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This story belongs to the cuckold lifestyle… My request to those who do not like this genre not to read it, and not to comment on the theme if at all they choose to read.

Thanks to Goddess_of_Sunshine for editing the story.


Roger’s cell phone buzzed when he was about to leave office in the evening. It was Barbara on the line. She had not come to the office as she wanted to supervise cleaning of the home.

“Honey,” she cooed in his ear, “I want you to bring home a big pack of condoms!”

“What?” Roger was surprised. “But you are on the pill!”

“I will tell you when you reach home.”


Roger wondered what she was up to as he went to the corner store. He had never used condoms before. Barbara had been on the pill since the day they had first met. And he had never been intimate with any other woman. He didn’t know much about condoms, so he looked through the brands available and picked up a packet of Trojan-Her Pleasure.

“You are such a sweetheart!” Barbara kissed and hugged him as he entered their brownstone in Malibu Cove. She was wearing a powder blue silk gown and he could feel the soft pressure of her bosom against his chest. He inhaled the scent of Apple Blossom she was wearing and kissed her. She stepped back and took a look at the pack of condoms he had bought and said, “Darling, you will need three of these this month.”

“Yes?” Roger was non-plussed. “You have decided to change the contraceptive?”

“Oh, no!” She exclaimed. Then she said in his ear breathlessly, “Sir Charles is coming to Frisco tonight… and he will stay here for a month! He is taking over a company here and will work from here for some time.”

“But… then… why…” Roger began.

Barbara held him close while she murmured, “Honey, the condoms are for your use, not for Sir Charles. I want to bear his child.”

Roger felt a jolt of excitement course through his veins. They looked at each other and it was as if an electric current sprang up between them. She felt his arousal against her thighs and led him to the bedroom. They kissed repeatedly and undressed each other on the way. Barbara sat on the edge of the bed and unwrapped the pack he had brought. She unfurled the sheath smoothly on his below average length. She smiled to see that more than a couple of inches remained unfurled at the base. She quickly reclined on the bed with her hips resting on the edge of the bed. As Roger stood between her thighs and bent forward to rest his elbows on the bed Barbara reached and holding the head gently guided him between her already moist lips. He glided smoothly in owing to the lubricant on the sheath. A couple of minutes and a dozen thrusts later he lay spent panting atop her. She held him tightly and squeezed him inside her until she could feel him go slack. She released him from her grip.

“Lick me, baby,” she ordered.

Roger slid down kissing her belly to her crotch. He nibbled at her mound and then started sucking on her moist and pink nether lips. She ran her fingers through his hair.

“You are so good with your tongue, darling!” She said encouraging him. Indeed he made up with his tongue what he couldn’t with his member. He licked, and sucked while she caressed his hair. At last she clutched his hair tight when she oozed copiously against his tongue. She released his hair only when he had licked her all clean.

They repositioned on the bed and she rested against his smooth, hairless chest.

“I am so excited, darling,” she said. “A whole month with Sir Charles!”

He brushed aside her platinum blonde hair and ran the tip of his tongue over her ear, gently nibbling it.

“You will have to strictly wear condoms when we are playing, honey. I want to make sure that it is his baby. Now let’s get up, shower and dress for Sir Charles plane will land at eight.”

Barbara showered and Roger helped her choose a wine-red halter-neck backless high slit gown.

“No bra for this one, honey,” she said, “I will go braless with Charles tonight.”

He chose red lace panties and held out for her to step in them. She wore the dress and adjusted the halter so the half moons of her breasts were visible from the side. Her nipples made visible marks on the front. The dress set off the pearl necklace Roger had given her on their first wedding anniversary. He wore a grey informal suit.

They were ready before Sir Charles arrived in the office limousine which Barbara had arranged for picking him up from the airport

As the limousine entered the drive and came to a halt under the porch, Roger rushed forward and opened the car door for Sir Charles. He felt dwarfed in front of Charles’s tall and broad frame.

“Hello, Roger,” Charles said, but did not extend his hand. His eyes were searching for Barbara. Roger picked up Sir Charles’s bag and led him to the entrance. The housemaid held the door open for them. Inside the hall Barbara appeared at the foot of the stairs and rushed to meet Sir Charles. Roger waited with the bag in his hand, aware of the housemaid kaçak iddaa watching.

