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“Ben,” Gaby called out. “We need you.”

He walked toward the door leading from his office into what had been their living room, but which had been, for the afternoon, converted into a breezy, sunlit yoga studio. Gaby and five friends: Whitney; Whitney’s girlfriend, Bridget; Gloria; Mona, and Mimi had spent the last hour stretching and twisting themselves into poses such as downward facing dog, caterpillar, cat, cowardly lion, and many others.

Ben wasn’t complaining. Though Gaby had invited him to join in their work out, he’d sequestered himself in his office and watched television while pretending to write – something, he chided himself silently, he seemed to be doing a lot lately. But, on the two occasions he’d made his way through the crowded “studio” – carefully stepping around the women, their mats, towels, and water bottles – on his way to and from the bathroom and the kitchen, he thoroughly enjoyed the sight of the six woman dressed in skin-tight yoga pants and sports bras. Even Bridget, a voluptuous, pale-skinned, redhead who possessed the largest breasts he’d ever seen – or, more correctly, hoped to see someday – wore a sports bra. The material struggled to contain her fleshy 38DDD bosom.

As he entered the living room, he saw the other five women kneeling around Mimi, who lay on the hardwood floor – on her back. Ben moved closer and saw a grimace of pain through a light sheen of sweat on her normally radiant caramel-colored face.

“What happened?” Ben asked, moving over to stand next to Gaby.

“Mimi hurt her back,” Gaby said.

“Is it bad?” Ben asked.

“I think it’s just a pulled muscle,” Mimi groaned.

“Lucky bitch,” Mona whispered.

“Shush,” Gaby laughed, giving Mona a gentle elbow.

Mona gave Gaby a soft push in retaliation.

“Ben, can you use your magic fingers to help her?” Gaby asked, reaching out to touch his hand.

Six pair of pleading eyes looked up at Ben, his large, 6’3″ frame towering over them.

“Can you move at all?” he asked Mimi.

“I can try,” she said.

“OK, let me grab some stuff first,” he said.

She nodded slowly. He disappeared into the hallway leading to the bedroom, returning a minute later, carrying a heavy blanket and a bottle of massage oil. He placed the oil on the floor and spread the blanket on their sturdy – Ben and Gaby occasionally tested it – coffee table. With assistance from Bridget and Whitney, Ben gingerly helped Mimi to her feet. She winced in pain as she positioned herself, face down, on the table.

“Well, girls,” Gaby said, once Mimi settled, “I think that’s enough exercise for today.”

“It’s all fun and games until someone pulls a muscle,” Gloria said, winking at Mimi.

The five uninjured women rolled their yoga mats, and collected their water bottles and other items. Ben knelt at Mimi’s left side, positioning himself between the table and the TV, which still played the yoga video the women had been following. He poured some oil into the palm of his right hand. Mimi’s nose detected the delicate scent.

“Sorry,” Ben apologized. “All I have is strawberry.”

“That’s OK,” Mimi said, with a small smile. “I like it.”

As Ben let the oil warm in his hand, Mona and Gloria said goodbye to Mimi, and expressed their wishes for a quick recovery. Ben snuck a glance at their asses as they walked toward the hallway.

“Don’t worry, Honey,” Whitney whispered, bending over toward Mimi. “You’re in good hands.”

She patted Mimi’s shoulder, kissed Ben on the cheek, then straightened up, and said goodbye with a smile. As Gaby walked the others to the door, Ben rubbed his hands together, spreading the oil.

“Are you ready?” he asked Mimi.

“Yes,” she answered.

He placed his slippery hands on the right side of her back, between the bottom of her bra and the top of her yoga pants. As he moved his hands on her warm skin, Ben tried to avoid staring at her ass. It wasn’t easy to do. The pants were nearly see-thru, and he could tell she wore no underwear.

“Ben,” Mimi almost moaned, “that feels so good.”

Her voice snapped him back to his senses as he alternated the strength of his touch, pressing hard and soft, kneading her brown skin.

“How are you doing, Mimi?” Gaby asked, re-entering the room. “Any better?”

“Still tight,” Mimi said.

Gaby frowned. She stood next to Ben for a few moments, watching him carefully work at the muscles in Mimi’s back.

“Well, I need to take a quick shower,” Gaby said. “Unless you need me, Ben.”

“I need you, My Love, like the night needs the moon,” he said.

“Jeez,” Gaby sighed. “Aren’t you a smoothie.”

“Go hit the shower, Stinky,” he said.

Gaby stuck out her tongue at him.

“Take good care of Mimi,” she said, before turning toward the hallway.

“I will,” he assured her.

