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It had simply not occurred to Claire that the sexual transformation she was imposing upon her mother would rekindle desires within her father. She had simply not thought to impose upon the sixty-five year old woman a prohibition against intercourse with her own husband. The man was nearly seventy, and Blanche had insisted that every flicker of sexual lust within his loins had extinguished itself years earlier. Claire had taken her mother’s assessment at her word. Claire felt betrayed. She felt betrayed both by her mother and by her own judgment.

“When we first started, you insisted that Dad had no interest what-so-ever in sex,” Claire railed as she paced the room.

“He’s had no interest in sex with me for nearly a year,” the very repentant senior woman corrected. “He still watches things on the computer when he thinks I’m not about. He’d lost interest in me.”

“Did you enjoy spreading your legs for him? Did you enjoy being fucked by a man again?” Blanche blushed at the image her daughter’s deliberately crude language evoked. “Did you entice him,” Claire then asked, with a subdued tone.

Tears began to glisten at the corners of the elder woman’s eyes. “He came home from the pub earlier than usual, crawled into bed and began to…touch me, as he did when we were younger. He’d caught a glimpse of me shaving myself smooth down there, before he’d left for the pub. It affected him, Claire. He left his mates to come home early…to be with me. He hadn’t done that since the first years of our being together.”

A groan of exasperation forced its way from Claire’s soul. “Why were you even shaving yourself in front of him? He’s old, mommy dearest, but he’s still a man. You should have known that it would excite him. It’s the sort of thing that entices a man to start thinking with his little head. Why didn’t you wait until he’d left? How can I not think you were trying to attract his attention?”

Blanche struggled to defend herself against the implications of her daughter’s reasoning. “I was shaving myself to please you, Claire. He only caught a glimpse of me, but it excited him. He’s my husband, Claire. Should I have refused him by confessing that I was shaving myself down there for you…that our daughter wants her Mummy completely smooth when she plays with me?”

“It would have been added fuel for his imagination,” Claire reluctantly conceded. She did not indulge conciliation for long. “You should have simply told him that it was for medical reasons and had nothing to do with sex. Men hate hearing about anything medical that pertains to a woman’s sexual organs. His erection would have withered away at the mere suggestion and he would have retreated back to his pub mates.” Claire stared hard at her mother. The old woman could not hold her gaze. “What did you tell him,” Claire asked after causing the woman considerable discomfort.

“I said that it was just a whim.”

“Have you ever heard of a woman in her sixties shaving her cunt on a whim?”

“I didn’t know casino şirketleri what else to say. He didn’t really insist on any other explanation. He only smiled…got undressed and crawled up beside me.”

“Did he force you?”

Blanche reacted as if shot. “Claire, he’s my husband. It’s my duty…my wifely duty to be available for him if I can.” The elder woman’s voice began to waver. “Please don’t be angry with me, Claire. I really thought that sort of thing was over between him and myself. He’s begun to notice me more, of late. Since you took charge of me, and made me your mum, he’s begun to notice…and take interest again.”

Claire’s agitated pacing about the room stalled at hearing this news. “How long has be been noticing you and taking an interest,” she asked suspiciously.

“Only recently, dear. He made me a compliment about the way you’ve changed my hair and clothing. The other day he told me that I seemed a changed woman these past weeks. He simply said that it was nice.”

Claire moved to stand near her mother, facing her. “You should have told me this as it was happening, mom.” Blanche staggered from the shock of hearing her daughter refer to her as mom, rather than as mum. Blanche took great joy and pleasure in her role, as Claire’s mum. Sexual submission to her daughter was a liberation of both flesh and spirit for Blanche. It wounded her to have slipped and tumbled so in her daughter’s eyes. “A man doesn’t tell a woman something is nice about her unless he wants something more from her. When he tells a woman that he likes the way she’s dressed it means he’s thinking of getting her undressed. You must have known that his compliments were a sign of interest.”

“Even so, Claire, what would you have done? If he still has needs don’t I have some obligation…to accommodate him?”

Claire hesitated a long while, as if considering the wisdom of her mother’s words, before speaking. “Well, we certainly don’t want dearest daddy to die of frustration. My Tom has needs as well. He hasn’t been permitted inside me since we began your training, but he’s happier now than ever before. It isn’t about accommodating needs, it’s about feeding the root desire. The only need is to find that root desire. Once we unearth daddy’s darkest desires, he’ll forget all about need, Mum.” Blanche felt her heart take flight when she heard herself referred to as Claire’s Mum. “Lift your skirt and spread your legs,” Claire commanded.

