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(All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story are over 18 years old. Any similarities between this story and real people are purely coincidental)

Ryan’s phone buzzed after he got out of the shower. It was a text from Stacy. “Come over now. I want to suck your cock.” His penis stiffened at the thought, knowing how much she loved sucking his meat.

He threw on some shorts and a shirt and headed next door, where Stacy was babysitting his neighbor’s kids. Mrs. Wilson had two kids, but was a single mom since her husband left suddenly several months ago. So Stacy, a soon to be college senior, was hired to watch the kids after their day care closed. He had struck up a conversation with her last week after watching her play with the kids, noticing her incredible body tucked into tight shorts and a top that barely contained her breasts. It was a hot summer, so she was dressed appropriately, but it was hard not to stare at her. In fact, she had caught him staring at her, giving him a smile before turning around and bending down to pick up one of the kid’s toys, giving him a great look at her tight ass and long legs. He had sprung an erection right there. Later, he went over to introduce himself and tell her that if she needed anything she should just ask. Sometimes Mrs. Wilson worked late and he thought she might need some company or help with the house. “I will,” Stacy had replied, “I will let you know if I need anything,” getting his phone number just in case.

The next day she had texted him, “You said to get in touch if I need anything. Well, I need you to come over and eat my cunt while the kids are sleeping.” He had hurried over, knowing their window of opportunity was small. He found her sitting on the couch, her legs spread, her finger sliding between the lips of her cunt, her other hand rubbing her creamy tits.

“Come eat my pussy and I’ll suck your cock,” she said with a smile. “I’m so fucking horny.”

Ryan dropped to his knees in front of her and began licking his way up her smooth thighs to her cunt, glistening with moisture. She removed her finger to give his tongue full access. He slid his tongue into her wet hole, tasting her juices, before flicking it against her clit. Stacy moaned as he began to eat her cunt, pulling his head tighter against her crotch. He lowered his tongue back to her lips and then even lower to her asshole. He lapped at her other hole before moving back up to her cunt, sliding his tongue deep inside it, tongue fucking her juicy hole. Stacy moaned louder now, approaching an orgasm that began when she slid her hand between her panties on the couch to rub her aching cunt. He began to press his tongue against her clit while sliding two fingers in and out of her cunt. She bucked twice, stifling a scream by putting her hand on her mouth. She collapsed against the couch, her two hands massaging her tits as she came.

“Jesus, that was amazing, Ryan. Thank you,” she said, leaning down to kiss him on the lips and taste her orgasm. “Now it’s your turn.”

Ryan stood up in front of her and she pulled his shorts down to free his penis, which was rock hard from eating her cunt. Stacy started by licking his head while gently stroking his shaft. Then she slid his cock between her big tits, letting him fuck her tits for a moment before putting him into her warm mouth. She began to suck him now, taking half of his meat into her mouth, stroking the other half harder now.

Ryan grunted twice before sending a big load of cum into her mouth. Stacy gagged once, letting half his load stream down onto her tits. He began spurting a second load into her mouth while she continued to stroke his cock. She swallowed his second load while rubbing his first one onto her breasts, gently sucking his head as he finished cumming.

“Wow, incredible, Stacy,” he said, looking down at her cum-covered lips and tits.

“Let’s do that again tomorrow,” Stacy said. I think the kids will be up soon. But you’ll be up again tomorrow, I think,” she said with a smile, cum still dripping from her mouth onto her tits.

Wendy Wilson was working on a deadline when her phone beeped, indicating that her Nannycam system was activated. She had installed it when she hired Stacy, just wanting some extra piece of mind. She had set up two cameras, one in the living room and one in the family room. The family room camera was now recording movement because it detected more than one person. She turned on the software link on her computer and stared at the screen, not believing what she was seeing. Stacy was on her hands and knees, her neighbor Ryan behind her, thrusting his cock inside Stacy’s pussy. She could hear his thighs slapping against Stacy’s ass as he pounded her cunt.

“That’s it, Ryan, fuck me with that big cock,” Stacy said softly, moaning as she rubbed her tits against the carpet.

“Your cunt is so tight, Stacy, I’m going to cum soon,” Ryan said, grunting.

“Cum on my tits,” Stacy said, I’m going to cum soon kaçak iddaa too.”