When Sir Charles freed Barbara, Roger looked at her and was about to move towards the guest room, but quietly Barbara indicated him to take the luggage to their main bedroom. Barbara and Sir Charles followed him.

“I need a bath and shave,” Charles said. Barbara smiled and rubbed his cheek. While Charles was in the bathroom, Barbara opened the bags and asked Roger to hang his clothes in the wardrobe. Roger was surprised to find his wardrobe empty. “I emptied it in the afternoon, darling, your clothes are in the guest room now,” Barbara told him. “Go there now and get dressed for the evening.”

Roger quietly went to the guest room and changed. When he came out he found Barbara and Charles in the hall, looking like a royal couple. Sir Charles looked very handsome wearing a dark double-breasted suit with a maroon tie.

Roger rushed to the limo to open the door for Sir Charles and as Barbara climbed after him, she indicated Roger to sit in front.

“I have reserved a table at the Mariott,” Roger announced as he turned to look at Barbara. He was slightly taken aback to see that the couple was holding hands.

Involuntarily, Roger glanced at the chauffer. Had he too noticed them in the rearview mirror, Roger wondered. Last time Barbara and Roger had met Sir Charles it was at a resort, and though the staff there had certainly noticed their intense encounters, it had not reached their home town. But this time around, he knew that Barbara’s intimacy with Sir Charles was likely to be discussed among the company staff. To his surprise, he felt more of a rising excitement than embarrassment. It was a strange, new feeling. He was amazed that it excited him that people would know his wife had another lover with his knowledge.

The car stopped near the restaurant. This time the doorman held open the door for Barbara and Sir Charles. Roger got out by himself and the chauffer drove away to the parking.

The Mariott dining hall was packed as always. The maître d’ led them to the table reserved in the center of the dining hall. As they passed other tables, business and social acquaintances smiled and greeted them. Barbara and Charles sat side by side. This time Barbara did not have to indicate to Roger to sit opposite them; he did it on his own. Roger noticed that some of the guests, known and unknown, glanced at Barbara and Charles sitting together like lovebirds. A tall brunette, he noticed, was looking at him rather than the couple. He recognized her as Danielle, the owner of a swank beauty parlor in Beverley. He had driven Barbara to the parlor a couple of times and knew the lady by sight. Every time he glanced in her direction, her dark eyes mesmerized him.

When the maître d’ arrived with the menu, Barbara ordered red wine-a Cabernet Sauvignon. Charles picked Panko-fried Oysters with hot sauce. Roger nodded his agreement. The three of them were too excited to eat. They quickly finished the light dinner with a red wine chocolate lava cake.

When the limousine dropped them off at their residence, Suzie, the maid, opened the door. She was a Filipino – a short girl with a very attractive face and brown hair. Roger had often gazed at her small but perky bosom and tight bottom.

“You may retire now, Suzie.” Barbara dismissed the maid, who quietly went to her room at the back of the house.

The couple went up the stairs to the master bedroom as Roger followed hesitantly. The moment they were in the bedroom, Charles and Barbara embraced each other tightly and started kissing with all the passion pent up from the evening. Roger went to the farthest corner of the large bedroom and turned on soft, sensual music, and stood watching them as he had done at the resort.

Eventually, they separated and Barbara helped Charles out of his jacket. She turned to look at Roger and nodded. He immediately took the jacket and with a gesture from his wife hung it in the closet. In the meanwhile Barbara took off Charles tie and handed it to Roger.

“Help me undress, honey,” she told Roger. Roger put the tie on a hanger and stood behind Barbara. He pulled down the zipper on her dress. Barbara stepped out of the dress as it flowed to the floor. Roger collected it and hung it in her wardrobe.

Charles turned Barbara around and she leaned back on his chest. Charles held her with one arm around her waist, and with the other he started caressing her full bosom. As Roger watched his wife’s long, brown nipples respond to her lover’s touch, he himself felt blood rushing to his groin. Barbara turned her face to Charles and he kissed her on the mouth. Roger saw Barbara open her mouth to invite Charles’ tongue.

When Charles released her, she turned and unbuttoned his shirt and handed it over to Roger to put it away. She unbuckled his trousers. Charles took a seat near the dressing table and removed his shoes. Still wearing her panties and red heels, she knelt in front of Charles and unzipped him. As Charles stood up she slid off his trousers slowly, kaçak bahis watching the bulge in his jockstrap. She handed the trousers to Roger.

