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Basketball Diaries: A Kellog Serial

Part VIII: Rebound

Joey was despondent. She had been kicked off of the team for fooling around with Kaci, Brian and Kevin, underneath the bleachers during the game. What was the big deal? she thought to herself. After all, the Coach had put me on the bench for the whole game anyway. It wasn’t like she was going to let me play.

After she left the gym, Joey got into her car and found herself driving around aimlessly. It’s all Kevin’s fault, she told herself. If he hadn’t gotten kicked off his team, then I wouldn’t have missed practice when I went down there to fuck his Coach to let him stay on the team. But then, she had to admit, the reason why Kevin got kicked off his team in the first place, was because he had lost to me in the backyard . . . after I came on to him and got him all hard . . . .

As her thoughts recounted the events of the past week, her right hand had made its way down between her legs, and that her right thumb had begun stroking her clit through the fabric of her nylon shorts, absentmindedly trying to relieve some of the pressure she was under. She was still naked underneath, and it wasn’t long until she had slipped her middle finger between the thin lips of her young hole, still stroking herself as she drove around the city’s dark, slightly dangerous, and definitely less-traveled areas. Her fingertip brushed up against the silver ball that was still wedged in her cunt. She had forgotten all about Kaci’s ben-wa balls.

Joey soon found herself in the city’s red-light district, where all the prostitutes and drug addicts hung out at night. Removing her hand from her twat, so that she had her full wits about her, Joey scanned the streets, looking for a way back to the main road.

Just then, she saw Kevin’s car parked on the street, in front of a seedy-looking sex shop. It couldn’t be Kevin’s car, he went to go talk to the Coach, didn’t he? she doubted herself. She pulled over and parked behind his car. Looking around, she realized that he had to be in the store. She locked her car door, looked around nervously, and went inside.

Cautiously poking her head around corners, looking for Kevin, Joey didn’t appreciate the lecherous stares she was getting from the customers, and from the filthy looking overweight man in the cashier/control room, elevated above the main floor like the pharmacist in a drug store.

She didn’t see him. Maybe he’s in one of these small booths? she thought, soon discovering that the booths were for viewing porn videos on tiny coin-operated televisions. Joey wanted to peek inside some of the booths with their doors closed, but she was afraid of what she might see.

Just then, Joey eyed the dark velvet curtain hanging in the back of the room. She walked towards it, and then disappeared into room behind. What she saw, took her breath away. Displayed out in the open, was every imaginable type of sexual aide, ranging from dildos to vibrators, to whips and chains.

Joey looked around the room, and saw that she was being watched by a beautiful salesgirl in her mid-twenty’s. “Can I help you?” she asked brightly, eyeing Joey still dressed in her game uniform.

“Ohmygawd!” Joey gushed. “I can’t believe all this stuff!”

“Yes,” Candy acknowledged sweetly. “It’s quite an assortment. Can I help you find something?”

Joey blushed. “No!” she said quickly, caught off guard. “I mean, no, thank you.”

Candy recognized the sparkle in Joey’s eyes. “Are you sure?” she asked. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Then she added, “I’ve used most of this stuff, myself, at one time or another.”

Joey stared, emboldened by her forthrightness.

“In fact, if you tell me a little about yourself, I can probably recommend something for you to try.”

“Really?” Joey asked, walking over to the beautiful salesgirl, suddenly disarmed.

“Sure. Tell me, have you ever used a vibrator before?”

Joey was embarrassed at being asked such a direct question by a complete stranger. But she found herself letting down her guard and getting more comfortable, as Candy took over.

“Yes,” she admitted quietly.

“Good!” Candy said enthusiastically, leaning over the glass countertop. She took Joey’s hands in hers and held them flat against the warm glass. “What did you think? Did you like it? Did it make you orgasm?”

“Yes,” Joey nodded, watching as Candy’s thumbs gently stroked the back of her hands.

“Hmm….” Candy said comically. “You’re not as innocent as you appear, are you?” Joey blushed again. “Of course, none of us are,” she joked, pulling Joey’s hands further across the glass countertop, so that the tips of Joey’s fingers were innocently pressing against Candy’s flat stomach. She continued to stroke them.

“Tell me, have you tried anything else?” Joey’s eyes looked into Candy’s. She nodded. “What else have you tried?”

“I’m not sure what they’re called,” Joey answered, thinking about the string of silver balls still wedged deeply inside her cunt.

Candy’s curiosity was peaked. “Can you describe trabzon escort them?” she asked, looking into Joey’s eyes, searching for a signal.

