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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, or non-consensual sex or scenarios.


Jonelle got home, frustrated. God, her cunt was soaked, she had just been about to get well fucked by her boyfriend Chuck when his Mom got home early from work. They had to scramble to get dressed, and of course, his Mom was just in the way now. Unable to continue, she went home, well, she’d just have to relieve her needs by herself. Being 19, and learning how to masturbate when she was 18, thanks to a mutual masturbation session with her best friend Tiffany, she was well versed in how to coax those wonderful spasms from her body.


That had been a wonderful, joyous introduction to the world of self-loving, Jonelle remembered how she had been on a sleepover, and sharing Tiffany’s big queen-sized bed. They had been talking after lights out, giving off little giggles as they opined on boys, and getting a little warmed up by the idea of seeing a naked male.

Tiffany had purred, “Mmmm, thinking about it, I’m gonna need relief!”

Jonelle asked, “Relief, how, what kind of relief?”

Tiffany, thinking Jonelle was joking, said, “The usual way of course. Hey, how’d you like to do it together, I bet it’ll be really sexy!”

Jonelle had been raised by a very conservative family, the type that never even whisper the word sex. After a few more questions, Tiffany had explained to her how to satisfy those feelings of lust, and how good it felt at the release.

“It feels really good, you’ll love it. Watch me, then join in.”

Jonelle was opened mouthed as her best friend hopped out of bed, and in seconds, her panties and sleep shirt hit the floor. Tiffany climbed back into bed, and cooed, “If I’m gonna be naked, you have to be too Jonelle.”

Jonelle was very aware of Tiffany’s eyes on her body as she stripped, and Tiffany was only too happy to spread out, inviting Jonelle to come closer. Jonelle lay on her side, just mere inches from Tiffany as Tiffany spread her legs. Tiffany had switched on a bedside table lamp, so Jonelle could see.

“All you have to do is run your fingers down,” she cooed, “start at your belly button, and trace downward slowly, it makes it even more delicious.”

Jonelle could feel the wild tingling as she watched Tiffany, her fingers slipping downward, tracing through her sparse bush, slipping into the pink trail between her legs.

“Let your fingers explore, find the hood of your clit, you’ll know when…Mmmmm, oh yes, right there. stroke there, make your little orgasm button rise up, Mmmmm, just like mine is doing.”

Jonelle could hear a faint wet sound, and Tiffany cooed, “Join me, Jonelle, let’s cum together.”

Jonelle could stand it no longer, and her fingers traced the path, trembling as her fingers swirled over her entrance. She let her fingers go, then OH MY GOD, she felt it, letting out a loud moan.

Tiffany was watching her, eyes bright, as she purred, “Sounds like you found it, sweetie. Go ahead, bring yourself off.”

Jonelle was entranced, everything between her thighs was swollen and slick, her fingers slid easily, that same faint, wet sound joined in as she and her best friend caught the rhythm.

Jonelle’s nipples stiffened up, and she watched as Tiffany slid a hand up to caress her own equally stiff nipples. Jonelle copied that, and a fireline of wild sensation surged into her pussy, making her moan and her fingers moved faster over the rock-hard bud of her clit.

“Fuck yourself, drive fingers in while you rub your stiff clit, let’s cum together baby.”

Jonelle slid her fingers down and plunged kaçak iddaa them in, watching her best friend doing the exact same thing, moaning and writhing on the mattress, pumping fingers creating a wet, squelchy sound, making the bed squeak as they rocked and writhed. Jonelle was gasping, her hand rubbing wildly between her legs, she could feel it, like a coiled spring, building up, and she rubbed her orgasm button faster.

“Ohhhh, oh yes, gonna do it, cum with me Jonelle, cumming, cumming, YES!”

Jonelle watched as Tiffany tumbled into climax, oh god, it was like it broke the dam, and she growled and cried out, and the explosion of pleasure between her thighs swept through her entire body, mmmm, MMMMM, what a glorious release.


As Jonelle locked up, her rememberings of that time made her warmer. She and Tiffany were still best friends, still enjoyed masturbating together, and Jonelle was eager to see if Tiffany would like to go further. Like masturbating each other? Or licking each other’s pussies? Even more? When she got into her bed, she was going to remember that first time, and bring herself off to the glorious beginning.

