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As Jen stood there, her body stretched between floor and ceiling, she realised that Mistress’ earlier actions had been merely preparation for what she was undergoing now. She had never been bound before this afternoon but now her body was already accustomed to the experience it was going through. She could feel the strain in her muscles, from her splayed legs up to her stretched arms, but her mind was not registering it as pain, merely as another sensation given to her by Mistress, another part of her education as a slave, another experience she underwent willingly.

The passage of time had no meaning for her. She felt as though she was part of the ancient stone she was bound to, its strength flowing into her through the leather bonds tying her ankles, eternal and unyielding. Struggle was pointless, yet also unnecessary – this was her place, her role now, just an extension of Mistress’ desire.

Mistress had watched her impassively for a while, standing in front of Jen, her eyes moving up and down slowly, looking carefully over her body, studying it almost as an artist would, taking in every detail of the model in front of her. Slowly, in silence, she circled round Jen, studying her from all angles, taking in the full perspective of what she had created. Then, her study completed, she began to touch Jen, her fingers on her skin lightly, almost like silk, tracing the pattern of her muscles from her thigh to her hip. Unable to move or react to the touch, Jen had sensed every moment of the touch, each fingertip a separate event on her skin. Mistress kept her touch far away from anywhere Jen had previously considered erogenous, but her entire body had become attuned to Mistress, responding to her touch like it was a drug pushed into her system through the skin.

She could feel Mistress behind her, sense the look on her face as she touched Jen’s spine, starting just below her collar, one solitary finger moving down it, each touch on her vertebrae echoing through her body. Slowly, it traced a downward path, reaching the base where it was joined by another, the two then taking separate courses around the curve of Jen’s rear, others gradually joining them in their slow circuit until they were underneath the soft flesh, both of Mistress’ hands now held against the skin, beginning to grip it firmly. The grip loosened, then returned, becoming a massage, each hold sending warm waves of pleasure flowing through Jen. Her breathing became heavier and she felt herself move slightly, involuntarily, her hips swaying in time with Mistress touch, their movement shaking the rest of Jen’s body, the rings in the ceiling creaking slightly as her arms transferred the movement to the rope securing her there.

As her muscles moved, she felt the strain in them increase, resisting the inexorable movement of her body. Still, though, her mind didn’t register it as pain, each message from her nerves filtered through the blissful sensation of Mistress. The massage became more insistent, harder, the tips of Mistress’ nails digging into the flesh beneath them, sharply contrasting with the warmth of her skin. Jen gasped, trying to control herself, remembering Mistress’ talk of punishment if she found release in this room. The touch moved now, still massaging the flesh, but two fingers also rubbing at the entrance of the tight hole between Jen’s fethiye escort cheeks, hard nails rubbing the edge as an insistent fingertip pushed at the entrance. She could remember Mistress pressing there earlier, along with her questioning and wondered if now would be the time that she took her virginity there. Part of her mind craved it, trying to push down on the fingers there, wanting to give everything of herself to Mistress, but part held back, fearing that Mistress taking her there would be too much to resist, that her body would succumb to forbidden release and the inevitable punishment that would follow.

As her mind concentrated on this dilemma, Jen realised she was losing concentration, and control of herself with it. She forced her mind away from the feeling of that one touch and let her attention take in her whole body, sensing the warm flow of sensation from each muscle, trying to take control and rise on top of the feelings, not letting them drag her under as they rose. Her heart steadied its frantic beat, and she could feel Mistress slowing down the rate of her massage, the pressure from her finger gradually relenting until it disappeared entirely.

She heard Mistress walking away from her, footsteps echoing off the stone, then returning, a soft clang against the stone as something was set down behind her, slight scraping movements as Mistress positioned it carefully.

‘Now, my dear, I am going to untie the rope that holds your arms to the wall. When it is undone, I want you to slowly lower yourself into a sitting position until you feel the chair behind you. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’

The footsteps clicked away again. Soon, Jen had a sense of a slight tugging on the rope, then its pull slackened slightly, Mistress carefully letting it run out. Keeping her arms straight above her, still feeling the gentle pull, Jen bent her knees, lowering herself down until her rear touched a small soft cushion. As Mistress let out more rope, Jen lent backwards, pivoting on the stool until her back touched a thin, straight cushion that ran along her spine until it ended at her shoulders. At its tip, like the top of a T, she felt a bar running out at both sides, also cushioned.

‘Good.’ Came Mistress’ voice from the far wall. ‘Now, lower your arms until they rest on you.’ Jen did as she was commanded, feeling the strain disappear from them, her body slowly relaxing as the contours of the chair supported her. She could feel the soft cushions pushing against her, metal bars dimly perceivable behind them, her back at forty-five degrees to the ground, her legs still spread open, bound to the rings in the floor. Mistress walked round to stand in front of her, then crouched between Jen’s legs, swiftly untying the rope between her arms then letting them fall, untied, by Jen’s side.

‘Relax for a moment, my sweet Jen. Then when you are ready, lift your arms over the bar so they rest behind your back.’ As she stretched her arms out, Jen watched Mistress remove the rope from the rings and coil it slowly, carefully. Jen could feel the strain in her arms and shoulders, but it wasn’t pain, more just an awareness of exertion and the lingering sense of excitement and arousal that suffused her entire body. She was aware of her whole body as an instrument of pleasure, what should have been pain just escort fethiye a sense of the sweet touch of Mistress. Jen watched Mistress hang the rope on a hook on the wall, then select three slender gold chains from nearby. Jen raised her arms up, moving them around the bar and behind her back, feeling the cushioned metal slot in warmly beneath her armpits as she sank into the chair.