“I can do better than that,” Joey said, “If you let me step around this counter, I can show it to you.”

Candy held Joey’s hand in hers and guided her around the back of the display counter. Candy had positioned her so that her back was up against the display case. She stood in front of Joey, and held onto her thin waist.

“Well?” Candy asked softly, gazing into Joey’s eyes. “Show me.”

Joey reached down between their bodies and pulled the crotch of her shorts to one side, exposing her naked pussy for Candy, and the thin string that fell between her cunt lips.

As Candy slowly lowered herself down Joey’s body, bringing her face within less-than-an-inch away, Candy saw a man enter the room. She nodded at him silently around the side of Joey’s torso, and motioned for him to step inside the viewing room. He was one of her regulars, and Candy had plans to give him a special treat.

Candy kissed Joey’s stomach lightly, and then dropped to her knees in front of Joey. Joey was so enraptured by Candy’s sensual nature, that she didn’t even notice the man who had slipped into the room behind her.

Candy reached up and twirled the string around one finger. “May I take a peek?” she asked, looking up at Joey. Joey nodded, her breath already growing shallow. Candy pulled on the string and watched as the first silver ball came into view.

“Mmm….” Candy purred, “that’s a nice set that you have there. Where did you get it from?”

“A friend,” Joey said, struggling to sound calm.

“I see,” Candy said, taking her hand and grabbing Joey’s free hand by the wrist. She guided Joey’s hand until her fingers were positioned above her pussy. Then she stood up, placing her hand over Joey’s and curling her fingers, so that Joey’s fingers pushed the balls back into place. “I see,” she repeated, “And tell me, was that a boyfriend, or a girlfriend?”

“Actually, it was kind of both,” Joey stammered.

“Both?” Candy asked, bemusedly. “I see. Tell me,” she said, “did you make love to your boyfriend?”

“Yes,” Joey said, breathlessly, as Candy kissed her neck.

“And did you make love to your girlfriend?” Candy asked, speaking softer, as she moved around to kiss the other side of Joey’s neck.

“Yes,” Joey replied, tilting her head to the opposite side, to give Candy freer access.

“And tell me,” Candy said, whispering into her ear, “Do you want to make love to me?”

“Yes,” Joey whispered back, feeling herself melt under all this attention.

“Mmmm….” Candy purred sultrily, as she nibbled on Joey’s earlobe. “I’m glad.” Candy took one of Joey’s hands and led her out from around from back of the glass display case. Walking her towards the back performance room, Candy looked sideways at Joey, smiling seductively and swinging their arms back and forth playfully.

“Tell me,” she said suddenly, swiveling her body around to face Joey, standing with only inches separating them, as they stood at the threshold of the back room. Her face was full of mischief. “Have you ever made love in public, with someone watching?”

“Uh-huh,” Joey answered gregariously, thinking back to only a few hours ago, and feeding on Candy’s enthusiasm.

“Good,” Candy said. “I don’t want you to freak out or anything, but when we go inside this room, there’s gonna be a guy, watching us, from a separate room, through a thick, shatterproof window.” She paused. “Is that okay?”

Joey was caught off guard, and both physically and mentally, took a step backwards. She had allowed herself to be seduced by Candy, but she hadn’t planned on performing for some letch in a long trench coat in a seedy adult bookshop.

“Don’t worry,” Candy said quickly, interrupting Joey’s thought process. “It’s completely safe. It’s a controlled environment. This guy is a regular. His name’s Kevin. He’s really nice and polite, and he’s a big tipper.”

Kevin? Joey’s mind switched back on. Kevin?! My Kevin?! she thought. Well, that would explain his car parked outside . . . The idea of Kevin coming to such a seedy establishment to get his rocks off was a little bothersome, but then she reasoned that she had broken their date for tonight, and besides, in all the time that she knew him from living next door to the family, Kevin never seemed to have had a girlfriend before. I guess he’s entitled, she decided.

Then, she realized that she had the advantage. “If he can see us, can we see him?” she asked.

“It depends,” Candy replied. “The window is partially reflective. If he turns the light on, then you can see him. If he keeps it off, then you can’t see him. When he first started coming, he kept the light off. But now, he usually turns it on. I don’t know what he would do with you, since you’re new to him.”

Joey smiled, and Candy relaxed. She would have hated to have to disappoint him, especially because he would surely leave a large tip for being allowed trabzon escort bayan to watch this lovely young girl get down and dirty in a naughty lesbian love affair.

“Tell him to keep the light off,” Joey told Candy. “I don’t want to see him. Tell him that if he turns the light on, I’ll stop.”

