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“Hey, Scarlet!” he called out to her.

She turned to look who it was. A smirk appeared on her face. Without hesitating, she strolled over to him.

“Come to kiss my feet again, honey?” A hint of a smirk returned on her face.

“I’ve come to warn you. What you did the last time… you got lucky! You won’t every time. Meet me in the same hall again after class. I’ll show you your place!”

“Oooh.” She cooed. “Little boy’s trying to intimidate his Mistress!”, she said chuckling.

“You’re not my Mistress, you little bitch!”

“Oh, sweet plums. You shouldn’t have called me that!” Her expression turned just a hint less playful.

“Oh yeah? What you gonna do?” he smirked.

“Your parents aren’t in town, are they, Joey boy? Make it your house. I’ll see you there at 6, sharp.”

She didn’t even wait to let him respond. She just turned around and walked back to her class, every step making a sharp click on the floor. She knew he wouldn’t have ever refused.

Sharp at 6, Joe heard the doorbell ring. He nervously walked up to the door, pushed his chest out and opened it. “Right on time!”

“I did say 6, didn’t I?” Scarlet shot back. She pushed through into the hallway and dropped her bag.

“So, where are you bolu escort going to get your ass handed to yourself again?”

Joe just smiled a little and led her into his room. Carpeted, it had a huge, comfortable looking bed, a desk with a laptop on it, and a small couch big enough for 3 people to sit in.

“So this is where you cry yourself to sleep every night? Perfect!”

Joe slammed the door shut and stepped in front of her. “This is my house! And you’re going to be so sorry by the end of it all!”

“Oh, am I?” She opened her jacket’s zip down and threw it next to the door. She was only left in a pair of shorts and a tank top now. Her toned body more than visible.

“Right, you can’t seduce me into anything, babe!” Joe said out nervously, his crotch twitching within his shorts.

“Oh I’m not going to. I’m going to show you your place, sweetheart!”

Scarlet stepped in closer to him so there was only an a few inches between them. She shot her hand out and grabbed him by his balls. “And your lesson starts now.”

“Oww!!” Joe cried out and bent forward, placing his hands onto hers to move it off him. But she had his balls in her grip so well, she only needed to give them a light squeeze.

“Yeah, I bolu escort bayan forgot to tell you. Touch my hand again, and you might lose your balls for good!”

His hands immediately receded. She loosened her grip. She kept walking into him and he kept retreating until he hit the wall behind him.

“Now that it’s clear who’s in charge, let me ask you again. Who’s the bitch?” Scarlet gave him a light squeeze.

“Me… ME!!” He conceded.

“Ah, this was fun!” Scarlet grinned. “Now, for the next part.” She squeezed hard again. Joe bent forward in pain and she caught his hair in her other hand, pushing his face into her breasts. “You will now go, and fetch me my bag. Do you understand?”

“Yffff!!” He muffled from between her breasts.

“Good. Now go, QUICK!” She let him off her grip and threw him toward the door. He quickly ran out and got her her bag.

“Open it, drop it, and go lie down on the bed. Face down!” Her voice was quiet, but firm as a rock.

He did as commanded.

She sauntered over to her bag, pulled something out and went over to him on the bed. She leaned down over his head, grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back so his ear was next to her face. She spoke softly into it.

“I escort bolu am going to fuck you now. Just to make sure you know who’s a bitch for the next few days to come. Do you understand me?”

“Noo.. Noo!! Please don’t! Scarlet I’m sorry! I won’t ever come back to you for anything, but please don’t ..”

He hadn’t even finished when she got bored and shoved his face back down into the bed. Keeping him there, a finger teased his ass and pushed into it. He couldn’t scream else everybody would know. Slowly, she slid another two fingers in, swirled them around to loosen him. And then slid all of them out.

“You see what I could do to you right now, don’t you?”

“Yes.. please, don’t do it though, Scar! I’ll do anything you say!”

She smiled. “Anything?”

“Yes, anything! Please, don’t fuck my ass!” He was pleading now.

“Oh, good. Roll over.”

She got off him a little to allow him to roll over under her and then sat on the edge of the bed.

“Come here.”

He started to get off the bed when she revised her statement.

“Crawl to here.” She was pointing between her feet.

He obeyed and knelt there, looking up at her. Without notice, she grabbed his hair and shoved him hard into herself.

“Do a good job, or I might have to break you in more ways.”

“Yes, Sca..” She cut him off and pulled him back out. She stared down at him.

“Y…yes, Mistress.”

She shoved him back into her, his face splashing into her juices.. And she smiled.. “Yeahhh!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32