” The young man seemed to come out of a trance and stood with a shy smile on his face.

“Ty is a representative of my Twinks.” Eden didn’t know what a Twink was, but she smiled back anyway. He looked like he was still in high school. Ty sat back down.

“Next, is Lila.” The young woman stood and bowed. Her body was magnificent and Eden knew her tits were very large for an Asian. Eden guessed Japanese, but she really didn’t know. Lila bowed again and sat back down. “Lila is a representative of my Asians.”

“And last, but not least, is Bianca.” Eden was happy to see a slave smaller than her. Bianca was, at maximum, 4 foot ten inches tall. She had a great tight body and a dazzling smile and mischief dancing in her big brown eyes. “Bianca is a representative of my Latinas.”

“All of you, this is Eden. She is now a representative of my Ebonys.” The other slaves clapped for her and Micah guided Eden to the couch in the middle. Ty stood immediately and went into a cupboard for glasses and popped the champagne bottle. He poured all of them a glass except for himself and they all toasted Eden’s arrival into their lives.

All of the slaves wanted to get to know her, all except Ty. Micah was talking to him and the young man kept nodding his head vigorously. Micah sat back down and patted the seat next him. Eden hurried over to the spot realizing she had gotten used to the anal plug in her ass. Micah put a hand on her thigh and slid it up between her thighs tickling her pussy lips gently. Eden spread her legs a little wider and Micah worked a finger inside. Just as his digit got deep enough to where Eden could feel it against the anal plug and the pleasure was really settling in, a loud buzzer sounded and scared the shit out of her. The interruption seemed to annoy Micah.

“I just knew they would be around first.” Micah said taking his hand away from Eden’s twat. Eden glanced out at the door. Two women stood there, waving at the mirror. They were obviously twins and very beautiful.

“These women are important. Annoying, but important.” Micah told her. Eden was paying attention. Micah pressed a button and the door slid open allowing the women to enter.

“Hello, Micah.” The one on the left said.

“Hello, Riley. And hello to you, too, Miley.” Micah said trying to be nice. He was ready to have his massive cock inside of Eden’s ass and tried to will his monster erection to go back down.

“May I borrow Tori and can Miley borrow Bianca? You know we will treat them right, but I cannot leave here without Tori licking and sucking my cunt. She is soooo good at it!” Riley said boldly staring at Tori. Tori was smiling back.

“Yeah, and Bianca’s tongue in my ass haunts my dreams sometimes. I need that tongue, Micah.” Bianca was almost beaming with pride.

“Of course. Bring them back before you leave.” Micah said with a sly smile.

Tori and Bianca stood and Riley turned back.

“Congratulations, Eden. Welcome to our family. We will have to get to know each other better.” Riley blew Eden a kiss and the twins left with her fellow slaves.

Micah sat back and replaced his hand back inside of Eden’s thighs. His movements made her catch her breath as two digits deposited themselves into her pink.

“Ximena, why don’t you Kara and Lila go do some dancing? If you see Aubrey and Grace, please send them this way.” The three slaves left and only Eden, Ty and Micah were left in the room. Micah’s hand was building up an intense orgasm for Eden. The two fingers delved her depth and his thumb stroked her clit making her body radiate in pleasure.

“Son of a bitch.” Micah muttered under his breath. “These guys are also important. Financially speaking.” Micah said to Eden as he hit the button to allow two middle-aged men inside.

“Hello, Mr. Snow. It’s been a while.” Said the taller of the two men. He looked like he was at least 50 with wild gray hair and a beer belly protruding in front of him.

“It has, Bob. It’s nice to see you, as well, Tim.” Micah said to the other man. Tim was also over-weight and he just seemed to be staring at Ty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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