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DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this story is real or should be considered as such. This story came from an idea by YoungSwingCouple and involves some interesting fetishes I’m into, and yes, it also features sexual acts between consenting adults. I welcome any feedback and I’m always excited to discuss the story and characters, and chatting/bouncing around ideas for future stories. I hope you enjoy delving into my insane mind.

NOTE: This story features a lot of different and some extreme fetishes that will not be for everyone. Expect exhibitionism, voyeurism, cheating, cuckolding, interracial, dirty talk, and homeless sex. Everyone’s having a good time with it though.


Luke and Emma needed this night. In so many ways, for so many reasons, they needed it to happen. None of those reasons occurred to them while they sat at dinner, gleefully drinking glass after glass of sugary cocktails, drowning their relationship concerns in laughter and alcohol. There’s no way they could have. Because at the time, they thought the night was soon coming to a close. When they stumbled from the restaurant, arm in arm and giggling, starting their drunken walk home, they saw their romantic and desperately needed dinner for two as a phenomenal way to end the evening. They’d have sex, certainly. That was, after all, the ultimate point of this entire expensive outing of food and drinks. But that was going to be rough, passionate, and quick. And then the night would be complete.

If everything went to plan, Luke and Emma would have gotten the night they wanted. But this wasn’t that. This was the night they needed — and despite what they thought, trudging down dimly lit streets halfway back to their apartment, it had only just begun.

A few months ago, the couple hit a wall in their relationship. They still loved each other and enjoyed being together and didn’t want to break up, so maybe not a wall exactly. The car was fine. It was more that they encountered an obstacle in the road. A large fallen piece of lumber blocking their path, and instead of abandoning their vehicle and wandering off they were both trying to figure out how exactly to either move it out of the way or go around it. It just wasn’t easy. Sex never is. Sex is complicated. At least, great sex is.

When Luke and Emma first started dating, their sex life was hotter than a habanero. Their lust and passion for one another translated into intense and aggressive sessions that had them moaning and screaming as they gyrated and fucked against each other. Every time Luke would lay eyes on Emma’s slender and petite naked body, it instantly made his dick hard. He adored her pale skin, her legs, the span of freckles across her chest and nose, and of course, her breasts. Breasts of her size would look enticing on any woman but on her 5’2″ frame they appeared mouth-wateringly large. For Emma, it was more than just Luke’s slim build, healthy tan, and lengthy prick. The first one she’d ever had inside her, whose plunges into her depths made her pant, cry out, and cum. It was the freedom she felt while grinding her hips against his, when rocking back to meet his thrusts while on all fours. The utter dismissal of her somewhat sheltered upbringing by acting like a wanton whore made her wail in orgasm just as much as Luke’s handsome face and thick cock.

Over time though, after fucking all over the room, they slowly started to keep mainly to the bed. From doggystyle and cowgirl, spooning while Luke held one of her legs in the air or both sitting up with Emma bouncing in his lap and his hand tangled in her fiery red hair, they usually just did it missionary. Instead of filthy phrases like, “fuck my cunt” and “suck my cock,” dirty talk consisted of indistinguishable grunts and groans.

They both still enjoyed sex with each other. Very much so. It had just become standard and routine, and they we were worried about where a road like that might eventually lead. As a great philosopher once said, “You can’t be like pancakes: all exciting at first but by the end you’re sick of them.”

So, they talked about it. They discussed and researched ways to add some more spice to their sinful, sexual courses. They tried tying each other up, Emma’s small body stretched so wide her butt lifted from the bed, but decided it wasn’t for them. They tried spanking, and while turning Emma’s pale skin pink helped for a little while, it didn’t give either of them enough for a long-lasting solution. They even tried toys, but fake tools never felt quite as good as the real thing for him or Emma. Then, while attempting to watch porn together, the answer unexpectedly hit them like a truck.

Sitting together in the desk chair, both of them facing the computer, they saw a video titled “Young Couple Fucks in Park.” Even before clicking on it, Luke’s cock began to stiffen, engorging along Emma’s naked ass and extending toward her suddenly moist slit.

“How about that one,” Emma said reading the title out loud.