As she watched Ryan ram his meat into Stacy’s cunt and listened to the sound of their fucking, Wendy was conflicted. She wondered if the kids were ok but at the same time was incredibly turned on by what she was witnessing. Her pussy began to ache as she kept watching. She got up to lock her office door, then slid a finger under her panties to rub her clit. She was so turned on watching Ryan’s big hard cock slide in and out of Stacy’s wet cunt, wishing it was in her cunt. She hadn’t had sex since Dan left her several months ago and she was horny all the time.

Suddenly Ryan said, “I’m going to cum” and pulled out of Stacy’s wet hole. Stacy turned over onto her back and held her breasts together. “Cum on my tits,” she said, now rubbing her cunt. Ryan stroked his cock several times before sending a big load of cum onto Stacy’s big soft tits. She took his meat into her mouth to take his second load, still rubbing her cunt. “Jesus I’m going to cum,” she said, cum dripping down her chin onto her tits. Her body shook several times before she collapsed against the carpet, her hand still stroking Ryan’s shaft, his cum covering her mouth and tits.

Wendy rubbed her cunt furiously until she had an explosive orgasm, her hand covering her mouth to stifle her moans. Her panties were soaking wet from her juices, her finger buried in her hole, another finger on her clit.

Wendy didn’t know what to do when she got home. Confront Stacy, or let them keep having sex and giving her a good show. Maybe she would have to walk in on them at some point, and join them. Ryan had always looked hot to her, and though she wasn’t a lesbian by any means, she had to admit that Stacy was one hot young woman. She had caught herself looking at her ass when she bent over, and noticing how her breasts strained against her thin cotton shirts.

After work Wendy drove home, thinking about what she had seen on the Nannycam, still turned on by the sight of Ryan’s cock plowing into Stacy’s cunt from behind, the sound of his thighs slapping against her tight ass, then his cum spurting onto her tits until she put his cock into her mouth to swallow his second load. She felt her pussy begin to ache as remembered the scenes. When she pulled into the driveway she still wasn’t sure how to handle the situation. Perhaps it was a one-time thing. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that, knowing that future Nannycam scenes would be pretty boring. She decided to let it go, see if it happened again, and if it did, deal with it then. At that moment she just wanted a glass of wine. And a big cock to go with it. She glanced over at Ryan’s house, hoping to get a chance to strike up a conversation. He was about in between Stacy’s age and hers, and he was pretty buff, always running or working in the yard, often without a shirt on. She was definitely in need of cock after today.

When she walked into the house her kids ran to her and embraced her.

“Hi guys, how are you?” she said. “Did you have a great day with Stacy?”

She looked up to see Stacy approaching her, with a smile, her hot body feet away from her. Stacy’s nipples were practically poking through her thin cotton t-shirt in the heat, her shorts clinging to her slim hips and tight ass.

“Hi Stacy, how’d it go today?” she asked, looking her up and down.

Stacy caught Mrs. Wilson’s eyes roving over her body, wondering what that was about.

“It was great, Mrs. Wilson. We went to the pool, got some water ice as you suggested, and then played some games to get out of the heat. They took about a half-hour nap a few hours ago.”

“Sounds great, Stacy. I hope you got to relax a bit while they napped,” Wendy said, looking her right in the eyes.

Stacy hesitated before saying, “I did, I chilled out on the couch, thanks.”

“Well, see you tomorrow morning, same time,” Mrs. Wilson said. “Thank you, I appreciate it.”

The kids gave Stacy a big hug, clinging to her for a moment, reminding Mrs. Wilson how much they liked having Stacy around.

“Oh, Stacy, by the way,” Mrs. Wilson said. “You may run into my next door neighbor, Ryan. He’s a nice guy. If you ever need anything you could ask him to help you.”

“I did meet Ryan, as a matter of fact. We were playing in the yard and he came over to introduce himself, yesterday.”

Yesterday, Mrs. Wilson thought. She wondered if they had fucked yesterday as well as today.

“Ok, great, just thought I’d mention it.”

Stacy went out to her car, wanting to stop by Ryan’s house before she went home to her parents’ house. But Mrs. Wilson might see her. Stacy thought back to Ryan pounding her cunt from behind before unloading his cum on her tits and mouth, already feeling horny despite her amazing orgasm from rubbing her cunt while he spurted all over her tits. She didn’t get to suck his cock enough this afternoon, compared with yesterday when she blew him after he ate her cunt kaçak bahis to orgasm. That would have to wait, she thought, driving away, planning her next outing with Ryan. She wanted to have as much sex this summer as possible, trying new positions, new acts.

