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Online dating and extensive swiping is always going to throw up a few familiar faces. Date too close to home and of course the two-degrees of separation rule that Facebook works on will apply to the dating apps too.

I loved the absolute sluttiness of fucking a couple of guys I knew were in relationships elsewhere. Even as a submissive I like the power that gave me. They would really make sure they put in their best performance in case our paths crossed, or they were mentioned in despatches at some point in the future.

One guy was allegedly away with work, but instead spent the night fucking me within an inch of my life. We barely slept and making work by the skin of my teeth was only achieved by ditching my entire beauty regime and scraping my hair back and racing out the door still stretched out and soaking from the morning quickie we enjoyed. I work in the office at a school and found myself chatting to his ever so plain wife with her husbands’ cum literally pooling in my thong. So bad…

Mind you I was a notch worth winning. I may have been in my late 40’s, but I still have my 30-year- old, gym-sculptured body and all the usual preening and primping that a decent divorce could afford. Think model quality older woman. Yes, blonde haired, firm smaller-size boobs and an arse that I loved all made me definitely a head turner, and I was now in a place where I could enjoy and indulge the attention I got.

On Saturday last week my date was apparently some big-time earner in the civil service. Director level guy, Dan was physically a big fella — 6’4″ and broad to boot. I’m slim, but not skinny, but I don’t normally like someone who dwarfs my 5’6″ frame. But he lived reasonably near, and I couldn’t be arsed to travel for some company so a meet at the closest pub to me sounded ideal. It turned out we literally lived half a mile apart.

The date was average at best. He wasn’t especially generous, slow to top up glasses, not much class or worldliness, but he thought he was the bees’ knees. Arrogance wasn’t far from his top ‘quality’. He didn’t seem to make much effort to put a move on me, almost like he just expected it. Strange as he clearly quite liked the look of me and took every chance to touch me.

I put much of it down to being a six-figure earner. But it was a free meal and some company and so I hung in there, nodded and listened to his droning on about, well, mostly himself. My ears pricked up when he mentioned someone he had dated and lived with recently and for a number of years. The name rang the first bell. A few probing questions, ‘Did she have kids?’, ‘What did she do for a living?’ and lo and behold, I find myself sitting next to the ex of the woman my ex-husband was now living with! I had to know more.

They had moved straight in together once they hooked up, a respectful few months after our relationships had collapsed. They were the perfect bloody family. She was 15 years younger than my ex and they seemed a great match. I was pleased for our son, but inside I hated them for it — I knew I could have had it, but the marriage was wrecked years earlier and I never recovered from the death by a thousand cuts that it was.

My ex was a good man and had enjoyed an interesting life before we had married. I hadn’t. I’d had prudish views forced onto me by my family and felt I’d missed out somehow. I blamed him, even though it was nothing to do with him. Despite my looks, I’d had few lovers before I married and as time bahis siteleri marched on resented his having sowed his wild oats when I hadn’t.

Mind you, in the two years since our split I must have slept with 30 or 40 men, from 21 to 51 years old, been fucked in every hole in every way you can think of, had small cocks and big cocks, hard ones and soft ones, had two guys at once, black and Asian guys and even a way out there night with a married couple that stretched my boundaries still further.

I digress. So now I’m interested. I’d heard from my ex that Dan had been an arrogant wanker and so it was proving. But the thought of fucking HER ex was too tempting. I thought honesty was the best policy and so confessed to my knowledge of him and our ex’s connection, although clearly I was short n details of what I knew. It was like someone flicked a switch in him…

Now he was so obviously intrigued. It didn’t take much for the bitterness towards my ex-husband ‘stealing’ (even though he hadn’t) his girlfriend to surface. And then the words that confirmed his status as described by my ex — an absolute arrogant big head — ‘I bet she misses this cock though’ and with that he took my hand and stuck it in his crotch — fuck, he wasn’t hard and yet he was clearly hung.