On screen, a ankara eve gelen escort young couple around their ages scouted the area around them nervously. The concept of the video clearly intrigued them both but Emma especially found something so perverted about it. The idea of having sex in such a public place seemed so risky, so… slutty. She subconsciously rocked her body against her boyfriend, her movements further stimulating his growing erection.

There were some boulders, a few bushes, but there wasn’t that much cover for the couple, yet they seemed unconcerned about any of that. Or maybe they were concerned, and that level of danger only enhanced the experience. Braced against a tree, the man’s trousers were down at his ankles and his hands gripped the girl’s bare hips. Her skirt had been lifted to her waist and her panties pulled halfway down her shapely thighs. She bounced back and forth in long, slow movements onto the man’s unseen cock, buried all the way deep inside her hungry snatch.

Luke’s hard staff was in Emma’s hand and she matched the girl’s motions, sliding her hand and the slick lips of her pussy along his shaft. She breathed in extended breaths, his girth having separated her folds. The video couple’s thrusting picked up speed and the girl’s face twisted into restrained shrieks of pleasure. The rhythmic sounds of slapping flesh joined the chirping birds and distant voices of passersby. The knowledge of people possibly stumbling onto this taboo scene pushed Emma and Luke to the edge.

Raising her butt into the air, Emma repositioned Luke’s cock, lining him up with her entrance, and sank down with a lengthy, low moan. She bottomed out and Luke reveled in the warm feeling of his girlfriend’s tight walls around his hard member. Then she lifted herself up and dropped back down, riding him at a hurried pace. Emma and Luke gasped and moaned, watching the couple on the screen as they fucked in mirrored movements.

“We should do that,” Emma panted.

Luke reached around to grasp her large breasts, capturing her thick nipples between his fingers and pinching them. “Fuck in public?”

The words caused Emma to slam down and grind her ass against him, the thrill of hearing it said so bluntly almost driving her to immediate climax. The very idea of it, of her doing something like that, something so taboo, it made her so wet, so horny.

“Yes. I want you to fuck me in public. Bend me over and fucking take me.” Emma picked up speed, lifting and dropping in rabbit-like bursts. Luke grunted and jerked his hips up to meet her, their furious rutting hitting a fevered pitch. They pictured themselves in the situation, the thought careening both of them toward orgasm. But the moment hit each in a different way. Emma enjoyed the debauchery of it, the freedom of giving into your desires and surrendering yourself. Luke thought about the watching of it, of seeing a woman get ravished in a public setting, of her slutty nature causing her to allow herself to be taken.

“Yeah? You want to get fucked in public? Where anyone can see what a horny slut you are?”

“Yes! Ah ah ah ah! Fuck, yes! It’s so dirty. It’s so wrong. And it’s so fucking hot!”

Adding one final touch to their intense coupling, Luke snaked one hand off her breast, up her chest, and his fingers wrapped around her neck. Emma gave one last wail and then he squeezed, choking her in his grasp. Emma’s pants of pleasure turned into struggling gasps for air. Her skin flushed, her shaved pussy turned a bright red, her enjoyment evident. Barely able to breathe, mind a whirl, she reached the edge and tumbled over.

Emma’s cunt clamped down on his cock as she came, her legs tensing and flexing as she ground her ass into him and spasmed, lips parted in a silent “o.” Her climax set him off and he exploded inside of her, tightening his grip on her breast and holding her body down on his while he flooded her with bursts of hot, sticky cum. The computer screen was black, the video having finished long before they did.

Following their revelation, they made plans for their fantasy to become a reality, believing it was the answer they’d be looking for. The cinch that would drag the obstruction out of the road. In a week’s time, they’d go for a stroll in the park at night, find a spot, and fuck each other senseless where anyone could accidently stumble upon them. The excitement of it had them perpetually horny and for the few days after setting the date, they had sex every night, some of the best sex they’d had in ages. Luke would plow Emma from behind while she braced against her dresser for balance and describe how risky their plan was, how turned on it made him to think about her getting used in public like that. Emma would ride on top of him while he lay on the floor and scream about him taking her in the wild like a beast, about them fucking like animals.