Maybe have him fuck her in the ass. She thought she would ride his big cock tomorrow, licking it and suck it until it was rock hard and ready to slid into her tight, wet cunt. She knew she’d need to masturbate when she got home, turned on by the thought of bouncing up and down on his hard cock while he sucked on her tits. She slipped a finger between her panties, feeling the wetness of her cunt, her clit hard already. She longed to feel his tongue on her clit, sliding inside her hole, lapping at her asshole. She pulled into the garage and immediately began rubbing her cunt. She came in seconds, convulsing in orgasm. Jesus, he makes me so horny, she thought as she sat in the car, recovering from her second orgasm of the day.

The next morning, Wednesday, Wendy Wilson left for work after Stacy came by the house. She was wearing her usual summer outfit: tight fitting shorts and a light top, her breasts straining against the material. Wendy found herself staring at Stacy’s ass as she turned away from her to go to the kids, catching sight of thong underwear underneath her shorts. Her pussy began to ache in the car as she drove to work, wondering if she would get another show today on the Nannycam. And if she did, what would she do? Record it and play it back to Stacy and then fire her? Her mind turned to her new deadlines as she got close to the office. But she knew she’d be waiting for the Nannycam to activate, knew she’d be closing the door again, and then sliding her hand under her dress to rub her cunt through her wet panties until she had another amazing orgasm….

Stacy had caught Mrs. Wilson checking her out yesterday and then again that morning, wondering what was up with that. Mrs. Wilson was pretty attractive for an older woman, though she wasn’t that much older than Ryan and not much older than she was. Wendy wore tight-fitting dresses that showed off her slim hips and big soft breasts. She was definitely hot. And she was definitely horny. As was she, despite masturbating in her garage last night. She had woken up wondering if Ryan would be able to come over, as he had two days in a row. The first time she blew him until he came in her mouth. The next day he had fucked her from behind before shooting his load onto her tits. Today, if he was around, she wanted to ride his big cock while she rubbed her clit. Her cunt began to ache as she lay in bed, naked, imagining Ryan’s thick shaft sliding in and out of her juicy hole before he pulled out and spurted his creamy load on her face and tits.

Ryan had woken up with a stiff cock, which he stroked while thinking back to yesterday’s sex with Stacy. She had texted him “Come over now. I want to suck your cock.” Which she did until he was rock hard. Then he fucked her from behind, sliding his thick meat in and out of her wet cunt until he shot a big load onto her beautiful tits. She had rubbed her cunt until she came, milking his cock at the same time. He wanted more of Stacy today, more sucking and fucking her hot body. Maybe she’d let him fuck her in the ass. At some point, he thought, still stroking his cock, but probably not today. She’d definitely let him fuck her big tits again, which he had done both days. He thought about jerking off, but wanted to save his strength in case Stacy texted him. He got up to take care of some house business, carrying his phone in case she summoned him with some sexy text.

Wendy settled into her office, distracted by deadlines but also anticipating what might

happen on her Nannycam. Perhaps nothing. Maybe Ryan was out of town; perhaps they would take a break after two days of fucking and sucking. By 2:00, when the kids usually napped, she was rooted to her chair, waiting for the beep indicating activation. At 2:10 she heard it, and almost jumped. Immediately she felt her pussy begin to ache, so turned on by the voyeurism of watching her babysitter and her neighbor have sex. She clicked on her system, which began recording onto her computer. She saw Ryan and Stacy in the family room, embracing and kissing passionately, Ryan’s hands roaming over Stacy’s tight ass, Stacy’s hand cupping Ryan’s crotch, a noticeable bulge in his shorts. Stacy then yanked down Ryan’s shorts, freeing his penis, which sprang up half erect. She began to stroke his shaft and then got on her knees to take his head in her mouth. She began sucking his cock while fingering her pussy. They were efficient, Wendy thought, knowing that they didn’t have much time until the kids woke up. When he was fully erect, Stacy sat on the couch and pulled her shorts and panties off, spreading her legs to expose her nearly hairless cunt, her lips glistening with moisture.

“Come here and eat my cunt,” she said with a smile, beckoning him illegal bahis with a finger.

Wendy watched Ryan get on his knees between her legs and begin lapping at Stacy’s cunt. The camera blocked her view of his tongue sliding into her hole, showing just Ryan’s ass and balls from behind. Ryan licked her cunt before lowering his tongue to her asshole after Stacy pushed his head lower and said, “Don’t forget to lick my asshole. You know I love it when you do that.”