Candy nodded and said she understood. “Wait here,” she said, turning and disappearing into the room. Joey could hear her relaying Joey’s instructions. A moment later, Candy reappeared in the doorway, holding out her hands for Joey.

Joey took a deep breath, and then exhaled, taking hold of Candy’s hands, as she stepped backwards, pulling Joey into the brightly lit room.

Candy pulled Joey into the center of the room, so that they stood right in front of the reflective window. Joey nervously glanced sidewards, and saw that indeed, she could not see who was on the other side, even though she already knew the identity of her mystery voyeur.

Sensing her trepidation, Candy forcefully pulled Joey into her chest and clamped her mouth around Joey’s just after she released a burst of air from the sudden chest-to-chest impact. Joey allowed Candy to be the initial aggressor, but soon began to get into the game, kissing her back, with growing enthusiasm. Candy was enjoying drawing Joey out of her pretend shell.

Candy broke the kiss momentarily, to draw her top over her head. She knew that the timer was running, and as much as she wanted to take her time and enjoy making love to this sweet young girl, she wanted to give Kevin a good show.

Resuming the kiss, Candy took hold of the hem of Joey’s shirt, and pulled it over her head, exposing her naked breasts. Joey’s nipples were already hard. Candy bent down to kiss them, and flick her rock-hard tips with her tongue.

Joey threw her head back and looked nervously at the darkened room on the other side of the window. She had to admit, it was a little disconcerting not being able to see who was on the other side of the glass. What if it wasn’t Kevin?

But all thoughts of the man on the other side of the window were soon cast aside as Candy busied herself between Joey’s firm bosoms. Joey closed her eyes and allowed herself to be swept away in the moment, giving into Candy’s tender kisses.

Candy maneuvered Joey’s body so that Joey was standing at the foot of the bed, facing the large window. Joey stared into the blackness as Candy gently pushed her onto her back on the bed, kissing her wetly on the mouth, and then moving down her body.

Stopping at Joey’s firm stomach, Candy stood up at the foot of the bed, looking down at the feast before her, and slowly pulled down her skirt, easing it over her hips, and down her long legs. Stepping out of the black skirt, Candy spread her legs wide, and bent over Joey’s young body, running her tongue over Joey’s ticklish stomach.

Joey giggled as Candy reached between her legs and stroked herself for Kevin’s benefit. She smiled inwardly as she heard the familiar sound of a large-denomination bill being taken up by the cash machine’s rubber rollers.

She turned to peek over her shoulder at him, puckering her lips and blowing him an appreciative kiss and a wink. Turning her attention back to the lovely young lady laying before her, Candy reached out and grabbed the hem of her basketball shorts, and pulled them off her body, and then up over her long legs, as Joey raised her ass off of the bed, and then raised her legs straight up into the air.

Candy threw Joey’s brightly colored shorts backhand against the window. “This is our first time together,” Candy announced for Kevin’s benefit. “We only just met 15 minutes ago. In fact, I don’t even know her name.”

“I’m Joey,” she introduced herself, propping herself up with one elbow, as she held out the other hand towards Candy.

“I’m Candy,” she replied, dramatically shaking Joey’s hand. “Nice to meet you.”

“I mean…” she corrected herself dramatically, “Nice to eat you.” Candy released Joey’s hand and knelt down between her legs, still held straight out in a large “V”.

Joey inhaled abruptly and stuck out her chest as Candy’s tongue brushed up against her sensitive clit.

“Gawd, you taste fantastic!” Candy complimented between noisy laps of her tongue and sucking sounds.

Candy stood up and stepped to the side, giving Kevin a good look at Joey’s swollen cunt lips . . . and the string hanging down in-between. “Joey,” Candy said, making it a point to say her name, “Do you mind if we get rid of this, I have some other plans for your pussy.”

Candy reached down between Joey’s legs, and wrapped the string around her finger. Joey bit down on her lower lip in anticipation, as Candy began tugging on the string.

“Oh gawd!” she gasped, as her stomach muscles contracted. She leaned forward, looking down her body and between her widespread legs at the darkness beyond the window. That better be Kevin! she thought briefly.

Candy leaned forward and attacked Joey’s clit from the side, still tugging on the string, escort trabzon as the first ball crowned, and the others in line made their way down her cunt channel.

“Oh gawd, yes!” Joey cried, “Fuck me!” “Fuck Me!”

Candy sucked Joey’s clit in between her lips and clamped down hard on it, pulling it away from her body as she pulled the first silver ball out from between Joey’s cunt lips.

