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This is the penultimate part of a series exploring an artist delighting in the female form. The story includes the anticipated incest, for those who have been following the story this far.

Everyone engaged in sexual activity in this story is at least 18 years old.


Steve, an artist, advertised for models to be part of a project. They have been offered $2000 for a two hour session. When they respond they find out that the artist wants to take photos of their pussies for an artistic project. Grace, Steve’s wife is fully supportive and involved. The models who have participated so far have come from a variety of ages and backgrounds. All other desired ages had been found but completing the project required a legally aged teenager.



“Having a dad who is an artist is cool. Dad makes his art through the camera. He is not just a photographer. That sounds like someone who lines up all the relatives at weddings or snaps the kids who come to sit on Santa’s knee. My dad is not just a photographer. He is an artist.”

That was the ‘spiel’ that Melanie shared when anyone asked what her dad did. She really was proud of him. He took amazing photos and he was an inspiration to her. She hadn’t always thought so. When she was in her early teens he had seemed too nerdy and annoying and she thought she hated him. But she got over that. She grew out of it. Now she thought he was not only cool but kind of hot too, not that she would ever tell anyone that of course.

Melanie loved her mum and her dad. Both. They were actually a cool couple and she didn’t mind being an only child. It meant that she got to have them both to herself. Not what she had gotten over hating them and screaming at them both to get out of her hair and out of her room and out of her life. That was SO five years ago. Now she was 18 nearly 19. She took a year off after school before going to Uni. Mum and Dad were cool about that though they said that she had to find a job not just laze around the whole time.

Melanie tried and tried but nowhere was hiring. So her father offered to employ her at the studio doing some filing, following up with invoices, general tidying up, that sort of thing.

Melanie hadn’t been to the studio for several weeks. There had been other things to do and so she decided to drop in and catch up on the things her father expected her to do for the extra allowance. The first thing she noticed was the big soft platform that had been placed in the centre of the open area. She checked it out and to her it just looked like a big comfy bed. ‘I wonder what that is for?’ she thought to herself, but that are was all tidy so she went to cleaning the bathroom and the area around there then tidying the desk.

She remembered that there were a few overdue invoices which she had sent reminders for last time she was in, so Melanie logged onto the computer to check the emails. Her dad was cool with this though she had been asked to be very careful because a lot of his work was stored on here. It also went onto a secure server at another location, just to be sure, but these were the copies he was working on still.

She was surprised to see a new folder on the desktop. That wasn’t there last time? The folder was titled ‘Adoration’. Her dad had never said not to look around at the work he did or the collections of photographs so she opened it to check it out. Maybe this was the new project. He said he had something exciting he was working on but hadn’t told her what it was.

There were a series of sub-folders. The first one was ‘Information’ followed by nine folders labelled with names: TBF; Sparkles (seriously? What was that??); Susan; Grace (that is mum’s name?); Cheryl; Pearl; Margaret; Gladys; and Violet.

Melanie opened the folder marked information which was just a series of documents of forms. ‘Maybe this will tell me what this is all about,’ she wondered. It certainly did! As she read through the copy of the initial advertisement, the reply which was sent with further information, the forms which the models were asked to submit and the file marked ‘scope’ which outlined the project with ideas for how it could be displayed.

She was stunned! ‘My dad is taking photos of all these women’s pussies?? Seriously?? She had noticed with envy that they were each being paid $2000 for a two hour session. That was 100 times what she got paid an hour for helping here in the studio. Maybe she could … no he would never agree …’ Melanie’s thoughts got away from her and she began to imagine lying naked in front of her dad. She never admitted to anyone and barely let her mind go there usually because it got too frustrating to even think about.

Even reading the information she had begun to wonder what was in the other folders. The first one ‘TBF’ was empty. She opened the file ‘Sparkles’ and realised that here were the photos of this woman’s pussy. There was a video file there as well. Melanie quickly closed that file. There tekirdağ escort was something difficult to describe about those photos. Just looking briefly she got a feeling of sadness, so she moved on.

