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I was glad to see Badger again, of course I was. A month has seemed an awfully long time to have gone without the touch of his hard cock. I had missed that terribly to be absolutely truthful. I mean here was an old man giving me all the gratification I could want, how’s that? Well let’s just say when they are mature they enjoy it like a glass of wine, nice and slow and tasting every drop until the last. And that is particularly what I enjoyed about Badger, he really enjoyed our very private get-together’s in the privacy of his allotment shed.

“Missed you too, Ginger, can’t count how many times I have wanked in here imagining you bent over the bench presenting me with that lovely round ass of yours, you just don’t know how much it means to me to have you at least once a week.”

“I think I do just seeing how pleased you are to see me,” I replied looking down at him after we had entered his ‘Palace of Dreams’ as he called the shed. He looked like he was about to burst open those blue jeans, I could even see it throbbing beneath which was so good to see again knowing he would be so strong for me because I so needed that after the absence.

He put his hand down there, teasing it through his jeans, I watched him, it was so erotic and , accompanied kaçak iddaa by his moans was a real turn on.

“You really know how to turn this guy on, Badger, I so want to feel and suck you, just the taste of you is divine>”

“You too, I simply love to suck your young cock, Get it out for me Huh?”

Badger was a good 30 years older than me but just what he said was a real turn on and I made it sexy for him, slowly stroking myself over my tight blue jeans and very slowly opening the zip, making him wait to see the goods I had inside for him, “all wrapped up and ready to serve you as you enjoy” I said.

“Oh Ginger how you like to tantalise me, just come nearer and let me do that!”

His voice was more authorities now, I liked that, liked sometimes to be mastered so half unzipped and half cocked I moved over to him on his knees now, sniffing me up like old timers. That was such a turn on too, him sniffing and undoing, feeling his very eager hands tuck in underneath my balls to lever my cock out – and then inevitably, the touch of his fingers explore me down there, the feel of his small finger teasing my anal cavity, he removing his hand awhile licking it and then returning to my anus, easier to explore now with a moist finger and I loved kaçak bahis it.

“OH Badger, it is so good to be with you once more, have so much missed your exclusive fuck, because you are the only guy I would let inside me now, because you are the only one who fucks me with quality and perfection, can’t wait to feel your deep fuck up me again.”

He was still busy sucking me, his eyes telling me he was hearing me, but for the present so enjoying my cock, stretching it back delightfully, his mouth doping things with my p-hole and his rough hands slapping my ass after he had stripped me, well all but my briefs that is, because he liked to play with my balls slipping his fingers underneath the leg of my briefs gradually revealing my cock and balls for his perusal

Then after he’d had his fill of me, licking his lips and complimenting me, he told me to turn around, lift my feet one at a time so he could entirely disrobe me, tugging my jeans over my feet along with my blue briefs which he delighted in pressing to his face, his eyes half closed in ecstasy, sniffing my briefs and the crutch area of my jeans

Then he stretched my ass wide open, gave me a few of his light slaps and then buried his face between, squeezing my ass cheeks around, licking illegal bahis around my hole and sucking my cock underneath in such a delightful way which made me quiver with delight, then I got to sucking his long cock remembering the taste again so salty and wanting, he lifting it up with two fingers at the base to present it to me in the most delightful and becoming way, his cock was vibrant and throbbing, I made it throb more in my mouth as I sucked with all my might, feeling it deep inside, the feel, the touch and the taste so wonderful.

“I think I am ready for you ass now, Ginger,” he grunted prompting me to lean over the bench which he had altered to make my stance more comfortable and more presentable for his pleasure, he complimenting me on my very round fuckable ass just waiting for it and he was right, he has worked me up so much my hole was aching for his presence for his deep throbbing fuck sublime and that is what he gave me, a perfect full of pure unadulterated hard throbbing cock fucking and fucking me so deep until I came and came three times. I was having him again and again and again, me thinking next time I would delight him with a spurt over his face, thinking that we could taste each other’s cream, well; I had already tasted his when he came strong into my mouth on our second meeting

On leaving he said to m: “Usual time next week, Ginger?”

“Sure thing, no more waiting longer, you are my dose of everything, Badger, my delight!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32