She slipped out of her heels and motioned Roger to take off her panties. Roger, all excited, hooked his finger under the elastic and gently pulled down the panties to undress his wife. She smiled at her husband then turned to Charles. As she pulled his jockstrap down, his cock sprang out. Barbara gently took it in her hand. Although Roger had seen it before, he gasped at the great size.

Charles picked up and carried her to the king-sized bed. As he was laying her down, Barbara turned to her husband and said, “Honey, don’t you want to undress? Only make sure to wear the Trojan.”

Watching them make out on the bed, Roger undressed. Then, realizing that his wardrobe was now in the guest room, he carried the clothes to the guest room and put them in a heap on the bed there. He opened the packet of Trojan and put on a ribbed condom. His cock bobbed as he walked back to the master bedroom.

Charles was already atop Barbara with her thighs spread wide and she had her arms around his neck. Roger went and stood near the head of the bed as Charles started pumping. Barbara gasped aloud and started moaning gently. Charles raised his face momentarily and smiled as his eyes met those of the husband whose wife he was fucking. It was Roger who averted his gaze. Then Charles buried his face in Barbara’s shoulder and started humping in earnest.

It seemed like eternity to Roger before Barbara’s moans reached a crescendo. Eventually Charles stopped. Roger marveled at the stamina of the man. The couple rested for a minute in the missionary position, then Charles slid off and lay next to Barbara. Roger’s eyes were automatically drawn to the erect member glistening with juices.

Barbara let out a long breath and turned her face towards Roger. She extended a hand and Roger grasped it. Still lying on the bed with knees drawn and thighs parted, she signaled to him to sit next to her on the edge of the bed. He bent forward and kissed her softly.

“Do you want to push his seed deeper in me, honey?” Barbara asked.

“No! He is not to enter you as long as I am in LA,” Charles interrupted sharply, then added, “and I hate to see his little cock covered like that.”

Roger got up from the bed, not knowing what to do.

“Oh, honey, it’s only a question of one month.” she said trying to soothe Roger. “Why don’t you go to your room and relieve yourself?”

“And come back when you are done,” Charles commanded with quiet authority.

Roger quietly returned to the guest room. On the balcony he noticed Suzie had turned off the main lights and put on the dim night light in the hall. Charles’ humiliating words strangely had heightened his excitement further. He sat on the edge of the bed and shutting his eyes relived the lovemaking he had just witnessed. He jerked off with quick strokes. Then he removed the sheath and went to the bath and cleaned himself.

“Are you done, honey?” He heard Barbara calling from the master bedroom.

He walked back to the couple, aware of his shrunk drooping member.

“Honey, sit there,” Barbara indicated to the stool near the dressing table. Roger sat as told.

“Hardly a couple of inches,” Charles laughed.

Barbara got up from the bed and walked towards Roger. He could not help gaze at her nude beauty as she opened a drawer from the dresser and took out a measuring tape. She knelt before Roger and pushed his thighs apart. Then she told him to hold his cock on his palm and systematically measured its length.

“Two inches and a quarter,” she told Charles with a smile.

Then she measured the circumference with the balls included. She kept the tape back in the drawer and cuddled with Charles on the bed. She lowered her head and kissed Charles’ nipples one after the other, circling her tongue around them. Her hand reached and held Charles. Her finger worked gently and soon Charles’ cock started growing. Roger watched in fascination as it grew. Charles’ thick, long cock held him in fascination. A strong desire arose in him to touch it, but the thought that he might be rebuked held him back. Barbara knelt between Charles’ thighs and took the head in her mouth. While she did this her bottom was exposed to Roger sitting on the stool towards the foot of the bed. He stared at her tight anal ring and the puffed up pussy lips further down. Barbara wiggled her ass knowing well that Roger was watching it.

“I want you inside me,” Barbara told Charles as she released him from her mouth.

She lay back on the bed again and Charles, his cock erect again, got in position. He lowered himself and entered her and started fucking Barbara in a steady slow rhythm.

Roger watched with fascination Charles’ muscular back, the muscles working in his hips as he moved. The couple looked beautiful in their nudity. This time around their loving was longer than the previous time. Charles’ movements grew steadily faster and were punctuated by Barbara’s moans. illegal bahis She wound her legs around Charles’ waist and her hands caressed his back. Soon the slick, wet sound of pounding grew quicker signaling an urge to climax. Lost in their own world they moaned and groaned and breathed heavily totally oblivious to Roger’s presence. At last they lay exhausted.

