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Within a month of my induced lactation, I had settled into my new role as Jack’s milk cow. My milking schedule was now at 15 minutes per breast every four hours, and I was producing a lavish amount of milk. We used a dual pump, so the time involved to empty both my breasts with the milking machine was more like 40 minutes, but if Jack milked me orally (which we both preferred) it took 45-50 minutes. This pleased Jack enormously, especially since my breasts had grown even more with the milking regimen. Six months into our program, my bra size was 42DDD, and my long, dark, thick nipples seemed to remain hard, awaiting Jack’s mouth. Every milking session ended in a delicious orgasm; even if Jack wasn’t around, the toys I’d accumulated did the trick.

One night, Jack came home, smiling slyly. I met him at the door; he was a bit late, and my breasts were more than ready for milking. The long blue silk gown I wore showed off my very heavy tits and my plump belly and ass, just the way Jack had molded my body through regular feeding and milking. My nipples were prominent through the thin fabric, and I knew if my milking was delayed much longer, I’d begin to leak, especially as Jack’s mere presence turned me on. It was practically a Pavlovian response: Jack walks in the door, my nipples harden and my pussy gets wet.

“What took you so long?” I pouted, beginning to stroke Jack’s ass through his jeans as I followed him into the living room.

“I was talking to my sister. She and Steve are still trying to conceive, and the IVF hasn’t worked. They’ve spent a fortune on medical procedures, and they’re thinking of looking for a surrogate.” Jack turned around, putting his arms around me and fondling my ass, pulling me against him and kissed me. “I know we’ve talked about having kids, but what do you think about a trial run?”

Jack and I had discussed having children; we were both eager for me to be pregnant and continue to grow my body, but we were concerned about the crimp that children would put in our sex life. We figured that three or four years from now would be plenty of time to reproduce. I looked up at him. I liked Jack’s sister Diane, though I knew she was perplexed about my relationship with Jack; she couldn’t imagine why I had gained 35 pounds since I’d known her brother, and furthermore why Jack seemed to enjoy it. She certainly didn’t know about our milk cow games. “Wow,” I said. “What do you think she’d say if we offered?”

“She hinted that she’d love to have someone close to her carry the baby,” Jack murmured, kissing my neck. “I didn’t want to say anything until I talked to you, but I think she and Steve would be thrilled.”

“Let’s talk about it tonight over dinner,” I smiled, kissing him. “Right your little heifer needs some attention before she starts to leak.” I pressed my full, aching tits against Jack’s chest, loving the feeling of my long, hard nipples rubbing against the rough fabric of his shirt. Jack cupped my breasts in his hands, feeling how heavy they were, and stroking my nipples through the silk of my gown. At his touch, I arched my back a bit, pressing my belly against him and giving him better access to escort ankara my milk-swollen tits. Sliding one thin silken strap down my shoulder, Jack lowered his mouth to my nipple, licking and nuzzling it.

“This may be a wonderful opportunity,” he murmured.

“Oh, yes, please” I answered.

After Jack and I spent an hour pleasuring each other, we lay in bed, stroking each other. Jack’s cock was still semi-erect, even after coming twice, once in my pussy and once in my ass. I’d also orgasmed twice, coming once just from Jack’s mouth and tongue suckling my tits, pulling my nipples and greedily draining my milk. He would be in no hurry for dinner. When we finally roused ourselves from our sex coma, we langorously wandered toward the kitchen to cook dinner. As we cooked and ate, he fed me and we talked about the idea of me carrying a baby for Diane.

We discussed both the possible impact on my health and on our relationship. “We’d probably need to slow down our sex life a little for awhile, and we’d need to watch my weight, but I love the idea of giving Diane a baby. She’s been great to us, even if she doesn’t quite understand our relationship,” I thought out loud. “Plus, summer’s coming up and my work schedule can slow down a bit. I’d have time to pamper myself while we work on getting me pregnant. You said Diane has 8 more frozen embryos; we could implant three at a time and see what takes.”

Jack’s gaze slid slowly over my body, savoring my curves. He raised his eyes to mine and smiled. “You’d be incredibly beautiful carrying twins or even triplets for Diane” he said, looking back at my already rounding form. “We just need to make sure that you stay healthy and happy during while you’re practicing for our own babies.”

The next day, I had a business meeting downtown at my old law firm. Since I had started my own legal research practice, most of the communication I carried on with the firms I consulted for was done via computer and telephone; I only turned up in person once a quarter for an in-person meeting with the partners. I had gained about 10 or 15 pounds since the last meeting, and I chose my clothing carefully. Jack had just finished my morning milking, so I had 4 hours or so until I was in danger of leaking, but just in case I put pads inside my black nursing bra. Jack then helped me into my latest corset, made to fit my current voluptuous size. As he laced up the back, he stroked my ass, admiring its roundness. “In a few months we may have to get you a whole new wardrobe, especially if it’s twins,” he murmured, pulling the laces comfortably taut. “Meantime, I want you to wow the guys in the law firm. Let me help you pick out your suit.”