Then two days from their planned exhibition work hit them hard. They had to delay an extra week. gaziosmanpaşa escort Then a week became two. Then three, their respective jobs and other necessities of life getting in the way. Soon a month had passed, and their plans had fallen by the wayside, their sex life forced to be placed on the back burner. When a light at last appeared at the end of the tunnel, they wanted to capitalize on it, to celebrate their returning freedom and getting back in the driver’s seat of life. However, their outward enthusiasm toward public sex had diminished. They were worried about just slipping right back into high gear and thought maybe they should just have a nice night out instead of heading right to the park, finding the nearest bush, and going at it like cats in heat. So they instead settled on a restaurant, dressed in their finest, and put no limit on alcohol.

Inwardly though, not much had changed for either of them. The thought of public sex still turned them on immensely. If either had be truthful, they would indeed have gone straight to the park that very evening, skipped the restaurant, and maybe not have had things go the way they did. They both still very much wanted it. Which is why, after dinner, after their copious amount of drinks, they were halfway back home, their libidos set to high, when a dark alley caught Luke’s eye and he suddenly stopped.

Emma laughed, almost tumbling over from their linked arms and her wobbly heels. She probably should have worn flats, knowing how much they planned on drinking that night, but the heels gave her small body some extra height and with her tight black dress, it also gave her a boost of confident sexiness. Although some might say the heels turned her ensemble from classy girl to street walker, in her current inebriated state she might have said thank you. Next to her, Luke stared down a dimly lit alleyway. She glanced around them wondering why he stopped and then peered down the alley herself, trying to see what might have caught his eye. She couldn’t see very far. The glow from the far spaced sidewalk lights only barely lit the cobbled path maybe ten feet.

“What is it?” she said through squinting emerald slits.

“Well,” Luke turned to face her, a wicked and dangerous smile on his lips, “It’s not a park but…”

Under her dress, Emma wore a pair of skimpy lace panties. She worried that maybe she should have chosen one made of more substantial material because the amount of juices that flooded her underwear at her boyfriend’s suggestion threatened to spill down her pale white legs. The park was one thing but a dank and dirty alley? It was so disgusting. So filthy. If they were both a little more sober, she might have been able to control her inhibitions. Instead, she clenched his arm tighter and followed as he led them down the dark path.

They were both smiling, giggling, hearts pounding in their chest. They went further back, away from the light to give themselves some cover but not all the way so as to remove the risk. They passed by storm drains, some discarded garbage, before pausing next to some metal trashcans. Luke yanked her toward him and their bodies collided, kissing passionately, tongues shoved into each other’s mouths. Lips smacking, breathing heavily from their noses, they groped at each other as they made out. Emma rubbed her hand in rapid strokes up and down the bulge in Luke’s pants, his thickness filling her palm, and he ran his hand under the back of her dress to grab her ass, squeezing and kneading her fleshy cheeks, laid bare by Emma’s thong. After a few moments with her rear, he slid his hand to the front of her damp panties and slipped underneath the waistband to feel her wetness.

Emma whined in desperate need, the sheer depravity of everything making her head swim. The ground beneath them contained scattered grimy puddles, and a slightly unpleasant smell wafted around the area. Not pungent enough to gross them out but enough to notice and remind them of their filthy surroundings.

Luke unceremoniously broke their embrace and with a growl, spun her around to face the trashcan and bent her over. The metal clattered when Emma gripped its lid for stability.

“Oh god,” she groaned, the sound making her quiver. “Do it. Fuck me right in this dirty alley. Treat me like a two-dollar whore and fuck me over a garbage can!”

He pushed her dress up to her waist and tore her panties down her thighs. Luke scrambled to undo his trousers, taking in the view of his girlfriend bent over in an alleyway with her lower half completely exposed to the night air. Her pale skin glowed in the moonlight and her pussy dripped with arousal. She looked so slutty, so whorish and it drove him mad with lust. Pants dropped and cock out, he wrapped his fingers in a hunk of Emma’s ginger locks and buried himself inside of her in one thrust. They both groaned in ecstasy.

Then Luke jerked his hips back and plowed forward again.