Ben attempted to occupy his mind with other thoughts, but each time he succeeded in focusing on something else, his attention drifted back to Mimi’s body. She stood 5’7″ bahis şirketleri – a full five inches taller than Gaby – and possessed a wonderful, womanly build, featuring 36C breasts and 35 inch hips. Normally, her dark brown hair fell just past her shoulders. Now, however, she had it pulled back into a ponytail, trying to keep it out of her way while exercising. Her doe eyes almost perfectly matched the color of her hair.

Ben realized his cock was getting hard in his sweatpants. It didn’t help that Gaby’d once told him Mimi was the first woman she’d ever had sex with. They’d met in college, almost instantly becoming best friends. And, though both had boyfriends on and off, they “experimented” with each other during their undergraduate days – and on many occasions since.

As his concentration alternated between the massage he was giving and the thoughts running through his fevered mind, Mimi suddenly pulled her sports bra upward. It slipped over her head and she dropped it to the floor.

“Can you go a little higher, Ben?” she asked, her face turned away from him as she lay on the table.

“Sure,” he answered.

He reached for the bottle of oil and poured more into his right hand. She sighed as his hands again touched her skin. He moved up over her right shoulder blade, pushing hard.

“Oh, just like that,” she exhaled.

Ben was barely able to contain a moan. He dragged his fingers down her spine, going to the top of her pants, before moving to her right and upward again, while pressing into the muscles of her flank. As his hands moved, she inhaled and exhaled slowly; deeply; trying to control herself.

“Feeling any better?” Ben asked, fighting to keep his voice even.

“Much,” she sighed.

He reduced the pressure he exerted on her, letting his fingers trail over her skin.

“Should I turn over now?” she asked.

The question caught him off guard. He let his hands slip from her body.

“If you’d like,” he said, recovering quickly.

Mimi twisted her body, flipping onto her back. Ben’s eyes traced over her breasts. Her dark nipples were already hard. Again, he reached for the bottle of oil. As he poured a handful, Mimi slid her hands inside the waistband of her pants and pushed them down to her ankles. Sitting up, she removed her socks, then kicked off the pants. She lay back on the table and looked at Ben.

“You may continue,” she said, with a laugh.

He looked up and down her body, and though her legs were closed, his eyes lingered on the shaved area below her navel. As he watched, her legs parted. Her knees bent and she placed her feet on the floor.

“Ben,” Mimi said.

He looked at her face.

“Keep going,” she whispered.

Ben turned his right hand, letting the excess oil drip onto her stomach. He began to spread it slowly, widening the circle of slick skin. He looked at her face as his fingers brushed the very bottom of her breasts. Her eyes were closed, but her mouth fell open. She let out a long sigh. He watched her breasts fall as she exhaled deeply.

Sure now that Mimi and Gaby had invented the “pulled muscle” story, he teased Mimi with his hands. Knowing what she wanted, he moved his hands to her sides, sliding them upwards under her arms, and then back downward until he reached her hips. He repeated this action as her breathing deepened.

When his hands proceeded upward for the third time, he let his fingers slip over her shoulders and then trace along her collarbones. He watched as Mimi licked her lips. Her right hand reached out and grabbed Ben’s t-shirt; balling it into a fist, she tugged at the material. His hands came together and he dragged them between her breasts, down across her stomach, then parted to cross over her hip bones.

He continued teasing her by letting his hands migrate to her inner thighs. He squeezed her skin, before twisting his hands around to the outside of her thighs and moving upward again. When he reached her waist, Mimi’s hand released his shirt and slipped downward, bumping against his cock.

“Well,” she cooed, opening her eyes to look at him. “Feels like I’m not the only one getting excited.”

Her hand pressed against his sweatpants, again finding his hardness. She wrapped her hand around him and stroked slowly.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Ben asked.

“Yesss,” Mimi hissed.

He placed his right hand between her legs. His fingertips walked upward slowly, brushing against her wetness, and finding her clit. Her body stiffened. She gasped and squeezed his cock. His fingers trailed down her engorged lips. Slipping his middle finger between them, but not inside her, he discovered how soaked she had become. His forefinger joined the middle, quickly becoming coated in her juices.

Ben placed his left hand on her right shoulder as his fingers again found her button. Her body jumped as he began rubbing around her clit in small circles. He slowly increased the speed and force of his rubbing, occasionally pressing directly against her bud. bahis firmaları She began to breathe in great sobs as she writhed on the table.

“God,” Mimi groaned. “Gaby wasn’t lying about those fingers.”