I almost instinctively began to gently rub it and asked, ‘So what was she like and what did she like to do with this big boy?’ Clearly this narcissist enjoyed the acknowledgment of his huge tool and began to spill the beans. I was getting wet.

‘She did whatever I wanted her to do — fucking begged for this of course — who wouldn’t? Quite the anal warrior she was. I loved bringing her down to her level- to make her lick my asshole and then I’d ream her out big time. It’s what the slut deserved’. Anal eh? My ex wasn’t badly hung, pretty average, but he loved the odd time I let him in there and always tried it on. No wonder they were happy if she was obliging…

Mind you I did wonder how this monster I was touching ever fitted up that passage…and then the waiters sat a group of people on the table right next to us. This conversation was far too risqué for other ears now. I suggested we went back to his for another drink and bill paid (half and half the tight bastard) we were soon back on the subject of his sexual exploits while making coffee in his kitchen.

‘Did you fuck her here in this house?’ I asked.

‘Just once, upstairs in the bed, christening the house — I think she just needed my big cock one more time’.

‘So do I get to see this big cock?’ I teased and started to free it. Shit a brick, it was a beauty of a thing. I was never a size queen, but a couple of kids and things were less tight nowadays, so big was now possible for me. It just hung there, semi-hard and yet still as big as anything I’d seen. We kissed and I began to fist his cock, trying to get it hard.

‘Come on then big boy, why don’t you fuck me exactly the way you did with her that time? In the same bed?’ I loved the thought of it, somehow taking her man and his monster cock – next time I had to see her, I’d know she was a willing ass-licker and anal slut — a delicious thought about the admittedly cute Little Miss Perfect family woman. I could imagine lying in her juices and his cum as we fell on the bed, clothes being shed and kisses more urgent. This was raw.

He wasn’t skilful. The kissing was average, the jabbing finger-fuck less than pleasant, but all that time his cock canlı bahis siteleri stayed down. I slid down the bed and began to suck that huge thing into my mouth, but it was uncomfortable and too big to do much with. He must have sensed my struggle and suddenly rolled his hips back and spread his raised legs.

‘Tongue my arse you slut’ he said abruptly. And so, and willingly I did — I dug my tongue as deep as I could, I fisted his cock, now covered in lube from who knows where, fingering his butthole while doing it and rimmed him for an age.

Analingus isn’t really my thing, but I’m basically submissive and didn’t feel like arguing. He moaned his approval and continued his degrading line of encouragement — slut, cunt, bitch — it all just came in a tirade. But it got me as wet as fuck and him hard as a rock. It was a good ten inches but not just long, thick with a huge mushroom head as well.

Now fully hard I was flipped onto all fours and his cock positioned at my pussy. He was merciless in the way he just slammed it in, no soft words — to him, this was a revenge fuck. I was gasping for breath but just got ‘You’ll get used to it…’ as he piled into my obscenely stretched pussy.

My ex was always gentle at first, considerate while he started, which I really appreciated then — this bloke was a selfish arsehole, but my god his cock was huge. He was a one pace fuck, just that wrong speed where it’s neither super hard or slow enough to feel it properly. I was trying to catch an orgasm, but it wasn’t going to cum like this. This was just a fuck.

Then all of a sudden, he pulled out and spouted ‘It’s no good — you can tell you have had kids through there and I guess a slut like you has had some cock too…’ The bastard! How dare he call me slack and stretched out, not even tight enough for that horse cock.

‘On all fours, now’ he growled and flipped me over. Fuck — I knew what was coming now. At least he was generous with the lube that he slathered all over the entrance to my ass. A rough finger or two pushed into me and spread the lube in, I squealed with the initial pain, but he didn’t stop for a moment.

I grasped the moment — ‘So are you going to stuff my sweet little butt with that big cock of yours? Just like you did to her? Do you want to resize my tight arse like you did for her or are you just some queer who will take any arse in front of you eh?’ I don’t know where my suggestion came from, but it certainly galvanised him.

