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The bathhouse is a place where emotional attachments of any variety become meaningless in a sea of sensation, sex being the overriding framework, without any barricade to having as much sex as possible. Creating, or giving in to, opportunities as irresistible as feeling a new mouth replace the one that was going down on you while being fingered. A glance that does not break off, a tentative light caress, or simply lounging with cock hard and legs spread, are all enough to lead to having sex with a stranger – possibly for the third or fourth time that day. Such pure freedom is incredible, understood by everyone there.

All of whom are men who have sex with other men, a major reason that such places are called gay saunas. That is not wrong, precisely, since a gay sauna is plainly understood to mean a sauna where men go to be completely uninhibited with each other. Other terms do not really hide that fundamental reality, but they do obscure it. Though group sex is equally available at a gay or male only sauna, male only sounds more restrained. Which is not the case as the men who go know, surrounded by other equally aware potential partners. Even a man that has not experienced bathhouse sex yet is nonetheless wanting to, potentially, on that first occasion.

Types of sex do not make you gay, as an opinion. I have only been fucked twice by a man, yet each time was far better than the several times a woman pegged me. For a combination of reasons, including that a real cock is better than any imitation, and that men understand what fucking means. The strangers I have fucked would agree that a man knows best when it comes to riding a hot tight hole, pumping it with a hard cock. Being fucked is fantastic, something that takes a man to do properly. A conclusion that becomes more encompassing when discovering just how amazing men are as partners.

The baths allow men to enjoy sex without restraints, taking advantage of all possibilities that arise. Along with creating those possibilities, knowing that other men are easily tempted in a place where sex is openly available. Men and women are different, something apparent from the fact that there is nothing like gay saunas for women.

I have no personal experience of swinger clubs, though I do know swingers. According to them, not only are there normally couples, but that the man is generally controlling what his female partner does. Though part of this may also be all the single male attention easily becomes pestering at the swing clubs they have visited. Not all swinger places or events even allow single men, to avoid this problem.

A problem that does not exist at the baths, where there are no couples for long in the first place. Male couples that go to the baths share the same fundamental interest, which is having sex with multiple strangers. This is also the fundamental reason why pestering is quite rare, as finding partners is as simple as getting hard watching gay porn, or watching men have sex in front of you before joining in. Conceivably, individual repeat visitors may have never sucked another man, or been fucked. Quite possibly there are also visitors who have never fucked another man, even after attempts to use tempt their hard cock to slide past a ring of incredibly soft yielding flesh. But basically no visitor has not gotten head from another man – and it is fantastic.

Cock sucking is central to what happens at the baths, leading to all sorts of further pleasures. A spit covered cock feels so good rubbing against another man’s. Or sliding over the soft yielding hole of the man that has just been going down on you, preparing another cock to slide into paradise. 69 with a stranger is also extraordinary, mouths and cocks merging gloriously – especially when canlı bahis using poppers. Cock sucking has an universal appeal, as broad as men would expect, even if women might not. At the baths, it is very rare to find someone who is not an enthusiastic cock sucker.

After enjoying hundreds of blow jobs while at the baths, the joke that the best blow job in the world is the one you are getting right now is quite provably true. There has not been a single man who hasn’t taken all of my pumping hot cum, even before leaving my cock uncovered. None have let my orgasming cock leave their mouth until nothing is left to taste. Oral sex is the foundation on which most of the bathhouse’s pleasures are built, and there has never been a visit I have made without any oral sex occurring.

Obviously every man who went down on me wanted to. The same being true of every man I have gone down on. Still, that number does not have a 1 to 1 correspondence. Certainly there are men who made me cum so good in their mouths without my mouth ever sliding down their shaft, and undoubtedly men I have sucked who did not go down on me before or after their blow job.

