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[Comment: Beth is my girlfriend! We have a lot of kinky fantasies, but recognize that many of them are unrealistic/impractical for carrying out in real life. To cope, we’ve decided to write them out together. This story was based on two requests by readers left on my previous story, ‘Beth Gets Seduced by Gym-Bros’. You don’t have to have read that story to understand this one, but they are linked chronologically. If you enjoy this story, leave a comment or send a message! Beth is very excited for strangers to react to her private fantasies. She loved reading the raunchy comments from our previous story. Leave us a comment and let us know how you’d like to see Beth get used up next!]


I’ve been dating Beth for around a year, now. When we started dating, she had never been exposed to anything remotely sexual – she’d barely even made out with a guy. It took a long time to break her in; to ease her gradually into her sexuality. It started with long intense makeout sessions, then eventually groping of the tits and ass. She has very cute B-cup breasts that are a perfect handful, and a tight ass from daily workout sessions at her apartment gym. She doesn’t really know it, but she’s a very sexy girl.

Once she got comfortable with the fondling, I began to explore her limits further. I would kiss her neck and suck her nipples as my hands found their way to her quivering pussy – rubbing her over her pants at first, until eventually I was able to slide into her soaking vagina and give her her first orgasms. Things plateaued there for quite some time, until eventually she gave in to her lust and allowed me to penetrate her.

At first, sex with her was gentle and very loving. The more she got used to the feeling of penetration, however, the more she began to crave greater heights of passion. Now, we rarely make love – but we fuck often. Nearly every night I tear off her clothes and give her the rough treatment she desires – on all fours, I pull her hair and ravage her. I tell her she’s my little fucktoy while she takes my cock. Some days I pin her against the wall, my hand around her throat, staring into her big blue eyes while she begs to be my little slut.

I was happy that she was embracing her sexuality; happy that she was finally becoming the slut I’d always hoped she’d become. One day, she came back from the gym and told me something I’d always fantasized of hearing from her: while at the gym, she was overwhelmed by lust and found herself at the sexual mercy of many of her admirers.

She told me that she was seduced by one of the guys on the elliptical machines, a big football-player-looking guy, and followed him back to his apartment. Once there, she fucked him and his roommate. Several other guys from the gym followed them there, and she fucked them too. She confessed to me that she had taken several of them at once, and let them all cum on her face when they were done. More than that, she revealed that she loved it. She loved every second of it. Now that it was over, all she could think about was how she could arrange to be gangbanged again.

As she told me this, she jerked me off. I’d waited so long for the opportunity to dump my load onto her innocent face, and when I finished I shot ropes of hot cum all ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar over her – into her hair, her rosy cheeks, and down her chin. I couldn’t believe how much she’d change since I met her – my pure Christian girlfriend, smiling up at me with cum dripping from her face. I’d never loved her more.

After her confession, we tried to formulate various plots to arrange another gangbang. We made her a tinder account, and managed to attract a handful of guys that way. We’d have one or two guys over, and they would help me fuck her – she’d meet them at the door in lingerie, sucking them off right in the foyer until they were hard enough to pin her down and rough her up. I had to admit, she looked sexy as hell taking a cock in both ends – like my own private pornstar. Disappointingly, we could never arrange for more than three guys at a time (including myself).

Our fortunes changed, however, when her tinder account matched with a local frat boy. After allowing him the privilege of dumping a load on her beautiful face, he told us about a local porn shop with a gloryhole in the back. We were immediately interested. When we arrived at the store, it was a little run down. Unsure of what to expect, I went in alone at first – Beth waited in the car. I was greeted casually by a big black guy standing behind the counter. I walked up to the counter, wondering slightly to myself whether I should go through with this plan, and he looked up at me inquiringly.

“I heard you have a place here, in the back, for… discrete encounters. Is that true?”

He smirked. “Where’d you hear that? Somebody’s playin’ a prank on you.”

“I heard from a college kid out in town. He was pretty certain that there’s a… gloryhole. Here. In the back.”

“Nah man, not here.”

The front door opened, indicated by a ringing bell. We both turned our heads and saw Beth; she walked cautiously into the store and over to the counter beside me.

“What did he say?” She asked.

“He said – “I was interrupted by the cashier, holding up his hands in the universal expression for ‘stop what you’re saying.’ “Shit,” he said, “I didn’t know it was like that. You the one who wants to use it?” He gestured toward Beth. His eyes widened when he saw her; she dressed for the occasion. She was a petite girl, but she selected a tight yellow sundress that highlighted her perky tits.

“Yes please!” Beth gave him her best smile and leaned in, making her cleavage clearly visible. We couldn’t see his cock from behind the counter, but I was sure he was hard by now – something about her innocent appearance clashed with her slutty behavior in the perfect way, and it had the same effect every time.

“Well, damn, baby. You can certainly make use of our facilities for as long as you’d like. Follow me!” He stepped out from behind the counter and we followed him to the back of the store. We walked through a nondescript door and into a small hallway, with only two doors on the right side. “First one is the viewing booth,” he said. “Second one is for you, sexy.” He slapped her on the butt, taking a generous fondle of it while he was at it. Something told me that once she was in there, he’d be first in line.