I had already figured out that I would dress deceptively conservatively, and Jack picked out the same outfit that I’d thought of. A navy silk suit, tailored to skim my curves but not hide them. We’d had the jacket specially cut to accomodate my big boobs. Under the jacket, I wore a pink sleeveless cashmere sweater, cut just low enough to show a hint of cleavage. Nothing to alarm the guys, but enough to keep their attention. My skirt fell slightly above my knees, and escort mersin again hugged–just a bit–my round ass, which the corset emphasized. Thanks to the corset, my figure was more hour-glass than usual, and caused me to stand up very straight as I walked. Not enough to look unnatural, but the size of my breasts and ass were subtly emphasized in this outfit. I finished my ensemble with jewelry. I always wore the gold collar/choker that Jack had given me a year ago, and I added conservative pearl earrings. The 3 inch high heels I slipped into caused me to arch my back a bit more. Jack stood back, surveying his finished product. “You look amazing,” he grinned at me. “Knock ’em dead and come home soon so we can undress you.”

I took a cab to the downtown office, and greeted the lobby guard who’d been with the building for years. As he watched me walking toward him, he recognized me and began to smile. “Ms. James, it’s great to see you again–it’s been quite a while!” His gaze was by no means impolite, but I could tell he was admiring the way I looked. I smiled back at him, returned his greeting, and moved toward the elevators. “Quite a while indeed!” I heard him say as I entered the elevator.

Exiting at the eighth floor, I approached the receptionist. An attractive blonde,she was new since I’d worked here last, and I introduced myself. “Certainly Ms. James, I’ll let Mr. Calloway know you’re here. He’s expecting you.” She spoke into the intercom, alerting Mr. Calloway. “Can I get you some coffee or water?” she asked me.

“Water, please, no ice” I answered, and as she rose I noticed that Mr. Calloway wasn’t the only expectone expecting. Tall, maybe 5’10”,with long legs, the receptionist was also visibly pregnant. I guessed she was 6 months along, and I admired her her burgeoning belly, which was emphasized–just a little–by the cut of her jacket. I smiled, feeling my nipples tingle as I imagined myself, knocked up and showing in a few months. I couldn’t wait.

Ms. Allen, the receptionist, returned with my water, and ushered me into the small conference room. The five partners for whom I consulted were awaiting me there. As I walked into the room, greeting them all and taking my seat at the conference table, I could tell that everyone’s eyes were on me, but not exactly on my face. Sitting, I smiled and they smiled back. Mr. Calloway started the meeting, and it was all business. “Ms. James, thank you so much for coming in ths morning. You’ve done such good work for us that it’s hardly necessary, but it’s good to see you in the flesh, so to speak.” He smiled at me; he was a little pompous but harmless. I was rather fond of him.

The partners were all older than I, four men and one woman. Ms. Halsey, the sole female partner, had been very kind to me when I worked one summer for them during law school, and she had become a work-friend when I joined the firm after I graduated. I knew she was married to another lawyer with a different firm, and that they’d never had children. She loved to travel and did so as often as possible to exotic locales. I could tell she was looking at me a bit curiously as the meeting progressed. I hoped izle we’d have a moment to talk after the meeting.

For 45 minutes we discussed the various cases and projects that were coming up that would need my attention. Since I had worked for this firm, any reduction in my working hours would not affect them; I’d curtail other contracts for a few months. My combination of legal experience and research skills made me very valuable to the companies I consulted for, and I was not worried about being able to re-expand my business when I was ready.

The meeting was drawing to a close, and as we exchanged pleasantries, I was again aware of the surreptitious appraising looks I was getting. Sitting at the desk, the upper part of my body was visible, and I could see eyes flicking down to my large chest. Everyone looked happy to see me and a bit curious. Mr. Calloway stood, ending the meeting. “Suzanne, thank you again for your good work. Your new life seems to agree with you,” he smiled. I preceded him through the conference room door, and could feel his eyes appraising my ass.

The other partners lingered in the lobby, each one wanting to chat for a moment. I sensed their admiring glances, and they were approving of what had happened to my formerly slender self. I smiled at Mr. Douglas, and as we talked he couldn’t resist patting me on the back and letting his hand slide–more than just a bit–towards my round, full ass. He always was the letch of the group. I looked at him innocently, and widened my eyes at him,not quite batting my lashes. “It’s great to see you, too, Mr. Douglas-

-you haven’t changed a bit.” He looked a bit abashed and removed his hand, but as he moved away his eyes fell to my chest again.

“I hope to see more of you soon, Ms.James,” he said, waking back toward his office.

I smiled to myself, thinking “just you wait.”

Ms.Halsey slipped me a note. “I’ve got to run right now, but let’s catch up soon over lunch!” it said, and gave me her private email address. I’d certainly make that date.

Now however, I needed to run a couple of errands and get home in time to put together the notes from the meeting before my next milking. Jack was at work, so if I wanted to, I could hook up to the milking machine while I worked. It wasn’t the most comfortable position for milking (I preferred lounging on the sofa or bed), but I rather liked feeling aroused while I typed at the computer. We’d modified my desk to accomodate access to the high end Medela milking machine Jack had just bought to replace the older device. This one had a few more settings and several different rhythms. I preferred the ones that made me feel the most like I imagined a milk cow would feel. My breasts felt heavier than they had when I’d walked into the meeting an hour ago, and I knew my milk supply was still increasing. We’d have to figure out a maintenance level if I was going to be pregnant with Diane’s baby. Having done research,I knew that I could become pregnant while still milking, but I was also looking forward to watching my breasts grow during the pregnancy. Hence, we’d cut back on my milk supply for awhile so we could watch my breasts swell perhaps even larger as my belly grew. The very thought of it turned me on. Time to get home. Jack and I would call Diane and Steve tonight and invite them over on Saturday and make our offer. I hoped they would accept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32