She opened the door to her room and froze. Her 18-year-old sister, Laura, was snooping through her private drawer, the one where she kept all her raciest undies, and her toys of pleasure. Laura didn’t see her sister at first, she was almost naked, wearing just a T-shirt that was cut to just below her navel, and from the waist down, she had on one of Jonelle’s panties, and was posing in front of Jonelle’s mirror, turning this way and that, admiring the fit. Her Victoria’s Secret panties, that Jonelle hadn’t even been able to wear yet!


Laura jumped, hearing the shout like the voice of doom, and she spun, her eyes wide, as she saw her very angry sister glaring at her.

“Jonelle, I…I didn’t hear you come in,” she croaked.

Jonelle was livid, and she thundered, “You nosy little snooping bitch. I thought some things had been disturbed, and now I see that I was right. What the fuck are you doing in my room? Trying out my newest panties, no less! I ought to kick your ass for this!”

Laura was so caught, she was shaking. She thought that Jonelle was going to be at Chuck’s place for a least a couple of hours, at least.

Jonelle put on her sister in command voice, and ordered, “Ok Laura, you need to pay the price. You know what Mom and Dad would do if I told them you were snooping.”

Laura did indeed, that was one of the highest rules of their parents. No snooping, and she would be in for a world of trouble. Daddy was well versed in the art of spanking, he used what he called a whippy stick, and Laura had been in his private spanking room a couple of times for acting up, stripped down to her panties, shrieking as her ass was blistered.

“You will do what as I tell you, Strip!”

At Laura’s shocked expression, she growled, “Did you just lose command of the English language? Get your ass naked, NOW!”

Laura gave in, and she was blushing furiously she saw her sister watching closely as her T-shirt and Jonelle’s panties hit the floor. When she was nude, she covered her breasts with one hand and her pussy with another.


The hard-edged order was not to be ignored, and Laura submitted and watched in shame as her sister circled her, eyeing her up like and making comments like she was a piece of livestock at the county fair.

“Oh yeah, nice big tits, 18 and at least a 34D, probably make all the girls in your class envious as hell that they don’t have the dairies you have.”

Laura flinched as kaçak bahis she felt one of Jonelle’s hands on her left ass cheek, caressing, cupping then giving it a playful pinch.

“Nice perky ass, when you get a boyfriend, he’s gonna have his hands all over your ass.”

She flinched again as she felt the hand move to her pussy, fingers swirling through her sparse thatch of chestnut-colored pubic hair.

“Tight little sister cunt, all virgin tight, I’ll bet, aren’t you?”

Laura gasped out, “Yes, still virgin.”

“Got any guy who’s on the fast track to getting the first ride up that pink highway?”

Laura, her face red, replied, “No, the guys in school all seem to be silly little jerks. I don’t want any of them near me.”

“Okay, you need to learn not to snoop. On my bed, hands, and knees, NOW!”

As Laura did so, she was acutely aware of how her ass was cocked up, feeling Jonelle’s eyes on her.

“Grab the headboard railings, and hold on to them.”

Jonelle reached into her closet and drew out a wooden yardstick. She held it in front of Laura’s face.

“See this, my dear sister? I am going to spank you, I think I can go easier than Daddy’s whippy stick. Keep clutching the railing Laura, otherwise, the next stroke will be much harder. Brace yourself, and count out each stroke.”


The pain flared in her ass as she took the first stroke. She let out a pain-filled howl, keeping the railings in a death grip, and shakily counted out, “One.”

Jonelle’s voice had a husky edge, as she cooed, “Very good Laura, keep it up, sweetheart.”

WHACK! “Two…” WHACK! “Three…”

Jonelle could feel the growing warmth right between her thighs, paddling her sister was exciting as all hell, it was making her lust roar up.

Laura felt each stroke, it started to give her a tingling of warmth. Her ass was being tanned, but something in her makeup started to like it, and she wiggled her ass a bit, inviting the next stroke.

After 10 whacks, Jonelle tossed the yardstick aside, and her fingers found Laura’s pussy, she felt the juices all along her lips, and her fingers plunged into a swirling vortex, Laura’s moan of pleasure sounded as Joenelle fingered her.

Jonelle met the resistance of her hymen. Her voice was full of excitement as she purred, “Oh baby, you sweet little cherry! Let big sis take care of that for you.”

