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Jake was Molly’s older brother by a year. And tonight he was, to her way of thinking, her only hope. She was the lead in a play. It was a small play but it was her biggest break into acting so far. They only problem was the lead male got into a wreck and broke his leg. There was no understudy, and no time to find one.

So Molly told the director that she knew a guy who could do it. She told him that he had run the lines with her, and he was a natural actor so it wouldn’t be a problem for him to filled the part. With opening night tomorrow, the director was more than willing to accept this last minute stand in. The only problem was she hadn’t actually asked him yet.

“Please Jake!” Molly pleaded after she explained what it was she needed. Jake just continued standing there with a stubborn look on his face. “It will just be for the first few shows. We can have someone else trained for the part by then, and besides, you were always great in the high school plays, and they’re going to pay you and everything.”

Jake only rolled his eyes. “Molly, this isn’t a High School play…”

“But you already know the part!” She interrupted. He put a hand up to stop her and said, “Yes, I know the LINES, but there’s a freaking SEX SCENE in this play!”

Molly brushed her reddish brown hair back from her face, blushing and looking anywhere but into her brothers eyes. “It’s SIM-U-LA-TED dummy. We wouldn’t actually have sex.” She said, trying to sound nonchalant about it. Jake just continued stare at her, his arms crossed.

Molly just doubled her efforts. With a cute face and just a hint of freckles and a pleasantly rounded body, if on the short side, she had rarely failed to get what she wanted from any guy. But her brother in particular was susceptible to her little damsel in distress routine. sivas escort And since this wasn’t a trivial favor she was asking for, it was almost impossible for him to maintain his resistance. within ten minutes he had agreed and they were headed to the theater, for an emergency rehearsal before opening night.

The night came around and Molly and Jake, along with the rest of the cast, took the stage. There were a few minor fumbles on Jakes part, but he managed to cover them easily enough. Soon it was the intermission, and Jake started to get nervous. The sex scene was up after the break. Supposedly it would be simulated only, but Jake would still be almost completely naked and pressed against his almost completely naked little sister. He kept getting a semi erection followed by nausea and then guilt.

He was so out of sorts that when a stage hand gave him the little flesh colored thong that would separate him from his sister he took it without realizing what it was and set it down on a table, completely forgotten.

As he was led back on stage he started running his lines in a daze. The first thing to snap him out of it was Molly grabbing then hem of her tight little t shirt and slowly lifting it over her head. Her breasts popped into view, decently sized on most girls but looking more than a little large on her small frame.

Jakes eyes locked on as he saw her nipples hardening in the air conditioned theater. When she walked up to him, his arms went around her waist on instinct, and she put her back to the audience, so they couldn’t see that their passionate make out session involved almost no actual contact of the lips. Molly whispered to Jake how grateful she was for this as they backed toward the bed on the stage.

Molly undid Jakes pants, then slipped sivas escort seamlessly out of her own, underwear and all. As Jake slid up the bed, removing his pants and boxers his eyes glanced to Molly crotch and he noticed the flesh toned thong she wore. Only Then did he realize, as Molly peeled of his shirt and pressed her mound down on him, that he’d forgotten to put on his thong.

Molly was grinding against his crotch, making quite convincing moaning sounds, when she looked down and noticed the panicked look on Jakes face. She bent forward, pretending to nuzzle his neck, so she could ask him what was wrong, when she noticed his cock was pressed up against her lips, and swelling noticeably. Thinking she understood his panic she said “Don’t worry Jake, it’s a perfectly natural reaction. Nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Her whispering into his ear while pressing her breasts against his chest and continuing to grind wasn’t helping matters for Jake. His cock was the hardest it had ever been, and was straining against the thin rubber material of the flesh thong. He tried to stop her grinding but grabbing her thighs, but when he got to handfuls of smooth soft ass he reflexively pulled down, grunting in pleasure.

In a panic, he furiously whispered to Molly that he’d forgotten his thong, and she was grinding directly on his cock. In shock Molly sprang up, looking down at his throbbing member, now pointing straight up at her snatch. At the apex of her bounce she lost balance though, and came plummeting down to meet Jakes member. It was lined up almost perfectly, and the thin rubber material stretched for a moment, then gave way, and Jakes cock plunged directly into Molly pussy.

It was then that Jake found out Molly’s little secret. As tight as it was, it was sivas escort bayan incredibly wet. She must have been as turned on as him. Molly’s drop cause her to bounce back up, leaving half Jakes cock exposed before she came back down. With his hands still on her ass, running completely on instinct, Jake lifted her up and dropped her back down twice more in quick succession. As Jake took back control and stopped himself, Molly reacted to the stimulation and without thought bounced herself again and again. Jakes Pelvis thrusted upwards in response, and without in conscious decision, they both started driving into each other in ernest.

Completely lost in the moment, Jake released one ass cheek in order to grab his sisters heaving breasts. Molly moaned, and lowered her mouth onto his, seeking out his tongue in a passionate kiss. Taken over by need, Jake pressed her body against his and rolled them both over, their mouths locked together as he redouble the power of his thrusts. Her legs wrapped around him, locking them together, and the percussive slap of flesh on flesh echoed around the theater.

Molly was overcome with a series of orgasms, her pussy clenching at her brother cock, milking it for all she was worth. The kiss broke as Jake pounded away at his sisters moist twat, Molly moaning her orgasm into the air. Grasping her thighs Jake gave one final thrust before flooding Molly’s womb with a torrent of her brothers cum.

Jake leaned down for one last kiss as the flood of hormones washed away. Coming back to sanity the entwine siblings became aware of applause. Straining to look over Jakes shoulder, they saw that the entire audience was giving a standing ovation. The house lights faded on for the applause break and they noticed what they hadn’t before. The parents were both in the front row, standing and clapping with all the rest. They both had big, proud smiles on their faces.

And now it was up to Jake and Molly to figure out a way to get off stage for the next scene without it becoming obvious just how UNsimulated the sex was.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32