The next folder was very different. This pussy was more attractive, fuller, and, she didn’t know why she felt this, but somehow happier? That sounded weird to say but it was. Looking at other women’s pussies was also something that Melanie had started to do online. She loved guys and looked at lots of pics of naked guys but she also looked at pics of naked girls. She had never actually been with a girl, but she was curious. ‘Hey, does that make me bi-curious?’ she wondered.

It was when she opened the video file that she began to get even more interested. This was the raw footage. She understood from the ‘scope’ that this would then be adapted and all that would be shown was the pussy without seeing the finger being used to arouse the woman. As soon as the touching began Melanie noticed two things. One was that the finger was not her dad’s finger. It looked more like a woman’s finger. Then she realised that the finger touching this woman belonged to her MUM! Her mum was touching this woman’s pussy?!

She watched, fascinated, as her mum kept stroking and rubbing the woman, Susan, and when she came to a climax Melanie felt she was close too even though she was not even being touched! She was about to close the file when she saw that the video had been left on but the action continued and then changed. Her DAD started licking this woman’s pussy!! At least that was what it looked like because all she could see at that moment was the back of her dad’s head. And her mum was there?! This was doing her head in as well as arousing her even more.

She decided to see if the folder marked ‘Grace’ was actually her mum. From the still photos she wasn’t sure. She had never actually seen her mum’s pussy up close. It could be though. When she checked out the video she could see that this was clearly her dad’s finger exploring and stimulating this pussy. This time Melanie rubbed herself through her jeans as she watched her dad’s finger stroke this woman’s pussy to a climax. But because she was just stroking through the denim she still hadn’t quite gotten herself off by the time that the woman in the video came.

Since there had been some action after the last video she kept watching in case anything else had been recorded. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw what followed. Yes it was her mum. Then another woman got up onto the bed with her. She caught a glimpse of her pussy enough to think this might be the woman, Susan, from the other folder. Mum and this woman started touching each other and more! Then her dad joined in!!

Melanie quickly clicked the place on the video to make it loop and keep playing then unbuttoned the top of her jeans. When she slid her hand inside her panties, as she already knew really, they were completely sodden. Quickly deciding that even feeling herself by putting her hands inside her clothes would not be enough she decided to strip completely.

She peeled off her t-shirt, unclipped her bra, releasing her firm B cup breasts, then tossed the shirt and bra over the back of the couch nearby. It was not cold in the studio but being exposed to the air made her nipples even harder than they already were.

Quickly untying and removing her shoes and socks she peeled off her jeans and discovered that, even though she had not yet climaxed, the whole groin of her jeans was soaked as well as her panties! They joined the shirt and bra soon followed by the panties, which she put beside the couch. They were so wet they may have left a stain which would have been hard to explain!

Totally naked Melanie turned to the video again. By this time, as the video had looped, her mother had just climaxed again. Melanie tried sitting on the edge of the chair, or standing with her legs apart, but could not get comfortable enough for what she wanted to do, needed to do. She decided that she didn’t need the visual stimulation of the video any more. She had seen the crucial parts twice already.

She almost ran across to the platform and threw herself down on the soft bed. As Melanie touched herself, using both hands, sliding her fingers across her clitoris, sliding fingers inside her vagina, even rubbing the pucker below (She could hardly believe when she had seen her dad touching her mum there in the video and then later … sticking his cock into her mum there too!).

Melanie had stopped the video a couple of times when her dad climbed up to join the other two woman and had a good long look at his cock. She had only seen the outline in his shorts and bathers before and what she saw now was even better than she had imagined! As she slid her fingers into herself she thought of her dad’s cock and imagined that it was his cock rather than her finger there inside her. She was incredibly aroused, more aroused than she had ever been before, but tekirdağ escort bayan she didn’t want this to end quickly. So she, in her imagination, using her fingers, changed the pace and had her dad fuck her with long slow strokes.

Of course her fingers were a lot shorter than his cock. And his cock would be a lot thicker. Would be … would be … ‘oh would this ever actually happen?’ That possibility, that thought took her tumbling over the cliff into a shuddering climax and she held her pussy tight and she throbbed and her cum ran through her clenched hands.

