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I hop out of the shower and start toweling off my freshly shaved body. I wrap my hair up and as I start rubbing in my body lotion I go over the details of my plan in my head yet again.

My boyfriend Mike LOVES to watch a woman masturbate, and a couple of months ago he mentioned in passing how hot it is to walk in on, or catch a woman doing so. Of course this has been in my mind ever since. At first I was going to do this for him the very next time we were seeing each other, but then I decided it might be better to wait. I figured if I waited several weeks he would never be expecting it and hopefully as a complete surprise it would live up to his fantasy even more.

I pull on a pair of small, silky panties and a low-cut camisole and unlock my front door before moving to the bedroom. I had already told Mike that I might take a nap and he should just come in without knocking when he arrives. I open my nightstand drawer and I pull out the large glass dildo I am quite sure will be seeing some use. But since that will come later, for now I set it on top of the nightstand to be in plain sight and easy to reach. I can feel myself already starting to get wet in anticipation as I pull out my favorite go-to bullet vibrator.

I turn on the tv and take a few minutes choosing a video, finally settling on a particular favorite of mine showing an mfm threesome. I know this will only add to Mike’s excitement since this is something else he’s expressed wanting to try, but that will have to be another day.

I fluff up the pillows and climb on to the bed, vibrator in hand. I get myself comfortable, half under the covers, eyes already glued to the two cocks that have just been unsheathed onscreen. I have just turned on my bullet to the lowest setting when I hear Mike’s car pull in. “Could not be more perfect timing,” I smile to myself and lay back. I take one hand and slide it into my panties, spreading my lips wide and press the lightly humming vibrator against my clit through my panties. I can hear Mike walking toward the bedroom and I close my eyes and slowly slide the vibrator up and down over the smooth silk of my panties. I hear bursa escort a sharp intake of breath and know that he’s made it to the doorway. I keep my eyes closed, savoring the moment, and use my other hand to start gently pinching my nipple. As I tug my camisole down and pull my tits out over the top for easier access to my nipples, I finally open my eyes and glance at Mike. He is still in the doorway, and still fully dressed, but there is already a noticeable bulge in his pants. He meets my eye and he is grinning ear to ear as he starts lightly stroking himself through his jeans. He gives a little nod, like “keep going” and comes a little further into the room, his eyes seeming to devour my body.

My pussy is instantly drenched when I see how turned on Mike is. The silky panties are now soaked and as I run the vibrator slowly up and down my clit, they cling to my wet slit. I nudge the vibrator up a notch and give my nipple a slightly harder twist and cannot help but let out a long moan as I have my first orgasm. Mike lets out a groan himself and I do not believe I have ever seen him manage to get a pair of jeans off so quickly. His right hand is back on his cock the second he’s free of his pants. He strokes his shaft through his boxer briefs while using the other hand to pull his shirt over his head and I can see a wet spot forming already from his pre-cum. He moves to the side of the bed and bends to take my free nipple into his mouth, lightly flicking it with his tongue and then gently nibbling. I push my vibrator up another notch and feel unbelievably sexy and in control. I tell him to take his shorts off, that I want to use him as my toy. He almost falls over in his hurry to oblige. I set the vibrator aside and pull him on to the bed and between my legs.

His cock is the hardest I’ve ever seen it. Or felt it, as I grab on to it and start sliding his shaft back and forth over my silk-covered slit. It feels amazing, and it is so fucking hot and as much as I want to pull my panties to the side and slide him inside of me, I am not ready for this to be over. I roll us over so he is on his back and I am straddling him. I slide bursa escort bayan over his shaft, keeping the layer of silk between us, using his cock as my own sex toy. He is grabbing and squeezing my ass cheeks, pulling me tighter against him and I can tell he is close to cumming. It makes me even hotter thinking I can get him off with no penetration and not even using my hands, and I know I am about to cum again myself. I start grinding even faster and harder and when he moans out, “oh god, I’m gonna cum” it sends me over the edge. I have to grab on to the headboard as my body shudders and he shoots ropes of cum on to both our stomachs and chests. I continue to grind against him, but very slowly now, and reach around to gently fondle his balls as his hands and mouth are on my tits. I start to pull away and he looks up at me with a slightly alarmed look on his face.

“Don’t worry,” I giggle. “We aren’t done just yet.” My eyes go to the glass dildo on my nightstand and Mike practically jumps for it.

I move to lie sideways across the bed and finally pull my panties off, leaving my tits hanging out over my top. I bend my knees and spread my legs wide. Mike’s own cock is rock hard again as he moves to stand at the side of the bed between my legs.

He extends the dildo toward me and moves his other hand to start stroking his shaft. “This glass is a little chilly,” he says, using the tip of it to circle my nipples, “I think you should let me watch you warm it up a little while I warm you up a little before using it on you.” He hands it to me and moves that hand down to start lightly sliding his finger along my slit.

I grasp the glass cock and look him in the eye as I start to lick around the tip. He slides a finger inside my pussy and I gasp at finally being penetrated. He slowly and rhythmically starts to finger-fuck me, matching the same pace on his own cock, as I gradually suck the glass dildo deeper and deeper into my mouth. I know how much he loves watching me do this and can tell that he is aching for it to be him down my throat as he adds a second finger inside me. I slowly pull the dildo out of my mouth and escort bursa pull his hand up from between my legs. I pull him closer and take his fingers into my mouth as I replace his hand stroking his cock with my own. I lick his fingers clean, pumping his cock for a moment and then hand him the glass piece.

“I think it’s all warmed up…” I say, leaning back and taking my tits into my hands, thumbing my nipples.

Mike eagerly takes ahold of the dildo by the balls and starts sliding the shaft up and down my slit, covering it in my juices. He verrrrrry slowly eases the tip in then pulls it back out and resumes the stroking. He repeats this a few times, with excruciating slowness, teasing me. I know he wants me to beg and finally I can’t take it anymore, I need to be filled up and I give him what he wants.

“Please,” I beg, “please fuck me already,” writhing on the bed. “I’m so fucking wet. I need you to put it in me. Pleeease fuck me Mike!” I can see his cock twitching at this, and he smirks.

“Oh yeah, think you can handle this? Think your pussy can take this huge cock fucking you?” and he slides the huge glass dildo all the way in, balls-deep. I moan and can’t help arching up off the bed. It is so deep I feel like I can taste it. He starts sliding it in and out, really slowly at first, getting a little faster with each stroke, his eyes glued to my pussy taking this thick glass cock. He moves his other hand to start rubbing my clit, but I lick my finger and move my hand to replace it.

“Let me,” I say, “I want to watch you stroke yourself. I want you to jerk off while you’re watching my pussy get fucked by another cock,” I pant, close to another orgasm. He really is fucking me with the dildo now, and matching the strokes on his own cock. I am furiously rubbing my clit and gasping, “oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum,” and I am shaking all over as another orgasm rips through me. “Holy shit, holy shit,” I am panting and shaking, and Mike is still sliding the dildo in and out of my dripping pussy, but a little slower now, a proud, self-satisfied smile on his face and his other hand still stroking his shaft. “Do I have any more instructions?” he cocks an eyebrow at me.

I grin. “Your final instruction is to instruct me! It’s your turn to tell me exactly what you and that cock of yours would like me to do, or what you would like to do to me..?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32