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(This is a new story which I’ve just written and have shared elsewhere. I hope you enjoy it, but if Watersports isn’t your thing, you may like to let it pass you by.)


Archie woke up feeling a little groggy and rubbed his eyes. Anne, his wife was already awake by his side and listening to the Radio 4 news. Turning to him, she greeted him with a tender kiss.

“Morning sleepy head!”

“Morning darling. What day is it? My brain isn’t quite in gear just yet.”

Anne gave him another kiss on the lips.

“It’s okay Archie. It’s Monday – our day off.”

“Hmm. You mean our morning off more like. No doubt you’ll be shooting off to Drydale straight after lunch and that’ll be the last I’ll see of you until Friday teatime.”

Anne gently ruffled her husband’s hair.

“Archie that’s not fair and you know it’s not true. We’ve had every Monday together since the end of July and you’ve got me all day today. Okay, the autumn courses start next week but all I’ve got to do this week is go over on Thursday and Friday with Sarah to make sure everything’s ready for next week’s intake. It’s not until next Monday that I’ll disappear after lunch.”

“Can’t you change things so that the ‘Holding for Life’ güvenilir bahis courses don’t start until the Tuesday morning or something? This is our weekend – such as it is – for goodness sake.”

Anne gave him a sympathetic look.

“I’ve discussed doing that with Sarah and it would only work if we had a group of fairly local service users who only had to commute an hour – or two at most to get to us. Furthermore, we give our service users quite a lot of information at the Monday afternoon induction sessions and we think doing it on Tuesday morning then launching straight into the course might overwhelm them somewhat.”

“I see. Are they all local commuters next week, by any chance?”

“No. Sadly not. We have one local guy but there are at least two girls travelling up from London. We’ve also got a guy flying over from LA who avoids public toilets (or bathrooms as they call them over there) if he can and most likely won’t have peed for 17 or 18 hours by the time he gets to us. He’ll be frantic, although probably doing his best not to show it, and I want to get him through induction without him pissing his pants. It was bad enough when he was only 12 hours away from his apartment. He’s got a whopper of a cock and when he güvenilir bahis siteleri does piss it’s like Niagara Falls – it just comes out like an unstoppable torrent.”

Archie cast his wife an anxious look.

“Anne, can you change the subject?”


“All this talk of long holds and pissing is making me want to piss.”

“Archie, you don’t want to piss – or at least you shouldn’t. You got up at least twice in the night to my certain knowledge. You shouldn’t need to go again, slack bladder. I’ve not been for ten hours and I’m fine.”

“Okay camel bladder. Well I’m going for a piss.”

“No Archie, you’re not. Come here. I’m feeling randy and I want your thick hard cock in my pussy.”

“But I’ll piss…”

“But nothing. Come here. Look you can piss inside me if you need to go that badly. I want your cock here and now while you’ve still got early morning wood.”

“But I’ll wet the bed?”

“Ssh. It doesn’t matter – honestly. We’ll make a mess anyway and what do you think the mattress protector’s for? Look we can take a shower together afterwards but if you end up giving me a golden shower in the meantime it’s really no problem.”

With that, Archie finally relented, took iddaa siteleri Anne in his arms, slipped his hard cock into her pussy and began pounding. Within minutes he found himself cumming as she screamed with sheer pleasure. Although Archie’s erection subsided he had no immediate desire to withdraw. His bladder and cock still ached with the pent up pee inside him. Relaxing he started pissing and Anne gasped with pleasure as he released the warm salty liquid into her. He felt it run out of her and on to the bed but she wasn’t fazed and, though it surprised him, neither was he.

This was an experience which for him, at least, rewrote all the rules about urination. He recalled his shock, all those years ago when at the Bishop’s selection conference for ordinands he’d been asked the rather impertinent question, “Do you wet the bed?” His resolute “Certainly not” wasn’t quite the whole truth because even at 21 he wasn’t reliably a hundred percent dry at night. Finding a girlfriend who was training to be a nurse with a specialist interest in urology who understood and didn’t mind had been a real stroke of luck. Now as his wife, so many years later, she was actively encouraging to pee in bed. This was amazing.

At length, Archie withdrew and kissed his wife.

“That was amazing my darling.”

Anne playfully ruffled his hair, just as she’d done earlier.

“Come on my darling. We’re going for a shower. Now I’ll show what a real pee’s like!”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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