What Melanie did not know, because of the cloud of euphoria which had overtaken her, was that just after she had thrown herself down onto the bed her dad, Steve, had entered the studio. He had decided to come and check up on a few things and to try to work out what to do about the last remaining ‘slot’ in his project, the legal age teenager.

Steve hadn’t known that Melanie was dropping in that day and so he was surprised when he noticed immediately that the computer was on. He got even more of a shock when he looked at the screen closely and found that someone had been checking out the photos from this latest project. Even more, the video he had made of his wife, Grace, was looping on the screen and he saw that it was just up to the part where he had joined Grace and Susan on the platform. He hadn’t actually intended to record all of that but the moment had overtaken them. He would remove that part before he sent to raw footage to his IT friend who was going to help with compiling the final composite video.

But who could have been looking at this? He then noticed the clothes over and near the couch which he recognised immediately as Melanie’s. The panties were dark and when he picked them up he saw that they were extremely wet. Bringing them to his face he smelled the heady aroma of a highly aroused young woman. ‘I wonder how much she saw of that video?? All of it I expect since it is on loop! There will be some explaining to do.’

Steve was about to call out to see where she was when he noticed movement on the platform in the centre of the room. It did cross his mind for a moment that perhaps Melanie had brought a boyfriend here and they were making use of the privacy, though he was not aware that she had a boyfriend at the moment.

Rather than announce his presence Steve moved silently across to see what was happening. There was no guy there. Melanie was alone, completely naked, furiously masturbating. Steve could not take his eyes off her beautiful body. He had caught himself fantasising a few times about Melanie as she had developed over the years, noticing her ripening body. But she was young and he was her dad so he dismissed those thoughts.

Now here she was. Naked. Exposed. Rubbing her pussy just a short distance away. He could see her. He could smell her. And he could hear her whimpering and moaning. As he watched her fingers began pumping faster into her pussy and soon after she clearly cam and hugged her pussy tight with both hands. What shocked him a little was what his daughter cried out at the moment when she came. “Daddy!!”

“Daddy!!” Melanie cried out in ecstasy. “Oh daddy, that was wonderful. Oh daddy, thank you.” Up to now Melanie’s eyes had been closed but then she heard a noise nearby and they flew open. “Daddy??!” That was almost a scream of embarrassment. It was one thing to fantasise about her father fucking her but to open her eyes and see him standing there was a shock.

Melanie quickly grabbed one of the many pillows lying on the platform and, unsuccessfully, tried to cover her body. “Dad, what are you doing here? What are you doing watching me? Oh God. Oh I am so sorry. I saw that video of you and mum and that other woman and … Oh God this is so embarrassing. Dad? Dad? Say something!!”

Steve sat on the edge of the platform. He looked into her eyes and said “Melanie, darling. You are beautiful. You are a beautiful sexy woman. I apologise for watching without your permission, though I didn’t know you were here or what you were doing! I apologise for watching without your permission, but wow! That was amazing.”

This was awkward still. Steve continued. “Darling can I ask something though? Why did you call out to me at the end? It is just … I am not sure … why was that …?”

Melanie’s mind was racing. Her father had just watched her masturbate and cum and she had called out his name as she climaxed. Her mum and dad were both cool. She always said that. They had also told her that the truth is always the best thing to say. So she said it. “Dad, I called out your name because I was imagining you … (she nearly said fucking) … making love to me. I watched that video and I came and lay here and thought of you. Sorry. I have always thought you were sexy. You are a sexy man. The sexiest I know …” While she said this Melanie let the pillow fall back to the bed and even more of her body was exposed again.

Now it was Steve’s escort tekirdağ mind that was racing. His daughter had imagined having sex with him. Now she was sitting here, naked, in front of him. And if he had read the words correctly she was searching for a way to ask if they could do that for real??! He shuffled across further onto the bed until he was lying next to her. “Darling. We both know this is …”

Melanie put a finger on his lips before he could say the word ‘wrong’. They both knew what was going to happen now and there was no point in trying to sully it with that word. Whether deliberately or not, the finger that Melanie used to press silence on her father’s lips was one which had very recently been deep inside her pussy.