His left hand slid over her oily chest to her left breast. He let his fingers trace around her nipple, then let it fill the palm of his hand as he squeezed the fullness of her fleshy globe. He repeated his actions on her right breast as he pushed a finger into her cunt, going all the way to his knuckle. Again, her hand clutched his cock, and he moaned.

“More,” she demanded in a harsh whisper.

Ben pushed a second finger inside her. He pistoned them in and out quickly, letting his palm brush against her clit. Her feet lifted off the floor as the tension built in her body like a spring being compressed. He pinched her right nipple and she gasped loudly.

“I’m cumming,” she grunted, as her body began to convulse.

She let go of his cock and closed her eyes tightly. A long moan escaped her lips as she shook. Ben leaned against her, using his body and left hand to keep her from squirming off the table. He continued wiggling his fingers inside her, slowing only slightly as her pussy squeezed them.

“Yesss, that’s it,” Ben whispered, “cum all over my fingers.”

Mimi tried to speak, but either couldn’t form intelligible words in her orgasm-addled brain, or couldn’t gather enough breath to convey them. Ben smiled as he increased the speed with which he jabbed his fingers into her. Mimi, still awash in the waves of her first orgasm, weakly grabbed at his wrist with her right hand. Her left hand fondled her left breast. She squeezed her own nipple, grimacing at the self-inflicted pleasurable pain.

Her hips lifted from the table and she tried to push herself onto Ben’s fingers, matching the rhythm of his thrusts. Ben turned his head and took Mimi’s right nipple in his mouth. He sucked hard as he flicked his tongue against her.

“Again,” Mimi whimpered.

Ben kissed his way up to her mouth. He pushed his tongue into her mouth as she came again, her body trembling against his. He pulled his fingers out of her and rubbed her clit hard and fast. Her knees came up as she nearly doubled over. She clawed at Ben’s skin, and moaned loudly as pleasure ripped through her body.

Mimi’s body had not yet recovered from her second orgasm when she heard a voice.

“From the sound of things, I figured you could use one of these,” Gaby said, from the archway leading into the room.

Ben straightened his body, removing his fingers from Mimi’s clit as he turned his head to face his fiancé. Gaby wore a black silk robe, which fell to the middle of her thighs, the sash tied in a bow in front of her. In her right hand, she held a small golden foil packet. Walking over to Ben, she held out the condom. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him.

“Just in time, Babe,” he said, before kissing her lips.

His hands quickly found the sash and he pulled it until it loosened. Sliding them up her body, he pushed the silk over her shoulders. The robe fell to the floor at her feet. Gaby was naked underneath. Mimi reached out to Gaby.

“Come here, Gaby,” she said. “It’s been too long since I’ve tasted that sweet little pussy of yours.”

Gaby left Ben and leaned over to kiss Mimi’s mouth. Their tongues danced together as the hands of each became reacquainted with the others’ body. Gaby climbed on top of Mimi. The latter wrapped her legs around the former, and their actions quickly became passionate – almost violent – as they wrestled atop the table.

Ben stripped off his clothes, tossing them into a small pile along with Gaby’s robe. He picked up the massage oil and poured a liberal amount onto his chest. Putting the bottle aside, he ran his hands through the gooey liquid, spreading it over his torso, then leaned over to kiss Gaby’s left shoulder blade. His hands traveled over her back, covering her with the oil. Gaby turned her head.

“Fuck her, Baby,” Gaby ordered, breathlessly.

Ben crawled to the end of the coffee table as Gaby carefully slipped off Mimi. She stood up and looked down at her own beautiful dark-olive skin, now covered with oil courtesy of Ben and Mimi. Ben reached out and grabbed Mimi’s hips. He pulled her toward him. Her body – and the blanket – slid until her ass hung over the edge of the table. As Ben tore open the condom, Gaby lifted her left leg and cautiously straddled the table, right over Mimi’s face.

“Yes,” Mimi almost yelled. “Give me that pussy.”

She reached up to grab Gaby’s legs even as Gaby lowered her hips. Only 5’2″, she didn’t have to squat very far for Mimi’s tongue to reach her sex. Ben watched her mouth fall open as Mimi’s mouth found its target. He reached up, placing the fingers of his right hand – which had so recently been inside Mimi – against Gaby’s lips. She let them slip into her mouth. Her tongue wound around the digits as she licked Mimi’s juices from them. She moaned around his fingers.

With kaçak bahis siteleri his left hand, Ben moved his latex covered cock to Mimi’s wet cunt. He guided his hardness over her clit, and her body shivered at the contact. He pulled his fingers from Gaby’s mouth. He let them travel down her chin, over her neck, to her chest. She grabbed his hand with her right hand, holding it tightly as she rode Mimi’s mouth.