This is one reason it can be difficult to say anything much beyond noting that the baths are places where men have sex with men. Everyone inside the baths knows why they are there. Getting lusciously sucked is easy, being done by a partner, or partners, wanting to go down on sexy cock. I assume that most visitors are more than aware of how hot it is to suck cock, but it is not a requirement for enjoying strangers going down on you. A fact that is undoubtedly appreciated by those men whose wives or girlfriends never go down on them, but who love getting head. Especially the way the sensations of getting harder as lips slide down your shaft drown a mind in growing pleasure, which is too exquisite to pass up enjoying because a woman is not interested in cock sucking.

The baths provide a setting that is a true contrast to adult bookstores or porn theaters. Oral sex is quite available at both places, to a greater or lesser extent. Yet not so openly as at the baths, where nudity is the norm. Where watching men have sex is not hidden. The men in front of you in a steam room are likely getting off on being watched, kissing and grinding in front of horny strangers. And they are likely to enjoy watching you stroke in front of them. Often reaching out to make their desire to include you perfectly explicit, or just one bending down to slide soft lips down your willing shaft. This open mutual awareness is a massive turn-on. Being a voyeur and an exhibitionist is quite appealing, particularly when among so many other exhibitionists and voyeurs.

This is a major difference to a gloryhole, where you can at least pretend the sex is hidden. Even if everyone knows what happens between the booths, the contact is fantastically focused. At the baths, even the most shy discover what a delight having hot sex in a public space is. Being naked cock to cock is pure male sex, fantastically so, each man knowing exactly how the other is feeling, grinding in a most public display of affection. When pre-cum starts to spread, its effect is entrancing magic, utterly seductive as the sensations take total control. A twosome can become a threesome or moresome when getting off in the public spaces of a bathhouse, definitely including booths with the door left open as two men play. Nothing is secret, being sucked with another man at the same time by a kneeling stranger while watching hot porn, or doing the sucking as they kiss above you, is never really a surprise, everyone enjoying the freedom to get off.

Once you discover a place like this, there is no reason to keep from returning. The desire to return grows steadily bahis siteleri between visits, especially when starting to stroke and wanting to be sucked off as you get hard. Remembering getting deepthroated by strangers, delighted to have your horny available length in their wet soft mouths. Of course there is much more to enjoy than just head, and once hard, it becomes delightful to surrender to curiosity when surrounded by equally aroused men.

The variations are exquisite, but having oral sex be so available is incredibly addictive. The first mouth of the day, lips opening against your cock head, willingly surrendering again to a stranger’s desire, giving in completely to the pleasure as he takes you into paradise, is something impossible to resist. Just as having your lips slide down a cock is impossible to resist. Explaining why repeat visitors to the baths are so common, letting their cocks decide what happens once inside.

Letting things happens is simple. Even when you are the one doing them, it still feels as if something that happens to you, not by you. Without thinking, floating in sensations. In a place where many cocks are shared over hours. Sex with a single partner often happens, particularly in a closed booth. Often enough with a man who has already had several partners, just like you. However, many cocks are looking for more than just one partner at a time. Feeling a mouth slide down a rigid rod as a silky cock is sliding between your legs from behind is extraordinary, being in the middle of paradise. Or passionately kissing while getting head, letting them take control as you become their helpless slave, only dimly aware when they change places or other men join in.

The number of partners you are involved with can all too delightfully become impossible to keep track of. Not that there is any reason to, as the total is not important compared to the continuing satisfaction of everyone involved. Sinking fully into such situations is not only impossible to withstand the first time it happens, this is precisely what so many men are looking for and often find every repeated visit. The baths are a place where any man can encounter other men to have sex with, of all body types and ages.

I have had sex with men both 30 years older and 30 years younger, with men whose cocks were very different from mine, and with a variety of body shapes and sizes. Along with a number of partners who it would be impossible to say much of anything about, except how good their cock felt in my mouth right then, or how good their tongue felt while rimming me – or vice versa. A male only sauna is not only anonymous in the sense of having sex with unknown strangers, the anonymity extends to not even knowing anything at all about the man’s mouth sliding down your willing shaft except how exquisite it feels as it reaches the bottom.