Steve groaned and instead of saying anything more he opened his mouth, took Mel’s finger in and sucked her fresh cum from the finger. “Plenty more where that came from,” she said provocatively.

That was enough to remove any inhibitions which may have held Steve back. He rolled onto his back and began to unbutton his jeans before they exploded. Melanie brushed his had aside. “Let me help with that.” She climbed off the platform, removed Steve’s shoes and socks, slid her hands up his jeans, giving his cock a quick squeeze, before lowering the zip and (with some bumping and shuffling) peeled her dad’s jeans off. When dragging them down she had hooked her fingers into his underpants as well and so as his jeans were removed Steve’s cock sprang up, pointing at the ceiling.

Steve removed his shirt, but Mel’s eyes were fixed on her dad’s cock. She had seen it in the video but seeing him here, live, in front of her, was 1000 times better. “Dad, can I touch you? Please??”

Perhaps unwittingly echoing the words which Susan had uttered when lying in a very similar place, Steve replied “You can do whatever you want.” So she did.

Melanie began by sitting next to him and running her hand up and down his shaft. She let the feel of his cock gripped by her fingers continue until she could see just how he seemed to like her touching him most. Not TOO hard but not too soft either. And with a nice gentle regular motion. They were both enjoying this!

When Steve reached out with his hand and touched the soft skin on her inner thigh Melanie spread her legs to give him better access. When Steve’s fingers began stroking her pussy directly she felt like she was going to pass out and gripped him so hard that he yelped a little. After that she was more careful not to let her reactions to his hand on her pussy be transferred into an unwanted squeeze.

They touched each other for a while, enjoying simply the feeling of each other’s most intimate parts, then Steve said, “Darling, when you put your finger on my lips I could taste you.” When she blushed he continued quickly, “That was fine. It was very nice actually. But now, if it is ok with you, I would like to taste you some more … directly. If you want that you could lie back and …”

Steve didn’t get to finish his sentence before Mel had flopped back onto the bed and spread her legs wide. With her hand she beckoned her dad to come closer. “Dad. Please. Come here and lick me. I have dreamt of this. Not just of you but that is something none of my boyfriends ever wanted to do. Please. Lick me.”

Steve rolled over and, beginning at her ankles, he began to lick and kiss the inside of his daughter’s legs. He licked and kissed up one leg as far as her knee, then turned to the other ankle and kissed up that far and beyond. He kissed and licked her up almost to the tops of her thighs then returned to the inside of her other knee to bring that leg in line too.

Mel spread her legs wide and grabbed the pillow which she had held against her body, briefly, using it to help her prop up a little. As long as she could she wanted to watch. She was LOVING the feeling of her dad’s lips and tongue moving up her legs. She wanted to see as well as feel what happened when he got to the top.

Steve kissed the skin on the crease at the top of each of Mel’s legs, letting his tongue draw a line along the crease. He turned to face her pussy directly, noticing up close now that she had trimmed her pussy hair almost all over, leaving a short ‘landing strip’ above. ‘I will be a frequent flyer to this landing strip as often as I can!’ he thought and smiled.

Mel’s pussy was beautiful. Over the past few weeks Steve had seen eight other pussies. One he knew well of course, his wife’s pussy. Very well. But he had to say that Mel’s was the most beautiful of them all. Perhaps it was because she was the youngest. Steve and Grace had only met when she was a few years older than Mel was now, but he could see the similarities between mother and daughter. After 20 years together he still loved Grace deeply and adored her pussy. They sex life was very full and active. But there was something enticing about Mel’s pussy which had him mesmerised.

Not too mesmerised though. He was there to taste, and taste he did. First Steve placed his lips over Mel’s clitoris and sucked, gently. Teasing her with his tongue he could feel her clit, which had retreated slightly into the hood, extend fully and with the tip of his tongue he danced across her nun. Melanie was writhing and moaning and clearly loving what he was doing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32