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Becky had been saying for a while that she’d like to suck two cocks at once. Being her good friend, I was not about to deprive her of the opportunity. All I had to do, she told me, was find another guy interested in participating. Craig said he’d be up for it. Craig’s up for anything if it involves his cock being stroked, sucked, admired or discussed. And Becky, as it turns out is up for anything if it involves two stiff cocks near her face.

Becky is from Ohio originally, has a dirty sense of humor and will smile at you sideways provocatively enough to give you a hardon on the subway. She’s a chubby girl, with big soft bouncy breasts, a round tummy that jiggles and a delicious spankable ass. Her hair is brunette and she wears sassy lipstick on her plump sassy lips. You’ve got the picture.

One night, after a little tequila, Becky confided that she’d been fantasizing about blowing two guys at the same time. She wanted to alternate sucking them, comparing their size and hardness. She wanted to put the heads of both in her mouth at the same time and listen to the guys grunt as their cocks rubbed together against her tongue. I volunteered mine on the spot.

Craig and I rode the subway to her house and, since Craig and Becky had never met, I described her briefly to him. He seemed excited. “Do you think you’ll be able to get hard with me there?” He asked. We’d seen each other hard a few times before under circumstances I won’t expound on here, and I was fairly comfortable talking to him frankly about sex.

“I don’t think it’ll be a problem for either of us once Becky gets naked,” I said.

“Dude I can’t wait,” he said.

Becky answered her door wearing a cleavagey tank top and a skirt. “Come in boys,” she said with that sideways smile, her lashes dark with mascara. I could see Craig’s eyes locked on her breasts.

She sat us down next to each other on her couch and went right to it, straddling me and kissing me slow and sexy on the mouth. My hands led themselves to her ass and I was instantly hard. Becky climbed güvenilir bahis over onto Craig and in between kisses they introduced themselves. “I knew you guys would get along,” I said.

After a few minutes of kissing Becky stood and told us to strip. Craig and I exchanged an excited glance, stood up and took off our clothes. We stood there in front of her, cocks mostly hard, and awaited instructions. “Mmm, you guys have nice cocks,” Becky crooned. “I mean, I know you’ve got a nice cock, B, but I mean they look nice together.” With this Becky took off her clothes. We watched side by side as she pulled the tank top over her head. Our dicks each stiffened one more notch as her bra hit the floor. Next the skirt and finally the panties.

Craig and I looked her up and down while she soaked up the attention. We admired her full thighs, her curvy hips, the graceful curve of her belly, and her amazing breasts. They’re big and sassy and they sag just right, her rosy nipples pointing at each of us. “Now let’s see you guys stroke those cocks a little,” Becky said, taking a step toward us. We took our hardons in our hands and started rubbing slowly.

“We’re both right handed,” said Craig, looking down at what I was working on.

I laughed and told him I’d be both handed if I was as big as him. It’s true — Craig’s dick is quite a bit bigger than mine. It hangs long and heavy when it’s soft, and when it’s hard, well it’s a sight to see. I glanced down at his erection, long, hard and fat in his hand.

“Your’s is pretty fucking huge too, dude,” he said. We were both admiring the other’s hardon, somehow feeling perfectly straight about it.

At this point, Becky had sat on the arm of a chair and was softly caressing her clit. Her tits swayed pleasantly and her thighs jiggled as her hand moved against them.

Craig and I struck up a conversation regarding the finer points of Becky’s naked body as we ran our hands up and down our dicks, and didn’t even notice as she got down on her hands and knees and crawled toward us, licking her güvenilir bahis siteleri lips and narrowing her eyes like a savannah predator. I did, however, notice her hips, her arched back and her hanging breasts as she crawled. Becky rose to her knees and wrapped her fingers first around Craig’s penis and then mine. She closed her eyes, seeming to revel in the feeling of us in her hands. Craig and I looked at each other and silently agreed to let her revel.

When Becky’s tongue first flicked the head of Craig’s penis, he and I were looking at each other. His eyes got wide and he took in a sharp breath. “She’s good at this part,” I said. “Just wait.” I watched as she took the end of his dick into her mouth, her eyes closed, one hand around his balls, the other on mine. She sucked him up and down a few times to get his cock nice and wet before she directed her attention to what I was offering. She did the same to me. From there she began alternating between us, giving Craig four or five good sucks then me. At times she would get extra interested in one of our cocks, and the other guy would hold his at the base and slap it gently against her cheek and neck and tits. She told us she liked this. Once she had satisfied her momentary curiosity, she would grab the cock slapping her wetly and discover something interesting about it.

As this went on, Craig and I gradually stood closer together to give Becky more to explore, until the tips of our dicks were only inches apart. With a miscevious look up at me, Becky took both our cocks by the base, stuck out her wet pink tongue and took both our heads into her mouth. I was surprised by the feeling of Craig’s hot hard dick up against mine, but was enjoying Becky’s equally hot mouth too much to care. Craig didn’t seem to mind either, even when she began to rub our swollen heads together. Soon, as Becky was sucking me, Craig rubbed the tip of his cock against her lips and tongue, and consequently, all over my dick. “It makes me horny to see your cocks rubbing against each other while I’m sucking iddaa siteleri them,” Becky said, looking to us for agreement. “Did you notice?”

“Oh I wasn’t really paying attention to this guy’s dick,” Craig said with a laugh. “Mostly just your gorgeous lips.”

“Doesn’t bother me,” I said.

With this, Becky squeezed our hardons together and took as much of them as she could into her mouth. Spit ran down her chin and landed in a tantalizingly cum-like puddle on her breasts. She rubbed our erections together with newfound curiosity and licked them as if they were one giant cock. Craig asked me if I was close to cumming and I said I was getting there. He told me to hold out for him so we could both get off at the same time.

Becky was rubbing her clit hard now, enjoying herself immensely, if the moans were any indication. We each took our cocks in our hands and jerked them off against her tongue and face as she masturbated and played with her soft tits. We weren’t trying to keep them from touching as they slapped against her hungry mouth. They glided against each other easily. As our moans and grunts intensified, Becky gave us each two or three last sucks, squeezing our balls while she did it. “Now cum all over me,” she said, hungry. This was apparently enough to drive us over the edge, and as the orgasms mounted in our bodies, Craig and I decided where we’d cum.

“Dude, cum all over her tits,” he grunted, clearly excited by the prospect.

“Cool, and you cum on her face, ” I replied. I was confident that Becky was comfortable with these plans based on her wide smile. We both went into pre-orgasm expletive mode and jerked our cocks wildly against Becky’s mouth, tits, hair, whatever, as well as each other. I watched Craig take aim at her beautiful open mouth and I pointed my own cock at her sweet chubby tits. As we both shot our bursts of hot sticky cum on Becky’s soft face and tits we first watched our own cock and then the other’s, exchanging a quick mid-orgasm glance. My last shot missed its target and landed on Craig’s shaft. We all laughed and Becky licked it off.

After cleaning our jizz off her body, Becky led us to her bedroom. The three of us laid on her big bed, Craig and I each playing with a breast. Becky looked as satisfied as I’d seen her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32