Mistress walked behind her, crouching down and using the chains to link the rings on Jen’s gauntlets together. They were bound only loosely, but enough to stop Jen moving her arms from behind her. Her posture meant she was pushing herself out, her breasts rising from her chest, her sex displayed, spread legs holding it apart. Mistress returned to the wall and took two long pieces of cloth from a shelf then turned back to Jen. As she walked towards her, Jen saw that they were long black gloves, Mistress putting them on as she walked, each stretching up past her elbow, stopping just short of the gold bands around her arm. She stood between Jen’s legs, then slowly knelt between them, lifting her skirt slightly as she lowered herself to the ground.

Jen felt the touch of warm satin on her skin as Mistress rested her hands on her legs, leaning slowly towards Jen’s exposed sex. Her lips moved tantalisingly close, Jen bracing herself for the contact of Mistress’ lips on her sex, but they paused just before Mistress reached it, holding her head there as she breathed in deeply, then softly blew on it. Her breath was cool on Jen’s wet lips, flowing around them, over her swollen clit, making Jen tremble with pleasure. Her hands began to move as her head remained still, the soft gloves roaming over Jen’s thighs, down her outstretched calves as Mistress’s breath played on her sex.

Jen felt her eyes close as her head fell back, her neck unsupported by the chair. Her arms pulled at the chains between them as she felt the forbidden urge to grasp Mistress’ head and pull it into her tempting her with its impossibility. Her hips began to move, lifting herself off the small cushion below her, her back digging deep into the cushion behind it, but Mistress’ mouth always remained tantalisingly out of reach, her hands moving back to Jen’s hips. A fire was building within her, starting in her feet then racing through her legs, her muscles taut as she strained against the hold of the chair. Her heart was beating hard, her breath ragged as she fought to keep herself under control, feeling as though Mistress’ breath was flowing into her, filling Jen with her presence.

Mistress’ hands moved up the exposed length of her torso, spread flat across her stomach, then to her breasts, slowly moving all over the soft mounds then gently stroking the nipples with her fingers. The tide of pleasure rose within her again as her nipples responded to Mistress’ touch, the fire becoming intense, sweat pouring off her, each soft caress sending her body through wild desire. Jen fought for control of herself as the touch became more insistent, the breath harder against her sex, no longer cooling her but adding to the heat within. She tried to concentrate, fix her mind on the task of riding out these waves, but it was betraying her, flooded with sensation, the sweet torment of her bound limbs mixing with the delicious sensations flowing from Mistress, her touch and breath fethiye escort bayan seeming too much to resist.

Then, a sharp pain came from her nipples, Mistress gripping them tightly between her fingers. Jen half-moaned, half-cried as the sensation came to her, the pain bright against the soft colours of her pleasure. It took her higher, her body responding to it as it did to all sensations from Mistress, but she found she could focus on it, keep herself centred, use it as an anchor against the release she craved but dare not take. As Mistress gripped tighter, pulling at the hard nub, stretching it, Jen heard herself moan again, louder, the reaction instinctive and uncontrolled, but she still had control.

She could feel Mistress’ head moving closer to her sex, the breath becoming closer. Jen braced herself, focusing on her breasts and the feeling there, trying to prepare herself. When it came, it was like electricity on her sex, the touch of Mistress’ tongue like a series of electric shocks running through her. Jen felt her hips rocking, her stomach spinning as Mistress’ tongue ran along the outside of her lips, tasting her, drawing in her scent. Desperately, Jen bit into her lower lip as she sucked in air deeply, feeling her legs beginning to tremble, her fingers stretching out, her arms pulling at the bonds, all crying out and ready to give way, wanting her to lose herself. She could feel herself about to surrender, the last dam in her mind about to fall to the rising tide when Mistress’ touch suddenly stopped, her fingers releasing Jen’s nipples from her grip, sliding down her stomach as she moved her head slowly backwards, breaking the electric contact as she carefully stood herself up.

Jen almost relaxed, but realised that would be a mistake, would lead to her giving way to the tension that still burnt strong in her. Carefully, she raised her head, feeling the sweat from her face slide down and rub against her collar. Opening her eyes, she saw Mistress standing between her legs, carefully removing the gloves as she licked Jen’s taste from her lips. Jen breathed deeply as she watched her, her body still held in delicious agony, the fire only slowly burning down, her body returning to her control.

‘Well done, my sweet Jen. Very well done.’ She smiled. ‘So close to release, yet still you did not succumb to it. I had not dreamt you could learn so quickly.’ She finished taking off the gloves and returned them to the shelf, Jen watching the patterns of fire across her back as she walked. ‘You are almost assured of joining me in my bed tonight, my sweet. Almost. You have one last ordeal in this cellar, but I have faith in your ability to triumph, my dear.’ She walked around behind Jen, crouching again to undo the chains and remove them, then lifting Jen’s arms slowly over the bar and freeing them.

She moved back round to the front, crouching at Jen’s feet and undoing the straps there as she spoke. ‘Now, I shall give you a few moments alone to relax and prepare yourself for the final test. Take the chance to relax yourself and ease the strain of your muscles. I shall bolt the door as I leave and you will hear it unbolt as I return. Be ready for me when you hear that. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘Good. I shall see you again soon, my sweet Jen.’ With that, she undid the last strap and stood up, quickly walking away from Jen and out of the door. Jen heard the heavy bolt slam into place, sealing her in the room. Carefully, she began to move, already wondering what Mistress would put her through when she returned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32