Jonelle quickly stripped, and from her closet, she took out a strap-on dildo and a harness. Laura stared at it, oh god, she was seeing things she’d never seen before. The harness had two dildos attached, the larger one, eight inches long, stuck out from the harness, and was the exact shape of an erect cock. The smaller dildo was about six inches long, flexible, and was sticking out the other direction, into the harness. Jonelle’s eyes were glittering as she placed her feet into the harness and started to pull it up her legs.

“Laura, you are going to love this, we both get to get fucked by the dildos.”

Jonelle angled the six-inch dildo, and she let out a growl of pleasure as the six-inch dildo slid into her hot center, she pulled the harness tight against her, and let out another growl of pleasure as the dildo penetrated her completely. Jonelle fastened the straps tight and grinned at the look of her baby sister, warmed and glowing ass up high, trembling a bit as she awaited her deflowering.

Jonelle took a tube of lube and spread a helping along the dildo, then got behind Laura and nudged the dildo head against her.

“Ok Laura, get ready to lose your cherry, just remember your snooping is responsible. Keep a tight grip on the brass railing.”

Laura illegal bahis felt Jonelle’s hands grab hips tightly, and she snapped her hips forward. Laura could feel the stretch, the pressure, then the sudden breaking. It was just after 10 PM when Laura lost her virginity, and her shriek of pain from her violation rose as Jonelle’s dildo tore through her hymen, and laid the entire 8 inches into her, hard. Jonelle pulled back and rammed into her again, Laura could feel the tight walls of her no longer virgin pussy stretched around the hard thickness of that 8 inches stuffed up her. Laura’s pussy walls were throbbing as Jonelle showed her no mercy, giving Laura a real virgin busting ride, a doggy-style power fuck. Laura endured it as best she could, letting out muffled grunts of pain as she endured the thrusts of the hard dildo against all the sore spots.

Jonelle’s lust was at a fever pitch, busting open her sister, and having a 6-inch dildo buried up her pussy, had turned her into a savage fucking machine. The big red strap-on driving in, Jonelle’s red-painted fingernails digging into Laura’s thighs and raking over her hips. Her long, strong fingers gripped Laura’s hips tightly, pulling her hips back against her with each thrust, to accentuate the viciousness of the fucking, and to jam the 6-inch dildo up her pussy, as she continued to pound and jackhammer Laura’s pussy hard and fast.

Laura’s head was spinning, she was almost passing out when Jonelle growled, “Fuck, oh yeah, fuck, fuck, FUCK!” as her body started to shake, and her thrusting became jerky and uncoordinated, as Jonelle’s orgasm filled her body. She thrust deep one last time, keeping her groin pressed tightly against Laura, as Jonelle felt her orgasm spend its force deep inside her.

When Jonelle pulled out, she cooed, “One more thing for my baby sister to do.”

She stripped off the harness, and suddenly her pussy was right under Laura’s face, almost touching her lips.

Jonelle’s voice was husky with lust as she purred, “Now, lick my pussy Laura, make me cum, show your appreciation for how well you got fucked tonight.”

It’s not like Laura had much choice, so she just shoved her face in, and started to lick at her. She thought she’d hate it, but the taste was not only unlike anything she’d ever had in her mouth, hearing Jonelle’s moans of pleasure started to turn her on. Laura thought ‘She’d just raped me, now I’m licking her pussy, yet I want to give her the best lick job I can.’

Not really having any clue, Laura thought about what felt good to her when she was stroking her pussy and fingering her clit, and she translated that to licking her sister’s pussy. Without even being aware of it, her hands came up and grasped Jonelle’s hips, holding her pinned to the mattress while Laura got more entranced in the act. It didn’t take too long before Jonelle started squealing and grunting, then Laura’s face was washed with a rush of her sister’s girl cum.

As Jonelle opened her bedroom door to let Laura out, she growled, “I hope you learned your lesson baby.”

She’d learned something, when she got to her room, Laura jumped on her bed, and with her hands busy, stroking at her clit, and jamming her fingers into my pussy and ticking at her still virgin asshole, she came and came and just fucking came, fuck, Laura was almost delirious as she got slammed by wave after wave of sizzling pleasure.

In Jonelle’s room, she was masturbating wildly, she’d heard the rising tide of pleasure filled sounds from Laura’s room, as Laura’s shrieks of orgasm sounded, Jonelle howled out as she frigged herself to one more climax, the sounds of Laura cumming at the same time made her orgasm a real pleasure-filled rush. As she lay back in the afterglow, she realized that her sister probably had one more virgin hole. She savored the idea of taking that tight little starfish.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32