Presently, Charles got up and rested on the bed besides Barbara. His eye caught Roger in his excited state.

“Oh, again!” he exclaimed.

“Honey,” Barbara added hastily, “you had better go to your room. You are not even wearing a condom.”

Roger got up and before he turned Barbara blew him a kiss. He went back to his room, relieved himself once again and went to sleep exhausted from the excitement of the evening.


Roger woke up with a start as he felt someone enter the room. In the dim light seeping from the curtained window he saw Suzie had arrived with his coffee. He was happy that though he gone to bed naked, the sheet covered him up to the waist.

“Coffee, Mr. Roger,” Suzie said as she poured a cup. Roger accepted the cup gratefully. He noticed two other cups on the tray. Suzie saw him look at the tray and said, “Missus not waking, Mr. Roger. Her door locked.”

Roger was relieved that Suzie had not entered the main bedroom. Although he knew that she would understand what was going on with the master of the house sleeping in the guest room, while the guest slept with the lady in the main bedroom.

“Barbara will call you later, Suzie,” he told her. She seemed to control her smile, while she took the tray back downstairs to the kitchen.

Without bothering to wake up his wife and her lover, Roger got up showered, shaved and left for office in his car. He was not sure if Barbara would attend office that day. On the way out he told Suzie he would have breakfast at the office. Back at the office, he imagined his secretary suppressed a smile as she wished him. He could hardly concentrate on his work thinking of the strange but exciting turn of events in his married life. He somehow managed to get past the most pressing tasks, but shelved most of the non-priority cores to later.

When he arrived home in the evening, he was greeted by Suzie who informed him that Barbara had gone with Sir Charles for shopping and would be back soon.

Eventually when the couple arrived they were in high spirits. They were served champagne and then dined in the dining hall with Suzie in attendance. Then they spent some time chatting in front of the fireplace, sipping wine. At last they went back to their respective bedrooms. But this time no one told Suzie to retire and she watched with quiet amusement as they went up the stairs and Roger went to the guest room and the couple to the master bedroom.

Roger discarded his clothes and draped a gown. He was mildly aroused by the prospects. Not sure whether he should wear the sheath or not, he paused for a moment. Just then his cell phone buzzed.

“Honey, come to us ‘soft’,” was all Barbara had texted. Roger touched himself and soon was ready to visit his hot wife.

Crossing the balcony overlooking the hall to the master bedroom Roger caught a glimpse of Suzie disappearing through the passage leading to the dining. ‘Did she see me going to the couple?’ he wondered.

Barbara was wearing a hyaline slip and Charles was in pajamas, his wide chest bare. Romantic sax was playing on the stereo.

“Off with the robe, honey,” Barbara said, “Sir Charles has a surprise present for you.”

Roger shrugged off the robe, folded and put it on the dresser.

“Sit down,” Barbara indicated the stool. Charles produced a small package.

“You do the honors,” Charles told Barbara.

“For your enhanced pleasure, honey.” She smiled, kissed Roger and presented the package to Roger. Roger took the package and gingerly undid the wrapping. Inside was a black box. CB6000 was printed on all sides of the box in white letters with a picture, which he didn’t understand.

“Open it, hon,” Barbara told him.

Roger opened the box and inner wrapping to find a shiny steel ring with open ends and hinged steel springs of increasing size. He looked puzzled, but was strangely excited as he guessed that it was some sort of sex toy.

“Pass me the instructions manual, sweetie,” Barbara told him and he handed over the booklet. She sat on the bed and carefully read it. While he looked at the picture of the box, Roger slowly realized what the ‘present’ was and why Barbara had measured him the previous night.

Barbara came over to him, took out a tube of lube from the drawer, and knelt in front of Roger. She put some lube on the ring and lifting his scrotum, slipped it behind his testicles with the open ends at the base of the penis. Then she took the hinged springs and again applying some lube passed it over Roger’s cock. With some careful maneuvering she managed to join the hinged ring end with the ends of the ring. Roger understood what it was – a chastity device for him! He felt very excited although a little uncomfortable. Barbara took a tiny lock from the box, fixed it in position and turned the key. She put the key in a chain and put it around her neck. She smiled happily and kissed Charles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32