Aware that at least another half dozen mouths had done the same, a precise enough number in the haze of pure sexual sensation. This level of pure sluttiness overwhelms everyone under its spell. A spell created between horny men who understand the magic involved when gathered in a place where male only orgies occur regularly.

This is a reason why age or appearance is not particularly relevant when indulging yourself at a male only sauna. Anyone can join in, and speaking realistically, who cares what the third cock sucker in a row looks like, or how old or young they are? Assuming that your eyes are even open by that point, lost in a glorious fog of primal pleasure. Yet such straightforward sex is not not exactly the true peak one can find at the baths. A peak involving true multiple partner sex, where the more mouths, cocks, and hands the better – kissing while being sucked, stroking a cock held in each bahis şirketleri hand as those two men suck your sensitive nipples.

As previously written, group sex requires a group. The bathhouse provides a place for groups of men to satisfy themselves fully, sharing the same desires. Making it so simple to start sucking two cocks, or kissing two man at once as all three hard cocks slide together. Feeling a third man’s hand start to slide over your ass and down your crack, making your kissing so sloppy and passionate as a finger touches your soft hole. Reaching back to play with his cock, bringing him willingly into the threesome, his cock and mouth now available to share.

The possibilities become never ending during the best visits. Getting sucked by a man being fucked while tongue kissing another man playing with the cock sucker’s hard length was never something I imagined when thinking about the baths. After experiencing that for the first time, the limits of imagination were plain again. The reality of a bathhouse exceeds any amount of imagining what happens between total strangers.

That fact is a major reason for every man to visit the baths at least once. Even the wildest fantasies are unlikely to match the wonderfully seductive reality of what man are capable of. Signals at the baths are a broad subject, one that is not always clear even after years. Returning eye contact is taken as acceptance often enough, as is looking at a cock, or at men having sex. Rejection can also be simple, a look or light brushing motion being more than enough most of the time. Much of this communication is simply logical guessing, especially those times when someone is motioning you to join them. That being the sort of obvious signal that a man laying on a towel in a booth, legs spread, is giving.

A naked man playing with his cock in a booth is also giving a signal, though one where acceptance or rejection is certainly part of the process. Then there is something distinct from a signal, though it plays much the same role. Where someone sits, for example, is a signal too. In my regular bathhouse, you see how cock suckers sit right against the wall in the entrance area, immediately available to use by any man walking into the 3 tiered porn room.

The same is true of how men position themselves on the platform of the dark room. A man kneeling with his head towards the wall is wanting to be fucked. A man sitting on the edge is likely wanting to suck cock, in the same sense that a man standing on the platform at the edge is looking to be sucked. A much more interesting signal appears to be that of a man on his back, head hanging down. A man like that is looking to lick a stranger’s ass, something that has occurred every time I have noticed it.

To the point that whenever this situation arises, there is no hesitation in taking advantage of it. This was true by coincidence at my first visit, as a man rimmed me into paradise, especially after I started sucking cock as he made me a slave to his tongue. As a total beginner, signals played no role in that heavenly introduction to hot male group sex.

Certain situations do not require much in the way of signals, such as going down on a stranger already sucking cock. Men all know how irresistible it is to feel a mouth slide over a cock head, thus it is rare for someone to signal they are not interested when it starts to happen. Being flexible is necessary, there always being the chance that someone will not want what is offered, or simply change their mind, abruptly sometimes.

Yet far more often, the sensations are far too enticing, mind sinking into a swelling haze of warm wetness. Becoming a complete bathhouse slut in a crowd of other sluts, satisfying each other’s desires over hours, indulging in the skills of men who have had years of experience getting each other off. After experiencing the intense satisfaction, the reason why such places continue to exist is self-explanatory.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32