They were doing it. They were gölbaşı escort actually fucking in public. With every slam forward the can banged and rattled, the clanging spurring on their ferocity, the sound joining the noise of his grunts and her sharp cries. Maybe someone would hear them, hear the clamor from the dark while passing by and come investigate. Maybe that someone would see them, fucking like two dogs, all growls and snarls and fast, hard thrusts. Luke imagined what it would be like to experience that, to hear the sounds and watch. Witness a beautiful woman like Emma getting railed like a dirty street whore. His gorgeous, pale skinned girlfriend getting treated like just some hooker picked up on the corner and fucked in the nearest alleyway.

“Take it you hot little bitch,” Luke said, giving Emma’s hair a thug. Emma’s back arched and her neck stretched out enticingly, begging for his hand to wrap around its delicate curve. He held back though, focused on his frantically rocking hips and enjoying the sounds of his girlfriend’s passionate squeals. He didn’t want to cut them off. He wanted to hear her begging for his dick. “You like getting fucked in a grimy side street like a whore, don’t you?”

Emma tossed her ass back to meet Luke’s pistoning cock. She slipped and adjusted her stance, fancy heels splashing into a murky puddle. She was getting used like a cheap slut. She didn’t think it could get any dirtier than this. “God, yes! I love it! I love being treated like a bitch in heat, like a dirty skank! Ungh ungh! Fuck!”

Then they heard it. Shuffling steps, the skitter of glass against stone. But not from the way they came. From further ahead, deeper down the path. Their eyes had adjusted to the dim light so they could see a little clearer when they turned that way. They could see the shapes and figures almost upon them. Vagrants, a group of them, watching in rapt attention. Homeless men, dirty and unwashed, with a clear view of Emma’s beautiful body getting used like a cockhole.

Any rational person would have turned and run. Pulling up pants and panties would have come secondary. Getting out of that alley would have been priority one. However, rational thought had left Luke and Emma several powerful thrusts ago. They were beyond buzzed. The risk of getting caught was always a kink factor. And they were so goddamn horny and lost in their pleasure, that stopping now might have caused their brains to short circuit. Instead of what was happening. Being watched, even by a group of grimy homeless men, or maybe because of it, sent them into overdrive.

After a brief moment of pause, Luke gritted his teeth and fucked himself even harder into his girlfriend, slamming his hips into her ass, the smacking of their flesh echoing in the alley. Emma screwed her face into a mask of intense bliss and collapsed down to her forearm, her body jerking forward with every hard pump of Luke’s dick. They were watching her get fucked. Homeless men were right there walking toward them and were seeing her get treated like a slutty piece of street trash. It made her so hot letting loose in such a way, giving in to the types of desires and perversion that went against everything she learned in her upbringing. The sensation of her boyfriend’s thick cock stretching her pussy and pummeling her depths made her feel good, this made her feel like a fucking whore—and she loved it.

Jaw slack, she gazed at her grubby admirers through half-lidded, lust-filled eyes, drool dripping down her lips.

Black and brown men shambled toward them with their cocks out, thick and long and surrounded by forests of dark tangled hair. Luke marveled at the sight of them, beating themselves off to his girlfriend… and moving closer and closer. He should stop, somewhere in his mind he knew he should, but he didn’t want to. Not to mention he worried how they might react. What these horny drifters might do to them if they took away their source of pleasure. At least, that was the excuse he used to assure himself of why he responded the way he did next.

“Her tits,” one of the men rasped, his dark eyes filled with hunger. “Let’s see the slut’s tits.”

Without a second of hesitation, Luke reached up, grabbed the right shoulder strap of Emma’s dress and yanked it down her arm, causing her pale white breast and stiff pink nipple to pop out into the open. The men moved closer to get a better view of her bare breast bouncing erratically. Emma released a long, throaty moan at the disgusting stench that rushed at her.

“Look at the size of the udders on this damn whore,” another man added. The size of his black fuckstick made Luke similarly awed.

By this point, the group of men were only a couple feet away from them, fists flying rapidly along their shafts. Emma panted heavily, focusing on each and every one of them one-by-one. She’d only ever been with one person and hadn’t really seen many dicks in her lifetime, and had never seen ones like these. Ebony and dusky and so unlike her boyfriend’s. Some of them bigger, some of them smaller, but all of them making a tsunami of arousal flood her cunt. Not to mention the fact that they all belonged to dirty, disgusting drifters, homeless strangers ogling her while she ogled them. She was getting a good look. And was about to get a much better one.

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