Stacy rubbed her soft tits while Ryan ate her cunt and asshole, moaning softly.

“I need to fuck you, now, Ryan,” she said suddenly, getting up from the couch to sit on his lap. Now the camera showed Ryan’s big hard cock and Stacy lowering her cunt onto it.

Wendy began rubbing her cunt through her panties while Stacy rode up and down on Ryan’s thick pole. Her panties were soaked from watching them eat each other, her clit hard, her cunt wet. She wished Ryan’s cock was plunging inside her own cunt. She masturbated watching Stacy ride Ryan’s meat, Ryan grabbing Stacy’s tight ass and pulling it closer to him. He began rubbing Stacy’s asshole, then slipped a finger inside it, fingerfucking her ass while reaming her cunt with his hard cock. Stacy began to moan as he fucked both holes and sucked on her nipples, bouncing up on down on his cock and his finger. She groaned twice and then began convulsing on his cock, slamming up and down on his meat. Ryan grunted and then his cock slipped out of Stacy’s slippery hole and began spewing a big load of cum onto Stacy’s back, which slid down to cover her asshole. He put his spurting cock back into her cunt to deposit a second load. Wendy began to cum, stifling a moan with one hand while she rubbed her cunt to orgasm with the other. She collapsed against the chair, just as Stacy collapsed against Ryan’s chest.

Wendy had important meetings the following day, but she was determined to take off early Friday in the hopes of walking in on them having sex. What she would do then, she didn’t know. But she would definitely watch tomorrow’s action on tape and then decide.

Wendy crawled into bed after a long hard day of negotiations and office b.s. and playing with the kids in the summer heat after work. She was on her second glass of wine, and a shower had felt good. She clicked on her computer and punched up her Nannycam files. She wondered what Ryan and Stacy had been up to that afternoon. Perhaps nothing. The tape began with Ryan sitting on the couch, Stacy lying on the couch, her hand stroking his shaft, her tongue licking his head. His cock was fully erect, big, hard. It looked really good to Wendy, who hadn’t had a real cock inside her for months. Ryan was staring straight ahead, not at Stacy sucking his cock. It was almost like he was looking right at the camera. Wendy’s cunt began to tingle as she watched Stacy lick and stroke Ryan’s big cock. Stacy then seemed to turn to look at the camera, and said, “I want this big hard cock in my ass, Ryan. Fuck my tight ass.”

Wendy’s hand slipped between her panties after hearing that, finding her cunt wet and slippery. She slid a finger into her hole and rubbed her tits while she played with herself, turned on by the thought of watching them have anal sex. She’d watched porn after her husband split, sometimes finding a video of big cocks sliding into tight asses. But this was real, in her family room!

Stacy got on her knees on the carpet, her elbows on the couch. Ryan got behind her and rubbed lube into her asshole, sliding a finger inside her ass, making Stacy moan. Stacy slid a finger into her cunt while Ryan probed her ass. Wendy began rubbing her cunt harder now, anticipating Ryan fucking Stacy’s tight hole. Ryan put the head of his cock into Stacy’s asshole and eased it inside her, slowly at first until it disappeared into her ass. Then he eased another inch of his thick shaft past her tight asshole and then another inch until he was completely inside her. Stacy moaned as he pushed past her asshole, rubbing her cunt and sliding her nipples against the couch.

“That’s it, fuck my ass with that big cock, Ryan. It’s so big and hard.”

Ryan began fucking her harder now, long smooth strokes until just his head was inside her asshole, then he plunged back inside her until just his balls remained.

Ryan then turned over so that he was sitting on the floor and Stacy was riding his cock. Wendy could see Ryan’s cock going in and out of Stacy’s hole and Stacy’s hand rubbing her wet cunt. Ryan began rubbing her tits while she rode his big cock. Stacy seemed to look right at the camera, licking her lips, her ass stuffed with Ryan’s fat cock, his meat pounding her lubed hole, her fingers stroking her clit, her tits bouncing up and down as she fucked him.

“I’m going to cum,” Ryan suddenly said, grunting twice before thrusting upward into Stacy’s ass.

Stacy just moaned, closing her eyes as she came with him, her hand furiously rubbing her cunt as Ryan kept pounding her ass. She convulsed twice, in the throes of an intense orgasm.

Wendy came too, two fingers in her cunt, another stroking her hard clit. She collapsed against the bed, drained from the experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32