Blanche complied without hesitation. She let herself hope that her daughter may have forgiven her for having sex without permission. When the woman’s bald pubis was displayed and the pink smile of her slit exposed, Claire slipped her hand between her Mum’s legs. Blanche spread her legs even wider, as she’d been taught. No protest was made, no objection uttered, as Claire felt about for the entrance to her womb. Her fingers followed the heat and thin trail of moisture to the fountainhead of her mother’s arousal. Blanche tried, but failed to remain impassive casino firmaları to Claire’s index finger began pushing itself inside. Claire leaned forward to gently kiss her mother on the forehead. At the same time she withdrew her hand from between the woman’s legs. Abruptly, Claire swung her right arm outward, to deliver a sharp slap to her Mum’s naked vulva. It was just hard enough to cause the old woman’s body to flinch. Claire left the palm of her hand where it had struck her mum, just at the crease of her bald cunt. Blanche cautiously began to push her hips forward. She groaned when her daughter’s slender fingers became wedged into her slit once again. Claire let a smile purse her brightly painted lips for the first time since her mother had come through the door to deliver the filthy news about having accommodated her husband’s lust. “Do you want another, Mum?”

“Yes, please,” Blanche whispered. Claire deliberately kept her fingers and hand motionless. “Please, Claire,” she pleaded. “I’ll be a good mum for you. I shaved myself just for you, baby. All the while he was touching me…climbing on me and trying to press himself into me, I was thinking of this…of you spanking me, both bottom and front. It was thoughts of this that got me excited enough to make it possible for him to get inside.”

Claire let two of her fingers curl into her mother’s sex. The movement evoked a moan from Blanche. Her daughter’s fingertips were brushing the inner wall of her vulva. “You were thinking of your daughter while your husband was mounting you? Are you becoming that much of a mummy-slut?” Claire smiled at her mum’s blush. The old woman craved for and reveled in acts of sexual submission with her daughter, but blushed when it was given a name. “Did you moan when he was thrusting into you?”

Blanche did not offer an answer until Claire dragged the nail of her middle digit along the delicate flesh of her mother’s clitoris-hood.

The old woman reacted as if a jolt of electricity had been applied. Claire repeated the act. Blanche could not subdue the spasm of excitement that the assault generated. The womb that had, only a few months earlier, seemed to be a dried and barren wasteland, now squirted a slick and succulent nectar into her daughter’s palm. It took the woman some minutes to recover enough to answer Claire. “Your father’s not a large man when aroused. He’s not as big as your Tom, but still larger than the brush handle you use on me…and it hurt to be stretched that much after so long an absence.”

“Did you want him to stop?”

“I didn’t exactly want him to stop. Please don’t be upset with me, Claire. Pretending that you were with us excited me. I imagined you there, insisting that I make myself available to your father…under your supervision. I fancied the thought that he required your permission to use me.” Both women understood that the seedling of such a marital relationship had been transplanted from the bedroom of Claire and Tom.

When Claire first took control of güvenilir casino Blanche, she had explained to both husband and mother that she was a fundamentally conservative woman who believed in sexual monogamy. She gently, but firmly informed them both that her Mum, Blanche was to become her totally submissive concubine and therefore, they must find an alternative outlet for Tom. The solution proposed by Claire was that Tom would be permitted to masturbate when given permission by his wife or mother-in-law and only under supervision. His objections and his groaning were dismissed by Claire. Blanche interceded on his behave, proposing to Claire that, as part of her mummy-slut training, she would pose and expose herself completely for Tom while he wanked himself. Within a few weeks Claire was inviting her husband, to stay in the room when she was indulging her Mum’s appetite for discipline and sexual servitude. Tom was forbidden from touching either his wife or mother-in-law, but he grew quite fond of not simply watching them, but also of the scent and the flavor of the elder woman’s soiled knickers after Claire had finished using her. He never failed to fill the gusset with a load of ejaculated lust. He also never failed to turn several shades of crimson as the two women encouraged him to put the saturated undergarment on before thanking them both and being dismissed.

Claire remained silent while her mother revealed an interest in abdicating all authority to her daughter. The confession that it excited Blanche to fantasize about her daughter controlling the sexual activity of both mother and father resonated pleasantly within Claire. Without giving her mother a chance to consider the implications of revealing such a secret, Claire informed the woman that from that moment on, both mummy and daddy belonged to her, sexually. Blanche expressed concern that Claire’s father might not find such a new family order to his liking.

“He isn’t quite like Tom,” Blanche worried. “I can’t see your father being content to filling the gusset of my knickers with his seed, once we’ve gotten him in the mood for sex.”

Claire withdrew her hand from between her mother’s legs. The withdrawal evoked a groan and a sigh from Blanche. “Don’t worry, Mum, we’re not yet finished. I promised you a pussy spanking if you shaved yourself for me and you’ve yet to collect on that promise.” Claire left her mother standing in the center of the room, holding her own skirt to her waist, and her legs spread widely. She went off to Tom’s room, and returned carrying a gift-wrapped box. “I’d meant to give you this today, as a Mummy’s day gift, but I think Tom and I will bring it over tomorrow, for Mother’s day. We’ll leave the flowers and candy for another holiday. This will take us a long ways toward unearthing Daddy’s dark desires.” She smiled wickedly for her Mum, before adding, “and maybe reveal a few more of your own.”

Claire returned to stand before her mum. “We can sit for a bit and have tea first,” she offered, knowing fully well her Mummy’s preference.

Blanche held her eyes shut. “Please, may I have my spanking?”

Claire leaned close to her Mum, to whisper into her ear. “Ass or pussy?”

The woman was breathing rapidly. “May I have both?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32