“Do it, Ben,” Gaby whispered.

Ben pushed the head of his cock inside Mimi. Slowly, he let three inches of his hardness disappear into her before he stopped. Her moan was muffled by Gaby’s cunt. He pulled at Gaby and she bent toward him, and he kissed her. She released his hand, licked her fingers, and then began rubbing Mimi’s clitoris.

Pulling back slightly, Ben put his hands on Mimi’s hips, his fingers squeezing her warm flesh. He pushed forward steadily, sinking another inch of himself in her. Mimi tried to wrap her legs around him, letting him know she wanted more. He thrust forward again, knowing he couldn’t go all the way in yet, giving her another two inches.

Gaby stopped rubbing Mimi and strained to stand up straight. She grimaced and teetered unsteadily. Ben reached out and she took his hand.

“No, give it back,” Mimi complained.

“I will,” Gaby promised. “I have to change position. My thighs just can’t stay like that very long.”

She crawled onto on the coffee table, placing a knee on either side of Mimi’s face. She leaned over Mimi’s body. Ben took hold of Mimi’s ankles and spread her legs wide as he worked the last of himself into her. Gaby tilted her head slightly, used her fingers to spread the hood around Mimi’s clit, and ran her tongue over it.

Mimi moaned loudly. She wrapped her arms around Gaby’s hips. Her splayed fingers clutched at Gaby’s moist skin, and temporarily obscured the Spanish-style cross tattooed in the small of her back.

“Don’t stop,” Mimi croaked, as Ben thrust deeply into her.

As Ben pulled back, Gaby again licked Mimi’s clit. For more than a minute, the two alternated, thrusting and licking, as Mimi’s body writhed against them. Ben lifted Mimi’s legs, forcing her ankles to his shoulders. Gaby pulled back. She straightened her body, and let one hand caress her own breasts, the other fell to her clit. Her fingers assisted Mimi’s tongue as Ben began slamming himself into Mimi, fucking her hard and fast.

“Give it to her, Baby,” Gaby hissed as their eyes locked.

Ben reached out to her, pulling her against him, trapping Mimi’s legs between them. He felt the tremors running through her. Mimi’s cunt contracted around his cock, squeezing hard as he plunged himself into her again and again.

“She’s gonna cum,” he managed to say.

His revelation about Mimi drove Gaby over the edge.

“Bennn,” she whimpered as her body began to shake.

He strained to kiss Gaby as the two woman came. He slowed his thrusts as he held them, keeping both from falling off the table. His fiancé broke their kiss as she fought for breath. She clung to his shoulders, trying to avoid collapsing on top of Mimi.

As the twin orgasms slowly faded, Ben pulled his cock out of Mimi, gingerly guiding her legs downward until her feet once more rested on the floor. He stood up and grabbed Gaby, lifting her roughly. She gasped at his sudden violence, and tried to wrap her arms and legs around him. Before she could do so, he turned her body, and sat down on the couch, pulling her onto his lap.

Ben grabbed her chin with his left hand and turned her head to face him. He pushed his mouth against hers. His right hand pushed between her legs, brushing her lips roughly. A bolt of electricity shot through her body and she moaned into his mouth. She ground her hips into him, his cock sliding up and down the crack of her ass. Both fought for breath, but neither wanted to break the kiss.

He let go out her chin and clumsily maneuvered his left hand between their bodies, grabbing his cock. Trying to lift her with his right hand, he directed his hardness toward her cunt. They both gasped as the head of his cock slipped inside her. Without pulling back, Gaby slowly, but steadily, lowered herself onto him. She fell back against him. As she enveloped the last of him, she laid her head on his left shoulder, and stopped moving for a few moments.

“Baby,” she moaned.

Mimi stood in front of the two. Placing her hands on Gaby’s shoulders, she leaned close.

“Come on, ride that cock,” she whispered.

Gaby lifted her head and began moving her hips back and forth, shifting Ben’s cock inside her. Mimi kissed Gaby’s shoulder, then moved down her chest, trailing her tongue between Gaby’s breasts and over her flat stomach. She detoured around Gaby’s pussy and licked Ben’s balls gently. Ben grunted as she took one of his testicles between her lips, sucking it hard.

Mimi stopped torturing Ben and licked her way upward. Her tongue trailing along Ben’s shaft and over Gaby’s lips, finally reaching Gaby’s clit.

“Madre de dios,” Gaby nearly screamed.

She put her hands on Mimi’s head, trying to hold her in place.

“Sí, es lamer,” she demanded.

Ben heard Mimi moan. He wrapped his arms around Gaby and cupped her breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32