She ankara götü büyük escortlar gave me a little wave and kiss on the cheek before she disappeared through the second door. The black guy led me into the first door, where I emerged into a small dimly-lit room with a large flatscreen mounted on the wall and a few rows of chairs. Four other guys sat in the room, watching gangbang porn on the TV. They had their dicks out and were stroking them gently; priming them. The black guy clicked a button on the tv and the porn went away; the screen instead showed Beth standing in the room next to us. Even on the tv, she looked beautiful. She got on her knees beside a rectangular hole in the wall, hiking up her dress to reach a small hand down to her clit. “I’m ready!” I heard her voice muffled through the wall.

On the tv, a large black cock immediately appeared through the opening. I looked over and saw that the black guy was positioned up against the wall, shoving his cock through the hole for Beth to suck on. Behind him, the other guys got in line. Not wanting to miss out, I jumped in behind them.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Beth got down on her knees. She was already soaking wet with anticipation – her hand dropped under her dress and found her clit; she made herself moan as she gave it a soft rub. “I’m ready!” She said into the hole. Right on cue, a huge black cock slid through the opening. Wow, she thought, I’ve definitely never dealt with anything like this before! She had seen big black cocks in porn, of course, but had never encountered one in person. Was she even going to be able to fit it in her mouth? Well, won’t know if you don’t try!

She grabbed it in her hand – it barely wrapped around it – and slid her tongue around the head of the cock. She tasted salty precum already, and it heightened her arousal even more. The hornier she got, the more cock she slid down her throat. The man on the other end was getting hornier too, she could tell, as he began thrusting into her mouth.

The huge cock thrusted harder and deeper into her mouth, making her choke and gag. Spit and cum were dribbling down her chin, staining her sunny yellow dress. The black guy was getting more and more aggressive – basically fucking her throat with his enormous cock. It was all she could do to just take it. She felt like such a slut; she leaned up against the gloryhole so that she could swallow as much of his cock as she could take.

He groaned loudly through the wall. “Take this cum, you fucking slut!!” He yelled. She pulled her head back off his cock, stuck out her tongue, and let his cum spray all over her face. As she took it, she fingered herself furiously – she shook with a powerful orgasm as the black cock shot rope after rope of hot cum onto her face. After her orgasm subsided, she saw another cock come through the hole. Overcome by lust now, she stood up and bent over. She grabbed the cock and guided it into her soaking wet pussy, rocking back on it to fuck herself on the stranger.

“Damn!” She could hear the stranger through the wall, “I thought I was only gettin’ a blowjob, but this bitch is fucking me right now!” Beth was starting to love the name-calling. His issuance of the title ‘bitch’ made her pussy quiver ankara çıtır escortlar even more, growing tight around the cock she was fucking. This was too much for him, and he busted inside of her immediately. “Fuck yeah, slut, you love bein’ creampied don’t ya?” He shouted through the wall. Fuck yeah, she thought, I do love it.

“Give me more!” She moaned, “Cum in my little slut pussy!” The door to her booth opened. The black guy was back – her breath quickened at the sight of him. “Take off your dress.” He said. Beth was hypnotized by him; she peeled off her dress as she was told. He appraised her, stroking her perky nipples and groping her tight waist. Cum was still plastered on her chin from where he’d deposited it earlier. His fingers slid deftly into her quivering pussy, making her moan loudly.

Beth had never felt so much overpowering lust before. “Fuck me.” She begged. The black guy grinned, and pushed her back against the wall. He took out his cock with one hand, sliding it into her drenched slit. The other hand wrapped around her throat, making her gasp for air. He lifted one of her legs and began to savagely pound his cock into her.

It took her a moment to catch her breath; she was unprepared for the sheer brutality of his pounding. She barely even registered what was happening on a conscious level – the immense pleasure she was feeling mixed with the sensation of being brutalized, putting her into a sort of dreamlike state. Was this even really happening? Was she really taking a foot-long black cock in her tiny pussy? The thought of it overwhelmed her, and she screamed out as she came again.

“Fuck yeah, bitch,” the black guy shouted, “you really are a fuckin’ whore aren’t you?” He slapped her bouncing tits, making her yelp in pleasure and pain. “Say it, Beth! Admit it!” He slapped her again.

“I’m a whore!” She moaned the words; intensely aroused by the degradation. “I’m a fucking whore!” That was the final straw for him, and he grabbed her throat and leaned in to kiss her as he unloaded his seed into her pussy. “Fuck yeah, bitch.” When he finished, he let her go and walked back out the door without a word. As she watched him leave, she noticed that other men were gathered in the doorway – including her boyfriend. They had watched the whole thing.

The other men, not having a chance to cum yet, stepped forward to take a turn. She got down to her knees obediently, and let them fuck her mouth until they came. The first one was content to cum down her throat, and the other told her to squeeze her tits together as he unloaded onto her chest.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I watched as the last two men fucked my girlfriend’s mouth. She looked so sexy, I thought, with a cock down her throat and cum all over her. I jerked off while I took in the scene: cum really was all over her – it coated her face, matted her red hair, dripped down her tits, and out of her used pussy. She had become my favorite pornstar. When the last guy finished painting her tits, she looked over at me with her bright blue eyes.

I walked over to her and continued to stroke my dick. Being a very good girl, Beth immediately stuck out her tongue and reached out to caress my balls. “Cum for me, daddy,” she said, “cover my little slut face. I worked so hard for it!” I unleashed a stream of cum all over her, covering her face and dripping down onto her tits.

“I love you so much.” I said, as she sucked the last drops of cum off my dick.

She mumbled her response through a mouthful of cock: “I love you, too!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32