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Leo released the pillow from Mary’s face with a grin from hell on his face. His breathing was as if he had just climaxed. He leaned over the bed with his face only inches from Mary’s. His hand clenched around her throat.

“Next time you feel to make our sexual encounters known… I will kill you.” He told her between clenched teeth.

Mary did not utter a word, it was the first time she had seen the monster who dwelled inside of Leo. She looked into his eyes that looked so black and frightening and felt her soul shiver from fear. She felt like a victim from a horror movie.

“I won’t tell never tell anyone about you.” She whispered in fear.

“Good now I need to be pleasured and I see your mouth is still working.” He grinned as he made sure the door was locked.

He walked back to her bed where he made her sit on the side of the bed and suck on his cock to bring him to a climax. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as she licked and sucked on his cock so well. He loved it when she squeezed his balls as she sucked his swollen throbbing cock. His body began to shake casino şirketleri as the climax was just on the edge of bursting deep down her throat. He grabbed the back of her hair pushing his cock further down her throat when she gagged and he pushed his cock deeper down her throat watching her eyes tear up and spit flow from the sides of her mouth. His cum shot hard down her throat, it was so powerful he actually became weak in the knees.

“My Mary you did actually well, I might come back by for another visit today.” He told her smiling.

Back at Peggy’s hospital room…

Peggy flinched when the door opened to her room, she feared it was Leo returning. Doctor Tate walked into the room smiling at the frightened Peggy lying helplessly in her hospital bed.

“Peggy, I have to examine you now. Lets remove this ugly hospital gown. My, my you do have a nice set of breast.” He said smiling down at her feeling her full breast.

“Peggy I am going to examine your vagina with my special tool.” he told her as he released his throbbing cock from his pants and inside of her vagina.

Dr. casino firmaları Tate grunted as he released his cum deep inside of her. He smiled down at her as he got himself together and knew he would have to give her shock treatment so she would forget this day with him and Leo all together.

Gina’s Office…

Gina and Charley dressed and she felt something she had never felt before Steven, a warmth filled her very soul. She felt like a school girl and Charley was feeling the same as Gina. Could it be possible to fall in love so quickly? Gina thought to herself.

Gina and Charley left the office arm in arm as they giggled as they walked out of the building like teenagers. Peter watched them leave from the shadows as rage filled his entire essence. Laugh now for revenge will be mine. He thought as he watched them leave together in Charley’s car. He quickly got to his car and headed in the same direction as they went. Soon he was behind them, they pulled into the Mai Kai for dinner and he followed. Peter waited until he was sure they were inside and seated, he güvenilir casino then went inside to watch his whore with another man.

Deanna & Ryan’s house…

Mark had left to go to the hospital to be with Sue who laid in a coma. Deanna and Ryan sat on the couch in the quiet of the house, she looked at Ryan with a lost child’s expression.

“How did things go so wrong with our friends and family?” She asked him as she laid her head on his shoulder.

“Because they all try to be sneaky with their affairs and it back fires. They should be like us and share with their spouses.” Ryan chuckled.

“Speaking of which we have to meet with Anne and Tennessee for dinner.” She told her husband who she loved more then life it self and hoped he never learnt her deep dark secret she had been keeping from him.

Deanna and Ryan walked into the restaurant the Cave where they sat in their own private cave with Anne and Tennessee. Dinner drinks were ordered while they discussed which motel they would use for their swapping.

Deanna’s heart dropped when she saw the man and woman walk into the restaurant. How would she be able to keep from being seen and her secret from coming out? The secret she has kept a secret for the last twenty years. Deanna’s face became pale when her and the mans eyes met.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32