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The shower has always been one of my favourite preludes to sex. The opportunity to massage warm soapy water all over each other’s naked bodies really sets the tone and turns up the eroticism.

So I’m in the shower, but it’s morning and July is just stirring in the giant double bed that had been the scene of our vigorous and enthusiastic coupling the previous night. Clothing was liberally distributed around the hotel room as we had dispensed with the niceties and just got on with some animalistic mating.

I took a handful of shower gel and spread it on my chest, lathered it up on the hair there and started my shower ritual, probably just as most men do first thing. Shower gel is so much more effective than soap, it’s so much more sensual and, as long as it’s hung up in the shower, there is no danger of dropping it.

Hair and head: done, under arms: done, torso: done, buttocks and bum: done. I apply the soapy concoction to my cock and balls, which normally makes my thoughts turn to sex and, I confess, usually starts a slight engorgement of my cock, but is only very slight after last evening’s performance.

July had been a total animal last night. I think we had only had one glass of wine each, so enough to relax us, feed the desire, but not so much as to take away the ability, if you know what I mean.

These days it can be a quick tumble but something really set us off last night, probably the whole scenario: important anniversary, hotel room, romantic dinner. To be honest we haven’t fucked like that for a while. We’d just ripped off each other’s clothes, leapt on the bed and jumped each other’s bones; mish; cow girl; reverse cow girl and doggy to name but a few variations of the outpouring of our lust.

I think cow girl is my favourite. It’s being able to watch the crisping of the face casino şirketleri as she grinds her pelvis onto mine, not so much with an in and out motion so much as rocking to and fro. The penetration is out of this world and I also get a chance to fondle her magnificent breasts as they jiggle provocatively in front of me.

She likes her breasts fondled gently, almost massaged with an open palm. That is, until she’s about to come. Just before she comes her face tenses up and I know it’s time: time to pinch her nipples and pinch them really quite hard.

This almost always does the trick and her body goes into spasm, her buttocks quiver and she lets out this guttural sound as she grinds down on my cock physically imploring it to ejaculate, which it obligingly did.

Anyway, on with the shower. In spite of the raunchy activity of last night, or maybe because of the memory of it, I notice a slight swelling in the cock department as I soap myself somewhat more thoroughly than strictly necessary.

I am in the midst of my reverie when July appears at the shower door. Stark naked, jet black hair framing her still slightly sleepy face and her magnificent breasts swaying provocatively, the reddened nipples betraying the pinch that had brought on her orgasm.

“Playing with ourselves, are we? Not enough action last night, eh? Well we’ll soon see about that.” And she pulled the door open and climbed in beside me.

“No, no, not at all! It’s just the memory of last night set me off. “Mercy, please mercy.” But it was too late, she had already grabbed a handful of shower gel and was spreading its lather languorously over my stiffening cock and round my buttocks.

“Come on then big boy, let’s see you put your money where your mouth is. Let’s see just how much he wants to play again.” And with that slipped casino firmaları a soapy finger into my bum. Now it’s not the going in that works the magic, it’s the coming out and July knows this very well.

She rubs her soapy torso over of mine, her breasts on my chest and her slowly regrowing pubes over the exposed head of my cock, while inserting her finger ever deeper. It’s working.

“So there is life in the old dog yet!” She exclaimed and slowly, ever so slowly, started to extract her finger from my bum. We both know where this is leading: after an agonisingly slow extraction with every nerve in my bum screaming, she pulls the final knuckle out sharply. My sphincter contracts involuntarily sending a bolt of lightning straight to the head of my cock which jerks in a mock ejaculation.

“Ok sweetie, my turn, I’m ready for some attention. Come and talk to my pussy, talk to her nicely and I might, just might, let you fuck me.” After the most perfunctory towelling of each other we return to the scene of last night’s action, grab a pillow and place it conveniently for her buttocks. She settles down, pelvis tilted upwards and knees akimbo, pussy lips already starting to part as her anticipation grows.

No second invitation required. I position myself for the expected blow job, although why it’s called a ‘job’ I’ll never understand. This is pure pleasure, there is little to compare to the taste of a sexually excited pussy. My ‘job’ is to get those juices flowing and I know exactly what floats July’s boat.

Hands round her waist, I set about nibbling and kissing my way up one thigh, caressing it simultaneously with my hair. As I get close to the top, and only just before I reach her pussy, I start again on the other thigh. Sometimes the nibbles are replaced with licks and gentle blowing on the güvenilir casino damp flesh, which produces little squirms.

We continue this tease and after a while, when I get near her valley of pleasure, she starts pushing her now glistening cunt towards my mouth, but I am ready and withdraw.

This game continues for a while then I brush my tongue over her engorged pussy lips, up towards her clit. She responds with a moan and pushes her pelvis towards me as I withdraw again: the tease continues and the pelvic thrusting becomes more insistent: then frantic.

“Oh for God’s sake suck me or fuck me, but don’t torture me! I need to come,” she panted. My tongue spent more time on her clit over the next few visits but just not quite long enough to bring her off. Her pussy lips were now totally engorged, wide open and flowing with those delicious juices the french call cyprine. I love the taste of cyprine!

“Please! Please! Bring me off.”


“Stick that fucking tongue in my cunt you bastard.”


“Now! Do it now!” I placed my whole mouth over her sex, the tip of my tongue on her clit and sucked vigorously while massaging her clit gently. Judging by the thrashing about and the gurgling noises I had hit the spot. I felt her muscles contract against my mouth as she went into spasm and then went limp: spent.

I slid up the bed towards her face and kissed her languorously as my cock found its own way into her as it so often does with practiced lovers. Maybe it was the excitement of watching her come, maybe it was the particularly wet reception my cock received as it slid in to the hilt and my balls contacted her bum. Maybe it was the vaginal contractions that continued as I reached full penetration, but actually it doesn’t matter what it was: very, very quickly, I came.

“Fuckity fucking fuck fuck!” I always know that when she says that she’s just had a toe curler.

“Happy anniversary, sweetie.”

“You too you randy bastard!”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32