His huge head was pushing hard at my entrance and soon it gave, and he was in. The bastard only probably had two or three gentle strokes to open me up and then bam, he was at me hard. I could barely catch my breath and within a minute or two he was pounding me hard, and the initial pain had become that strange full feeling that is so satisfying.

It was now time for me to get vocal. I felt that goading him was the thing this arrogant cunt would react to. ‘I bet that’s a tighter ass than Little Miss Perfect had, eh? Can you feel it milking that big cock of yours? Did she let you cum deep in her ass or on those big titties of hers? Or did you make her put that filthy big cock in her mouth and suck the cum right out of you?’

He reached down and pawed at my small breasts, grabbing them hard and pinching my nipples really violently. In doing so he had to bury himself balls deep in my arse — fuck, this was deep now, but I was loving it. The more he just took what he wanted and the more canlı bahis helpless I felt, the more my juices poured out. My thighs and his huge swinging balls were soaked in them.

Suddenly he withdrew his cock and pulled me over onto my back, smacking my ass cheek hard as he did so. His eyes burned with a rage and his size meant I was utterly powerless to prevent him doing anything he wanted. ‘What now big boy? Is it my pussy again or do you plan on fucking my ass like a queer some more?’

‘Shut the fuck up bitch — you talk too much! I’ll take your holes anyway I want and if you are lucky enough to get my cum, I’ll decide where…’ and with that he shoved three of his huge fat fingers up my sopping wet pussy. He had no skill whatsoever, but by pure fluke his middle fingers rubbed right on my G-spot and in an instant, I was squirting up his hand and arm.

‘You fucking slut, you love being rough fucked don’t you…’ he shouted without really saying it to me. I was grabbing his arm and pulling him hard against me drawing the last possible bit of pleasure from my orgasm. My legs were pulled up and into the air and that huge cock once again urging its way into my anal passage, still gaped from the first invasion and now sodden with my juices that had poured out of me.

Now deep inside me, he could have easily laid down and kissed me as we fucked, but no — he pushed himself fully into me — fuck I was so full it was unreal. There was to be no tenderness or closeness. This was just hard anal sex. This was clearly his thing more than any other. This was my fate as long as he was hard.

As he rubbed up and down deep in me, there was some friction on my swollen clit to give me some relief from the brutal fucking he was inflicting on me. I wondered if he had ruined Miss Perfect for my husband like this — he was certainly ruining me and showing no sign of stopping.

‘Fuck who you want on Tinder you slut, but this ass is mine you understand? Do you…?’ he said glaring at me as he did.

It was all I could do to meekly reply ‘Yes Daddy’ which drove him over the edge. A couple of big thrusts then he pulled almost out, just to the point what tightness in my anal ring would be just below the head of his huge cockhead and shot his load into my ass. I could feel the jets of cum hitting my insides and he then gave a few last pushes into my butt before withdrawing a semi flaccid cock and dropping it into my mouth. I had no choice but to clean it off, tasting cum and ass and my own juices in the process.

Out of the blue he rolled me onto my stomach again and I thought he was going to try and go again in my cum-lubricated butt. But no, he then slid down and stared at my anus, all swollen and reddened by the battering it had taken. Sweet little kisses rained down on my ass, my thighs and then my butt cheeks were heaved apart, and his tongue began to dig into my cum-filled arse.

‘Like the taste of cum do you?’ I taunted. His answer was to shove my face hard into the pillow. His tongue continued to rim my ass and slurp his own sperm onto his mouth, emerging with my jism all over his full beard.

His cock stayed hard and having taken what he wanted he popped me on my side and began to spoon with me, his cock just hard enough to be pushed into my sore ass again, this time slowly pumping me as we kissed and he ran those huge hands over my helpless body.

‘I want you here again tomorrow night. I’ve a friend coming to stay over and I want you to meet him’.

I could only nod and grit my teeth as his softening, but still semi hard cock continued to ream my poor little butt. Not that I minded one bit, nothing less than you’d expect from a slut like me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32