“A-a-aa-aaahh!” Joey struggled against herself, trying hard to keep her legs open while her whole body tried to contract itself into a little ball.

“Gawd, your pussy is so tight!” Candy complimented, “I can barely pull them out!” She sucked the first free ball into her mouth, sucking it clean. “Gawd, she tastes sooo goood!” she said for Kevin’s benefit.

“Her tight little pussy tastes even sweeter than mine!” she said, looking straight at the window. “I’m so jealous.”

Candy bent down low again, and resumed pulling on the string, until each of the silver balls, glistening wet with Joey’s sweet juices, were pulled free from their pink confines.

As soon as her cunt had been emptied, Joey reached down and slipped a finger inside her soft pink box. Joey was sinking and withdrawing her finger between her cunt lips as Candy raised the string of pearls over Joey’s face, slowly lowering them until Joey took the bottom sphere into her mouth.

“Yeah, Joey, suck those balls clean,” Candy urged. “Taste how sweet your pussy is.”

The sound of another bill being taken up into the slot filled the room as Candy swung her leg over Joey’s head, as they slipped easily into a 69 position. Joey was excited. This was the first chance she had to return some of the pleasure that Candy had been bestowing upon her. She raised her head and targeted Candy’s swollen clit.

“Oh yeah,” Candy said, throwing her head back and exposing her neck and Joey’s cunt to the silent voyeur. “Suck my clit. Stick your tongue deep inside my wet pussy.”

Candy chuckled softly as Joey did as she was told. “Damn! This girl sure knows how to eat a pussy!” Candy complimented, before lowering her head and diving back in.

“Oh gawd, Joey!” Candy announced after a few minutes of sushi eating, “If you keep that up, you’re gonna make me cum.”

Joey redoubled her efforts and began sucking and pulling hard on Candy’s clit, until she raised up, kneeling on top of Joey’s tongue. “Oh yeah, right there, right there,” she directed, her eyes closed and her hands pulling on her own breasts.

“Ohmygawd, Ohmygawd, Ohmygawd!” she announced, her stomach muscles contracting tightly. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Joey ate hungrily at Candy’s slit, as Candy’s juices poured out of her. Another bill was pulled into the room, as the others fell to the floor.

To the keen observer, it would have been easy to tell that Candy hadn’t faked her orgasm. Her skin was flushed and sweaty, and her hair was tossed about wildly. She had a wet glaze in her eyes. When she finished cumming, Candy swung her leg back over Joey’s face and helped the younger girl get up.

“That was real,” Joey told the silhouetted figure pressed up against the glass partition. She wiped her mouth and chin, moments before Candy swooped down and kissed her.

“Thanks, honey,” she said, “I’m a little embarrassed. I hadn’t planned on cumming first.” Candy scooted over to the edge of the bed and stood up, moving across the room to pick out a large, purple, see-through, double-headed dildo from off the wall.

“Now, we’ve got to get you set up, right?” she asked, winking at Joey as she sucked a tip of the plastic cock into her mouth, as she walked back over to the bed.

Joey laughed heartily in anticipation, as she relaxed on the bed, unconsciously playing with her swollen pussy. Candy walked up to her and stood to the side, allowing Kevin to watch as she struggled to cram the large tip into Joey’s pussy.

“Oh fuck! It’s so big!” Joey cried out, exasperated. Never before had she tried to fuck anything as large as this. Her hands reached down to grab the purple shaft, as she helped Candy maneuver it in and out, in order to get her cunt muscles used to its monstrous girth.

“Mmm…look at how tight her pussy is,” Candy related for Kevin, still sitting in the darkened room, no doubt at the edge of his seat. “Wouldn’t you just love to slide your hard cock inside a pussy as tight as that?”

Candy let go of the double-headed cock and moved over to tweak Joey’s erect nipples. “I bet a tight snapper like that would make any guy cum on the first stoke,” she said, bending over to kiss Joey, as Joey’s hands continued to pump the purple dildo in-and-out of her juicing cunt.

“Gawd, this girl is sooo sexy,” Candy purred, climbing on top of Joey so that she kneeled above her on all fours. She dipped her head, kissing Joey again.

“Now Joey, don’t be selfish,” Candy admonished. Moments later, Candy smiled as she felt Joey positioning the other end of the purple cock at her entrance. “Mmm…that’s better,” she said.

Unlike Joey, Candy had used this monster before, in fact it was one of her favorite toys, and so it slid in easily. Candy moaned as the large cockhead pushed inside her eager cunt. She felt herself spreading to take it deeper and deeper as she pushed downward, driving it deeper into Joey’s pussy at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32